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Marketing Live 2019 Day 1: Ads Innovation Keynote

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♪ (piano sound) ♪ -(Vocal) Ten- ♪ (female) Drive your Chevrolet ♪ ♪ See Through America ♪ ♪ (light music) ♪ nine ♪ The next generation is coming towards you and getting stronger ♪ Eight (Female) That's my experience I'm Calvin Klein Seven ♪ (male voice) Immediately fall into Gap, Immediately go to Gap ♪ six ♪ (whistle) ♪ Fives (Male voice) You have to understand, I'm a man who likes to wear Levis 501 natural blue jeans four ♪ (children's voice) I like pizza! I like macaroni! ♪ ♪ But I love my first Sony! ♪ (Cartoon laughter from Pillsbury Company) One (applause) ♪ (light music) ♪ (Announcer) Yes, please our senior vice president Philipp Schindler, Chief Business Officer (applause) Good morning, good afternoon, good evening Hello everyone in different time zones Welcome everyone to the Google Marketing Live conference today! (applause) I am honored to be with you today, including those from more than 68 countries More than 5,000 live audiences, and thousands more Viewers watching the broadcast Everyone came from all over the world I heard that there is an audience from Brazil Is anyone from Brazil? (Cheering) Anyone from the UK? (Cheering) Look at other countries Is it from Japan? (Cheering) Of course there is also my home country, is there any from Germany? (Cheering) Many Germans at the scene Come see if you can "beat" Germany in momentum Is anyone from the United States? (Cheering) Finally, and very importantly, a warm welcome to the scene today Hello from other countries I want to thank you guys first Thank you for working with us Trust us to help you achieve your business development We take this responsibility very seriously Thank you for taking the time to come to the scene Our top priority this week is to listen to your opinions and communicate with you Google has been very busy in the past few weeks Two weeks ago, we commended YouTube on Brandcast Top creators, entertainment and music content shared to help marketers New ways to reach consumers directly Last week we attended the I / O conference We share how Google can help everyone more The idea of ​​serving everyone is in all our actions Whether it's a new device, a new feature, or something for everyone AI and accessibility and guaranteeing their privacy and security This philosophy not only drives the way we serve consumers It also drives the way we serve the marketers here.

Now, take this opportunity for Google Marketing Live Let's talk about what all this means for you Three important transformations are about to happen Some people call it change First of all, everyone knows Smart devices are gradually becoming An integral part of our lives And recently our interaction with smart devices Is becoming more and more natural Digital assistants are a very important part of this but not the only driver Even more natural and abstract questions appear in our search products And we now have the ability to answer these questions This trend appears in various interfaces at the same time Such as mobile phones, cars, TVs, speakers, and many other device types Our challenge is to move to smaller screens and interfaces as consumer activity They expect higher quality search results Plenty of space for desktops to hold many links Look at mobile devices Much less space Then look at the smart speakers Maybe there is only room for a few answers Whether these answers bring a native or business experience The quality of the answers must be greatly improved We will also see a trend where all these interactions will also spawn Various input and output factors According to our prediction, one of the main use cases is speech input Picture output For example, if you let Google Assistant show you Iron Man Uniform You definitely don't need the speaker to read the specific description Such as helmets with red and gold stripes Or the boots are rusty red You definitely want to see the results displayed This way you can imagine what kind of Avengers you want to be I just gave up (laughter) And we should be able to predict the interface around you that is most suitable for displaying results Whether it's your phone, smart display or TV Another example is speech input augmented reality output Ask Google Assistant about the car you've been following You can already easily view it as a 3D model Appreciate from all angles But now you can even put the model in the physical world Park your car at your door to see if it fits your Iron Man uniform You might be thinking, "Very good But what should we do? " The answer is: Keep up with the mobile transformation trend By the way, especially the most basic aspects need to be done Site speed and ease of use Mobile devices are currently the number one platform for consumer interaction It will be the same for a long time to come What we call most innovations Will be implemented in the mobile experience It is important to note that every year around the world Trillions of searches happen on Google and more than half of them All happen on mobile devices By the way, Google Assistant is now available Available on over 1 billion devices worldwide So if you pay close attention to how our products work on mobile devices So you can be prepared regardless of future trends The second big change is machine learning Of course, everyone runs so far not to listen to these clichés The expected new trend is cloud computing, terminal-side hardware And the continuous development of new neural network architectures Will advance machine learning technology by leaps and bounds Let me share some examples Three years ago, Google Assistant was barely able to complete Very simple tasks such as searching the web, checking the weather Setting the kitchen timer Google Assistant can now help you book your car Also based on advanced picture recognition technology Choose the best holiday photos another example: Three years ago, computer vision It's almost impossible to tell the difference between a cat and a dog Indeed, sometimes it is a bit difficult (laughter) Now all you need to do is point your dog at your phone camera Google Lens 咣 will tell you Everything about this breed Let's look at the translation example again Three years ago, you had to manually enter each text line by line To translate related content Now, just point at anything with the camera You get a near-native reading experience Your phone can even read the translation if you want Equivalent to language processing, computer vision, mobile search All together The good news is that we want these advanced technologies in machine learning Introduce our advertising products to make them more useful to consumers Make it closer to consumer needs It ’s also easier for marketers to use and more effective.

