MS Strategy & Management of International Business (SMIB) – Rencontre avec Arina Phrasathane

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Hello my name is Arina Phrasathane, I have been a management controller at Société Générale for nine years. I am a graduate of the MS Strategy and Management of International Business since 2018. Why did I choose ESSEC? After six years in finance, I needed to tackle a new challenge more business-oriented and ideally international oriented. I consulted several programs and ESSEC offered me the program matched all the points, so it was the MS SMIB. He really fulfilled all the criteria, so the content of the curriculum that was 100% in English, the reputation of the school and especially the values ​​I really value. I do not have a specific long-term professional project, because I am rather curious in nature, I have a thirst for learning, so for me I advocate lifelong learning and I'm aware today that I do not know everything and ESSEC taught me that, have a holistic critical view of the world, especially to adapt in a very changing environment, I know there will be new ways to consume, to work and also to learn.

My best memory of ESSEC, it remains for me the meetings. I met more than teachers, real life coaches and also my comrades with whom we have woven real links, we'll see you again with pleasure today, because we are part of the SMIB family.

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