Forex Trading Psychology using NLP part 2

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the next thing we want to explore to
create success in trading is about becoming more aware of what's happening
inside the body try this you sit down in front of your computer and you're
starting to trade just take a moment and did you notice what's going on in your
body take a moment to stop and tune in before you trade relax and notice what
is happening in your body if you're like me and a lot of intellectuals you may
think well what does this got to do with trading I just trade with my mind only
but the fact is you can't be successful you can't trade or do anything without
involving your body and your nervous system and your unconscious mind
mentally scan your body from head to toe and notice any areas that have any
feelings or sensations notice your posture are you sitting straight is your
spine straight you may think that you can just look at a chart and see if
there's an entry and click on by yourself just suspend your disbelief
temporarily and just follow along with me and see what happens are there any
sensations of stress or anxiety in your eyes your forehead or your scalp are you
clenching your jaw are you gripping the mouse if so just
let it go and relax is there any sensation of stress or
anxiety in your chest or your stomach area if so just breathe in and let it go
just from the standpoint of noticing stress and releasing it you will be much
more capable of making wise trading decisions and taking clear action stress
and anxiety cuts off the flow of natural energy to the mind and puts the body
into a state where our natural design would help us to fight or flee from
danger and when you get into that state it grips your nervous system in a way
that it makes it hard to think this is very serious fear and anxiety also you
won't be able to think if you're overcome with fear and anxiety so that
response of the fight-or-flight is not appropriate for treating and we must
move more and more toward the state of relaxation calmness where we can make
clear calm and wise decisions take actions with confidence have you ever
thought about entering a trade and then felt confusion or conflict you're
thinking about entering a trade and then all of a sudden you're wondering wow I
wonder if that's really a trade I wonder if that's really going to go and the
second voice that happens inside of your mind there's a first voice that says hey
that's a trade then there's a second voice that says wow I don't know for
sure if that's a trade then you're experiencing inner conflict and then
you're paralyzed this would be the first step toward getting rid of confusion and
conflict and achieving a state that is closer to mastery like a kung-fu master
or a Jedi Knight besides these obvious benefits there's
something else that you'll discover the unconscious mind communicates with the
conscious mind through body feelings and sensations and as you continue to
progress in this strain you're going to discover more about how you can
communicate with your subconscious mind and be able to know clearly if something
is a good trade or is it a bad decision when the unconscious can't get its
message through directly it resorts to indirect signals such as modifying
various things in the body such as the flow of blood that you consciously note
has feelings of hot or cold depending on whether the unconscious dilates your
blood vessels or constricts them muscle tension that you consciously note as
physical stress pain or feeling of relaxation depending on whether you're
unconscious tenses or relaxes your muscles headaches when you're
unconscious severely constricts blood flow to parts of the brain the flow of
bile and enzymes into your stomach that you consciously note as stomach pain or
the pressure of bloating when too much enzymes
floo and feelings of being over full like you have a rock in your stomach
because of undigested food when two little flows the unconscious mind
communicates a lot through the lower abdomen area and this is where people
have their so-called gut feelings if something is right or wrong and it can
cause you to feel nauseas or to feel empowered in the center of your chest
where in Qigong is known as the lower Dom ten area and that area is also
called in the Qi Gong of Montana it's called the second ring so you have a
brain in your head and you also have a brain in your stomach area and then
there's another brain in your chest around your heart area or these parts of
your of your body also are able to think and communicate with you in ways that
are similar to what's happening in the brain later this will help you to
identify blockers or parts of yourself that are causing inner conflict with
your intention to trade successfully later you'll also learn to combine this
with creating physiological states of success along these same lines I would
recommend that traders practice deep breathing yoga and Qi Gong which will
help you to become more aware of the inner state of the body and the flow of
energy for anyone who is involved in trading is essential to also have daily
cardiovascular exercise this is very interesting and very important if you
constantly sit in front of a computer without getting outdoors and without
getting any exercise you will very likely start having inner conflicts with
trading just for that reason alone the reason is because the prime directive of
the unconscious mind is the preservation of the body and your unconscious mind is
eventually going to let you know that sitting there in front of a computer all
day is not a very healthy thing to do when you
sit in front of the computer and you demonstrate to your unconscious that
this business will conflict with the need for exercise for health your
unconscious will most certainly make its needs known to you not just by
sabotaging your trading but possibly by causing health problems that will
eventually force you to adopt a change of lifestyle is it possible to have
success in trading while destroying your health is it possible to succeed in
trading but alienate yourself from your family friends and the rest of the world
think about your higher intention and what you're doing in your life right now
because I've known people that trading was the thing that alienated them from
their family and friends and that's just not the ecological thing to do from a
social standpoint success means harmony in all areas of life success means that
you are doing what is in alignment with your highest purpose in life a lot of
people believe that they can just force some kind of success in spite of being
in conflict with any kind of a higher purpose in life and that obviously is
gonna cause in your conflict so for now start practising awareness of what is
happening inside your body and soon you'll be able to take this awareness to
the highest level by creating the physiology of success installing anchors
releasing blocker feelings and beliefs and creating alignment between your
trading strategy and your actual actions in trading

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