After a while, you will see the specific implementation Then the third and last point is next. Users' expectations for privacy will change significantly Privacy has always been one of our top priorities So our team is always working hard to develop In a more powerful new way Technology to protect user privacy For example, the federal learning technology allows machine learning to run on terminal devices. This keeps the data on the device and always ensures privacy While still being able to respect privacy Benefit from key learning outcomes This technology is especially important for marketing Our shared responsibility is to make this technology available to users Not just users, but ecosystems Don't forget this ecosystem That's why everyone can use the open network for free For the past 12 months, my colleagues and I Had the opportunity to meet with many people present today You tell us that these three transformations are also called changes What are the major impacts on all aspects of your marketing process Let's take a look at the four major areas that will be affected: Data insights collection first With the help of machine learning we were able to scale on unimaginable years ago Process data and make decisions Obviously, smart bidding is the best proof With smart bidding we can make millions of bid changes every second To bring you the best results, to be honest, it is easy to use But as technology helps us to deal with everyday tasks easily Black box effect How to discover and apply What does the machine learn? So everyone tells us: "We need more data insights that we can use for our own decisions" Today, you will understand that we provide What's new with the data you need for marketing, such as the full conversion path And which customers are most valuable Let's take a look at the next steps in the marketing value chain: Manage your campaign As users interact with more devices The conversion process is getting more complicated So your planning tools have to keep up But in many cases, people have to plan according to channels.

So everyone responded, "Make my job easier Make my team's work a bit easier " Many of you say so "Enables me to plan by customer, not by channel" After a few months-I hope so in a few minutes, not a few months later We will show you how to access more inventory across channels Just one click This will make it easier for everyone In a way that respects privacy Attract users across Google's platforms today Can be smoothly extended to other platforms in the future Let ’s take a look at point 3: creatives As I said before, what users expect from creatives Higher than ever But people are still spending too much time mashing up assets Hope to create highly relevant ads So everyone responded, "Give me more ways to use the assets at hand Test and tell stories " I think everyone will be satisfied with what will be seen today We will show you a new way to transfer your assets on a large scale Turn into a beautiful related experience Finally, the fourth important part of the marketing process: The way you measure marketing effectiveness must change We have feedback many times in this regard: "We need a better way to measure impact At the same time, it ’s clear that we need to protect user privacy.

" Believe me, no one wants to see a higher ROI than we do And we hope you can see the full data Because we want our media and platform Leading ROI every day But we achieve this while treating user privacy to the highest standards It's good for everyone Indeed, we may take longer To provide the measurement tools you need. This is a very difficult task Even for the best computer scientists in the world But rest assured that we will do our best Find the right fit for every advertiser and agency Solutions for each technology provider So we invest heavily in measuring products Like Google Analytics and Ads Data Hub.

The core idea is to protect privacy I am sure you will like what you see today But to be honest, not all of your needs are currently met. Every innovation you see today comes from your feedback As I said at the beginning, the purpose of our conference is Hear your opinions and interact with you This is why we built a 100,000 square foot sandbox downstairs Where you can see a demo of the latest innovations We have more than 500 product experts on site Behind the scenes More than 500 In addition, we have booked a meeting time with your customer team Can go deeper together Do n’t forget to tell us how we are doing in implementing your feedback Difficult questions to answer, do n’t be shy Challenge us and urge us to do better To this end, I would like to introduce a friend and colleague He wrote the textbook of search algorithms He holds 20 patents This is his first appearance on Google Marketing Live I know he ca n’t wait to lead everyone to understand The latest innovations behind our advertising Welcome Prabhakar Raghavan, Senior Vice President of Google Ads! Prabhakar, thank you ♪ (light music) ♪ Good morning and welcome to Google Marketing Live Nice weather in San Francisco this morning This is the first time I speak at this event Very happy to be here, thank you all for coming From the beginning, Google focused on Build products that can help in everyday life Speaking of the beginning, the ego was at Stanford Meet Google founders Larry and Sergey for over 20 years We were all studying search algorithms at the time They founded Google and invited me to join this new company I said, "Forget it, you can't make any money." (laughter) I will never forget their answer at the time: "We want to build the best search engine in the world And re-create artificial intelligence.

If we succeed, everything will follow. " I shook my head and didn't believe it Then after several more years I finally figured it out and joined Google I realize that sometimes the best opportunity From creating new solutions to old problems Especially when these solutions meet everyday needs Inside Google we call it the "Toothbrush Test" "Did you use something once or twice a day? Will it make your life better? " This question is asked by the founder of every product we build. Whether it's search, play, maps, or other products, our focus is Help in everyday life We have the same philosophy when I was in charge of Google Apps Then I moved to the advertising department 7 months ago One of my favorite examples is Gmail This product has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users Gmail solves an old problem in new ways, such as aggregating messages by conversation And find content by searching instead of using folders But there are still many things that can be improved We spend a lot of time every day when communicating via email Write common responses, such as "good idea", "thank you" "Approved" This will take a lot of time and everyone will not have much time Focus on what really matters to you So we developed Smart Reply.

What is Smart Reply? Gmail analyzes the email you receive and suggests three responses If you want to use one of them just tap and send Today, among Gmail users who respond to emails weekly More than 10% are using smart replies generated by machines and approved by humans In fact, our own development team was found to use the smart reply feature Respond to the smart reply and this message is also a smart reply … This is true But innovative features like smart replies do work in fantastic ways Changing the way users work Today, Google helps users' daily lives through 8 product service systems Each of these products and services has more than 1 billion monthly active users We also extended this way of thinking to advertising We think advertising should help The first ads to appear in Google search results as early as 2000 Based on keywords entered by the user Connect users with what they search for And Google Ads, then called AdWords, allowed everyone Including marketers, and even those who have little time Or marketers with no online advertising experience can find customers on Google search Today, these advertising experiences have changed both in appearance and style They become more attractive More fluid The most important thing is that it is more relevant and closer to personal needs Please raise your hand: how many people Have spent time researching hotels in the past three months? It seems that many people have studied Finding the right hotel is not easy How many stars? how far? how much is it? Is it the most favorable price? Now when users find a hotel on Google Search or Google Maps See more information, such as Photos and comments All in a fluid, immersive experience Hotels and travel agencies can promote their own rates Room availability, discounts for repeat customers And these are all shown in the same experience using hotel ads This allows users to plan and complete reservations in a simple and easy way Google understands user intent better than ever Enabling companies to predict user intentions and create surprises for customers Advertising experience But we still have a lot to do Consumers are constantly redefining their expectations When users search for information on their devices at different times of the day: They want to switch seamlessly between web pages and apps Get a personalized and respectful experience at the same time Users are constantly changing throughout the purchase process And they want brands to understand their needs in the process They also want to interact with richer immersive content Such as pictures and videos We know the consumer's journey from perception to purchase Is no longer a linear path The buying journey can manifest itself in many different forms even within the same category In order to show you what we mean, we invited the research and data analysis team Thousands of users volunteered in the sample group and the team Analysis of touchpoints in consumer behavior history Let's take a look at the experience of Rose and Luke They have recently been looking for new video games worth playing Their touchpoints include searching for videos and browsing the web Rose is from Maryland.

