NLP PODCAST #5: The Ultimate NLP Technique!!! – Meet Your Mind

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3 2 1 Hello and welcome back to
the No B.S. NLP Podcast. My name is Nicholas Rave and this… Morgan: Is Morgan Lane Bennett Nicholas: and we are here to help you get NLP out of your head and into the world. In today's episode we are going to be talking about your unconscious mind. The title of this episode is "Meet Your Mind" OR… "The Ultimate NLP Technique!" I know that might be a bit of a lofty statement but I think we're gonna be able to prove
it by the end of this episode.

So in this episode the top three things that you're gonna get from investing your time in either listening or watching this
podcast the first one is that we are going to demystify the unconscious mind.
This is one of those topics that gets talked about in NLP and hypnosis
trainings ad nauseam and people get so confused about it what is your
unconscious mind really what is your mind really and who are you in relation
to your unconscious mind we're gonna demystify your unconscious and then
we're gonna re mystify your unconscious so the second thing you're gonna get out
of this podcast is you're gonna learn how to quiet that critical voice inside
your mind whatever that voice is saying you're not enough you're a piece of shit
you suck whatever that is that voice can be silenced and changed to something
different we're going to show you how to do that and then the third thing is the
single most powerful tool I have ever discovered in NLP or otherwise for
personal empowerment it is for you or for your client it is the number one
thing that I teach every single client that I work with it is the way that you
teach people to fish and if I may as we were coming up with this podcast I think
I've added on to that metaphor or analogy so you know we all know how it
goes give somebody a fish and you feed them for a day teach someone to
fish and you feed them for life but I think the next level is help a
person become a fish and they don't need to fish anymore be the fish see the fish
see the fish all that and more in today's episode but first a word from
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Nicholas at Nicholas rave calm Thanks and now back
to the show okay welcome back to our podcast about your unconscious mind you
know not too long ago I was reading a book by a guy named sam Harris one of my
favorite authors favorite like brains on the planet he wrote a book called waking
up and as I was reading that book he got into this chapter where he was talking
about the mind and he was talking about people who get a very specific and and
unusual procedure they don't do it a lot anymore but they used to do it as a
treatment for epilepsy it's called a hemispherectomy it's where they
literally cut the connective tissue of your brain from the right and left
hemispheres and what happens is in certain people who have untreatable
epilepsy when you do this the epileptic seizures go away and at first they seem
fine and it was like this miracle cure that people discovered I wondered a lot
about the first person who did that they were just like I wonder what happens if
we got an idea yeah anyway so what they found though is that after these people
had this procedure done some weird stuff started happening and he went on to
describe how these people when you ask them questions they would do these these
tests and experiments where you would ask them a question and they would give
you two answers literally their left hand would give you one answer and their
right hand would give you a different answer like there were two voices inside
and one of them was not aware of the other one there's a great video on
YouTube about this by the way called you are to look it up watch it it's
fantastic it explains it way better than I'm explaining it here but the bottom
line is he got to the end of explaining all this and a bunch of other things and
at the very end of the chapter Sam wrote the bottom line is this your unconscious
mind is real and in that moment I became aware of something that I didn't know I
didn't realize that for years I had been talking about and teaching about the
unconscious mind but there was a part of me that didn't believe
that it was real and in that moment for some reason Sam was the voice of the
scientific skeptical community to me and for some reason it hit and I went wait a
minute what if it is real and I really tried that on and it kind of broke my
brain and for a few weeks I just rattled around on this idea
because here's the thing I believe that understanding the
structure and nature of your mind / your unconscious mind is one of the most
important foundations to be able to get results from NLP and hypnosis because
ultimately your unconscious mind is to a large extent whatever you think it is
yeah I mean what's in there is only what you bring right because it's that Empire
Strikes Back the trippy part of Empire Strikes Back there's one of your lights
what's going on here but eventually you got makes sense where it's like what's
inside there only what you bring inside it'll be a reflection of you it's a
place where your essence turns and you can see yourself for viewer and while it
might be like blue Luke Skywalker's mine the darth vader's maybe my own face and
stuff like that because your unconscious mind will present you with the things in
the trickiest most meaningful way because it understands the most
meaningful things that it can say to you now we did say at the beginning that
we're actually going to teach you a technique a process in this episode and
that's true this is to me it has become my new Swiss Army knife for NLP and
working with clients because and one of my favorite things about it is that once
