Joe Rogan’s Thoughts on Tesla’s Cybertruck

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the Joe Rogan experience for the the you know Tesla’s are there there’s such cool cars and they’re such you know there’s such like you said serene you know what I mean and all uh not I don’t want to give that credit exclusively to Tesla because other EVs provide a similar experience to but the one place they’re lacking for the amount of money they charge their interiors are a little poems ask me if I’m getting one of those trucks bro good luck ask me if I’m going well the truck you get it yeah why you askin course I’m get one of them trucks yeah look at that thing you don’t like it no you don’t like it no I don’t I don’t like it and I how dare you I’m not entirely sure it’s it’s real I mean I think I’ve seen I think my initial reaction to that was that’s not a real thing meet George Jetson and my second reaction is I’m pretty sure they couldn’t build and sell that in America why that because I I just I just don’t think that that will pass the test that it needs to pass and I and furthermore like crash tests pedestrian safety stuff like that furthermore it’s it’s it’s because how do I say this without it’s really hard to talk about Tesla because their fans are fucking crazy that they get really mad and they don’t leave me alone in the beginning I thought that it’s complete bullshit and fake and a fraud I’ve talked to sent a few people since in the design space who design cars professionally for living and I have been convinced that it could be possible to build and sell a shape of vehicle shaped sort of like that although not exactly like that okay having said that I think that the way that it has been marketed is not entirely honest people company show concept cars all the time right there’s nothing wrong with showing a concept car there’s nothing wrong with going here’s a here’s a prototype we built and this is going to show the direction of our industry right and if you build electric cars as your business it’s pretty easy to build a concept car that runs and drives because you’ve got your skateboard and you can just gonna put any body on it right so odds are there’s like a Model X chassis underneath that prototype truck right but there’s a one I don’t think that accepting reservations is an honest thing to do when you don’t know how you’re gonna build the truck don’t know there’s no way that trucks on the road next year no way not as I’m supposed to I don’t know in the road he did he said 20 he said next year 20 21 20 21 23 full 3 motor 500 range badass one is like a three year down the line things but here’s the problem building cars and warranting them repairing them selling them is like a logistics business they’re operating this company like a tech company where it runs on hype like where’s the roadster that’s supposed to come out this year oh no I haven’t seen anything about it since I guess I don’t know that’s the point I don’t like they’ve had these product launches and they drilled up the hype it juices the stock they take the reservations but then it’s like but you have to deliver the product guys you’re you’re actually a car company you’re not you’re not exclusively driven on hype but they have made some cars of course of course they made your there’s one here yeah yes no I’m not saying they don’t build and sell cars they build and sell cars but what I am saying is their business model is not like the regular car companies in that it is so dependent on this hype machine bringing in new investors bringing in new reservation cash when they go here’s this crazy Total Recall space truck and all it’s gonna cost you people to buy into my space truck vision is $100 refundable and you’re not gonna find out if that hundred dollars gets you a truck for like two and a half years are you gonna go after your $100 if he’s late or it’s your but I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy whatever he sells isn’t the roaster thing a different deal though don’t you have to pay all the money or something there is a reservation process is all I’m saying like the roaster thing was different though low-key that requires a substantial sum of money right but we don’t we haven’t seen any roadsters either we saw the prototype yeah but it’s easy to build a prototype when you’re Tesla Tesla can build a prototype very easily they’ve got an electric skateboard they can put any body on it it’ll look and feel like a mostly running driving car let’s say here forty five thousand five thousand dollar credit card payment plus forty five thousand our wire transfer due in 10 days yeah so you gotta put up $50,000 so here’s giving him a zero interest loan of $50,000 until he delivers this product which is like a good income for a lot of people free yeah give it up correct and so I’m not saying that they don’t build and sell real cars I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy one or leased one I am saying and this goes for let’s let’s expand this I’m not this isn’t a dig at Elon or Tesla specifically let’s talk about all cars don’t pay for something that isn’t then handed to you mmm there’s no real ons a billionaire why do you need to give him a zero interest loan of $50,000 for a roadster why do you need to give him a zero in just a lot of $100 for a truck that he hasn’t demonstrated he could build yet why do you think they made the roaster 50 grand and the down payment for the truck only a hundred bucks because I will tell you why because why I bill I believe I believe I’m gonna I’m gonna put this and I believe okay okay I believe it’s so they could go to a bank or a VC because if it’s only $100 you get you get so many the fuck right what 500,000 orders go I’ve got 250,000 orders I need a billion dollars that’s why you would do that please look here’s the problem is if if it’s legitimate okay if it’s all on the up-and-up if everything is on the up-and-up there’s a lot of individual pieces that don’t freely add up right and on a house that’s not made of you know it’s like imagine the mortgage crisis Inouye you took all these bad mortgages and you put them together and all of a sudden it’s considered a good and that right so he smashed the fucking window