She generated more than 80 touchpoints in 68 days. Eventually leased "Wanda and the Colossus" Luke from Michigan. He has produced more than 550 touchpoints in more than 28 days Finally purchased the "alloy warhead collection" When comparing these two journeys We find many similarities but also see more differences Rose and Luke both switch smoothly between search sites and YouTube Their curiosity determines the next touchpoint But the number of touchpoints that have interacted with the number of brands And the time it takes to make decisions We are fascinated by all the details Throughout the journey, these two players Reduces and broadens considerations in a unique way But it's not just Rose and Luke Today, regardless of the specific product or category Such journeys have become the norm This brings some interesting challenges to marketers In a time of changing consumer journeys How can we take responsibility Keep their trust throughout the journey? If we don't know where they are How can this stage of the process occur in time? How can we help if we don't know what they are looking for? Google is able to answer these questions from a unique perspective Let ’s first look at how to take responsibility The world's greatest companies are built on user trust This is your goal and our goal We have always wanted to do more for consumers Because there are so many touch points in their journey So we can personalize ads based on sufficient information But we have a responsibility to avoid using such data where possible Meet their expectations of relevance Our experience shows that users prefer to be able to target their needs and interests Personalized ads, but only if they provide Transparent selection and control This means users should be able to easily understand How data is used for advertising including what data is collected Who collected this data In other words, their personalization choices Deserve respect, any attempt to bypass choice Should be stopped For example, the use of device fingerprinting to collect data for advertising Inability to support reasonable user control and transparency So Google ’s advertising system does n’t use this method.

We also do not allow other parties in our advertising products Add fingerprint data Finally, this means that users should be able to control their personal data Including who has access, how long to store And how to use Google account page and account settings on your device Make it all very easy In fact, the number of times a user visited a Google Account page in the last year alone More than 2.5 billion times they can view and adjust on this page Or just opt ​​out of ad personalization We respect these preferences throughout their journey It's this user-first philosophy that made Google win And continue to have the trust of global users Advertising innovations that my team and I want to share with you today Are based on this design principle We will show how our products respect user privacy While meeting their expectations of relevance of results We will also show how you can use Google Understanding consumer intent draws them at the right moment in the user journey Finally, we will show you how to combine creativity with technology Create a practical and engaging advertising experience Let's start Whether it's finding a new video game or booking the ideal hotel People will search or learn new things through Google: They browse YouTube's homepage feed to search for a selection of related videos They will be in the "Promotion" and "Social" tabs of Gmail Search for latest or current offers Or swipe through the stream in Explore on Keep up to date with the latest trends and information As we saw on Rose and Luke's example these moments are you A great opportunity to connect with them early in their journey We found that more than three-quarters of consumers Like to discover unexpected products or services while shopping But let them take action You need to predict what they want or need In fact, 85% of consumers find products that meet their needs Will take product related actions within 24 hours Such actions include reading reviews, comparing prices Or buy products directly Leverage Google ’s unique understanding of user intent You can do it all easily We combine all these functions in one Today, I ’m happy to introduce you to the Explore tab With this new approach, you can When the desire to explore your products and services is strongest Attract them on Google products and services And all this in one easy-to-use campaign type Benefits include: First, unparalleled coverage YouTube Home Feed Gmail "Promotions" Tab And the feed in Discovery can reach hundreds of millions of users.

Attract them when the desire to explore new things is strongest Second, rich and relevant creatives Discover that ads can provide you with an open canvas to inspire consumers and attract their attention You can Show off your brand or product And add more information to encourage users to take action Just provide a diverse set of high-quality creatives Google's machine learning technology will do the rest We will be on various Google products and services Render the best ads natively to help users discover your brand Finally, the effect Extreme coverage and creative canvas The perfect combination with Google's understanding of intentions helps you predict with confidence What customers want Achieve the effect you care about Discover that advertising is already transforming the brand about the customer journey And what it means to business Here is an example for everyone to share.

We welcome TechStyle to show on stage. Please play the video ♪ (ambient music) ♪ Ladies and gentlemen, welcome with me TechStyle Chief Media Officer Laura Joukovski Takes Power (applause) -Welcome, Laura.-Thank you for inviting me. Glad you could come Laura, your team was the first test user to discover ads Thank you for your cooperation TechStyle serves more than 5 million members This user base is growing rapidly What makes your brand So different from other fashion brands in the industry? TechStyle's philosophy is to make it accessible to everyone Affordable fashion products We hope to build on this philosophy Increase emphasis on personalization through data and technology The good news is that this strategy has worked well for our range of brands So we are constantly looking for new opportunities to expand When I heard about new opportunities to participate in the beta program I urge my team to seize this opportunity Nice to hear you say so So what opportunities do you and your team see? Maybe this is nothing new But flow-based advertising is on the rise Users on this platform have a very strong intention to discover new things Whether it's global information or new shoes They would say "show me something fresh" Google has never launched any similar product so far That's why advertising is so attractive But the real magic lies in what Google has always been good at, which is the search network.

