NLP PODCAST #4: Hypnosis Isn’t Real & Everything Is Hypnosis

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3-2-1 hello and welcome back to
the No B.S. NLP Podcast As always, my name is Nicholas rave and this Morgan: Morgan Lane Bennett Nicholas: …and we are here to help you get NLP out of your head and into the world. In our episode today we're going to be talking about hypnosis. Our title is "Hypnosis Isn't Real and… Everything Is Hypnosis." So in this episode you are
gonna get three specific things and more but the top three things that you're gonna get from watching or listening to this episode are… Number 1 Morgan: Drum roll…. Nicholas: You gonna go? Morgan: Number 1…Sure.

Number 1… You're gonna learn why hypnosis is the most important key to getting results from NLP. Nicholas: Ooph yeah. Morgan: We're gonna talk to you about what hypnosis is, about what hypnosis isn't. We're gonna also talk to you about what hypnosis is when it isn't… …and also what it isn't when it is. Morgan: Have some of that. you know, while, while I'm on it, we are going to also super charge… Nicholas: This is 2. Morgan: Yes, number 2. We're gonna supercharge your ability to get results with hypnosis. If you're using hypnosis at all because if you're anything like I was you learned about NLP and then there
was hypnosis and you're like no this is weird I'm just gonna stick to the NLP I
can understand that but we want to help you break through that so you can get
great results with yourself with your clients and just in your life in general
and point number three we're going to teach you the ultimate back door secret
entrance technique to get literally any results that any other person has ever
got in the history of humanity another do ya seriously if you want to visit
your past lives this is the key if you want to talk to God this is the key if
you want to become a freakin superhero this is the key to supercharging your
results with NLP and in your life you're gonna get all of that and more in
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and now back to the show okay welcome back thanks for coming back we have a
good story Morgan has a great story that he wants to start things off with so
story time with Morgan story time with Morgan okay so when we were coming up
with this podcast when we were writing this particular episode
I had a not uncommon experience with one of my clients I see a lot of people on
skype and I do a lot of my hypnosis and change work on skype and a lot of my
hypnosis and change work is a little more conversational almost waking
hypnosis if you will and so we had done this thing we were talking about this
you know her mind and then all of a sudden her she goes oh and I forgot I
had this chronic pain in the middle of my back like someone is just like
stabbed a knife and I think it's me stabbing myself in the back I was like
oh okay and so I said to her hey could you reach
it I'm just like yeah and so she reaches back and go keep pull it out she goes on
ik and she's holding it just like vomit that actually feels better I go can you
can you hand it to me and so she goes like this and I take the knife wait wait
two roots the guy through skype she like hands at ease yeah so take through Skype
I'm like thanks and we put this here and then we go about the rest of our stuff
and she's like wow that really feels better and I great is that cool and then
at the end of the session she's like you know it's kind of strange so I thought
that we would be doing more hypnosis and and I was like wait what she does yeah
well we didn't really do you know like the sleep being the thing in this stuff
and I was like whoa hang on a second what color is the handle of this knife
exact earth Browns kind of wood I'm like well is it one blade or two she guys
just one and I go oh okay and I just put it down and I was like so you don't
think we did any hypnosis today do you and what I ended up getting her to
realize is that not only was that hypnosis but the results were real
yeah and that was the most powerful thing so you did this metaphorical
experience hypnosis or not the bottom line is she felt better yeah
and was it real but it was like who knows right right for the results real
mm-hmm so we're gonna come right out of the
gate here with what I think is a pretty inflammatory statement there are a lot
of people in the field of NLP that disagree with this point I love this but
I'm gonna say that this to me was one of the key tweets that I made in my
understanding of NLP that has allowed me to get the results that I have with
myself and with my clients and that point is this NLP is a subset of
hypnosis not the other way around see when I
first learned about NLP I still like this metaphor to add another definition
to what is NLP I like to think of NLP sometimes as a toolbox with a whole
bunch of different tools in it but NLP is like the box right and there's a
whole lot of tools swish pattern' and whatever
sub modalities are reframing all these are different tools in there I used to
think that hypnosis was just another tool in the toolbox of NLP a powerful
one but it was just another tool the more that I have learned about both NLP
and hypnosis and the more that I have dug into myself in my own unconscious
mind the more I have come to believe that it's exactly the opposite that
hypnosis is the big umbrella and NLP is like training wheels to become a better
hypnotist yeah agreed and I mean that was such a big moment for me and I'm
grateful for you helping me to really sort of see that because I was very
disciplined I was a master practitioners nosis but I wasn't actually in my own
mind I was like but I don't do hypnosis I do NLP and then when I went like this
and I flipped those two around and I realized hypnosis NLP is a subset of
hypnosis I was like oh wait a minute pretty much all the NLP patterns are
hypnosis anyways if I have somebody doing a switch pattern and I've got them
grabbing pictures and doing this in their mind that's hypnosis how if you're
