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How To MAKE MONEY With Facebook Ads In 2020 (4 Steps)

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If you're looking to make money with facebook ads in 2019 then these are the four simple steps that you need to do in order to get started and Actually be successful with your Facebook advertising now These are the same four steps that I use in this past year in 2018 to make well over 2 million dollars with my facebook advertising So with that said, let's jump into the content so you can know exactly how to get started even if you are a complete beginner to have no experience with facebook advertising now the first most Important thing that you have to have is you have to have an offer you have to have some product or service that you're selling And ideally you want it to be a higher ticket item now I've talked with some beginners when it comes to Facebook advertising and they want to get started with a fifty dollar product and the truth is you're just Really never gonna make those numbers work because it's too expensive to generate a lead and to get those leads and to see your offer To really become profitable with a fifty dollar product So if you are a real estate agent, which I work with a lot of Realtors this is an Amazing space to be in because you obviously have a pretty high ticket offer when you sell a home you make a pretty big Commission or if you're selling some product or service that is for a thousand dollars or even more or If you have a continuity type of offers like for example, I have a software It's 99 bucks a month If I know that my lifetime value over the course of that customer is going to be like 8 to 10 months I know that over those eight to 10 months.

I will be making an 800 to 1000 dollars from that customer and so I know it's gonna be worth the money to spend on lead generation to be able to go Through and acquire that customer so number one Once again, you just gotta have an offer and ideally it's a higher ticket offer and what I talk about higher ticket I would say at least $500 or more or you have some type of continuity offer if it's maybe a lower ticket? But it's 50 to 100 or maybe 200 dollars every single month so that you know if it costs you 200 or even 300 dollars to acquire that customer that you're gonna be making $500 or $1,000 or even more on the long run? Okay so that brings us into the second key point when it comes to actually making money with your facebook advertising and that is focusing 100% on lead Generation now the truth is I get comments all the time on my youtube channel of people saying hey Jason What is the best advertising campaign to go get more followers on Instagram or more likes on my Facebook page or more? Subscribers on YouTube and the truth is guys.

It's really not ideal and it's not cost-effective to go after Followers on your Facebook page or Instagram account or your YouTube channel? But you want to do is you want to first generate the lead? present them with your offer and then if they don't take your offer or even if they do Then you can invite them to follow you on Instagram on your Facebook page on your YouTube channel or wherever else you post Content because the truth of it is you're only gonna have about 2 to 3 percent of the leads generated right away Actually take action if you have a decent sales message And so now you've got 97 to 98% of those leaves generated. That actually didn't buy from you But then if you invite them to follow you on Instagram on Facebook On YouTube and they're getting indoctrinated with your content you're adding massive value then maybe a couple weeks or a couple months down the road They'll be like, oh, yeah.

I remember that Jason guy. I'm actually gonna take him up on his offer He's got great content and I'm gonna go buy whatever he has to sell So when you're setting these ads up makes you're going through and choosing the website conversions Objective or the lead form objective whatever you want I like to do the website conversion sending people to a landing page to generate that lead and then after you get that lead Present them with your offer through a sales video or maybe you jump on a phone call schedule appointments something like that and then once again if they do not buy or even if they do Then invite them to follow you on all your different social media platforms get them on your email list and provide massive value So later on you can hopefully go through and acquire more customers from those leads You initially generated to make more money and make the sale.

Alright, so the third step So at this point guys, we have or off we have our higher ticket offer Okay, we've gone through and we're focusing on lead generation Now it all comes down to are Targeting with our Facebook ads now the first audience that we want to target with our Facebook ads is our warm audience for our hot Audience now in marketing and advertising. You've got your cold audience. You got your warm audience. You've got your hot audience Basically, your hot audience is like your family and friends where no matter what you do.

They're gonna support you they're gonna go through and they're gonna buy through you like let's say you're a realtor and if someone's gonna go through and buy or Sell a home. They're like, oh man. I love Jason. I'm just gonna go through and use him and that's your hot audience Whereas your warm audience are maybe friends from high school or from college. They know who you are They like you they trust you But you're probably not the first go to just because you're not really top of mind and then you're cold audience is Basically people who have no idea who you are They've never even heard of you and they have no idea what you're offering So it takes a little bit more convincing to actually have them do business with you so the easiest best place that you want to start is with your warm audience and this hot audience which one of the likely your Hot audience is already kind of gonna know who you are but obviously you can kind of like throw them in this whole bundle of your warm audience and your hot audience and this is people Who have visited your website this is anyone who has maybe engage with your Facebook page or they follow you on facebook on Instagram on YouTube they're subscribed to your channel, maybe they've watched some videos on your YouTube channel, and basically they are somewhat Indoctrinated by you and your business or this could even be a list of leads So maybe you've been doing business for a while now and you have a bunch of contacts.

We've got this database You've got their name their phone number their email address maybe you have their actual physical address and what we can do with Facebook is we can upload these as custom audiences and say hey We only want to show our ads to these exact people Because we know these exact people they already know who we are They already like us they trust us and so our ads are gonna perform That much better now another key thing to keep in mind is this is the best place to start because if you're not able to have success with your Facebook ads and generate a lead a decent cost and even have your sales message actually convert with this warm audience Then once you take it to a cold audience Once you start to really expand your marketing your sales message and really grow your business.

