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How To Do Facebook Marketing For Beginners (3 EASY Steps!!)

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Hey my friend Garrett Barry here from now
do you have your product or business and you will learn how to market it on
Facebook bigger just getting started and you don't know how to properly go about
getting people to take action on what it is you're promoting all this short video
I'm to share with you three powerful concepts you need to understand if you
want to learn how to do Facebook marketing for beginners without further
ado let's go ahead and get to that first concept was first powerful concept I
just wanna thank you and commend you for taking action you know most people they
think of something they want to do and they never actually research had and do
everything gets started in fact that you're watching the video made said
you're researching Helen through facebook marketing how to get started so
I just thank you for doing that and show appreciation you know you're actually
taking action was just the first step to success now getting into this first
concept of traffic engagement now what I mean by that is now if you want to
promote of business or product or make money on Facebook you have to understand
that to make money online at all you need traffic traffic is basically just
keep all going to your sales Hayes yourselves video whatever it is you're
making money now on Facebook traffic engagement the way you can tell if
you're getting traffic on Facebook is are your likes increasing our comments
increasing our people sharing your contact that's what you want to be
working thinking about when you go to market on Facebook ok you want to be
constantly thinking how's my case but how can I increase my engagement because
the law revamping gauge when you get on your post the more eyeballs and
practical together and then the more sales and opposite that's the first concept you
want to start thinking about when you want to mark the second concept along
share his pictures are greater than tax now being by that is in a recent study
showed that 53 percent of people engaged in more on pictures what that basically
means a host that contained pictures got 53 percent more engagement let me
learned more so if you're posting on Facebook what you want to do is you want
to always try to post more pictures ok if you don't have pictures of
yourself if you can't take pictures of your business or something like that Google Images just go to Google and
search for images on something relating to your niche that your audience with
life is a great option to get the ball rolling eventually you do want to take
pictures in because it's your brand but that's a great way to get the ball on my
wall sconce up for Facebook marketing for beginners is your website now an
interview this really simple to understand it and what this error means
is they spoke goal okay now I have personally made sales on facebook gives
people have reached out to me through the messaging based on Facebook and they
have bought for me that way but I do most of your sales and product you know
here the money you're gonna be making his external website this may be a lot of this may be a sales
page this may be an email us it somewhere off the Facebook so you won't
be getting people from the external website that they can further along
towards that goal and then eventually buy from you ok so so rapid off because you're
relatively short I don't overwhelm is really simple so you can search going
out there and really start seeing results fast first thing you have to remember is
traffic equals engagement on Facebook for more latest comments and shares
you're getting more traffic you're getting now that traffic can be
increased simply by posting more pictures 53 percent more engagement you
just add a picture to pubs and number three is once you're getting more
education more traffic you want to start to get these people on Facebook on your
website and you can do that by sharing links and stuff like that helps
important I've too stale but it is important to a good ratio that's all for
this video I hope you enjoy the peace three hun- setups and now here better
equipped to start going out there and hopefully you feel more like you
understand it and I remember back when I first started I where someone gave me
these concepts because I love spun my wheels or so if you like this video like the video below also comment below
the answer to this question what do you want me to answer next for you what do
you want me to teach you because I really want to help get you the results
you truly desire also if you want my free facebook got underway in more
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you for watching and I'll see you on the next video

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