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Increase Your Real Estate Leads In 2020 (Facebook Advertising Done RIGHT)

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What's up you guys Jason Wardrop here and in this video I'm going to break down how to increase your real estate leads in 2019 so basically how to make sure that you're doing your facebook advertising the right way moving into this next year and with only a few more days left in the 2018 year I wanted to break down the strategies that I've been working as of late because obviously as you guys know the Facebook Ads Algorithm everything is just changing all the time so I want to share with you guys the latest and greatest of what we've been seeing with our business running our own ads and then also running ads for our real estate clients and also if you guys are brand new here to the channel my name is Jason Wardrop where I share new videos every single week on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business so if you are in the real estate world go ahead drop a comment down below let me know what city what community was state you're coming from or even what country I know we've got a lot of Canadians on here as well and Some other people from other countries so let us know where you guys are located and I will share with you guys 100% free Facebook, ads mini course with some Facebook ad templates of the best real estate lead generation ads right guys So we are right here on the ads manager in my demo account right here because I want to show you guys actually how to set some of these things up and So you're doing these things the right way now one of the key things that we've been seeing performing extremely well are the facebook lead forms now I know a lot of you guys have gone through and test those out basically a facebook lead form is where you're Going through your scrolling through your newsfeed you click on the ad and instead of sending out to another website or landing page blog or whatever it is it's just a little form that pops up right there within Facebook and the cool thing is is that Facebook is gonna auto populate the contact information that they have on file for that user in the name phone number email and if they have like an address form whatever information they already have of that customer they're just gonna pre populate it so the great thing about this obviously Is that you've got a lot less bogus information because we've all experienced it where somebody goes to a landing page they type in like test at for your email address and then five five five one two three four four the phone number and There's just like it's not quality data but facebook lead forms we've actually seen a drop in the cost per leads Compared to landing pages an increase of the quality of the contact information Compared to landing pages as well now let me just show you guys really quick if you come over here to create a campaign the way you're gonna set up an actual leave form is it really depends on what objective you're choosing so you know how when we set up a landing page we're gonna go through and set up a custom conversion all those different things and really quick guys landing pages still work extremely well in specific areas but leave forbs are more like across-the-board nationwide that are gonna consistently work so if you're seeing like you know decent results with lead forms but you want to try out landing pages I wouldn't let go of landing pages because I still use 100% landing pages for myself in my business but in the real estate specific market we have seen leave farms work extremely well so Like I was saying the conversions that's usually what we use for the landing page we set up a custom conversion beforehand if you guys want to see how that's all that's done I do have some other videos that I'll link out to you that you guys can see how that's done but for leave forms we're going to choose the the objective lead generation right here okay now this leads me into the second part we're just gonna hit continue right here now the second key thing to really up your leads in 2019 with Facebook Ads for your real estate business is going through and selecting the right placements okay now if you guys can follow me for a long time now you know that in most videos I say when you're coming down here to choosing your placements which is basically where you're gonna show your Facebook ad are you're gonna show it on the mobile news feed the desktop news feed the right-hand column are gonna show it on the audience network or you can show it on Instagram we're gonna show in the stories you're gonna show all these different places which by default for the last probably two years Facebook has said automatic placements which is recommended Okay and as you guys know like my experience they've? recommended it because they were just like wanting people to go advertise on all of their networks every place they could possibly advertise but I found the better results coming down to edit placements and then unchecking everything here except for so uncheck everything and Audience network doesn't work with leave form so you can see that's why there's checkbox checkboxes are not right there but unchecking everything besides the Facebook mobile and desktop news feeds however as of late the very end of 2018 you see an increase in the CPM which is a kind of a number of things going in because obviously you got the holidays you got a lot of big brands coming in and advertising for Black Friday for Christmas for all these different holidays and stuff and so obviously because the demand is higher and the supply is the same the cost to show your ads is increasing a little bit more but at the same time with that said I've also seen some tests of mine with the automatic recommended placements performing just as well if not better than the mobile desktop and mobile news feeds okay So placements right here this is big going through and just hitting recommended all placements right there so that Facebook's just going to go through and based off that audience that you choose They're gonna show your ads to that audience depending on if they're on Instagram or Facebook or whatever device they might be on where they can show that ad so moving into 2019 with your real estate lead generation Facebook Ads all this good stuff I would go through and four placements I would be choosing the automatic placements right here which obviously all as I always say guys you guys got to test it because some areas work a little bit different than others in some industries and work a little bit different others but pretty much across the board in the real estate market if you're a real estate agent residential real estate agent I would be using the automatic placements which is recommended okay so just a quick recap we talked about one make sure you're using lead forms we're gonna talk about lead forms here in Just a second because there's some key things that you need to know about lead forms as well when you're going through and setting those up and the second thing is using Automatic placements so you can be showing your ads not just on the mobile and desktop news feeds but in the right-hand column on Instagram like all the different places there and then the third thing the the one place that I want you guys to make sure and obviously if you're gonna hit automatic placements was recommended you're going to be able to take advantage of this next tip that I'm gonna have for you guys but that is going through and advertising your business on the Facebook and Instagram stories so coming down here to the Edit placements what you can do even is go through and set up a separate ad that is just for the story so you see this right here the stories on Instagram as well as Facebook and that's just those like top little bubbles at the top it's kind of a newer feature and like all these other social networks are really starting to roll it out you guys probably seen YouTube where they're starting to roll out their own stories feature which is pretty cool Facebook had a snapchat actually started with it and then snapchat just like did all the stupid stuff with their app and now like I feel like nobody uses at least none of my friends use anymore but Facebook and Instagram