Khai Phá NLP – Phát Triển Bản Thân Bằng NLP – Bài 1 Bí Mật Thành Công by Lê Chí Linh (ENG Sub)

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EXPLORING YOUR POTENTIAL WITH NLP Hello everyone! In our life, we may recognize some of our friends or classmates, in the past, they studied worse than us. But after 5 years, 10 years, when you meet them again, they already become excellent, very talented people, and have achievements in society. So, the question is: “During that time, what did they do to have today’s success?” We may also know some people, at their beginning, they have nothing, no knowledge, no skills, no experience, and no relationship. But they still have great success in their lives. So, what is the secret? Today, I want to share with you a technique that help the ordinary people to become the extraordinary people within the shortest time. That is the scientific study NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP is a science that study the exceptionally outstanding people. This is a science study conducted by two American doctors, sponsored by The United State Government.

This is study the extraordinary people all around the World to come up with a model or formula that applied in The U.S Government, especially applied for the U.S presidents. This technique applied by the White House and shown to be effective, NLP was applied to U.S Army. NLP was applied successfully in U.S Army After that, NLP was applied for U.S Businessmen. One of the people who has applied it successfully is Anthony Robbin. He has used NLP into personal development training and has helped many people succeed.

Ever since, science NLP has been spread throughout the World. In recent years, we can hear the keyword NLP many times in Viet Nam. So, what is NLP? NLP is a science that study the exceptionally outstanding people on the World. Then it came up with a model or formula that help the ordinary people become the extraordinary people within as shortest time as possible. Luckily that, I learnt about it 10 years ago. When I applied the techniques of NLP, it help me achieve successes in my life. For the beginning, I was just an average student, but when I applied NLP, it helped me be successful in my schoolwork After applied it successfully in studying, I applied to my public speaking skills, next is into my marketing job, my business, and then into my health. Since the day I applied NLP into my health, in the last 10 years, I have not had to take any medicine and have gotten no sickness. It helped me always be healthy and always in the status of peak energy. And very good thing is that I no longer fall into a state of sadness, depression or a deadlocked feelings that I had before.

So, how science NLP is explained? The study revealed that human from his/her birthday till his/her dead, the brain has 14 billion neurons each neuron creates 20,000 different nerve connections. each nerve connection is called iintelligence So, how can we create these nerve connections? Cause to be an intelligent person, we have to create as much as we can these nerve connections. For example, if you spend whole 12 years from grade 1 to grade 12 just to study Math, you may become an excellent student at Math. Similar, if you study Physics only, you can be very good at Physics. It means that if we focus on one thing for a long time, just study and practice one thing, we can become excellent. Before, because we study too many things at the same time, we could not achieve it, right? But now, if we don’t have that much time to practice like that. How can we become an excellent person in the short period of time? All of us want to become the outstanding person in the field that we are pursuing. In NLP there are 5 steps that we can set up to help us achieve what we desire.

In NLP, the scientist analyzed to create these nerve connections. In human body, there are 3 kinds of mind the first is the conscious mind I draw here a head and a body of a human. Inside human brain has 2 parts, first part is conscious mind, and second is subconscious mind. The third part outside the body is the energy field. I will explain so that you can understand. For example, we ever wanted to get up at 5am to do exercise. Then we make an appointment with a friend: “Hey, let’s get up at 5am and do exercise together!” But then, 5am on the next morning, when the alarm rings, there is a whisper appears in your subconscious mind telling us that: “Let’s just sleep 5 minutes more , 5 minutes only” Simultaneously, the conscious mind is saying: “Get up” But the subconscious mind continue: “Keep sleeping…” At the same time each side says so, And what happened at the end? Is that we keep sleeping 5 more minutes, then 10 more minutes, and finally, from 5am we wake up at 8am, 9 am, or even 10am.

But the problem is, when we get up at 8, 9 or 10am, we still feel tired, fatigued, and irritable. However, we can see someone who just sleeps 3 or 4 hours a night but his/her body is still full of energy and vitality. So, what happened? We use the conscious mind to make a decision But the subconscious mind is all about tiredness, sleepiness, and delay. And the voice of the subconscious mind is so strong Therefore, even though the conscious mind wanted us to get up at 5am, and the alarm already rung but the subconscious mind still postpones and we could not overcome. Or, many time, we wanted to start writing an ad content, or start up your business. But deep inside, there is still a voice of the subconscious mind, that: Hey, you can’t do that, it’s is so difficult” “Maybe I will start tomorrow, or the day after” And then, we continue to postpone from time to time. Finally, we cannot get up at 5am, we cannot start doing anything.