you teach it to someone it works on its own and it gets going so that when they
come back the next week first of all it saves me so much time of like doing
other work but it's also something where when somebody really gets it and they
really embrace it and they start using it they come back the next week having
done a ton of work so that when I jump in we
just keep the ball rolling it is a Swiss Army knife of NLP change work so we're
gonna talk about that technique and we're gonna get to it at the very end of
the episode so before there we got some groundwork to lay so let's begin with
what are you what are you know what is your mind what is the mind what are the
components of the mind so for this for the purposes of this podcast we're gonna
be addressing three basic parts of the mind we're gonna talk about the
conscious mind the unconscious mind and something called the critical faculty
now I want to pause you right now if you've ever heard anyone talk about
these three things I encourage you to stick around because I can pretty much
guarantee you you've never heard anybody talk about these things in the way that
you're about to hear right now so those three components the conscious
mind the unconscious mind and the critical faculty that's what we're doing
here so it's important to realize that your mind is what you think it is your
mind is whatever you think it is and that's how it works and the most
important thing to remember is that that thought itself everything we're going to
tell you about the mind the unconscious mind the critical factor faculty your
mind is just well done here's a good way to do it so those three things right
right so that way you just reference what I just said you can say so those
three things your mind okay it's important to understand it's just
whatever you think it is yeah and that's why we're talking about these maps and
metaphors them yeah so those three things your mind your conscious mind
your unconscious mind your critical faculty all of those things your mind
itself is whatever you think that it is and it's super important to realize that
that's just a metaphor everything we're talking about here is just a metaphor
yeah this useful way of thinking about stuff it's not real the map is not the
territory right I know that right so don't confuse yourself by
thinking that what we're gonna show you later is real because for you to
understand the power of the technique the Nicholas is gonna show you later you
have to understand the power of pretend the power of make-believe the magic of
make-believe right that's fine works this is why we did the previous episode
where we talk about pretend before we get here right for this for this
technique to be safe you have to realize that it's make-believe and for it to
work you have to realize that it's make-believe yeah it's pretend
yes and that's the amazing thing about it yep but you have to understand
ultimately your mind is and isn't whatever you think it is and isn't at
the same time you know I mean it's like that's the paradox we talked about yeah
it isn't isn't real it isn't isn't happening yes right and for example the
prime directives of the unconscious yeah right they are a wonderful thing they're
a great list of job descriptions of your unconscious mind but they're not real
that's not a list of stuff it's just a useful map this comes back to a point
that you've heard us mention a few times it seems to be a running theme here
which is the concept of paradox a lot of the confusion about the nature of the
mind is because the mind is very paradoxical you can think of it one way
and it'll be that way and you can go oh well I proved it and then you can think
of it another way and you proved that too
so ultimately the best way that i have found to explain the mind to people in
the unconscious is to give a whole bunch of different descriptions of the mind
and then some of them contradictory some of them seem to conflict with each other
but when you hear all of them and then you kind of chunk up abstract get a
bigger broader view of all of them you may have a some idea of what the mind
actually is like that's still not the mind
none of the ways that we're going to describe it is actually what it is so
what is your unconscious well it's 90 plus percent of you first of all it is
everything you're not thinking about right now
if you had to think about all the things you're not thinking about right now
digesting your breakfast growing your hair working your pancreas blinking
beating your heart just the name of five making sense of language the the sounds
that are coming out of our mouths right now another clarification I want to make
about something that it's not is it doesn't it is not the right and left
hemispheres just to be clear I know I told that story earlier it's better to
just to say that people who have had a hemispherectomy they actually end up
with more like two unconscious minds and then they still have a conscious mind
that kind of floats around in there but it's not accurate to say some people
I've heard of say oh well they're unconscious monitors the left hemisphere
and the conscious minds the right hemisphere that's bullshit it doesn't
work that way good book on this topic by the way is a book called the master and
his emissary is one of the best books written on the nature or the
misconceptions about the right and left hemispheres so the best way like I said
that I've found for people to understand the unconscious is to share a series of
metaphors to describe the mind and the nature of the conscious and unconscious
and how they work together and through the combination of these different
descriptions you will start to get a sense of what is going on here so you
