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– Hi everyone. This is a really scary topic and I wanna bring this news to you today because everyone's
talking about it, right? Facebook advertising is dead! It's not longer an advertising platform that we should be looking at. Is that true, is that true? Let me run through a few things that people are saying and then you might be able to relate. The rumors are going
crazy lately on Facebook and within business circles, so I want to touch on these things and then we can talk
about what our options are as advertisers and agencies and business owners et cetera. So, first one is that I hear
is the newsfeed is dead, is saturated, so people don't advertise in the side bar as much anymore and Facebook seems to be pushing everyone to be advertising in the newsfeed which in turn has pushed
up the competition. There's a bit down here
that says it's too expensive and the newsfeed is just saturated, it's costing too much money and it's not worth advertising
there anymore, okay? That's the first thing.

The second thing is people are leaving Facebook for SnapChat. The younger generation
no longer use Facebook, they're going to Instagram, they're going to SnapChat, they're going to all
these different companies and they're leaving
Facebook in their droves which means there's less
people to advertise to. That's another one I've been hearing. Artificial intelligence and algorithms are getting smarter. No longer can you put a
spam-y, click bait-y type ad up that generates you leads because with the new quality scores that are coming in, and artificial intelligence
and algorithms, people are not being able
to advertise as effectively, their advertising accounts
are getting banned and it's just not working anymore, the old ways of doing things, the spam-y stuff, it's just
not happening anymore, okay? Targeting options are being reduced.

You can no longer advertise
based on income levels and all sorts of other
type of targeting options that used to be available
to us as advertisers. That's been killed which means that you can't
advertise accurately anymore. Competition is to high. Everyone's advertising on Facebook. When Facebook advertising first started, agencies and people that were in the know were able to get super cheap clicks and super cheap leads and it's just not like that anymore, it's impossible, you can't do it, okay? Zuckerberg is in trouble
with the government, they've been in trouble with I think the Cambridge
Analytica scandal and things are not just working anymore and they're in big trouble.

Facebook's gonna be dead, it's not gonna be around
in five years' time. We've all heard these rumors. And the last one is it's too expensive. Cost per leads are going up and this is one of the
things that I worry about because I run a cost-per-lead agency. What we generate the leads for and the difference between that and what we sell them
for is our profit margin, so if we can't generate cheap leads, then we're trouble, right? And these are all the things that I'm hearing from
everyone on Facebook, in the forums, in the chats,
in the Facebook groups and the way I see it is it's actually a
great thing because why? Because it's gonna force
advertisers to get better. It's gonna force us to be able to add more value within our ads. It's gonna force us to create better ads and it's gonna force us
to actually help people in the advertising platform and when you can do that, rather than all of this
kind of spam-y stuff, then you're going to start winning and if you can do that, if you can understand the customer and write great ads and do all this stuff like very, very, very well, then you're gonna get head and shoulders above everyone else.

All of these people that
can't do it like you can. So, the cream is going to rise to the top. So, the newsfeed is
saturated, write better ads. And engage better with the audience and you'll go straight
to the number one spot in the newsfeed and you'll be absolutely
raking the leads in. It's not gonna change, we see this every single
day within our agency. We write better ads, okay and our cost per lead is slashed in half. It doesn't matter if this
happened two years ago or in present day. If you write better ads, that problem goes away. People are leaving for SnapChat. Okay, perhaps that might be happening.

I'm pretty sure someone's gonna buy, Facebook might buy
SnapChat one of these days. People leaving for Instagram. Guess what? Facebook owns Instagram. There's going to be more
and more opportunities with video on Instagram and advertising in that space which hasn't even been
opened up to us yet. The opportunities are
just mind boggling there. Artificial intelligence and the algorithms are getting smarter. We see this within our own agency. They've recently started
giving us three things to rank our ads on, three different metrics which tells us how good our ads are, what their engagement rate is like and what the conversion
rate is like, okay? This is amazing data for us as an agency. It gives us the chance to be able to get better at what we do rather than having to just guess, okay? So, this is a good thing rather than a bad thing. As far as the algorithm
getting better goes, that's just unbelievable for us because Facebook now knows
who's not only gonna be a good, a cheap lead, who's
gonna be a quality lead and once you start being able
to advertise with that type of certainty, it's only
gonna help your agency.

Okay. Targeting options are getting reduced. Yeah, of course that's happening but some of the best
campaigns that we have, the campaigns where
we're targeting the whole of the UK, 45 plus,
everyone, male and females, it doesn't matter what
the interests are like. It goes back to the algorithms and artificial intelligence. We can throw up an ad about
our advertising agency and my course to a broad audience and the algorithm is so smart, it'll find the best people
in that broad audience and that's a bonus if you ask me. The competition is too high. Yeah, there's more people
advertising on Facebook. It's getting more competitive but do you think if you're in our world, if you're in the advertising world that you can't beat these business owners that are putting up some crappy ads and just wasting their money with crappy funnels? Do you think you can't beat them? Of course you can beat them, okay? It's just gonna force us to get better.

These things happen all the time. The same thing happened
with Google AdWords, and people always talk about the days of the penny clicks and being able to get
really, really cheap leads. Well, guess what? I don't think Google AdWords and Google as a business
has died and gone away. Of course it hasn't. The people that are advertising on Google that are making a difference and they're running amazing agencies and they're able to advertise on YouTube and Gmail and the Display Network and God knows what else they have.

They have so many
different options available to people now, it's 100 times better than it was 15 years ago when there were those penny clicks there. So, I wouldn't be too
worried about that at all. We will evolve, advertisers will evolve, Facebook will evolve and
there'll just be better options, more options and better tools
that we can use as agencies. Zuckerberg and government issues. I can't comment too much
about what's going on behind the scenes but I'm pretty sure that Facebook is going to remain
as an advertising platform and it's not going to go anywhere.

So, the knives are out for Zuckerberg and Facebook probably has overstepped the boundaries a little bit over the last few years but they'll be brought back in line and they will evolve and they will become better and more ethical and
things will be just fine. I wouldn't be too worried about that. And the last thing is it's
getting too expensive.

Well, we touched on all
of these things up here and the answer to that is
know the customer better, write better ads, and
you'll be absolutely fine. So, is Facebook advertising dead? People might disagree with me but I'm more excited now than I was when I started advertising on Facebook over five years ago. I think there's huge opportunities. Comment and let's have a discussion. Chat later..

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