onstage he quoted a bunch of power and torque figures that are basically made up he did that dumb video with tug of war the f-150 that was completely fake that is a fake the f-150 was in two-wheel drive and he was towing it uphill that’s not like if you gonna make it easier for the car a drawer of downhill and uphill it no towing uphill well it would be the weight transfer is is if you have a two-wheel drive pickup truck going downhill my friend Jason Fenske to engineering explained did a whole video explaining debunking this but if you have an all-wheel drive extremely heavy vehicle because let’s be honest if they build that truck that’s a 65 hundred pound vehicle steel and batteries all-wheel-drive versus a pickup truck that’s put into two-wheel drive with no weight in the bed right that’s just so it’s like all automakers make up silly games to show up their product right their tow the space shuttle or whatever bullshit they do right but they make up a game they know they can win they don’t make up a game and then cheat at it like why are you gonna do a tug of war video if you then have to cheat at the video on video to do it like pick a different game you know you can win what kind of a person makes up a game and then cheats at it like that’s just the air Ford wanted to get one of their own they’re like well why don’t you give us one of your Tesla’s yes dude and then somebody up it up at the top said don’t engage that idiot what are you doing I’m not doing this yeah I so look again well they probably can’t look realistically it can’t really compete with it I think I think art is you know it’s not a test of anything it’s a test of weight and tire grip that’s it but when you truck guy you gotta realize it’s a thing they do truck let’s bring them let’s bring that cyber truck over to a gravel pit and dump two tons of dread did you see any like other renderings of people like camping in the cyber truck looks absurd well yeah it’s just like dude like he wanna fucking you know you want to buy one wait till he says this is the one you can buy put order and yeah I just I don’t think what I don’t think bucks congratulations you just bought into the scam that’s that’s that’s you know what I mean I like I don’t think it’s like a full-on fraud I just think he’s figured out creative ways to to get the public to bankroll shit yeah that he already said was done bro a million robo taxis by 2020 whereas the Robo taxis bro Zoe said yeah this cyber truck thing came out of seemingly nowhere but right kind of at the same time that they figured out that full self-driving is not right around the corner as they said it was a lot of backtracking going on in the full self-driving level-5 is not coming anytime soon you’re not going to be able to send your Tesla out to do errands for you without a driver in it anytime soon what was the parking with Tesla promises 1 million Robo taxes from 2019 419 I mean technically they have a year in a month left but they have delivered zero Robo taxis he did he said that shit man yeah but problem with Tesla’s Elon says some shit that then is impossible and then they have to figure out how to do it later and sometimes doesn’t work do you know how Kyle Dunnigan is no who’s that one of the funniest guys alive but he’s got the best Instagram on the planet and he does face swaps uh-huh uuugh now that you know you didn’t know the deep fat guy I know he does a lot well doctor fakin Stein faking that’s this newest one give me some volume on this give me some volume on this and go to fullscreen yeah oh my god how creepy yeah fucking shit oh great idea lon dude again same window same ball you should go differently fucking shit fool now I Mark Zuckerberg is officially cooler than you know I’m cooler I make Rockets that’s cool well I connect the world to Facebook I’m cute I’m double cooler double infinity oh my god a plus-one that’s one more cooler you can’t add anything to infinity you Philly a nerd who’s uncool would know that very uncool this is too many all the data and I found this invention you unveiled in high school so so its senses you feel getting a boner class and approach this over you letting everyone know you don’t have a boner so it’s pretty cool pretty cool I know I could use this at Miss Tinsley squad ha ha ha she’s got great boobs Draper’s my kids Lea crappy fucking weird that smashing glass is one of the was one of the greatest moments in automotive history I was laying in bed and my wife was next to me asleep and I have nowhere why did they think that they could do that I don’t know there’s no the same idea was that when they hit the wall or hit the door with the hammer that it broke the glass or no that first he was gonna hit the door with a sledgehammer they did that but except he was using an orange hammer which is a dead blow hammer not a sledge hammer so that’s a little disingenuous deadblow yeah it’s designed to not dent things it’s assigned to hit things without stretching rubber yes but still who said two windows or a regular Tesla door probably because they’re aluminum but not a stainless steel panel right I wouldn’t tend to stainless steel panel and then he goes the windows are bulletproof its steel fall right through it then he puts up a video the next day that’s like oh here was us testing it right before the reveal word actually did show that it worked before why did it work how do you know the video was made before and not after after they fixed it there’s a shop-vac on the floor and a towel over the door as if you had just cleaned up about broken glass that’s true yeah go look at the video there’s a shop-vac on the floor with a hose laid out like right underneath the door yeah that’s true howls over a door kind of maybe if you had just smashed a bunch of glass out of it that is a dope looking car I don’t give a fuck what anybody thinks I don’t I’m glad you don’t carry things and if they make that I will be and can I just bring up what is the word cyber like cool now yes like cyber was exclusively cool for like the last 15 years again very cool very cool only nerds only a real nerd wouldn’t know how cyber is cool cool plus one fucking hell it’s so silly [Applause]

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