like we'll no it's not how is it not hypnosis what else the fuck could it be
right every fast phobia model right go back in time do or in the future to it
to a fear that you have to representation you have and then go
through it change the way it is put some clown music make it black and white
whatever that stuff is but I'm not hypnotist I'm no PK but
that's not hypnosis some of the NLP techniques are kind of obvious in the
way that they're hypnosis I mean take like a six step reframe or like a visual
squash sometimes people call that a parts integration what are you doing
you're you're you're having the person hallucinate a part of
unconscious on their hand and like I speaking of the knife thing like when I
have somebody who it's not working very well they're usually looking away from
it so what I'll do is I'll just go hey ask the part right and they'll be like I
ask them a question they'll be like I don't know and I'll say what I know you
don't but ask ask the guy on your own a wearing and then they come down here and
all the sudden they can answer the question huh yeah exactly these are the
obvious ones but let's let's take it a step further let's take a basic NLP
technique reframing let me ask you a question have you ever given someone
advice and had it totally not land like you gave them advice and it just were
all or they were totally resistant to it now on the other hand have you ever
given someone advice or someone ever given you advice where it was like one
tiny sentence that changed your life that changed everything that made it so
that there was no way you could ever see the problem the same way again in one
moment let me ask you this what is the difference between those two it's not
the words now it's report the references this
state the person's in when the reframe lands and if that what is that state
that is report right depending on how it is and rapport itself is a form of
trance right whether you're just like so zoned out on somebody that you can't
hear anything else in the room I mean that is a trance and when they're sort
of primed and ready for you to just drop that one little doing of change they go
and it's the one thing that actually works because I mean ultimately all NLP
techniques presuppose Trent yes right and that was such a huge understanding
for me and you know part of my journey was stepping into the power of that
because I'm like NLP well no technically I have this wrench and I do this but for
me to step into the power of being a hypnotist and controlling trance that
was something that I really needed to step into to embrace hypnosis and my own
change word okay I need to dive deep on this point here because
I think this is probably one of the most important things we're gonna cover it is
my firmly held belief at this point at least as firmly as I hold any belief
that many people avoid hypnosis because they know at least unconsciously that
all change presupposes trance it's not just all NLP presupposes trance all
change anytime any person has ever made a change at an unconscious level they
made it using hypnosis if you will before it gnosis even existed as an idea
that's how the mind actually works and I believe that many people fail to
get results therapists coaches consultants whatever many people fail to
get results because they are afraid of what I call the moment of truth the
moment of truth is the moment when you actually say to someone change and they
either do it or they don't I know so many people who in with an argument of
using conversational hypnosis will talk to people for hours and hours and hours
and like skirt around the fucking edge pull the trigger but never actually rip
the goddamn thing out and I think that a lot of people they think that's what
change work is that you're supposed to walk up to the thing and go there's the
problem nah didn't I do a good job and I swear I have spent tens of thousands of
dollars with people who I think when push comes to shove don't know how to
help people change they literally lack the tools and skills
to actually help people maybe they help people identify the problem but they
don't know how to help people actually rip the fucking thing out and it
requires you getting comfortable with power it requires you getting
comfortable with influence and these are some of the tools and
techniques or some of the concepts we're going to talk about as we discuss what
what the fuck is hypnosis yeah because like I said that was a big part of my
problem too and stepping into that stepping into the power of being able to
responsibly help somebody is hmm so what the hell is it no so we all know that
like what is it you tell me so what is it enosis well hypnosis mm-hmm most
people have heard I'm sure you've heard the common misconceptions hypnosis is
not sleep it's not brainwashing it's not mind control it's not being gullible or
weak willed and yet there are some other weird misconceptions about hypnosis that
we'd like to address for instance well I love this one it's not real but it's
dangerous it's not really people have I can't even tell you how many people that
I have heard who will say hypnosis isn't real I don't believe in it but you
shouldn't do it right like I've run into so many people that are like don't do
hypnosis because it will open you up to demonic possession this is one I've
heard from members of my family actually extended not real that's kind of how I
feel about the demons but that's a different thing yeah so yeah well you
know the other so it's not real but it's dangerous
yeah which kind of goes along the lines of the other thing like it's funny that
it's not real but it can affect your ability to testify in court
yeah did you know this that in some court cases if you in some states I
think if you have been hypnotized which who the fuck hasn't been hypnotized
you'll understand that later but if you've been hypnotized you can't testify
in court because your testimony is threat soiled yeah sullied sullied who
knows so suspect is the word I was looking for
