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Kako uraditi Facebook reklamu? II Facebook campaign ad sets and ads structure tutorial

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Hello everyone, my name is Nemanja from RichArt agency, which owns all the equipment and the knowledge necessary for making videos and photos according to the most up-to-date standards. In the previous video, you could learn what steps are necessary to make, in order to make your first Facebook campaign. We first started creating the Facebook page itself, then creating a site and setting the pixels on it We then created the content on our site, connected it with the business Instagram profile, and met in detail with our audience.<br> We got to work when we need to make our first Facebook ad In this tutorial, we will be campaigning for the Marketing Goal – Traffic or advertising that will bring people to our site.<br><br>So let's start the story. Go to Ads Manager First, the question is, what is actually what you want to achieve through Facebook campaigns, what is your marketing goal? Whether it will be brand awareness, so that the image of your business appears on every user's view while on Facebook or it will be an increase in visits to your site by targeting people who click on a link from a site or it will be increase Internet sales if you have a store on your site, which is done through conversions.

And all this with the help of pixel. We will go to traffic to increase the number of visits on our site<br> Enter your campaign name, go to the button, then type the name of the Ad-set. The next is to choose the audience, in this case we are choosing the territory of Serbia Based on statistics on the audience, we could conclude what age is, and what are the preferences of these people so we will choose it accordingly. We'll bring in key words based on what it is that they would be liking Then we choose where our ads will appear. Here is where you want your ad to appear whether on the right side of the Home Page, or in the messenger, or as you scroll through video clips, or on Instagram.<br> Then the price calculation is followed.

According to- <br>You get what you pay for. You can enter $ 1 or $ 100 and on the side you see how much the reach of people actually increases, that is, the number of people who will see your advertisement Set the dates when your post will appear. Then follows the design. In the field of identity, first mark your page and your instagram profile. Then, Facebook offers the option of setting up more pictures to be shifted, or video, and you can even link your store so that the images of your products appear at all costs to people. Enter the text of your ad, the url and the button you want- the way your customers contact you. After that, click on the confirm button. In this video, we have created the theme of creating Facebook advertising as one of the most important items when talking about digital marketing- advertising on social networks<br> and the two most important are certainly Facebook and Instagram. But if you thought this was the end, you're wrong. Only now does a real serious job go.<br>The next thing we do is remarketing.

But more on the next video.<br><br> Bye and please subscribe!.

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