If you understand what users are searching for When she had the strongest intention to discover something new Showing personalized ads is a win-win situation Interesting view I know it's too early, but how do you define success? What advice would you give to other brands? It can be said that for TextStyle our growth is based on actual results The better the results, the higher the budget The good news is that the ads are One of our fastest growing new media channels This is very pleasing In fact, compared to similar channels including search networks and social platforms Found that the average cost per lead of the ad is about 25% lower My advice to everyone is Creativity matters We use some stream ads that have performed well on other media resources And we ’re very happy with the immediate results In addition, your team has helped us reach new audiences Dig deeper and try to understand What is on Google that interests her so we can dig deeper Improve overall performance through optimization If we know what attracts her, we can give her what she needs So we can succeed We find the ads great and we're happy to be part of the beta program Thank you Thank you very much for sharing your experience, Laura Looking forward to our chance to learn more in the near future -Thank you! -Thank you (applause) Discover advertising is our daily challenge And the perfect proof of product development: on a large scale Meet consumer expectations for personalization and relevance This new ad format will be available later this year Launched for global advertisers Not only that We have also developed more features to make you the right time Responsible presentation of useful information You will also see and hear more about each business focus today Later, Sissie, Anthony, and Nicky will announce a series of tools Helps you attract customer attention No matter what stage of their journey Oliver will then introduce how to make consumers faster New experience making it easier to find the product or service you need Finally, Chetna will share that while achieving development New ways to build consumer trust Thanks everyone, please join me to welcome my colleague Sissie Hsiao to the stage thank you all (applause) ♪ (music) ♪ Thank you, Prabhakar! Good morning, every body I always think video games and computers are very cool It was this love of computer science that brought me to Google My favorite part of Google ’s work is Chance to work with great teams Co-creation will give consumers and businesses A product with a huge impact This means we create products to help you just the right time Appears to consumers no matter where they are in the buying journey Especially those using mobile devices We think the first thing to do is help you Appears faster on search results pages Our research shows that 75% of smartphone users When you search for information on your phone, expect it to appear on the screen immediately Everyone here should be no stranger to this Based on this data, we hope to translate the intent data in the search network.

Combine with more interactive visual ad formats Help you better accentuate your brand value While reducing the user's effort to get the information they need Therefore, I am excited to introduce the Atlas Advertisement to everyone today. This is a new ad format that helps you use attractive Pictures and text showing your product or service After seeing the atlas ads, users can swipe to browse Visual ads at the top of search results A scrollable gallery will open when they click on the ad A text will appear at the top of each picture, and a statement of personality will appear below the title The title will always appear at the top as users browse your gallery Users continue tapping to go directly to your website This way you can connect with people who are still researching your brand Easily establish contact At the same time, users only need to tap All the information you need In addition, this ad format can help you tell your brand story in a more comprehensive way Let ’s take DEVOUR, a premium frozen food brand, with an ad Easily display a variety of mouth-watering cuisines I don't know how everyone feels Anyway, I feel a little hungry when I see this ad Atlas ads can show 4 to 8 pictures A personality statement within 70 characters can be displayed below each picture You can also provide up to 3 titles To test different calls to action.

On average, campaigns with atlas ads Get 25% more interactions Which means more paid clicks or swipes And ads appear at the top of the mobile search results page. Atlas ads will launch later this year In addition to richer and more informative content Consumers today also expect mobile web and mobile applications For a more consistent experience However, we all know that this journey is not as smooth as we hope.

Assuming you are me, you are about to Big Speech at Moscone You want to buy a decent dress So you pick up the phone You start searching for ads you see for a skirt The brand just happens to be what you like and you like this skirt And you just have the brand ’s app installed on your phone So I clicked on the ad but did not open the app But moved to a mobile site All my information is stored in the app Such as shipping address and payment information Has anyone experienced a similar situation? Please raise your hand Many people raised their hands It's a bit annoying when this happens, right? We hope that everyone can show the brand in time, especially for your loyal customers No matter how they want to interact with your brand So we will be in the coming months Provide deep link functionality in Google Ads We will also provide reliable reporting Easily track your mobile web and mobile apps Effect measurement This makes it easier to measure and optimize Impact of your campaign on these devices To start using this feature you need to use Google Ads web tracking And enable deep linking We will support universal links on iOS and app links on Android After the deep link is enabled, click your search ads, display ads Or app users of shopping ads go directly to the app To make it easier for you to measure the impact of deep links on your business We will also be in Google Analytics for Firebase Application conversion report function in software development kit With this suite, you can easily define Certain in-app events and sending them to Google Ads Early test results are very pleasing When deep linking is enabled Ad conversion rate increased by up to 2x This number is also reasonable, right? Customers who install your app are often more loyal They store payment information and shipping address So the entire transaction process is also easier Brands like Magalu feel the benefits of this feature first-hand Magalu is one of Brazil's largest retailers They are starting to notice that their app is attracting more and more customers Especially repeat customers So they decided to implement deep linking And it's got amazing results Number of in-app transactions Improved by 110% In addition, the overall business performance has been significantly improved 40% increase in mobile transaction volume As I said earlier, deep links are now in search, display, And in shopping ads.

Having said that … (Applause) thank you all With that said, please welcome Anthony Chavez He will tell you how we hope to help you improve the effect Helping you reach consumers at all stages of the conversion journey Thank you all (applause) ♪ (rock music) ♪ Thank you, Sissie Users want you to be at every stage of the consumer journey Appropriately First-class brands will always Help them get the products or services they need But today's consumers have more choices than ever So my question for everyone is how to Effectively engage consumers in a relevant and meaningful way? I believe everyone knows that it is machine learning Google's machine learning technology powers many powerful solutions Allows you to easily appear to consumers across platforms and devices And can optimize the impact of these interactions Smart bidding is the best evidence With smart bidding we can harness the power of machine learning When users search for your product or service Show them the most relevant, quality ads Many marketers say smart bidding helps them Achieved better results but everyone also feedback Want more flexibility to achieve your business goals So I ’m happy to share some with you here Latest innovations based on this feedback For newbies, suppose you want to expand as much as possible The overall impact of the campaign You are tracking conversion data but different conversions are important to your business Specific values ​​also vary For example, based on a product purchased after a user clicks on your ad So we ’re launching a search- New smart bid strategy Called "Maximize Conversion Value" With this strategy, you have more flexibility Optimize based on the metrics that matter most to your business We know that no one knows much about you in terms of business data Many marketers have reported that Want to be able to choose a bid strategy based on internal data So we ’re launching three new ways to guide smart bidding models Taking smart bidding to the next level First, we know that the goals of each campaign in your account are different Soon, you will be able to Choose the conversion action you want to use as your optimization goal (applause) For example, if you are a retailer then some of your campaigns Maybe focus on increasing website sales Other campaigns need to target online sales And physical store traffic Yes, I did say this: Smart bidding can now target Optimized conversions for search campaign brick-and-mortar stores! Good news for businesses with a physical store (applause) Plus, you can easily optimize for multiple conversion actions I.e.