so then if we if we kind of know what hypnosis isn't then like why is it so
hard but define this because this I've noticed is not a thing it's a process
it's a it's a state you know it's so one of the best metaphors that I like to use
when thinking about hypnosis is if I ask you what is music you know
what music is a four-year-old probably younger knows what music is but if I
asked you to explain exactly what music is how how good would you know that
there's a skill involved right like people can become musicians there's a
process of creation you can make music happen you can experience music you can
be the recipient of music you understand that music is a process it's a thing
that is but there are so many different things that count as music and for some
people literally one person's definition of music another person is like that is
not music that does not count as music why is it so complicated because music
in spite of the fact that we know what it is is not a thing there's no thing
that is music that is exactly what hypnosis is like hypnosis is a process
that produces a predictable and useful result yeah
one of our heroes Anthony Jacqueline I hope I'm pronouncing his name right
shoutout uh he said in something I saw recently that you don't have to believe
in it nothing for it to work gnosis is just a process that I'm gonna
take you through I love that point because it really emphasizes that
hypnosis is a phenomena of the mind that happens it happens all the time when you
watch TV you go into hypnosis when you drive you going to have a movie theater
that's in the darkroom you're like yeah if somebody tells you a really good
compelling story you go into hypnosis Oh to church this is such a base level
thing to me that it's not even a human phenomena one of my favorite examples of
hypnosis in a sense it's almost like there's something wrong with our brain
but I think it's more of like something right with our brain but did you know
you can hypnotize chickens you ever seen this before
look this up just type chicken hypnosis into YouTube you
dozens of videos of this and literally all you do is you take a chicken and you
gently hopefully you gently lay the chicken down so that its chin is on the
ground and then in the dirt in front of the chicken you make a line like this
down the chicken's beak and then you draw a line moving out away from the
chicken in a straight line out from its beak in like the dirt or whatever I've
seen it done with chalk too and guess what the chicken's brain fucking shuts
off the chicken just goes like it's like here and then it sees the line and then
it just sits there okay kind of like people on their phones now yeah this
this this is the equivalent of chicken hypnosis did you just make a little app
that has like a line just like nobody really knows why this happens to
chickens by the way which I will point out is very similar to hypnosis there's
no general consensus on what hypnosis is how it works why it happens with some
people and differently with other people I think that there are people who
understand it at a much much different and higher level than the vast majority
of people and those people are like master musicians yeah and they're
usually people who have spent time thousands of hours exploring their own
mind and other people's minds which is the path that I'm on right I like to
think of them as musicians love it but that's me because essentially they're
using imagination for a purpose right there another good definition they're
basically noses they're using persuasion for a purpose yes
right and it's always happening to you it's it's either it's happening to you
or you can do it to yourself it's basically the art of influence it is the
power of suggestion it's the most powerful thing we got another definition
another way to think about it is that when hypnosis is between two people or
more people anytime that someone is leading and someone is following
effectively that's hypnosis all right if you listen to what I say
hey-ya ultimately the state that we think of as hypnosis or trance or
whatever you want to call it is a state of mind where you relax the part of your
mind that is constantly judging criticizing examining and resistant to
things the part of your mind that is always on guard you surrender that part
of yourself and you just go with what's happening this is the state of mind that
musicians by the way get into it's a state of mind that you have to get into
in order to do improv right you know you know the principle yes and in improv
when you're like improvising somebody says something you don't resist it no I
don't know you don't know fuck you ultimately I believe that that state
where the critical mind has relaxed is supposed to be default I believe that's
the place where we're supposed to hang out most of the time and I don't think
that's the place where most people do but I think that you when you do pretty
much whenever you fuck something up whenever you do something badly in your
life it's because you were thinking about it you ever notice that if you're
if you're thinking really hard about driving how good are you at it when are
you really good at driving well probably when you're not thinking about it too
much when you let your other self if you will do it for you another really
important part about this another important point I'd like to make is that
all hypnosis is self hypnosis okay even like when someone decides to listen to
the things that I say that's their decision that's the most empowering part
of hypnosis is when you tell someone it's not mind control right you're
choosing to do this it's not mind control you're choosing to have these
experiences you're the one having them if I could do it if I could hypnotize
you then I would and I charge wimmer money and it would be like boom and I'd
be doing it to all of you right now and I would you know it would be great but
that's not how things work you get to decide whether or not