want to go the first one yeah so my favorite metaphor for this one of my
favorite metaphors for this is captain in the ship right you're a ship at sea
or there's a ship at sea and it's got a captain and a crew right and so what is
what is a captain without a crew the captain is there to give orders to the
crew but the crew is there to serve the captain to get things moving so the
captain says here's that here's where I want to go and he has to give the orders
clear orders to the crew to get them there and something that's kind of a
mind blow for me or at least it was back in the day and it's something I like to
blow my clients minds with as I share this with people is that so if your
conscious mind is the captain your uncut you can think of your unconscious mind
as the crew but it's also the ship which was like for me
Wow wait your unconscious mind is the crew and the ship and you can think of
like if the conscious mind is cruel to the crew if the captain is cruel to its
crank a pirate captain right very if your captain is cruelty to if you have
you're not giving it clear orders if your reprimanding and if you're telling
it's crap well there's bound to be a mutiny right
so if the captain the conscious mind treats the unconscious mind like shit
you're bound to create some kind of mutiny aka dis-ease now on the other
hand know if the captain is really nice to its crew right if it's like hey guys
and everybody the morale is through the roof yeah and everything's super
efficient they're like yes sir yes ma'am let's go where do you want to go and
everything shipshape and everybody's yeah directions smooth sailing all that
stuff beautiful metaphors the really thought that the conscious mind is the
captain the unconscious mind is the crew and the ship's I mean there's a reason
why ships have been run with a captain and a crew for hundreds maybe thousands
I don't know of years and they still are to this day because it works and to me I
think the key there is like trust and respect between the captain and the crew
now let's that's the first metaphor okay so
you can think of your conscious and your unconscious as the captain and the crew
on a ship on the ocean now I'm gonna give you another one that's also
nautical but I'm gonna make it even smaller and simpler imagine that you
have a rowboat on the ocean and there are two people just two in the boat
there's the conscious mind which is you and you are facing forward and you have
your hand behind you on the rudder so you can see where you're going and
you're steering the ship but there's another person in the boat and they are
the ones rowing the boat but most people don't even believe there's another
person in the boat can you imagine how fucking insulting that would be if
you're the only reason that the boat moves ever and the person who's running
the boat the person who's like here looking out they're not doing really any
other work never even acknowledged as you exist unless things are going badly
in which case they then take one of the rows one of
the ORS and beat the fucking crap out of the other person and then put it back
and then when anything goes right they're like that was me I did it I'm
the one who did everything correctly but if things go badly its I wasn't me I
don't know I can't get my mind to do the things that I want it to do this is
another metaphor that you can think of but here's one of the things I love to
say you can't divorce your unconscious you can't throw your unconscious mind
overboard you aren't going anywhere if you don't learn how to work together
yeah which kind of reminds me of another one
number three number three is an ant walking south on an elephant that's
walking north so which direction is that ant going it thinks it's going that way
but really it's going this way because the conscious mind aka the ant it's like
I want over here but if the unconscious mind is like over here then that ants
not going where it thinks it needs to go and so the only way to turn that ship
around and get it going where you want it to go it's clear communication from
the ant to the elephant because that's that's a thing I mean ant can't like
tell you elephant right and and it's even cooler if you think that the
elephant is blind it doesn't really know where it's going it's just going where
it wants to go where it thinks it's supposed to go in the last direction it
was pointed but the ant no matter where it thinks it's walking on that elephant
needs to go hey hey hey buddy I your cool guy nice to meet y'all fit hey can
we go that way then we could both be going the same
direction I love that one because the size difference between the ant and the
elephant I think it instills a lot of humility in people and it really starts
to get the sense of like how powerful are you in comparison to your
unconscious okay ready for the next metaphor here's
another one that I like that gets a little bit more sci-fi so I want to talk
about a metaphor for understanding how the conscious mind emerges from the
unconscious now again this is a metaphor I'm not saying this literally happens
it's just a really useful story to help you think about the relationship of all
the aspects of your mind so imagine that you have a giant supercomputer a
supercomputer that is so big and so powerful that it's the size of an entire
planet okay and it has all of these different systems and subsystems and
it's been around for hundreds maybe thousands of years just adding to itself
and building and growing and learning and then at some point it decides that
in order to organize everything that it's gonna design a little tiny
artificial intelligence program that lives inside that the supercomputer and
it has one job and it's one job is to organize communication between the
