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Medicare Marketing: Facebook Ads or Boost Posts? Which One Works?

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Now should you run an ad or boost
post on Facebook? Stick around for the answer because in this segment we're
going to cover Facebook ads versus Boost Post. Check it out!
Now Facebook ads and Boost Post are great in their own way and they're both
useful for promoting your business. Facebook Ads is a great way to reach a
large audience in a short amount of time easily reaching 2,000 people in just one
day. Boost posts just don't have the same reach. More like three to six
hundred people depending on how much you spend. Also Boost Post don't have the same
remarketing tools as a Facebook ads. Such as advertising by video views. Boost Posts are more focused around your business page. Collecting comments from
your customers and community interaction. So use Boost Posts to warm your audience and a
Facebook ad to pitch the sale. Thanks for hanging out. My name is Steven Coney of
Steven Knows Marketing and I'm your Medicare marketer. Take care..

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