listen right and that to me is the empowering part of it it's it's it gives
them the key and it says here use this try this on I mean I remember when I
first learned about hypnosis very first thing it was like oh there's no such
thing there's not really thing all those people on stage they wanted to do that
and I remember being so like sort of disillusioned for a while
mmm I've been like oh really until I realized that all hypnosis is
self-hypnosis yeah even when someone's doing it to you
you're allowing it to happen there's a deep paradox in this whole thing and
this is one of the reasons why so many things in life that are hard for people
to grasp and understand are difficult because they're paradoxical a paradox is
where you have two truths that on the surface appeared to be contradictory
that did they seem to cancel each other out
but when you understand it from a higher level they actually support each other
and there's something else to get here and hypnosis is very paradoxical we're
gonna hopefully address some of that paradox in this podcast now the next
point that I want to address here is the question what can you do with hypnosis
hypnosis isn't what can't you do with hypnosis really I've never like never
thought about that never asked myself that yeah that's a good point
hypnosis is such a universal tool because you're literally talking about
going into the unconscious mind and making changes that's where it starts if
you can go into the unconscious mind and make changes I hope that by this point
if you've been following the podcast for a little while you have gotten what that
means because if you can go into the unconscious and make changes you can
literally change people's reality you can change people's experience because
you remember that your reality that you're experiencing right now in this
moment is not actually reality what you're experiencing is your mind doing
its best job to take everything coming into your awareness and then reprocess
it distort delete generalize and then re present it to you in a way that
hopefully makes sense but also fits in with your values
expectations and beliefs and all of that stuff so you're not experiencing reality
right now you're experiencing like a movie being projected on a screen and
the interesting thing about hypnosis is that you can go in and change that movie
it's exactly like in the matrix when neo finally realized that he could see the
code and that this was all happening in his mind and he could make those changes
now I am NOT saying read my lips I am NOT saying that you change stuff in here
and all the sudden shit starts happening out there actually literally I'm not
saying that it's mind over matter and I can move things with my mind I have
never seen that proven in any way but that does not mean that changing things
inside here is not valuable because your experience of life is like 99% what's
happening in here so if you can change your subjective reality you can look at
what you're looking at right now and you could imagine that you're looking at
something else you can travel in space you can be somewhere else just close
your eyes and imagine that you're there you can travel in time you can go back
and visit memories in the past you can even visit your future did you know
maybe you do that your future exists already in your mind and you can change
it in your mind in your unconscious mind with hypnosis so you were talking about
traveling in space and traveling in time and traveling your imagination and a big
part of that for me and my work is helping people to change their memories
right not to deny that they happened and not to say we're changing yeah pass yeah
but to actually change the meaning of the past right you can go back along
your memory which is completely in your unconscious mind go all the way back
there go back hmm yeah release something and
come back all in your imagination just by changing your memories we should
probably do a whole episode on like the fal ability of memory at some point
yeah like your memories a year old having a memory of a 12 year old that's
you know your memories are all made up anyway is basically what we're saying so
like don't worry too much about changing them right and but the fact that you can
the fact that you can go back and sort of change the events in your life that
you think made you yeah you are this means drumroll but you can change your
fucking story yes you can change your story your narrative you can change
based on the way you feel about your own life and that is the most powerful thing
I mean I know I've probably said a lot of times these are all the most powerful
things but they are yeah every one of them because it's so important to be
able to rewrite your own narrative to change how you see yourself in your life
and to help your clients do the same thing you want me to do this next one
sure so the last point we're gonna make about what you can do with this and this
is a tough one for people to wrap their head around who have never experienced
it is with hypnosis you can produce predictably full-blown hallucinations
like you can see something that's not there and absolutely experience it you
can also not see things that are there like have you ever gone looking for your
keys and you look where they were seven times and then you finally come back and
there they are and you swear that gremlins put them there they didn't they
were there or did they yeah they were just being deleted by your mind you do
that all the time think about all the things you're not seeing right now those
things are being deleted by your mind well that is a function of your mind you
can do that with hypnosis you can do the same thing by putting positive
hallucinations now what I love and I have been waiting for so long to be able
to talk about this what I love about this is that when you begin to
understand how easy it is to make things happen in people's minds and to give
people experiences of things that didn't really happen when you actually go and