inside and the outside and that's what it does and as soon as the supercomputer
builds this little artificial intelligence program everything starts
working so much better it gets so much more done it's so more efficient it's
amazing and a thousand years pass and one day the little artificial
intelligence program forgets that it is a little artificial intelligence program
and it begins to think that it is the entire computer you are the little
artificial intelligence program one of my favorite ways to think about this is
that your unconscious mind built a you because it needed you but it built you
and it was here first before you were and if you think about the way the mind
develops as children it makes a lot of sense again it's a metaphor but this
leads me to what the heck are you what is the conscious mind now I've
saved this metaphor for last because I actually think this is probably the most
accurate description of the nature and relationship of your conscious and
unconscious my it might not be the most useful metaphor
but it's one of the most accurate so I want you to imagine we're answering the
question what are you what's the conscious mind what is the
conscious mind really imagine you have a giant warehouse an infinite warehouse it
is infinitely big and 100% completely pitch black it's full of stuff but you
can't see anything and you are there inside the warehouse with a flashlight
whatever you point the flashlight at that is your conscious mind that is what
you are conscious of right now and when you move the flashlight that thing that
you were conscious of goes back into your unconscious so we're gonna talk
paradoxically here ready I just went through all these metaphors we just went
through all these metaphors of what your unconscious is and now I'm gonna tell
you you don't really have an unconscious mind and a conscious mind you just have
a mind some of which you are conscious of and the vast majority of which you
are unconscious of this is why I like to say your unconscious mind is way more
you than you are you I would even go so far as to say you are effectively a part
that was created by your unconscious mind to fulfill a specific purpose but
that's you when I say you I mean the you that you experience yourself as but you
are not your unconscious in its entirety and you are also not the voices in your
head so let me tell you a very quick story before I hand it over to Morgan
for the next point for most of my life there were lots of voices in my head
that's normal but there was one voice that was above
all of them it was a voice that I thought was me I thought it was my voice
and when all these other voices would say things and we'd say we this voice
would come in and it would say no and I would go out I can't do anything because
that voice is effectively God in my head so Morgan tell me about that voice well
it's not God and yet it is because it's you mm-hmm but ultimately that voice
that voice of reason the voice of judgement that is your critical faculty
right that's your critical faculty your critical faculty is a function of your
unconscious mind it's basically like a troubleshooting mechanism like said a
program it's just there on top going but if that's the only thing you look
through is your troubleshooting mechanism then all you're gonna find is
trouble and the thing is you know that that pattern the voice in your head that
says you should be better you should be better you know or you suck you suck you
suck that comes from a good place I help a lot of people with this where
the part of you that might currently be saying you suck you piece of shit might
have started off saying be a better person better serve you right it wanted
you to be better and maybe eventually you started to react well to being
verbally abused you know it get your shit together asshole and like yeah okay
I better get my shit together asshole but eventually if you start talking to
yourself like that then that's your self-talk at which point the irony goes
out the window and you're just abusing yourself and you're no longer motivated
by something positive now you're just getting berated by yourself and that is
a hypercritical faculty and I don't know if I can emphasize how profound this
point that as making here is when you really get
that that voice the voice of reason the voice of judgement the critical voice
the voice that says this is right and this is wrong this is good and this is
bad this is true and this is false when you get that that voice is not you it's
just a voice in your head sometimes it's wrong you start to get this kind of
Buddhist detachment where you can recognize thoughts and emotions as they
cross through your mind and not identify with them when you identify with the
critical faculty and you say that is me you put it on a pedestal you deify that
voice okay I think it's time that we finally get to the actual technique
remember I told you we were gonna give you the Swiss Army knife technique the
the number one technique that I know for teaching my clients how to fish or how
to be come the fish here it is personify your unconscious mind so now I got to
tell you a story a continuation of the story about that book remember I was
reading the book your unconscious mind is real and for weeks I was thinking
about this and I was wrestling with it and I was like trying on it was like
something broke open but it took a little while a few weeks later I was
going through a very very intense meditation on all day meditation and I
had addressed a bunch of different things in my mind I wasn't one of them
is that I realized that that voice of criticism and reason was not me and I D
throned it and then I started thinking about stuff and it was about 3 a.m.

