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How To MASTER Instagram Ads For BEGINNERS In 2020 – The COMPLETE Instagram Advertising Tutorial

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In this video I'm going to break down the three different ways to market your business on Instagram how to use the Facebook Ads manager Advertise how to advertise within the mobile app and also probably the most cost effective way to market and advertise your business leveraging other Instagram influencers All right. Now if you guys are brand new here to my channel My name is Jason Wardrop and I teach you how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business And if you guys want a free bonus from me Then right down below in the description as well as in the top comment section I have a 100% free Facebook Ads mini course where we do dive into Facebook advertising as well as Instagram advertising and I have a little cheat sheet for you guys And also if you guys are brand new here Make sure you subscribe because we launch new videos every single week and how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business So hit that subscribe button and also if that notification bell so you will be notified every time We launch a new video.

So with that said guys, let's talk about the three core ways that you can market and grow your business Leveraging Instagram now Instagram obviously is one of the hottest social networks out there right now So it's a great place to go and connect with your different customers But the thing is Before we jump in and like we just want to start marking our business on Instagram We got to think about what business were in and where our ideal client. Our ideal customers are actually hanging out now There's a lot of customers There's a lot of potential clients on Instagram But you got to make sure that it matches well with your business before we dive into things Okay So there's three key ways to go through and actually market your business Leveraging Instagram so that you can become a master when it comes to Instagram advertising, right? so the first way to go through and market your business on Instagram is Leveraging other social media influencers. So if you think about your market, whatever market you're in there are other influencers with Massive followings where if you're just getting started you might not have any following whatsoever or you're following might be very small so it's kind Of hard to get that organic growth generate those leads make that those sales for your business So what you can do is go find of their social Influencers on Instagram that already have a following and typically you can reach out to them.

So send them a direct message on your phone And then say hey, how much does it cost for a promotional pulse? So for example, let's say I'm gonna jump over here on Instagram Just kind of show you how this works A lot of this has to be done on your mobile phone and it's a lot easier to do on your mobile phone But just for the sake of this example, I'm gonna be showing you guys right here on my desktop But let's say that you are in the fitness industry So we're gonna come up here to the search bar and more likely you already probably know the top Influencers in your market, and if you don't you definitely should get to know them So let's say we're in the fitness So we'll just type in Fitness up here and it's gonna pop up some of these different Instagram influencers So for example like Christian guzmán right here I know he's a fitness influencer and we're gonna click to his profile and you can't do this on a desktop device But you can do it on your mobile phone.

You can direct message Christian and ask Hey How much does it cost for a promotional post and typically most? influencers are gonna have different rates as far as how much it cost to have a post up for a few hours or Even for a full 24 hours, typically what they'll do Is you give them an image with the post or whatever link you're wanting to send people to and now they'll leave that post up For about 24 hours and then they'll take it down. So they'll delete the post But basically if you want more time, then you can pay more for a longer period of time Or if you want multiple posts Then you can go through and say you'll pay how much would it cost to have like 5 posts within the next? 72 hours and they'll give you these different rates and all of these different influencers are gonna have different rates but the reason why this is super powerful is because a lot of times if you come over here and you look at some of these different pictures He's getting 42 thousand likes 240 comments 31 thousand likes 32 thousand likes so you can see how much engagement 55,000 they're getting with each one of these posts So when it's coming from the actual influencer themselves as opposed to just a sponsored ad on Instagram Then it's just a lot more beneficial to you and you Or business and you're gonna get a lot more clicks a lot more leads a lot more exposure Because they already have that connection with this influencer and so a lot of times you're able to get that awareness for pennies on the dollar as opposed to going into the Instagram app and advertising there or even going into the Facebook Ads manager and Setting up your full Instagram marketing campaign within there, which we'll get to here in just a second So once again guys you could just come down here If you click this down arrow, we can see a lot of other influencers And so usually what I would do is I would go find you know 10 to 15 to 20 other influencers that are in the same exact niche It's like for example Rob I know he's in this niche as well and so I would just go through and I would message all these people and ask how much it would be for a sponsored post on their profile And typically they're gonna have if they're gonna have a decent sized following like this guy's got four hundred seventy five thousand followers they're going to have some type of rates in place to be able to just give you right out of the gate and then you Can go through and track and measure, you know Is this going to be worth it to be able to get so you come down here? It's really important to see how many likes and comments that each person's getting because really anyone can go and buy followers that are like fake followers But you want to make sure they've got a good Following but also they've got a good connection with that following So if they're getting a lot of likes a lot of comments all that stuff, then you want to make sure that that's happening so that if you're gonna go and invest money into a post is It actually going to be engaged with are people gonna actually see it or you can actually get clicks to your website And if that's the case, then it's definitely a worth looking into as far as investment goes All right.