stories I feel like that's gonna be traffic that you can get for just like pennies on the dollar because anytime Facebook or Instagram which is basically the same thing right Anytime they launch a new feature or a new thing they're really trying to go through and get you? maximum exposure if you're willing to use it so back in the day when they first launched Facebook live right it was kind of a new thing and YouTube and watch their YouTube lives so Facebook live was trying to compete And so if you were doing Facebook lives back at that time you would get a lot more organic exposure and pretty much every marketer out there was basically saying hey do Facebook class because you're getting a lot of free exposure where that's kind of died down it's not giving you as much exposure as it was about a year ago but I feel like stories is kind of that new thing right now where if you are doing stories not only like organically but also advertising on stories you're gonna get a ton of eyeballs and those eyeballs are gonna be a lot less expensive as opposed to the mobile and desktop newsfeed on Facebook as well as Instagram okay Guys now the fourth tip when it comes to lead generation with your real estate business in 2019 is it's taking it a step Further right obviously going through and generating a lot of leads is awesome it's cool you can go generate ten leads per day but if you do not have the right follow-up in place it really Doesn't even matter if you're actually if you're generating leads and even if there are like really good quality leads or potentially could be every single one of them a closed deal but you're not actually staying in touch with them and following up them then it's really not going to amount to anything For you right so the thing is that stuff with facebook lead forms is the only way that you're able to go and access to contact information once they go through an opt-in is you have to go login to the Facebook Ads manager You have to download an excel file and then you have to copy and paste the contact information into your CRM Or whatever platform you use or manually reach out to every single one of your contacts so guys that's obviously very cumbersome so obviously I kind of really like built up facebook lead forms like it's awesome and it's does like a mate has amazing results but with the follow up piece like that that's kind of a pain in the butt right, so lucky for you guys we've actually gone through and integrated Facebook lead forms with Arsenal mkg the Arsenal marketing platform which many of you guys know that okay So you just come over here and You go through and you create another lead page and you just go and integrate it with your Facebook lead forms down here at the bottom well the cool thing is is these contacts as they're coming in they're not only going to just go straight into the Arsenal CRM but we have the brand new Arsenal mobile app that you're gonna get instant lead notifications right here on your phone and you can go in text back and forth so you can set up anytime a lead ops in To that lead form you can have an automated text message going out to that lead and when that lead Responds to that text message it's gonna notify you right here on your mobile app and you're gonna be able to have a two-way texting conversation with a local phone number so it's not gonna be your actual phone number but it's gonna be a localized phone number So it's not looking like some spammy 800 number, okay So that's gonna be a big piece and guys honestly like whether using the Arsenal mobile app which I highly recommend obviously that we've been spending a lot of time building this out and I think it's gonna be a huge benefit to everyone that uses the Arsenal platform but no matter what you're doing If you're generating leads you've got to have a solid follow-up system in place okay and whether that's email or texting I recommend having as much follow-up as possible so emailing texting phone calls facebook Messenger if you can do that because the thing is every single person nowadays they have their like their preferred way of communication So if you're just setting emails and you connect with somebody who's like an ideal person actually buy or sell home but they Email then you're never gonna get in touch with them or if you call somebody and they prefer texting like for example for me like I don't really answer if I don't have know the number that's calling me I don't answer it because it's just gonna be a waste of my time typically okay so I prefer texting so that's that's big or some people like Facebook Messenger and a lot of people talk about like voicemail drops as a follow-up Honestly me as a recipient to a voicemail drop I absolutely hate voicemail drops I think is the most annoying thing the world yes I think the most fake way to actually go through And do business and so I don't Recommend doing voicemail drops I would much rather have somebody shoot me a text message as opposed to a voicemail drop because also Honestly guys I don't even list my voicemails my voicemail box is on 100% full I don't delete the voicemails just so that people can't leave voicemails, so anyway guys there's my little rant on voicemails right there but anyway so just quick rundown of how to increase your leads with the real estate in the real estate industry in 2019 1 make sure you're going through and implementing some lead forms and also with that make sure you guys are syncing it with a CRM preferably that has a mobile app for the instantly notification because you guys probably have heard all the stats about how important is to get in contact with those leads within the first five minutes of becoming a lead because the in conversions increase the rate at which you actually get a contact a response back from that lead increases there's just a whole lot better all around and then second make sure you guys are going through and trying out the all placements okay I know I've been a big advocate of not doing all placements in the past however I like to go through and I always test things So before you guys So you don't have to waste your valuable advertising dollars and so I can go through take the hit and share with you guys what I've learned so make sure you go and do it all placements and then also doing the stories placement and one thing I recommend doing on that really quick is a quick side note is coming down here and unchecking everything except for just the Facebook and Instagram stories and shooting your video vertically on your phone right there because that's gonna be optimized for That stories format because people are gonna be holding their phone up like this and they're going to be tapping through and so if you're filming a vertical video it's going to maximize The real-estate on their screen which that's what you really want to do and then the fourth key principle here that we're talking about is having a solid fault in place Going through downloading the Arsenal mobile app if you guys have an Arsenal accounting if you guys don't? I'll have a link down below where you guys can grab on your own account it's a 100% risk free 30 day money back Guarantee on that first payment so really guys, there's no risk to you at all so anyway guys thanks So much for watching also remember if you guys are brand new here or even if you're not brand new here go ahead comment down below let me know what Area you guys work in as far as the real estate business you know what city what state what country let me know because I would love to hear about that and then also I can share with you guys my free facebook ads mini-course specifically for realtors along with the Facebook ad templates that I've seen just work better than any other templates as far as lead generation goes in the real estate space so anyway guys thanks so much for watching guys found this video helpful go ahead give it a thumbs up also if you guys are brand new here make sure you guys subscribe hit that notification bell so you can get notified every single time we launch new videos which is every single week we launch new videos on how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business so with that said guys thanks so much for watching and I will see you all later

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