practice hypnosis and you experience it for yourself and you're like I really
saw that I really felt that phenomena that are so subjectively real
to you something begins to change in your view of the world because what
happened for me is I have always been fascinated with unexplained phenomena
things like ghosts and alien abductions and Bigfoot and gremlins yes exactly
and what I have come to believe at this point is that any time that I talk to
someone who says I believe in ghosts because I saw one and I absolutely saw
one it was totally there you know what my response is to that I believe you I
absolutely believe you that you saw it doesn't make it real it doesn't mean it
actually happened right but I absolutely believe you that you saw it yeah on some
level I want to believe them I believe they think they did but it
reminds me of like past lives mmm I do not believe in past lives although I
work with them yeah it's my clients yeah people resolve them and I I've been
meaning to talk about this for a while too and might as well do it here so as a
man trying to find a date in Santa Monica which is a very sort of yoga oh
yeah involved you know whatever spirits whatever it's become sort of a running
joke with I wait it's usually the first date if not the second date where all of
a sudden past lives come up they start talking about their past lives and I've
be going to use it as sort of an experiment where like rather than go no
that's bullshit idiot because I know part of me knows that they think that
that's true right then because I want to find out how it's true for them I've
made it a point to before I go you know I'll hear it I see it coming a mile away
I'll just go okay keep your face straight oh really
so she says oh I have it past life great tell me about it tell me about your
experience of it I want to know your experience of waking up in Santa Monica
and going I was burned at the stake or I was Cleopatra tell me about your
experience of it and they in vary lycée well I went to a psychic and they
told me that I was that I got killed in this way and I'm like uh-huh check on
the list again it it's never comes from them saying I've had this experience it
sounds like something that was put into their mind something that they
suggesting that they accepted and became the reality and if that's not hypnosis I
don't know what is now before all you past life fans run away I want to
clarify something that he said which is you need to understand both of us use
past lives with clients I have a whole bunch of stories of past lives that I've
experienced that I've found to be incredibly useful for myself and I don't
believe them I don't believe they actually happened but I do think that
sometimes the unconscious mind needs a past life as a metaphor to help let go
of things now if you think they're actually real and that works for you
fine fuck it go for it it really knows hanging off my nose here's the problem
though many many people take on these stories these metaphors these past life
stories that somebody gave them and they because they cling to them as real it is
it is actually the clinging to it that causes it to be a problem that causes it
to become disempowering feel about gurus Yeah right Oh tell me teach me show me
it's like well that's any good guru will tell you that's not the point
you know I mean it's like you sort it out here you go do that the same can be
said for religion which is just like one big guru right tell me what to believe
tell me what to think if you have a story that you're telling
yourself no matter where it came from and it disempowers you you're doing bad
hypnosis and frankly there are a lot of bad hypnotist out there doing bad things
to people that don't even know they're doing hypnosis yeah and speaking of not
knowing you're doing hypnosis if you're talked to Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ
talks back hypnosis I'm not saying it's better good
but that's hypnosis now you by the way might think that the voice that talks to
you and your head is real and that's fine if you think that but I just want
you to take a moment if you're still listening to us which it yeah you're
smart people right yeah exactly so if you are a person who believes very
strongly that your God is talking directly to you are there other people
on the planet who believe in a different one a different person a different voice
a different God are those people making it up who's doing hypnosis here because
I'm sure that you know the one that this person believes are the one that these
millions of people believe is talking to them that one's fake but this one is
definitely real right yeah well you know what else is definitely real is when
those preachers I've been seeing a lot of it nowadays sadly and like the
underdeveloped countries but also hear of where someone is just some preachers
like oh yeah this like Mortal Kombat like and he's like knocks down a hole
like 100 people there's like a line there oh well this this I love is a
great example because this is mass hypnosis so I've seen stories about
people where they'll say it couldn't possibly be hypnosis that we saw a ghost
because it was multiple people at the same time we'll explain that I grew up
in those churches by the way it's called being slain in the spirits called
kool-aid chugging and I saw it I remember standing there is a little kid
watching people get and follow I remember people speaking in tongues
here's a good story that I love that's a non-religious less woowoo story about
mass hypnosis okay this is a story called the toxic woman I'm until this is
a short version of the story so there's this story about a EMTs that bring this
woman into the emergency room and she's dying and they they mentioned to the
people in the emergency room that she smelled funny that something was weird
and she smelled really funny okay so then when they go in there they're all
standing around her this is on video by the way
somebody sticks a needle into her arm an IV or something like this and they