So that is the first way now, let's jump over here. This is kind of Facebook's Instagram advertising page Which gives you a quick run through and we're gonna hit some of these different points just so you have a basic understanding Of all the different ways that you can market or advertise your business on Instagram and then we're gonna actually jump into the Facebook Ads manager and set up an Instagram Advertising campaign, okay So right here, there's a few ways that you can go through and create different posts on Instagram that sponsored post So obviously you could do just a photo ad right you guys have seen these before if you've been on Instagram It's basically just a picture just like anyone elses account But it's a sponsored and then we'll have a call-to-action link and then down below it So there's not going to be any a headline sub-headline or anything like that? But there will be a call to action and then down below in the actual description area.

You can write some text But if you put a link in the actual description area, it's not going to be clickable Just like any other link within Instagram, but you can have the call to action when they click on the actual photo itself Okay so obviously you have video ads the thing you got to remember is that if you're setting up a Video ad that's going to be both on Facebook as well as Instagram So the video ad can only be 60 seconds long, okay now that's really important remember because if you're setting up a video ad on Facebook You can actually be really as long as you want. Whereas with Instagram it can only be 60 seconds long So if you're trying to make an ad that's going to be both on Facebook and Instagram It's got to be less than 60 seconds or else it won't show, okay? also You can have these carousel ads which are really nice especially as far as like if you're doing e-commerce Product or even if you're in real estate and you're showing a home a listing, you've got multiple photos of that home People can scroll down and flip through all the different photos and so it's just like an Instagram photo ad But you can have multiple photos, which is really convenient Okay And then right here We've got the story ads which this is basically you can have a photo or a video but Instagram launch stories kind of copying Snapchat back in the day, but basically it's gonna be at the very top once you jump on Instagram and so as someone's clicking on the different stories as they're clicking next it'll pop up as a sponsored post between their friends stores and the next friend stories And so once again, there is a limit on the amount of time you can have on this video I believe it is 15 seconds.

Let's see if it's got right here So it doesn't have the time but I believe it's just 15 seconds so you got to be aware of that and Also, another thing is if you look at the way that someone's gonna be holding their phone when they're we through their story adds They're gonna be holding it vertically So if you're shooting a video ad that you're wanting to promote to everyone you're wanting to shoot that video vertically on your phone because then if you shoot a Horizontally, it's just gonna show up kind of small right here And that's gonna have a lot of black where you're not optimizing the real estate on that phone And so it's just you want to make sure you know where you're gonna be actually Showing this video ad whereas like up here. You can make it a box. You can shoot it Vertically, you could shoot a horizontally. There's a lot more options if it's just in the Instagram newsfeed All right, they cut me down here collection ads This one's really good for e-commerce stores as well where you can have a lot of different images You can honestly on Shopify You can track based off what products people have looked at and then based off what they've looked at You can reshow that to that person on instagram So there's really some powerful things that you can do with Instagram advertising and setting all this up So like we said earlier there's a few different ways to go about doing this one you can obviously connect with other social influencers and ask them how much it would cost to do a Sponsored or promoted post on their page.