We cannot do what we desire, since the voice of the subconscious is too strong. So how can we overcome this? This is a practice that you can try right on tomorrow when you apply the lesson from this video clip. That is, if you want to get up at 5am to study, or do exercise, or work For me, my day usually start at 3am, but I always can wake up before 3am. I wake up around 2:30am to start a day So how can I get up at that time? Get up early with a full energy and vitality body, this is the way that I did.

At the night before going to sleep, I use the conscious mind to make a decision and talk to my subconscious mind that: “Tomorrow morning, I want to get up at 3am” It’s just simple, if you want to get up at 5am, talk to your subconscious mind Before going to bed, this is the method Before go to bed, you put two hands together like this and say: “Tomorrow morning, I want to get up at 5am, 5am”. If you just say like that, you can surely wake up at 5am. Maybe we have tried this method before, when you prepared for college entrance examination. If tomorrow morning we have a very important entrance exam for college, tonight, we continuously talk to ourselves that: “I have to get up early, get up early, get up early, get up early…” Then we set the alarm at 5am, but in that morning, even the alarm has not rung yet, we already woke up at around 4:30am.

So, why we could do that at the time we got the college entrance examination but then after, we cannot do it anymore? That previous night, we have used the conscious mind to make the decision The subconscious listened, agreed and gave more. The operating principle of subconscious and conscious mind is: The conscious mind is the decision maker, it always analysis what is right, what is wrong. The conscious mind makes the decision.

The subconscious mind just has one duty that is what the decision made by the conscious mind, it will accept and give more the principal of “Yes, and more” accept and give more If we use the conscious mind to say that: ““Tomorrow morning, I want to get up at 5am”. Then, the subconscious mind will agree: “Ok! I will wake you up before 5am”. Because the subconscious mind is “Yes, and more”, usually, we don’t wake up at 5am but earlier, like 4:30am or 4:45 am. After watching this video clip, you can right away apply it to notice the effectiveness. Then, please visit back to this video clip and comment about the result that you have gotten. Ok? So the following audience can also see the results from you. After that, you can check for the next videos to apply more to control your life and make your life happen the way that you desire it to. Now, let’s practice like this: Put your two hands together, say: “I want to get up at 5am with a full energy and vitality body”.

Why should we add “a full energy and vitality body”? Because, if you just say that “I want to get up at 5am tomorrow”, then you can still can get up on time but there is something happens like this, a whisper may appear inside your mind, saying: “Yep, 5am is alright, but it may be very tired”. Finally, you get up at 5am, but the body feels very weak, tired and irritable. So that, to get up with a full energy and vitality body, we have to use the conscious mind to make this decision: “Tomorrow morning, I want to get up at 5am with a full energy and vitality body”. You can practice like me, make a decision “I want tomorrow, I get up at 4am/ or 5am or even 3am (you should provide an exact time) Like you want to get up at 5am, or 3am like me “Tomorrow morning, I want to get up at 3am with a full energy and vitality body” The most important the language that we are using. “Tomorrow morning, I want to get up at 3am with a full energy and vitality body”.

You have to remember the “a full energy and vitality body” whenever you talk to your subconscious mind. get up at 3am with a full energy and vitality body You must put your emotion and express with the body language. You know what, the language we are using, the words only content for 7%, while 93% is from: The first is the intonation and the second is the body language. That is the way I’m practicing. “I want to get up at 3am with a full energy and vitality body” I use the whole body, intonation, and emotion, repeat and repeat from 10 to 15 times In the next morning, even it is not 3am yet, just around 2:30am, I already wake up and feel full of energy Yep, we can do it! Because, remember that, the conscious make the decision, and the subconscious say yes and give more That’s all what I want to share for today.

Let’s practice this lesson and I will send you the next video. When you apply what I guide you today, tomorrow morning, what the result is, please share it to us Sharing about how you practiced, how your feeling is, what you have realized, etc. Even there is no any positive result yet, just share, so that we can know how you applied, and why it was not effective, just let me know the details. Then I will make more videos to share to you. All these techniques I have applied to many people and help them achieve successes in their life. If you practice but there is no results come out yet, maybe you have applied it incorrectly No worry, I will send you the next video to you to practice and help you accomplish the goals of your life. Goodbye and see you again! Thank you for your watching!.

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