It's not gonna work at all Okay So your warm audience is generally gonna perform about three to five times better Than anything that you're gonna be doing in a called audience because remember your cold audience has no idea who you are They don't necessarily like like you already because they have no idea who you are They don't necessarily trust you. And so you got to build that rapport and have a really solid Facebook ad to capture their attention a really solid landing page to actually go through grab their contact information and then a Solid sales message that you can actually sell your services.

So let's say that your ads are absolutely killing it They're working amazingly well with your warm audience and then you want to go through and expand your mark You want to scale your business and take it to more of this cold audience? Now the cool thing about Facebook is what we can do is create what is called? look-alike audiences So this is audience of people who look just like your past customers or look just like people that have visited your website or people look just like people that have already been in your Lee's database are your Contacts maybe your friends or family or anything like that And basically what Facebook does is they go through and they see? Ok, these are their past clients This is what their facebook profiles look like.

This is the age range. This is kind of like their income demographic This is where they live and these are their habits their online purchase behaviors Which they've got a whole lot more information on the back end of the Facebook algorithm Then you even have inside of the Facebook Ads manager And so what they do is they create a look-alike audience So people that look just like your past clients and they go create this new audience of this cold audience But it's more likely to perform very well for you because these are all people That are very similar to your existing clients And so when you go and create this look like audience Facebook will put together an odd of a minimum two million people across the United States or whatever country you're targeting and you're able to scale your Budget and your ads and your lead generation and everything because you just have a lot bigger audience to work with.

All right So now the fourth and final step of how to actually be successful with your facebook advertising If you're actually looking to make money which honestly guys if you're not looking to make money with Facebook ads then I highly recommend just not even worrying about it because that's Pretty much the whole goal of marketing or advertising for any business So first you need to have an offer and you need to have somewhat of a higher ticket offer Second you to focus solely on lead generation that you can go through and pitch your Product or service to these people and then follow up with these people and then hopefully maybe get more sales down the road then third you want to focus on your targeting and focus on your warm audiences your hot audiences and then Expand to the cold audiences But the look like audiences so they look just like your past Clients and then number four is you need to constantly? Tweak and optimize your ads and your offer and everything. And so it's always converting for your business now the biggest mistake that most Entrepreneurs make or most people that want to start making money online or anything like that is they'll go through and they'll get an offer And to work for a second and then all of a sudden they'll create a new offer and they'll go through and make that work For a second and then they'll create something new where you can't really scale like that because you're always having to create new products Always trying to create new marketing and advertising material and believe me guys It takes a lot of work and it takes a lot of time Where you need to go through and just focus in on making your product better You need to go through focus on making your marketing your stats your lead generation your Facebook Ads everything better so that you can optimize That one offer that you have now, there's many times where I fall prey to this I want to go through and create new offers and all this stuff But the truth is over the last two and a half years.

I've been running the same Exact offer. I have gone through and rewritten my webinar multiple times. I'm always creating new Facebook ads. I'm always creating Variations of my landing page and I've got it down pretty much to a science where I know exactly What ads are probably gonna perform extremely well? And once I've gone through a test and added a small level I'll go and I'll scale that up and then I've got the same Exact sales message, but I make sure that I'm making tweaks to see okay Is this gonna work better than this or is this gonna work better than that? But keep in mind as you're going through and making tweaks and optimizing only make one change at a time because the truth is if you go through and you change the image of the ad and then you change the headline of the ad or you change the landing page what it actually says the landing page you've changed so many things that if Your results improve or they get worse or whatever it is.

You have actually no idea what caused the improvement or for that to actually totally tanked and fail now a big question that I get a lot of times is people say well Jason like how do I know how long I should run the ad to know if that split test actually worked or didn't work and The truth is you don't it doesn't really matter with time with marketing with advertising time is irrelevant It all comes down to data So if you're spending five dollars per day You might have to wait about a week or two weeks to actually get enough data to make a smart decision On the data that came in Whereas if you're spending a thousand or two thousand three thousand dollars every single day you might be able to make a quick decision In just a couple of hours because you have enough data to make a strategic decision So anyway guys, these are the four simple steps on how you can actually start making money with your Facebook Ads in 2019 number one make sure you have an offer a little bit higher ticket offer second focus on your lead generation third focus on your targeting your hot and your warm audiences and then scale to your cold audiences with the look like audiences and then fourth make sure you're always Optimizing and tweaking the process your ads your sales message you're targeting Everything is just dial in that one offer Now if you guys are brand new with Facebook ads, but you want to learn more I have a 100% free Facebook Ads mini course, that'll add a link right down below this video in the description as In the top comments So you could just opt in and I've got well over four hours of Content on how to go through and set all this up and break down Facebook Ads step-by-step So with that said guys, I hope you enjoyed this video.

And if you did go ahead give it a thumbs up I would greatly appreciate that because that allows more people to go through and get exposed to this content And if you're a brand new here Make sure you guys subscribe hit that notification bell because I launched new videos every single week on how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business. So with that said, thanks so much for watching and I will talk to you all later.

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