all said that at that moment they smelled something come out of her body
and five people standing around her all dropped and hit the floor like they all
passed out unconscious from whatever toxic thing came out of her here's the
thing later on when people came in and found
out what was going on the woman died unfortunately but they sent her to get
an autopsy the autopsy report came back and said
nothing was unusual there was absolutely nothing going on with this woman now I
know that many people will go oh whoa you know there was some still something
weird except this is the conclusion that they
came to the conclusion that they came to was that when the EMTs came in and for
whatever reason they said you know she smells kind of funny in just the right
way that it created a suggestion power of suggestion in the person the first
person who then passed it to another person passed it to another person and
like a contagious idea the moment died religion sorry the moment that they
stuck the needle in they all took the suggestion one person fell and all the
rest of them saw it and went oh I know what to do boom drop and this is not
surprising to me because I've done hypnosis stage shows where I've done
exactly the same thing with more than five people so the bottom line is this
for me my belief is that all spiritual metaphysical supernatural experiences
that anyone has ever had are real and possible for anyone to experience now by
the way does that mean that there are no people out there that make shit up
obviously not there are lots of people that'll Frell up with the wrath convince
themselves that they believed it at each point so know like there's some hypnosis
for you yes just because you experienced it doesn't
mean that it really happened and just because you experienced it doesn't make
it real I have I have an experience in my neurology of my arms passing
through each other and this was on a people throw the word heroic dose around
a lot and I'd really like to just you know heroic doses are for Heroes take
those right but I'm just saying I was on a real heroic dose and I saw I felt I
experienced my arms going through each other then I knew I was a holy shit I
was all like a Kiera the blob and I'm but I'm a cell I'm all these things but
I know that that's not what really happened this is a fabulous example
because imagine that someone came to you and told you that they saw an angel or a
ghost or a demon or a Bigfoot and then they told you oh by the way I was
tripping balls I was on so many drugs at the time you would immediately go well
I'm sure you fucking saw it but that doesn't mean it actually happened right
so what I'm saying is that those results are absolutely possible with no drugs
whatsoever your mind can make up all the drugs necessary for you to be able to do
it and it's called fucking hypnosis yeah again you know I mean if just because
it's in your mind doesn't mean it's real and this is my
biggest reason for being secular for saying keep it out of the government
whatever your religion whatever whatever your imaginary friend keep your
imaginary friend out of the government's not my imaginary friend right so keep it
out of the government yeah yeah and I know that there are people that don't
agree with this there are people in the field of NLP that will construct worlds
for themselves where you know Christianity or whatever religion you
want makes sense in the context of NLP for me I have a real hard time with that
I think that when you start breaking things down and you start looking at
hypnosis and the way the mind works and the way we make things up and the way
words work the power of ritual I'm not saying there isn't value in the
metaphors of religion and and in some of the stories I'm saying that when you
actually start thinking that there is a bearded robed guy in the sky who cares a
lot about what you do with your genitals and then you start trying to apply that
to other people in your country mm-hmm we need to draw a line in the sand for
me keep it other government keep your
imagination of the government now this brings us to an important question which
is where did all this programming come from so for me the most obvious source
is our parents I think this one is pretty obvious there's a lot of things
like you know sayings that they said like money doesn't grow on trees there's
obvious stuff like values like religion where do you pick that stuff up beliefs
about life beliefs about you literally things they say about you oh you're just
like you're just like your father you're gonna have a lot of trouble in
life whatever it is now I want to add to this how do you know which one stick cuz
are there things that your parents said to you that didn't land that aren't like
a part of who you are and your identity now a lot of it has to do with what I
like to call emotional weight the emotional weight with which something
happens or repetition but like imagine that you know someone a parent gets a
divorce or loses a spouse or loses their job and there's a lot of emotional
weight to the things that they say and the child can feel it they can look at
the mom or dad and as they're talking they can feel the emotional weight in
their body those things go deeper by the way that's called trauma that's the
emotional reality of the body and how this stuff works or to talk about that
soon but there's also subtle parental reactions there's little tiny things
like I'll give you an example I was talking to my son recently about going
back to school and I want you to notice linguistically the difference between
these two things guess what you get to go back to school
in three weeks versus summer vacation is almost over
notice what that creates notice the presuppositions all the thoughts that go
unspoken in those two different things now I'm a big proponent of the idea that
words are just words it has far more to do with the emotional energy like you
can say summer vacation is almost over in a way that implies aren't you excited