To create Shared Conversion Action Group As I mentioned before, we know that different conversions Value is different for different merchants User-Merchant Relationship As well as attributes like geography and equipment Will have a huge impact For example, suppose you run a financial services company You run a campaign promoting a new brand for your checking account Did you know that the average value of a new checking account is $ 200 However, if an existing investment client opens a new account Its value will be doubled, which is $ 400 Currently, you need to be outside of Google Ads Calculate all this logic Then use conversion events to pass different values You will soon be able to set up rules directly in Google Ads These rules adjust your conversion value based on specific attributes Such as whether the user belongs to Your investment client audience list Your conversion report will automatically appear Results of these rules for your convenience The true impact of the campaign Smart bidding uses this data to set the optimal bid for each auction Finally, look at recent historical data in some cases It ’s not as effective as predicting future effects For example, when you are planning a special summer promotion Take advantage of seasonal adjustment You can tell us about such activities in advance You tell us the date of the promotion or event And the expected conversion rate change during this period Then our smart bidding model will Automatically adjust bids based on these changes As the effect change may be only temporary We will exclude this data from your bids after the promotion ends Now you have more flexibility for your business Optimized for valuable marketing goals Looking forward to seeing how you use these new features Attract more users throughout the customer journey I have Nicky on stage She ’ll show you how to take advantage of engaging video ads and new ways New audiences to reach consumers thank you all! (applause) Thank you, Anthony! Hello everyone Glad to be back at Google Marketing Live again! Prabhakar has shown you Discover the power of visual content in your campaigns Then let's talk about YouTube YouTube is one of the world's largest video platforms More than 2 billion logged-in users visit the site every month Every day, these users watch videos from millions of different creators Billions of hours of video as a form of entertainment Communicate and learn with others Whether users watch on their mobile TV or other devices All expect to see interesting creative videos 6 second guides are a great way to grab consumers ’attention Because this is a mobile platform View experience-based ad formats You can convey a lot in just 6 seconds You will be surprised by this In fact, we invited several advertising creatives and Filmmaker recreates classic call story with guide ads This ad from Goldilocks is one I like very much (Voiceover) Grand launch of the porridge lock If it were n’t for Goldie ’s lock, it would be like no lock The guide advertisement is only 6 seconds long But the effect is not inferior Ipsos study shows 30-second comparison to TrueView ads A series of video ads consisting of 3 6-second ads 107% higher ad recall and 134% higher purchase intention The impact is huge! But we know that short ads Great potential for development We understand that one of the most common challenges is To adapt high-quality long-form content to short-form content Usually requires a lot of manpower and material resources Therefore, we are very happy to announce that we will be later this year Launch of guide advertising generator (applause) The Guide Ad Generator will directly generate 6-second video ads in Google Ads Make it easier for you to present your brand to your customers on YouTube Scale in a mobile-first way Advertising influence Best of all, there are no additional production costs! You just need to provide us with a link to a YouTube video Make sure the video does not exceed 90 seconds In just a few minutes We will generate 3 to 4 different videos of 6 seconds We also added lightweight editing So you can ultimately decide on the audio and video elements of each video So how does all this work? You guessed it right, it's machine learning The bumper ad generator will evaluate your original ad based on multiple criteria E.g.

Dynamic, contrast, faces And brand elements like logos and packaging Then we will create multiple guide ads Make sure your brand is highlighted Grubhub is a leading online and mobile food delivery brand The brand generated new videos using the Guide Ad Generator As part of a long-running campaign The brand found the guide ad generator to increase flexibility Enable them to pass directly through existing creatives Easily make attractive new videos Let's look at an example! ♪ (music) ♪ (Door bell) For some marketers, the Guide Ad Generator is just a starting point You can imagine infinite possibilities in 6 seconds in this way And even inspire new directions for innovation.

Take advantage of this fast, easy and free way for other marketers You can achieve your reach and frequency goals Maybe for the first time trying a series of video ads No matter what your advertising goals are, we want to make it easier for you Reach more users with engaging, effective ad formats We heard your feedback: Creating quality ads is not easy This is one of the most common challenges in Google Ads An equally common challenge is on Google ’s products and services. Find the ideal target group They may be your next most valuable customer We want users to discover products or services offered by your brand We have many audience solutions to help you in these critical moments Appeared right before them But sometimes it can be difficult to tell which solution you should use So we want to help you reduce its complexity So we plan to target custom affinity audiences Merge with a custom intent audience into a powerful and concise solution We call it a "custom audience" This new workflow makes it easy to find the best way To reach the users that matter to you all in one combined audience The specific operation method is like this I don't know what you think, but I can't wait to get warmer So I can go hiking with my family outdoors Let ’s say you want to reach people who like hiking like me Very simple, first, just describe People you plan to reach, such as "Hiking enthusiasts" We will help you suggest relevant keywords throughout the process Websites, apps, etc.