Typically it only lasts a certain amount of time but honestly at the end of the day the weight Instagram and even Facebook works is the posts typically are only relevant for about 24 to 48 hours and then it just gets lost deep into the newsfeed so you don't really need anything longer than that if you Want more exposure then you could just pay for multiple posts over the course of let's say five to seven days and you can get more people coming in and seeing your business and Your products and generating more leads. All right, you can also go through and advertise within the Instagram app So if you have a business profile Just you make a post and you can hit this promote button right here as you seen and then the way I like to do It is going into the actual ads manager, which we're gonna do here in just a second I'll break down and show you guys exactly how to set this all up But you'll go to the ads manager and it's just like creating a facebook marketing campaign but instead of choosing to post on Facebook you're choosing to post it on Instagram and obviously if the creative fits both platforms Then you can say hey, I want to advertise both on Facebook as well as on Instagram.

Okay, so coming over here Let's jump in and I'll show you guys how to set this up within the Facebook Ads manager to target people just on Instagram So we'll come over here and on our Facebook page. We'll go to the ads manager We can access it right here or in the drop down in this right arrow So we just click on create ads or manage ads? so I'm just gonna come over here click on ads manager and This will take us into our Facebook Ads account Now if you have never created an a Facebook Ads account, it's gonna walk you through the initial creation, but right here These are your Facebook advertising Campaigns.

Okay. So what we're gonna do first is will click on create to create a new campaign And at first it's gonna ask us what is our marketing objective So what do we want to accomplish by creating this advertising campaign? And the cool thing is that Facebook Facebook is also Instagram. So Facebook bought Instagram for over a billion dollars So when I'm talking about Facebook, it's the same thing for Instagram But they have so much data on every single person on their platform. They know their age. They know their gender They know what they like what other posts they like what accounts they interact with They know if people are more likely to watch a video on Instagram or on Facebook and so because they have all this information When we're going through and creating a new advertising campaign We can tell Facebook aka Instagram Which campaign what what type of objective of what we want to accomplish with this campaign? So for this example, let's say we are just wanting people to click off to our website Check out our Shopify store opt-in to one of our landing pages or visit our website or blog or anything like that We'll click on traffic right here And that's basically we want people to click from Instagram and go to our site Okay, so well come over here.

We'll name it traffic Demo, you can really name it whatever you want but I like to kind of like give it a name of something that I know if I see that later on the road if I'm looking through all my Advertising campaigns. I know what it is specifically for so we might even do down And they call it demo IG for Instagram obviously and then we'll click continue Okay, and now this is where we're gonna choose our audience of who we want to target and we're gonna choose our placement Okay So the placement is do we want to show this ad on Facebook do want to show it on Instagram? We want to show it on the Instagram newsfeed do want to show it in the Instagram stories Where do we want to actually have this shown? Okay, so we're gonna come up here and give this a name as well So we'll say IG and we'll say people in Dallas for example, okay So right here this traffic website, we don't have to touch anything right here the dynamic dynamic creative right now We don't have to mess with that to offer anything like that.

We'll come down to the audience And this is where we choose who we want to actually show our post to okay? So let's say that we are in the fitness space So we want to show it to you know people that are interested in fitness So if we come down here, we probably don't want to just say fitness in general because fitness is pretty broad Like is it gonna be more focus for men or women? It's gonna be more focused on weight loss or maybe you're trying to get a 6-pack or build muscle anything like that So we want to actually get a little bit more targeted with our advertising so it's not just speaking to Everyone out there.

