NLP for Weight Loss & Diet | The Craving Killer Pattern

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Hey guys Jason Schneider coming to you from the beach here with an NLP technique for weight loss And I wanted to do a video because I got a couple of requests for how to use neuro linguistic programming for diet and weight loss and so I wanted to share with you a technique that I I Discovered in myself. I modeled it for myself called the craving killer and so Let me get into this if that's something that's interesting for you using NLP – maybe you have a craving every once in a while Something that you want to eat something that you want to drink and you want to cut that out and stop yourself from wanting it to the point where you don't go and get it that you can actually Refrain from it and have some self-control Then this video is for you.

So here's the story. So I was walking up the stairs. This was probably a year ago already and It was a long day I maybe had just gone for a long walk and all of a sudden this mental movie pops up in my mind and this mental Movie is me and I grabbed this coke can I could feel the cold? I'm cold. Nosov the can of soda I put it up to my lips. I feel the can of my lips. I Get that drink in my mouth. I swish it around. Oh that flavor Mmm, and it's ice cold and I swallow it down I go.

Oh How refreshing and then I kind of snapped out of the j daydream real quick and I continued walking up the stairs. Well Obviously after playing that mental movie in my mind I wanted a Coca Cola I wanted a can of soda a nice ice cold refreshing soda, right? so Let's look at this from let's step back and model this from an NLP perspective So first of all in that mental movie was I stepped into that mental movie or stepped out and if you don't know the answer To that then definitely watch my video on my youtube channel about stepping in and stepping out of your mental movies But in that memory I was stepped into it I was Reliving that moment as if I was there now I was imagining it and and it was like I had the can in my hand I felt it in my mouth. I felt the temperature of it. I tasted it I was stepped into that mental movie and then think about it also from a modeling standpoint Where did the clip begin and where did the movie clip end? Well the clip began by filling the cold thing in the cold can in my hand it ended as soon as I said how refreshing I felt that refreshing this and then I kind of snapped out of the daydream and I continued on with my day and again, all of that happened probably in What was most likely less than a second? But so that's the unconscious program that played in my mind so and again if that's the kind of mental movies that you're playing in your mind in edit it in that way then probably you're Gonna be ending up craving whatever it was that you're running so let me teach you a different way about how to Run your own mind so that you can maybe do things a little bit differently.

So What did I do? So first of all first thing I did was I stepped out of that movie again I'm gonna put the link below here to that other movie in the comments a Comments section about stepping in versus stepping out. But first thing I did was I stepped out I saw him over there going Ah how refreshing now that got me out of the state a little bit because I'm watching him drink the coke Meaning me over there, but I'm not the one drinking the coke.

I'm watching me drink the coke So that was the first step then what did I do? Then? I fast-forwarded that mental movie while I'm watching it from the outside about thirty minutes later when he's he had already drank the coke me and Now he's regretting it. He's beating himself up. He's feeling full and bloated. He's not being very happy in that moment and then I step back into that movie feeling that kind of disappointment that sadness that fullness that bloatedness that Not feeling good. And then I snapped out of the daydream. So let me just run you through this real quick So I had the craving I was stepped in I felt the can I did it how refreshing I popped out? I saw him over there going ah how refreshing I fast-forwarded that movie about Thirty minutes or however long it was until he was already regretting it and not feeling well from having eaten or drank in that thing then I stepped back in getting that not good feeling from having done that and That regret and the fullness and the bloatedness and then I stepped into that I felt that for a little bit just enough to know that I don't want that and then I Snapped out of the daydream and woke back up to the present now Notice the difference between the two ways of running your own mind of running your own brain and I guarantee you well I hopefully if you do this correctly, you're gonna end up not wanting that thing that you wanted just Shortly, and when you get really good at running this new program in your brain and programming your brain to operate in this new way As opposed to the way that I said it before the way that creates cravings When you start to run it in the way that kills cravings You will be much more efficient much more effective at doing this to the point where you can install this as an unconscious program and you'll be able to do this without even Thinking about it just like before you were doing that old way of making yourself crave things without even thinking about it So if you have any questions or comments about this, please leave them below I look forward to hearing about how this goes from you and Keep on practicing.


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