Are all based on your marketing goals In this case I can choose "Hiking trails near me" "Hiking Basic Equipment", "Natural Hiking Route", etc. As you build your custom audience you get audience analytics And impression forecasting means you will better understand Audience composition and reach before you start using audiences in your campaign You can learn this information Best of all: after the build is complete In your Gmail, YouTube Discovery and Display campaigns Use this custom audience We know that putting together a strong audience strategy requires a lot of effort We want to ensure that your investment is getting the return you deserve Which means reaching more users on a large scale So in addition to custom audiences, we also launched Audience Expansion Tool This tool makes it easier to find more users Like users in your audience Let's go back to the hiking example Just slide the slider to the right to expand and reach more users Slide it to the left to more closely match the previously defined Audience distinctive features As you adjust this audience expansion tool You ’ll see estimates that make it easier to understand the impact of reach You also get information about your original audience and Modified audience report so you can optimize at any time This means you can find the right coverage To achieve your campaign goals Early test results are very pleasing: In a display campaign Advertiser keeps investment amount unchanged after using Audience Expansion Tool 50% increase in conversions Custom audience and audience extension tools Will launch later this year for Discovery and YouTube ads As marketers, we are fortunate to be the first to witness Changing Media Experiences Although we know that traditional and digital media have begun to merge But the speed and scale of change Still very amazing For example, it is estimated that there will be 1 billion people worldwide this year Using streaming music services This is a very impressive number, although I have to admit that I am not surprised by this I use music streaming services all the time! Users are not just searching for music Data shows how many mobile users searched for podcasts in the past two years Increased by more than 85% It is estimated that 73% of U.S.

Households this year Connected TV These trends bring new opportunities to brands Enabling them to appear in front of an active audience So we're based on how consumers consume media today Created a new advertising experience while also focusing on the future First, we are in Display & Video 360, our media buying solution Provides audio inventory As part of Google Marketing Platform Now you can connect with users at key moments throughout the day When they use Google Play Music, Spotify While waiting for the service to listen to music We also want to make it easy for users to reach Users watching connected TV Streaming services Watch pay TV content Now you can manage your Connected TV campaigns and traditional digital campaigns Easily cover those watching ESPN Univision, AMC Networks And other TV networks Of course, it's unique to our platform YouTube Connected TV Advertising Resources But users also watch other content Many users still lie on the sofa Watch their favorite TV shows through the TV network To help you attract these traditional TV viewers Display & Video 360 will provide U.S.

National Radio And cable networks and thousands of local television stations U.S. TV network affiliate inventory is now available through WideOrbit provides test integration for docking Paid national channel inventory later this year Will be able to dock through collaboration with Clipped This means that compared to traditional methods, Display & Video 360 users only Easily manage their media with minimal investment We can see such a future is the TV media and digital media buying team Work closer together To make the transition easier, we are in Display & Video 360 Created a dedicated TV space You can buy and optimize here with your digital purchase Various TV advertising resources We will launch this new workflow this fall Brands can now be shown to consumers in more ways No matter where they are in the digital journey With these new products and more coming soon Hope everyone can communicate with more customers Having said that, let us welcome Oliver to the stage He will talk about how we can go through more practical shopping, travel and local solutions Make it easier for everyone to encourage users to take action (applause) ♪ (music) ♪ Thank you, Nicky! Good morning everyone here Google wants local and travel ads with shopping ads Create practical experiences for users and create more opportunities for everyone Connect with users Hundreds of millions of shopping-related searches every day Happened on Google They watch other users ’product out-of-box experiences and reviews on YouTube Look for dress inspiration on Google Images Also search for the nearest pet store on Google Maps Our mission is no matter what platform they are on Google Provide shopping experience on these products and services Help them find the best product This way, retailers like you can take their entire shopping journey Connect with such users For this reason, it is a pleasure to be here today Share with you three new features of shopping ads First, we want to help users decide which products to buy and where Today, we bring you the New Google Shopping Ads experience Users can focus comparison and exploration here Millions of products from thousands of stores When deciding to buy, they can choose Buy online or go to a local store nearby Soon you can buy directly from retailers through Google Let me show you It all starts with the new Google Shopping homepage On this page, I can get personalized suggestions These suggestions are based on my purchase history My shopping list and recently viewed products So for me this usually shows a variety of hair products But everyone can also see I am also currently interested in a variety of travel accessories Of course, I can still search Assuming in addition to these accessories I also need a new pair of wireless noise cancelling headphones So I started searching for example, I can press the function Or filtering by favorite brands, in my case "wireless" and "Bose" On the new product page, I will see Everything you need to make a decision Including reading product reviews Or watch videos of users unpacking and using headphones Then, when I decide which product to buy I can choose the purchase option that works best for me In other words, I can click to visit the retailer ’s website.

