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Facebook Video Marketing: Tips & Strategy To GROW Your Social Media 📹

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Do you feel like your Facebook social media
channel is stagnating? The steady growth just
isn’t there anymore? You are still putting in the work and crafting
exceptional content, yet despite your efforts, your organic reach is dropping steadily
and your click through rate is following suit. N: It’s not you. It’s the algorithm. The average Facebook page saw organic reach
drop by a whopping 52% in 2016. One study found that the average reach of
a post by a branded Facebook page is just 2.6%. N: Facebook has been tweaking its algorithm
to show people info that’s relevant to them, focusing on
updates from friends, family and pages they’ve specifically interacted with recently, and
of course, paid ads.

While it is better for consumers, it poses
a challenge for marketers. N: And it’s not just Facebook. Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter also change
their algorithms. All of this
is designed to put the right content in front of the right people. So how do you make sure that content is
yours? (Note – Part 2: The solution)
N: Make video an integral part of your social media marketing strategy. Video has an irresistible
appeal. Need some proof? Video will make up 82% of all consumer internet
traffic by 2021, Using video as part of your marketing strategy can
double your conversion rate and increase the time users
spend on your site by 105% and 43% of consumers actually want businesses to create more video

N: Video works because it cuts through the
noise and grabs our attention. We are attracted to fast
moving and shiny things. It’s biology. And once you’ve got the user’s attention,
it’s time to follow the golden rule of social media: Create irresistible
content that answers a real question, solves a real
problem and treats the viewer like an actual person. Here are some tips that will help you do that. (Note – Part 3: Get started, pick your topic)
N: So how do you get started? Coming up with ideas for your first couple
of videos doesn’t have to be hard. Use your current assets to get some relevant
video topics. N: Like, for example, your FAQ section! Customer questions are a gold mine. Use it. Go through the
questions that get asked all the time, pick one and make a short video around it. N: Or make blog teasers. Create short social videos that tease the
question your blog post answers. If
your blog post offers, say, 10 tips to solve some kind of problem, then create a video
that gives one tip and then tease the blog post at the end of
the video or in corresponding social media post.

This is a
great way to bring older content out to play. N: Also, You can share quick footage from
your day. Consumers have more choice than ever before. Use video to show off your personality and
make a connection. Grab your phone and snap some behind
the scenes footage on it's camera and share it with your followers. (Note – Part 4: Get your tools)
N: Making video for social media doesn’t have to be hard. And it definitely doesn’t need to involve
expensive equipment and tens of hours sunk into making it perfect. Social media isn’t about perfection.

It’s about reaching through that digital
screen for some human on human interaction. Let’s take a look
at some tools you can use to make videos really quickly. N: Number one. By far, the easiest way to make an explainer
video or tease an exciting project you are working on, is using Vidyard’s GoVideo. It's a super useful, free Google Chrome extension. Use it to
record your screen and share your video on social media straight away. N: Number two. For putting together great marketing and social
media videos by pulling together images, short videos, text and music, use
super simple video makers like Animoto and Biteable.

of these platforms let you add your own voice over. So make sure to use a posh accent. N: Number three. For quick and simple editing use Camtasia
or iMovie. Using these applications
together with a solid webcam, decent lighting and a good microphone, you can make quick
videos from your desk. N: Crafting the right type of content for
social media is a lot like picking out birthday gifts for your
best friends.

If you want to amaze them, you need to put
in the work and get specific. (Note – Part 5: Facebook video format, best
practices) N: First, create an explosive, attention grabbing
start and keep it short and snappy after that. A user
decides whether to stick around within the first three seconds. So grab that attention and don’t let it
go! N: Also, Make sure you include subtitles and
minimize the need for text. 85% of Facebook videos are
watched with the sound off. It's crucial that the viewer can enjoy your
video fully with just the subtitles! N: Secondly, Set the auto-play with the sound
off. 80% of users get annoyed if your video auto-plays
with the sound on. Keep that volume off until they choose to
switch it on. N: Thirdly, upload native videos! On average, Facebook native videos get 168%
more interactions, 477% more shares and 530% more comments than
videos hosted off platform.

It really pays to upload
your videos directly to Facebook. N: And lastly, optimize for mobile! Users are 5 times as likely to watch your
video on a mobile device. Make sure your video works in any size! N: Buzzfeed’s Tasty is the master of putting
these points into practice. Tasty teases us with the end
result long enough to get our attention and then gives us the meat. The videos are colorful, don’t need
sound and have enough text to let you know what’s going on without overwhelming you. The majority
are 60 to 90 seconds long and are pretty easy to follow. (Note – Part 6: Content calendar)
N: We’ve talked about video topics, software and best practices.

Now we need to take a look at the big
guy. Your content calendar. You’ve got a content calendar for your blog
posts. You use a social media
management tool for your updates. And you need a content calendar for video. N: A content calendar will keep you accountable
and help you track results. It will make sure you never
run out of ideas and help you plan ahead of time. Because just like with a blog, maintaining
a consistent strategy is hard.

Life happens, other stuff comes up. N: So, before you dive in, decide: How often
you are going to make videos, How you’ll track results,
What type channel you want to experiment with first, and how the video will fit into your
overall marketing strategy. Then draft some topics, and put them on the
calendar. (Note – Part 7: Final words)
N: This might probably sound a bit obvious considering that we’re talking about Facebook
video marketing tips, but Facebook really is the
King right now when it comes to video platforms. Over 1.3
billion people log into Facebook every single day. N: By planning your content, reusing the assets
you’ve already got and using the right software, you
can create great videos for Facebook, find an audience and grow your following.

N: Don’t let the “lack of time” excuse
keep you from using video to grow your social media channels. This is perhaps the number one, among all
Facebook video marketing tips! Just try it, and let us know
how it worked out for you, in the comments below..

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