NLP Basics: What You Need To Know About Neuro Linguistic Programming

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do you really understand NLP by the end
of this video no matter what your understanding of neuro linguistic
programming is I can assure you it's going to be a lot better keep watching this is life mastery gym I'm Damon Cart
and I teach people just like you cutting edge NLP processes and techniques so
that you can master your life and take charge of your destiny so if that sounds
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these videos on a regular basis maybe you've read an an Opie book or maybe
you've even done an NLP training but if you had to explain what nor linguistic
programming is to someone else who's never heard of it how well can you do
that most people can't do it very well by the end of this video though you will
have a very solid and basic understanding of NLP well enough that
you can explain it to someone else and that's really the marker to truly know
that you get NLP what I've learned over the years that everything that you need
to understand about NLP to be truly effective with it is found in the basics
a lot of people try to jump to the newer technology and new advancements or
advanced trainings but if you don't have the basics down none of that other stuff
really will do much for you make sure you stay tuned to the end of this video
because at the end I'm going to show you a way that you can take your NLP
understandings even deeper with some free training I've already made several
videos about what NLP is so if you want more of an explanation other than just
this video go ahead and search my channel you'll find several more and
I'll link some to a playlist in this video so the point of this video is not
to repeat myself the point of this video is to give you a new and fresh
understanding so again if you feel like you already know or really have a solid
understanding of NLP this video should still help you also I'm curious about
you how well do you feel like your understanding of NLP is if you feel like
you have a very solid understanding or if you felt you don't feel like you
much of an understanding of it at all let me know in the comments below I
think the most important understanding not just about NLP is about your life
and in NLP that's what we're focused on is your experience of your life so the
most important understanding is understanding that your life is
subjective now what do I mean by that it means that there's no way that you could
possibly know objective reality that everything that you're experiencing is
as subjective and that word itself experience is it means that your it is
subjective because your experience is your experience and then everyone else's
experiences or their experience but you can't experience something without it
being an experience so I think just kind of goes in a loop on top of itself over
and over that what you're experiencing is an experience now in NLP they say
that NOP is a study of the structure of subjective experience and later in a
book John Grenier said well you know we could
have left out the subjective because experience is subjective there is no
such thing as having an objective experience we can study things like we
do in science and we can try it as much as possible to find some sort of
objective truth about what it is that we're studying but we can never ever get
beyond the fact that even the interpretation of that objective
information or that objective truth has to pass through our subject of
subjective senses and our subjective filters like our beliefs and our
thoughts about what it is that we're interpreting so this is how it is
possible that two people or more can look at the same set of facts but create
totally different interpretations of it totally different meanings of it or draw
different conclusions or and even make different categories for it an
understanding this that your life is a subjective experience that opens many
many doors and many many opportunities to create the life experience that you
want to have and that's what NLP is really all about and how we do that is
through Modelling so if someone is having a an
experience of life that you want say that they're happy they're successful
they're doing things that that you want to be doing well within Opia as we go to
the structure of this we don't go to that person and say how exactly are you
so happy how exactly are you successful not that we wouldn't answer asked that
question but that's not we're not looking for the content because if you
went and asked today Einstein if you were still alive how did you become so
smart well he could probably tell you how he thinks he became so smart but he
wouldn't actually know there's not a way that you can actually know a lot of the
things that you are able to do well or even the things that you're not able to
do well they sort of just happened and then in retrospect we can go back and
say well I think this is why or this you know this happened but what we do in NLP
is we go to the structure we go – well what's actually happening what is the
sensory input that you're getting and how is that sensory input categorize how
– how is that sensory input selected or how is it interpreted that's how we're
looking at the world and how we're looking at a person's experience is what
is that structure that creates that it can only be based in sensory based
experience because we're not going into the content the why the the the reasons
we think that these things have occurred we're going to the structure of them so
to summarize this first understanding just know that your experience of your
life is subjective the good part about that is that your life is not unchanging
you can change your life by understanding how you're structuring it
internally which is mostly unconscious so when you really understand that your
life your experience of your life and you are all in a subjective experience
then just from that understanding alone you become more flexible you become more
malleable now all you need to learn is how this structure works there are many
parts to the structure and again all of this that I'm talking about all of these
points that I'm talking about can be expanded into entire trainings on their
own but we're going to we're gonna keep to the larger chunks
the broader strokes and that's why I want to talk about beliefs beliefs are
the most powerful filters that you have in your life because what you believe
then tends to create your life experience and what you believe about
yourself is has the greatest effect on what creates your reality so what I'm
pointing at is your sense of self your self-concept now you can have beliefs
about the world and the limitation you can have limiting beliefs about the
world and yes that will affect you but your limiting beliefs are your
empowering beliefs about yourself are going to have the greatest effect on
your entire life within LP we learn how we create these structures that we call
beliefs we often refer to them in NLP as generalizations so when you understand
how you create generalizations especially the ones you make about
yourself then you can change it so yes you can literally change yourself in
moments by understanding how you create the beliefs you have about yourself and
changing them so of course we want to take limiting beliefs and change them
into empowering beliefs especially at the direction of what it is that we
desire or whatever it is that we envision about what we want our life to
be like so when you understand all of this which is a lot here what I'm
talking about it's eliciting your values around what you want and then it's
understanding what do you believe about that but more importantly what do you
believe about yourself because what you believe about yourself like I said has
the greatest effect on what you experience in your reality so understand
that and then your life can really change when you start changing these
beliefs so to summarize what NLP actually is it's about learning that
structure of your experience that subjective structure and we do that
through language we do that through the five senses and we do that through
understanding the beliefs that we create about ourselves and about the world
which we also call generalize a and all of this is what we're
discovering is how we internally represent reality because your sense of
reality like I said earlier in the video is not based on objectivity it's based
on you taking all of this information that's coming in from around you through
your five senses and internally representing it and how that process
happens that's the structure that I'm talking about and yes through learning
NLP you absolutely can understand how that structure is created and you can
change it one of the things that I like about NLP the most is that it's not a
Dogma it's not it's not there to tell you how to live your life or what's the
right way to do things all it's there to do is to help you
understand how you're creating your life experience understand that structure so
then you can change it at will and ultimately create the experiences in
life that you want to experience and I'll go even further than that to create
the overall life experience you want to experience which is how do I want to
experience myself and how do I want to experience the world around me and it's
a beautiful process because it never quite ends the more you learn the more
you change things the more you improve your life the more potential you see to
do that and NLP has the the tools work consistently no matter where you are in
your life no matter how down you are or how successful you are
NLP tools continue to work and I've been doing this for several years now so a
prime example but I'm not the only one there are several people in this world
who just continue to use NLP tools to improve their lives the experience of
life that you want to live so now you know some basic understandings of NLP
but what you don't know is how to directly apply it in your life I was
talking in very broad strokes and and generalizations so if you want to go
deeper with this I've created a four-part video series where I go more
in depth about direct applications using NLP and you can get this free training
by going to the description right down below you'll see a link you can click on
that link and then also I put a link in the
a comments section right down there is the pen comment so just click on that
link and you'll get immediate access to the first video and then it'll be
followed by a video every single day for the next few days so what are you going
to do now with these understandings these understandings are rather
universal and you can just go deeper and deeper with them and again they are
basic understandings but like I said you there is no into the depths of going
into this you can continue to explore your life and yourself throughout your
entire life and in the process and prove it every step of the way so what are you
going to do now let me know in the comments below
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