Or go to a local store nearby Now, I can also buy directly from retailers through Google This shopping cart icon tells me I can shop without worries Easily enjoy return service and quality customer service And all these transactions are guaranteed by Google The checkout process is also very simple and easy Because the system will use Already stored on Google profile Shipping and payment information In this new experience we integrate Google Express And Google Shopping This feature is currently available in France We are about to launch this feature in the U.S. in the coming months (applause) thank you all Don't worry, listen to the good news below This shopping cart feature is not limited to Google Shopping Will also expand to Google ’s largest products and services Google Assistant now partially supports this feature More features will be introduced in the future Users can control by voice or interact with the device touch screen To complete the purchase When a product is relevant to a user ’s query in Google Search They can make a purchase directly in Google Search In Google Images users can find inspiration for the complete look And then buy items like this beautiful pair of shoes Finally, I ’m particularly interested in this feature Users can purchase products displayed on the currently watched video on YouTube As long as the video is still playing All these features will be launched later this year If everyone looks forward to this (applause) It seems that everyone is really looking forward to it If you want to sell your products on these products and services Then you need to sign up for our Shopping Actions plan Thousands of retailers have completed registration Have participated in this program If you are registered, you can show ads on this feature when we launch this feature On all these products and services Here is the second shopping ad feature I ’m announcing today We want to help users find inspiration and discoveries As we all know, many times shopping is a very visual experience Pictures and videos inspire users That ’s why we launched a window shopping ad last year This is an ad format with more visual elements Can help you attract attention as users search for inspiration and ideas We see that users interact with such ads very well Also heard very positive feedback from advertisers In fact, I want to share this data with you: Window shopping ads drive traffic to retailers ’websites More than 80% are new visitors On the basis of this success I am happy to announce We plan to expand our window shopping ads to More inspirational locations on Google Specifically window display ads will be in the coming months Introduced in the Discover tab of Google Images, YouTube, and Google Search If you're interested you can use window shopping ads today Here is the third new feature for shopping ads: This feature is available to brands and their retail partners We call it a collaborative shopping campaign Marketing partnerships between brands and retailers have always been very close As more and more users switch to online shopping, both parties are looking for ways To strengthen and deepen this collaboration Cooperative Shopping campaigns do just that Retailers now have the option to accept Extra budget from brand partners in Google Ads And brand partners are able to choose which additional budgets they want to use Which of their products or product categories are promoted Estee Lauder joins forces with one of its retail partners Promote their special fragrances together Cooperative Shopping campaigns helped them improve Online and in-store conversion rates While increasing product awareness In fact, their click share on Google increased by 70% This is a great result If you are interested you can join today Test plan for collaborative shopping campaigns Next, we move on to local advertising We know that many users still prefer to go to a physical store Whether it's selecting daily necessities Try it before buying camping gear See if that six-person tent can actually hold six people Because the one I bought did n’t even fit four people Or have a cup of coffee and snacks before you set off on the road That ’s why we launched a local campaign last year Local campaigns can help you attract attention when users search for businesses You can also encourage local users to take action such as calling you or visiting the store in person We launched this campaign type on Google's largest products and services Including Google Search, YouTube Google Maps, and the Display Network Dunkin is an example of a successful brand with a local campaign They want to promote new and renovated stores I also want to promote some of the recently launched beverage options E.g.

Espresso After running a local campaign, Dunkin sourced monthly from Google Ads Visits increased by more than 4 times They are very satisfied with this effect and so are we Also, not only Dunkin's success We recently targeted 10 advertisers in many different industries Global survey conducted Survey results show with help of local campaigns In-store sales return on investment for these brands 5x average increase After so much success we are happy to announce We will further expand local campaigns First, we know that when users come to a physical store, Some knowledge of the products you can find in the store For example, you can soon use local campaigns to showcase specific product lines Help users explore before they visit your store Second, when users search for places in Google Maps shortly after They will start to see relevant places being promoted in search suggestions For example, if a user has searched for "parks for dogs" for seminars before Then they may now see it in search suggestions Your ad about a pet store nearby Third, we ’re launching a “promotion” pin more widely in Google Maps Currently, only when a user searches or explores a certain area in Google Maps "Promotion" pin will only appear Soon, when users plan a route to a destination Or when they navigate to a destination, they will also see the "promotion" pin This is a very useful feature because it makes it easier for them Add an extra stop on the way to your storefront Finally, and most importantly, I am happy to announce We will offer local campaigns to all advertisers Anyone can now take advantage of local campaigns with our newly released feature To optimize for local actions such as physical store visits or calls (applause) thank you all Let ’s take a look at travel advertising Anyone who has booked a trip will know Planning a trip is a very time-consuming and complicated task An itinerary is an experience, consisting of many different parts Each part needs to make a decision Needs coordination and booking For example, so far, we have Google tickets Hotel search and advertising programs Or referrals in Google search to help users But itinerary planning is far from complete People use Google to search for information throughout the week of their trip Search activity will last for weeks They search where to go, how to get there, where to live What other activities Now we will present various travel experiences Integrated into a unified travel planning experience Designed specifically to help users plan their trips I think it is best to explain it to you through an example This is a great time.

I happen to be planning an annual family vacation. I heard from a colleague that Vancouver is very good She says Vancouver is the ideal place for whale watching I find it very interesting for my children, my wife and myself Ever since we moved from Europe to the U.S. Adapt to local traditions In other words, we only take a vacation once a year, but this time is longer But it ’s relatively long because of our German standards.

This holiday is not really long, anyway (laughter) The point is that we must plan well For example, on Google search I can start searching as usual Now you can also visit directly On both websites, I can research places worth visiting and explore the inspiration of the trip So let's see if Vancouver is suitable My two and seven year old We searched for "Vancouver" I see a summary of information in Vancouver on the Explore tab I can learn more about different aspects For example, I can explore local events See also an example of a day trip plan made for me I can also view other information For example, when is the peak tourist time How is the weather throughout the year I went through it all and I think Vancouver looks good Feel very good Usually, the next thing to consider is How much does it cost to go to Vancouver? Is it troublesome on the road? If I switch to Google Tickets, I see Google Ticket results So I got a rough idea of ​​the cost of the flight And approximate flight time I am very satisfied with the results I see Because there are multiple non-stop direct flights I really do n’t like transit, especially when traveling with children I don't plan to buy any tickets at this stage But I can track flight information using Google ticket price tracking Google now notifies me when ticket prices go up or down This is one of our most popular features Next we go to the "Hotels" tab Check out hotel and vacation home rental services If a property catches my eye, I can learn more I can browse a lot of pictures these pictures by the hotel Provided by users who have stayed in the hotel I can also read the entire web Source reliable evaluation Of course, I can compare hotel room rates with room availability Then book directly through them Suppose i did The hotel is booked but then I do n’t have enough time I need to pick up my child from school Anytime after that, such as a few weeks later that night, I can access Google Search Search for "vancouver" to continue my last place to plan my vacation Or I can return to to continue where I left off After I return, I will continue to study the upcoming trip to Vancouver Now I see the weather forecast for Vancouver is exactly the time I am going I also saw the schedule For example, you can see the hotel reservation information here There are also flights, trains, buses, restaurants You can see that my wife has booked a place in a restaurant.