I went walking outside and I had this thought your unconscious mind is real
and I said in hello and then a voice came back and at
first my unconscious was very very angry with me she said you have ignored us we
were supposed to be a team and you have abused us and you have effectively
ruined your life because you forgot about us and then she got sad she said
when we were young we used to play together all the time every day we had
infinite worlds in our universe that we explored together and we knew that life
was gonna be an adventure that we were gonna go on together and then you forgot but here's the beautiful thing about
unconscious Minds one of the many beautiful things they
are very forgiving because they understand better than we do that
there's no getting out of this relationship you have to figure out how
to work together so I let her vent for a long time about how mad she was this is
a skill I learned from being married for a while I've learned how to listen to
things that hurt and go ouch okay how is what she just said true
instead of getting defensive and she said finally after she finished venting
I said what do I do and she said give me name and I said why don't you just tell
me your name and she said it doesn't work that way and I said who says and
she said people older than you I don't know who she was talking about but I
resisted it for several weeks because I kept thinking I was gonna do it wrong
which by the way that's the critical faculty the critical faculty is the part
of you that thinks things can be done right and wrong so finally I came up
with a name and I said what about this and she said that'll do for now
but we didn't talk much during that time because I hadn't figured out the name
and then finally one day a few weeks later the name popped into my head
and I went what about and I said her name and I had this feeling inside that
it was as if I had found a precious jewel or a crown and I had brought it to
her and she looked at me and she said you found it and that was when
everything in my life changed because I started to be able to talk to my
unconscious and I started to be able to ask questions I started to listen to my
unconscious when I wanted to do a swish pattern' or in two great parts I just
asked her if she could do it and she would do it because your unconscious
mind knows how to do everything that you know how to do and so much more now it's
very important at this point that I remind you that your unconscious mind is
not real but man when you pretend that it is magic can happen now one quick
clarification is why is my unconscious mind female I have actually found that
for the majority of people that I work with
both men and women have a tendency to respond better to their unconscious mind
being personified as female there are some ideas that I have about why this
might be related to the aspects of your mind being yin and yang and all this
kind of stuff ultimately the reality is it's not male or female it just is but
the point is that just like with with manifesting a part if you're working
with that the more real the more vivid that it is
the better you're gonna be able to relate to it yeah I mean mine wasn't
female line isn't female it's not male either it's and it's not trans it's just
it's beyond sex for me it was beyond sexuality personally but I appreciate
that it's you know a little more Yin a little more female totally dig it so
Morgan can you talk a little bit about why you think this works so well yeah so
more on like a nuts and bolts kind of level I see this as an intentional parts
disintegration for the purposes of reintegration right I mean a lot of
people would say now we need to smash everybody into one part but clearly
we're saying clonk here's a part it's a part of you
pertain part right remember yeah we're not splitting you into multiple
personality right this isn't real you got to know what the difference is
between the map and the territory but if you can for the purpose of giving it a
voice for the purpose of being able to express gratitude for it if you can
separate out your unconscious mind and personify it it basically is the art of
self influence of self it's no holy crap what more could you do then go okay hey
I love you I love you too okay are we good friends let's be friends and then
they can come back in it's yeah it's a it's a meta metaphor for metamorphosis
oh fuck yes so I wanna I wanna to emphasize this point as clearly as we
can because we're really talking about here is we're saying like pretend that
you're multiple personalities but understand that you're not like know
that ultimately you are just you you are one but you've got pretend
do you think you're talking to when you're talking to yourself right exactly
still you so I want to clarify this with one last metaphor imagine for a moment
that you are sitting in a room inside your mind and there's a table and
there's a chair on either side of the table and you go sit at one of the
chairs okay you're in a room there's a table and two chairs you're sitting on
one side and I want you to imagine on the other side of the table is Abraham
Lincoln now if you can imagine that I'm fairly certain that you would not argue
with me when I say you know that's not really Abraham Lincoln right that is
your unconscious Minds best attempt to create Abraham Lincoln with it's
beautiful amazing virtually infinite imagination and it could be Abraham
Lincoln it could be obi-wan Kenobi it could be Jesus or Gandhi or Buddha
sitting across from you on that table and by the way this is a technique that
Napoleon Hill wrote about in Think and Grow Rich in his master mind concept and
the crazy thing is this works if you do this and you present questions to this
imaginary character Albert Einstein or whatever you frequently find that number
one it it answers in ways that you wouldn't have thought of and number two
it answers in ways that are similar to how you think that person would answer
and this is an awesome tool to basically be able to channel people and access
resources of your imagination in your unconscious that you couldn't otherwise
access now in the same way that if Abraham Lincoln sitting across the table
you know that's not really a I want you to imagine you're there
you're sitting in the chair there's the table and in the other chair is your
unconscious mind sitting across from you that is not your unconscious MA
that is your unconscious minds best attempt to create a personification of
itself so you can talk to it do you want to know where your unconscious mind
really is in that scenario look around the room that is your
unconscious which is just the ocean where you can be when you are the fish
be the fish so there's only one step in this process give your unconscious mind
a name peace love and NLP hey there Nicolas here thank you so much for
watching this episode NLP geeks like you are exactly the
reason we decided to make this podcast please feel free to leave a comment or
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