So for this example, let's say we have a product or service or something Whatever it is that is close to since where we've kind of been coming with the whole Fitness route Let's say it's close to like p90x like at-home workout video training program Maybe we've got like a little home workout course or something to go through and build strength build muscle get get fit So we can come in here and for the detail targeting we will type in p90x Ok, it should have something so we've got about 1.4 million people in this audience so instead of this Dallas one will say Instagram will say p90x Alright, so now we'll come down here And as far as the location really that like I like to typically start out with just the US But you could go through and do the US and Canada or wherever you're located Whatever country you're located or wherever you want to have your ideal target customers and then as far as the age goes like p90 is pretty general pretty broad so all this leave that open-ended if you do have a Specific market, like you're wanting to go through and work with women ages 18 to 30 You go through and put that in there.

The one thing to keep in mind when it comes to targeting and your audience size Facebook typically likes larger audiences and based off of your ad copy and you're creative So whether it's a video or image Facebook can kind of target who the ideal people are that are more likely to actually engage With that post and click to your website. So make sure you guys keep that in mind a lot of people I feel like a lot of beginners go through and they try to get all the interest is like super narrow down super niche They try to go and get a specific age range and get that exact person super ideal and a very tiny audience But typically what I found is that your advertising dollars are better spent leaving a little bit more wide open But giving Facebook just a little bit of direction So make sure you keep that in mind as you're going through and creating an audience to go through and target And then coming down here to our placements now, we're setting up an Instagram app Facebook says that the automatic placements is Recommended but that means this can be shown on Facebook on Instagram on their audience network every place that it that Facebook can actually go through and show an ad And I don't love that because if you go and have a video It's gonna show up different on your stories on your Instagram newsfeed on your Facebook newsfeed And so I usually like to go through and select specific Placements so that my ad creative is actually gonna match up with that placement.

Okay so will come over here will click on edit placements and I don't want to do anything on Facebook because this is a tutorial on how to go through and mark it on Instagram So we're gonna uncheck this we're gonna uncheck audience Network uncheck messenger and we're just gonna focus on Instagram now If we wanted to just to show up in the news feed then we just click this and we can uncheck the stories or vice-versa If we just want to do the stories, we'll click on that and uncheck the feeds But we want to make sure that whatever creative we're using. So whether it's a or image or whatever it is It's gonna actually match up with that specific placement.

So let's say for this one. We're gonna do an actual newsfeed one we're gonna uncheck stories and then we'll come down here and we can choose a Budget of how much we want to spend now we could do a daily budget so let's say we want to spend five bucks every single day or ten bucks every single day or We could say hey we want to do a lifetime budget and over the course of the next month We only want to spend let's say we've got a hundred bucks to go through a thousand We've got a hundred dollars to go through and spend on our Instagram marketing Okay but typically what I like to do is I like to do the daily budget because if the campaign is performing well Then we can just leave it running and if it's not performing well, then we can always go through posit cancel it. Delete it Whatever we want So we'll come back here to the daily budget and we'll just run the ad set Continuously starting today and maybe let's say we're gonna start out at five dollars per day All right, so five dollars per day, it's gonna be over the course of a month It's gonna be about a hundred and fifty dollars or thirty five dollars per week.

And then as far as the optimization for ad delivery it's saying link clicks, which let me just kind of break down the difference between link clicks and Landing page views so anytime for link clicks anytime somebody taps on your ad on Instagram Facebook will charge you and that will count towards the cost per link clip But if somebody's in a spot where they don't have a good data or good Wi-Fi or anything like that Then they might never actually pull up your website your blog your ecommerce store Whatever you're trying to send them to so if you want a little bit more accurate data of how many people are actually visiting your website I like to do Lannie pageviews because that means they not only clicked on the ad but your page Actually loaded so you want to make sure that happens and that's able to be done with the Facebook pixel Which I have another video showing you how to create that how to install out how to do everything So we'll add that up here in the top that you guys can go through and watch that if you're unsure on how to go Through and create the Facebook pixel install it and everything like but this is going to give you a lot better accurate data when it comes to tracking people that are actually clicking and Seeing your website, your cost per landing page view is going to be a little bit higher than your cost per click But it's just gonna be higher quality information So from here, we'll could choose landing page views and we'll click on continue right here And this is where we're gonna actually create the ad of what people are gonna see inside their Instagram Newsfeed.