to go back to school the the point is what are you communicating and those
things they impact children and they've impacted you did you want talk about God
together sure yes so I have a little thing that I came up with when I was
like 22 and I was having to I had a guy got to go to work I gotta go to work and
it wasn't a job I loved it was like I gotta go to work and then one day I said
to myself wait a minute what if I thought about it is I get to
go to work and it changed everything I mean whether you you can think of oh I
get to go sit in traffic or most people throughout history had to drive 60 miles
or didn't they couldn't you had to take a horse or walk six miles it would take
you a week right I get to sit in traffic because I'm lucky enough to have a car I
get to do my dishes because I'm lucky enough to have food now the key here by
the way I'm gonna repeat this point is I've heard a lot of people who become
these like word Nazis where they're like don't say the word try or I get to pay
my bills but the energy insta inside is still half – so the point is the feeling
not the words just to be clear so the next area that I would say where a lot
of this programming comes from beyond parenting is society and culture there
are a lot of beliefs that we just adopt without even thinking about it that are
just well that's just the way that it is that's just the way that people do
things and it takes a lot to deprogram that it takes a lot to unplug or move
above so that you can look down on the beliefs that are present everywhere and
are invisible because people just think that's the way things are another area
is school and education I mean I remember hearing a story about a guy who
when he he remembered but he was doing work I think with Richard Bandler or
something like this and he remembered when he was about five six years old he
was struggling to read something and a teacher looked at him struggling and
said oh you're gonna have trouble with reading it looks like
are gonna have trouble with reading fast-forward to this man is an adult a
grown-ass man and still avoids books and has all this deep shame about not being
good about reading because it drops these ideas in have you've heard about
the Pygmalion effect the idea that you can take two different teachers with the
same students and tell them that they're going to be difficult and guess what the
students are difficult you can tell the parent or the the teacher that they're
amazing students and they're gonna have trouble keeping up with them and guess
what the students excel yeah yeah that goes to sort of the learned helplessness
of the news oh my god yes all right so I mean what's on the news nothing good
everything's bad it's letting you know everything sucks yeah you're powerless
and to me that just makes people it just brings them down to a place where like
yeah I guess I guess I am powerless so there's really no there's no no point
and if you just program yourself with the news Mac I just talked to a client
two days ago she told me I'm not doing anything with my life okay well what are
you doing with your life well I as soon as I get up they turn on the
news oh okay she says i watch at least four hours of news a day oh so I'm like
okay four hours and I'm I'm just gonna do the quick round math on that which I
think came out to a total of 52 days a year right it was basically one day a
week that it came out to like that's 52 days you know it's 52 waking there are
52 days of 24 hour days a year right and then I said hang on a second now because
it doesn't count in sleep so then we go okay would divide those hours by 16
instead of 24 and you find out that it's 78 days in a year in one year 78 days of
waking life spent watching the news spent being told that you're no good
prescribing for this is what she's programmed yourself water or famine
death aids homeless what are you putting in your head yeah what are you
programming your SATs what more programming could there be
than sitting there for four hours in the shiny box going tell me what to think
have you ever heard the expression if it leads
bleeds it's a news expression that basically means that or sorry if it
bleeds it leads I might have said that backwards but the idea is yeah if it
bleeds it's on the front page like blood explosions war famine these are the
things that cause people I wonder why I'm so upset and depressed all the time
feels like powerless which to me goes to whole like cultures of people yes
whether it's black people Latinos whatever where if you grow up with a
image in your mind of the cultures that you're screwed you don't have a choice
you don't have a chance women women sure that you don't have a
chance you're screwed the system set up against you then why try if you can make
somebody think that they don't have any chance before they even try then you've
already won but and by the way we're not saying there's no such thing as actual
compression no no what we're saying is even if you are being oppressed if you
come at like your oppressors or the situation the context going with fucking
butters that's the same thing you're never gonna get out you're never gonna
get out of it yes and that's how they you know that's all of us need to take
back that power it reminds me of a story that I've heard many times told about an
elephant that if you take a baby elephant and you put a chain around its
leg and you pound a stake into the ground the baby elephant doesn't have
the strength to pull the stake out of the ground but then as the elephant gets
bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger at some point this elephant is so big
that if you had it chained to a fucking building the elephant could rip it down
but the elephant has learned that when the chain is there it doesn't bother
pulling on it and so all they have to do is take that chain put it around the
elephant's leg pound it into the ground and the elephant just won't even try
yeah it's like reminds me like so the metaphor of a broken horse know that