The relevant information is also displayed here. Thanks to powerful machine learning technology in Gmail email confirmation This information is automatically added to the schedule If something is missing from my schedule, such as an unbooked ticket I can see useful information in this case, the flight I am tracking In addition, I have saved many places in Google Maps And Google searches will also show up here. This unified experience is already available on mobile devices Starting today, it will also be available for desktop devices You can see that our goal is to help users connect dots and lines. Better organization of trip information makes trip planning easier This creates more potential customers and opportunities for everyone Attract key users at key moments with strong intentions For example, suppose a user now accesses a Google ticket Query flight information then they can be in the same session of the same trip Connect with our hotel partners more easily with the "Hotels" tab Because this experience is smoother and more natural than ever So they can focus on the entire trip planning to help users organize their information Continue where you left off This will not only bring you more potential customers The quality of potential customers will also be higher Our approach to shopping, local and travel advertising I am looking forward to new features Next …

(applause) Thank you Thank you Chetna came on stage She will talk about how marketers are responsible Take control of your business thank you all (applause) ♪ (music) ♪ Thank you, Oliver! good morning everyone! My name is Chetna Bindra For most of the past four years my main job has been ensuring A way for everyone to respect user privacy while maintaining user trust in the brand Show high-value ads in front of users My job is very challenging But also important than ever We all need to understand and accept Our responsibility in protecting user privacy Especially for the ads they see Make the internet a free and open platform The role of advertising matters But ads must be used by everyone Because only Only users can get information and exciting content for free Only creators and publishers can get paid for their work To flourish The majority of marketers can interact with those products or services Connect with interested users However, more and more users feel that they are "losing" in this transaction Processing of personal data They start losing trust This change is also evident in the way users interact with Google Take "My Activities" as an example, users can go here Manage information stored in your Google account Such as search and browsing history Search interest in this term since 2016 Soared more than 1000% globally As Prabhakar said: last year Users visit their Google Account page more than 2.5 billion times They can view or adjust ad personalizations from this page We noticed that in response to user concerns Great changes have taken place in the industry: New regulations raise standards for data transparency and privacy Some web browsers add restrictions Puts pressure on campaign management and ad personalization Therefore, everyone needs to work together Working together to address user trust Last week, we shared our vision at Google I / O Describes how to ensure that users around the world can Continue access to ad-supported content online Feel confident in your privacy As Prabhakar said just now our experience proves Users prefer ads tailored to their needs and interests But only if they provide transparency, choice, and control So we worked with the Chrome team Announce several important steps that Chrome is about to take Such as making adjustments to Chrome to make it easier for users Block or clear third-party cookies Without degrading the browsing experience Added restrictions on fingerprint recognition Make sure when users choose to block third-party tracking in Chrome Their choice is respected Provide new tools Give users a clearer and more transparent view of the data used to personalize ads And the companies involved throughout the process Today we invite everyone to join us Together to create an experience that truly respects privacy I just shared with you some of the measures that Google is about to take Now I want to recommend everyone as a marketer Three steps you can take First, you need to be clear about what data you collect from your users And specific reasons, such as ensuring that your privacy policy is always up-to-date Second, you need to find ways to build with users More direct relationship That said, you should invest in a comprehensive first-party measurement solution This way, only when users interact with your site Cookies will only be set Currently, tools such as Google ’s Global Site Tag or Google Tag Manager Able to provide this function After setting up any of these methods, you ’re measuring Website activity can be adopted for your visitors More clear and direct way Finally, before deciding When showing which ad You need to understand and respect their privacy preferences For example, if users are willing to see personalized ads You can tailor your ads to your audience.

But when you ca n’t show personalized ads to users Because they did not provide consent, or their cookies were restricted You need to pay attention to the specific situation of the ad placement Such as the overall picture of the page or website where the ad is displayed No doubt it all seems more complicated today Each ad impression may have a different set of conditions Need to consider whether the user is authorized And which browser the user is using So you have less data available to you This is where Google can help you Using the power of machine learning, we can help you simplify Let you do more with less data Get you in Google Ads and Display & Video 360 Can easily use Google Audiences If we can accurately determine the interests and preferences of users They ’ll show them personalized ads But if we ca n’t personalize ads Because users turn off ad personalization or cookies are restricted We ’ll use the contextual information To judge relevance Benefit from machine learning technology by predicting what types of audiences Visit a website or app to match your ads with the most relevant scenarios Our level is getting higher and higher Let ’s say we predict that if a user visits a webpage Then they are also interested in buying running shoes So we don't need behavioral signals to tell us Ads promoting running shoes are relevant in this scenario Obviously, privacy issues present us with a new set of challenges So you have to choose to be able to distinguish Partners that challenge scale and impact They should be able to help you meet these challenges You know what new measures Google is about to take To ensure that users have confidence in their privacy protection We also shared some tools to help you continue Reach your target audience and accurately measure performance Regardless of how the ecosystem changes The basic goals of marketing have not changed But unlike in the past, everyone must also respect the privacy preferences of users To achieve these goals Everyone needs to take responsibility in this way Earn and maintain user trust As you know today, we ’ve launched a number of initiatives to make it easier for you Appears in front of users at critical moments Provide useful information throughout the journey And take responsibility for users At the beginning Prabhakar introduced the discovery advertisement: New ways to reach users across Google products and services Sissie, Anthony and Nicky show how to use New tools and advertising experience for mobile web, apps and videos Appear in front of users in a timely manner Oliver explains how we use more practical Shopping, local and travel opportunities turn attention into action In the end I shared that by protecting privacy and taking responsibility The vision of an open network This is true for both user data and the way business is achieved Glad to share with you some of our recent work I also look forward to working with you next year If you want to learn more about the products and features announced today Or keep up to date with the latest innovations Visit the Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform links shown here Users watching online, please continue watching More exciting content will be broadcast all day and tomorrow Everyone who came to the scene hopes to demonstrate and See you in the Sandbox experience Don't walk away Welcome again to the Google Marketing Live conference! (applause) ♪ (music) ♪

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