Okay. So right here we're gonna choose what Instagram account we want to go through and show it from so if you haven't connected an Instagram account They're going to ask you to connect an Instagram account and then we can choose the format Now we talked about I showed you kind of up here. There's a lot of different phone formats. The collection ads the story ads Carousel video ads and photo ads and so this is where we actually choose this. Okay So let's say for this example we'll just do a single image ad it's the most common the most basic but just scrolling through you'll just see an image and So coming down here We'll upload an image from our desktop if you already have one you want to use Or if you don't have one you want to use but you still want to use a professional-looking image Facebook has a deal with shutterstock where you can have all these free stock images that look really nice. So if we click on this We'd come in here and let's say we'll type in fitness Okay, so we'll see like what different posts they've got so this one looks like okay It's both men and women this might even be a p90x type of workout.

So we'll click on that. We'll hit confirm Okay, so this will be what the image is looking like This is a little example post of what our ad is gonna look like on Instagram Okay, so it's going to have our profile picture it's gonna say sponsored ad and then we can go through and add some more information and you can see kind of like The Shutterstock and all that stuff here this watermark Once it goes live that's not actually gonna show up so you don't have to worry about that Okay, so then we come in here.

We type our message Maybe it's like get our free seven-day workout series Or whatever it is. And then let's say you our website is we'll just say Google for this example Okay So we'll just copy and paste this and we'll put it right in. Here's our website URL and Then I usually like to have for the the call-to-action. I usually like to have learn more Okay, and you can see the pixels missing from this page because Google doesn't have a Facebook pixel on their page, obviously but as I mentioned earlier guys If you want that Facebook pixel tutorial on how to install that on your page and help you with your Instagram Advertising and the tracking track and everyone that's coming to your page I'll have that link to the video up here that you guys can go through and check that out and watch how to do that Before you actually go through and set up your Instagram marketing campaign Okay, so then from here guys That's pretty much it The it's really going to be important what you throw in here into your copy of what you're actually saying to get somebody to want to click and then also the image the goal of the image is to get Somebody's stop scrolling and check out what you have to offer and then the actual text right here is to sell them on clicking so the image is to get them to stop scrolling and Then the text the goal is to sell them on why they should click not necessarily sell them on your product That's what your sales page should do.

But to sell them on why they should click Alright, so then from here, all we got to do is hit confirm and you are done. You are good to go That is how you set up a full Instagram advertising campaign. Alright? So once again guys if you want my free Facebook Ads mini course And it goes into Instagram as well as well at my face Facebook ads and Instagram ads cheat sheet Down below in the description as well as in the top comment You guys can go through and download that a hundred percent for free But just as a quick recap of the three different ways to go through and mark and advertise your business on Instagram You can go through find other Instagram influencers that are in your niche reach out to them Find out how much it cost for a promoted post so obviously for this Fitness niche you can go through and find these different influencers and Think about who your audience is going to be following obviously.

These are male Fitness influencers So that's gonna be different than the female fitness influencers based off your market Then you can come over here and as shown down here on this page you can ties within the Instagram app So if you have a business Instagram profile You can make a post and promote the post Directly within the Instagram app or my favorite way to do it is going through into the ads manager on Facebook on your computer Just because you're able to have a little bit more leeway and a lot more Options when it comes to your targeting your setup and all those different things So that's really the way I like to go through and do it So anyway, if you found this video helpful, go ahead give it a thumbs up also drop a comment down below Let me know what you think. I would greatly appreciate that And if you guys are brand new here to the channel Make sure you guys subscribe and hit that notification bell because we launched new videos every single week on how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business, right? So thanks so much guys for watching this complete tutorial of advertising on Instagram I hope that it helped you with getting started with marketing your business on Instagram and Even on Facebook and all these different platforms to be able to go through and grow your business And with that said thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video

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