when a horse's Spirit has been broke well you got to break them from being
wild to being broken yeah and they'll just sit there with like a little bit of
a leather loop around the thing just be like whatever even though they're like
this powerful creature yeah but they're broken
yeah learned helplessness is like breaking your own spirit yeah so how
does this relate to you personally in your life
well your beliefs everything you believe is a posthypnotic suggestion
it is the programming that has been put in there from all of these places in
your life the way you think of yourself the way you think of the world
all of that stuff may or may not be in alignment with reality yeah I mean and
speaking of programming and hearing that voice in your head or like your
self-talk is hypnotic suggestions to yourself I mean talk about the voice
that's always going on I mean that lady was watching four hours of TV a day yeah
but it's even the voice in her head was going never sound day long he never
stops no I'm not saying what her voice was but people say oh you suck you're
not good enough right you know you're you're lame nobody likes you whatever
that is I mean talk about if someone just set
there and went you suck you suck you suck you suck all day right I have a
great self-confidence but I think after a while somebody tell me I sucked every
day I might listen to it like putting headphones on motivational speeches luck values all of the things that you value
and that are important to you were put there somehow you pick them up somehow
by the way some of them are probably working just fine but there's a bunch of
other ones that aren't hypnosis is the path to go inside and change those
things yeah because your identity is a hallucination I don't think you can get
much bigger than that that's it you you are that's it who you
think you are what you think you are and and there's a great quote by one of my
one of the earliest authors thinkers in the field of NLP I was ever exposed to a
guy named tad James one of his famous quotes is no matter what you think you
are you're always more than that so again oh I love it no matter what you
think you are you're always more than that that is a great quote so the
question that I'm sure is on your mind right now after all of this is how do
you get rid of it how do you the same way you got it through hypnosis now when
a lot of people start getting this idea that it's like oh
this is hypnosis everything that I'm making all this stuff up myself I've
heard people use the word unhypnotize like how do i unhypnotize myself well
here's the good news and the bad news you can't you can't unhypnotize yourself
you are always in some sort of trance that's the reality that you're
projecting out and the thing is if gnosis it might not be real but it's
real enough yeah I mean how real was the knife that that lady was looking at how
real is that but the results were real and that's what matters you can't get
yourself out of hypnosis but you can trade trances you can switch the
hypnosis to one that's empowering from one that isn't working to get you what
you want okay now we said we were gonna teach you the number one ultimate
backdoor secret to get hypnosis to work for you and your clients better than you
ever possibly imagined and I'm gonna share that with you right now are you
ready the secret is the paradox of pretend see when most people hear the
word pretend they think that it means you're just pretending but there is
something magical that happens when you realize you're always pretending
everyone is pretending see if you're a true believer in whatever it is that you
believe then it's probably working for you good for you go for it
but if you are at all like me and there was always a voice in the back of your
head when you were being hypnotized that was like I don't think this is real
quote-unquote then it never works but when I finally realized that all I have
to do is pretend that it's real it works it opens the door to be able to get
anything anyone else can do I can pretend that I can do what other people
can do and then I can do it to a large extent I
like to think of it more as make-believe same difference I suppose but I like to
make believe help people make believe make their beliefs by making believe and
then you can also make believe that you're not pretending to be making
believe that you're pretending so I have a question for you would you like right
now to be hypnotized in under one minute I'd like to show you one of my all-time
favorite trance inductions and my very favorite personal favorite self-hypnosis
induction now I should warn you if you're driving or you're in any
situation where this is not safe please do not follow my instruction the gas
come back to this part or just listen to it for now and do not follow my
instructions if however you're in a situation where you can take a few
moments to go deeply inside and close your eyes that's all you have to do to
start what I'd like you to do right now is just close your eyes and pretend that
you can't open them even though you know you can pretend you can't open them and
try really hard to open them only when you're absolutely sure that you can't
you are now in a trance that's it there's nowhere else to go or be than
where you are right now now what are you gonna do here you can
open your eyes go ahead and open your eyes give yourself permission to open
your eyes open your eyes now and realize that that's all there is and was that
real I don't know over here is this knife
real what is hypnosis is hypnosis real it's real enough
just like the knife real enough to get results now the last question I want to
ask you is now that you have access to that door inside your mind where you can
make any change you want are you gonna use it what change do you want to make
what do you want to let go of who are you going to be now the choice is yours
peace love and NLP dog hey there Nicholas here thank you so much for
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