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what would it be like if you had more
control over your emotional state I'm Damon Cart and this is Peter Schwartz
and this is life mastery gym and I teach people just like you cutting-edge
processes and techniques so that you can take charge of your destiny and create
the life that you want to live Peter started out as a client of mine and he
changed his life almost overnight because he was doing all the things that
I was coaching him to do and teaching him to do so much so that I decided to
give him a job and now he's going to be doing a video for this channel once a
month welcome Peter thank you let's do this if you had more
control over your emotional stage what would it be like if you had the ability
to instantly step out of your suffering states minimize the stress minimize all
those negative emotions that you have in your life and then begin to cultivate
the positive emotions that you want for yourself and even develop a way for you
to trigger those positive emotions in your life at the touch of your
fingertips you're gonna learn away today that you can really begin to develop
that mastery over your emotions and start to with practice feel the way you
want to feel when you want to feel that way make sure you stay tuned to the end
of this video because I'm gonna share with you how you can take all of this to
another level by signing up for a free training so I have Tamara here with me and I'm
gonna be guiding her through this anchoring process and as I do that I
would like the folks at home to watch and follow along so in a moment I'm
gonna go over and I'm gonna ask Tamra what is an emotional state that she
would like to have more of in her life and that could be Julie that could be
peace that could be excitement that could be love our resource is anything
an emotion a mental state like flow or focus or concentrate whatever it is that
you want to be able to have more of in your life as you think about what it is
that you want you can watch this Tamra goes into the state and then I'm gonna
show you how to trigger it or set a trigger so that you can get it back when
you want to I would like to feel more joy we like to feel more joy yes okay
now have you ever felt joyful before yeah probably a couple times right
interesting so what's it like for you when you start
to feel joyful it's like a mixture of like peace and excitement but more
exciting so you go to make sure peace and
excitement but more excitement yeah okay so when was the last time that you felt
that feeling joy when I was at the beach today so what I
want you to do is I want you to close your eyes them and I want you to float
back to that time when you're at the beach right when you started to feel
about intense state of joy and I want you to see what you saw the time here
what you heard smell the smells that environment you
really feel those feelings that's right come on back good
so as Tamara started to access the state you'll notice that she started to
breathe differently you'll notice that the muscles of her face started to pull
upwards into a swan and now she's giggling a little bit which is gonna be
like that too so we'll hold on to that okay so close your eyes and I want you
to go back to that moment again right when you felt that intense feeling of
joy and float down into your body that's what you saw at the time you know what
your just allow those good things come all the way back to me and what would it
feel like good if you could take those feelings and just great so how did that
feel yeah feels good yeah now on a scale of one to ten how joyful read the first
or second understand yeah um it was like seven and then I felt like almost like a
10 I love it towards you mm-hmm yeah okay so we're gonna do that one more
time and then we're gonna test our anchor we're gonna find out whether or
not we've established that association in a way where we can use it in the
future all right so close your eyes again and
this time when you go back then you float down into your body see what you
saw make the colors brighter more vivid start to really pay attention to them
seeing what you saw allow the colors to come back good hearing that you heard
turn the volume up so you can hear the sound richer that's right and then tune
into the feelings and just notice how you can take those feelings and really
amplify those all the way up to attend that's it so let's test our work here and I'm
gonna reach over and I'm gonna touch Tamra at the exact place that I heard
her and we're gonna see just notice what happens stammering that's weak with me
you just allow your body to ship most phobias are learned because
somebody experienced intense fear in the presence of a situation so we want to
use the natural mechanism here to our advantage right so if you want to feel
happy you want to feel confident if you want to be determined
whatever it is make sure that you go into an intense state you want to go
into a peace state in the way that you do that is simply by reliving the memory
again and again making it more vivid turn the sounds up make it brighter more
vivid in your mind until you feel the feelings really intensely and the more
you do that the the more your brain will give you those feelings the second thing
about anchoring effectively is purity of the state access you have to have a very
pure state so whatever you set your anchor to is going to be what gets
anchored so I know a lot of people who want to anchor confidence for example
and they'll go to anchor confidence but they'll be asking themselves if they're
doing the technique right so there's curiosity or confusion mixed in with the
state what you want to do is you want to make sure that as you put yourself back
in that situation just allow yourself to be there and as you feel the feelings
increasing set your anchor so it helps to have a plan ahead of time this is the
anchor that I'm going to use this is and I'll know to use it when and welcome to
the third rule of anchoring when that stage starts to peak so when you can see
the state it's rising up into that peak you want to set your anchor as the state
increases because we want to associate your anchor with the feeling of that
state increasing the fourth rule of anchoring the Commandant if you will is
uniqueness of anchor and the reason this is important if I go to anchor something
on stammer Scanlon we do a handshake a thousand people are gonna do that so
there's there's no real strong association there right I want to do an
association that's complete unique and her unconscious mind has to
go this is kind of weird right and that pairs with the state right so I chose a
spot right here on her shoulder where nobody else is gonna be pushing or
touching and if they did they certainly wouldn't be doing it in the way that I
was doing it right you want to have a unique anchor a lot of neuro-linguistic
program will use their finger and thumb as an anchor the problem with this at
least for me is that I will play with my fingertips if I'm Borg right so I will
end up Dease desensitizing the anchor entirely so for me I'd rather anchor
somewhere where I know it's gonna be more difficult for me to touch right I
might anchor on the back of the knuckle I might anchor here on the inside there
there go as soon as I find that anchor my state changes so you know pick an
anchor that will allow you that that is unique and you won't set it off by
accident the fifth law of anchoring is accuracy of duplication right so when
you're learning this it's important to in trainings they'll have you practice
on knuckles because there are not a lot of nerve endings in knuckles right so
you you have a lot of forgiveness you can press here here here all over the
knuckle and you'll grab the nerves but let's say for example when I went in to
anchor Tamara where did I what did I do it where was it right here he was at it
is that the one yeah um you want to make sure that you find the anchor precisely
so one way to practice this is to go ahead and put chalk on your fingers when
you're practicing with people and then just firing it off the more accurate you
are when you replicate it the more that person is going to go into the state so
now that you know how to do this write in the comments below what state are you
gonna access an anchor for yourself so that you can have access to that state
much more often put it in the comments below let us know how you got on with
the exercise make sure you click the link below to get access to that free
training if you want to take your personal development to another level
you will thank yourself for doing that if
you want to find out more about me I do have my own YouTube channel where I talk
about NLP and personal development you can
either search me out on YouTube Peter Schwartz or find it in one of the links
below as well take care and I'll see you next time how do I say this when I
normally say this I'm Damon card and this is NLP take a break

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