NLP Techniques: 3 Questions to Reprogram Your Subconscious Limiting Beliefs

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What's up my loves. Welcome
back to P.S. I'm Ella, Your channel for everything
spirituality, manifestation, mindset, and aligned business. In today's video, I'm sharing with you three
simple questions to ask
yourself to reprogram your subconscious limiting beliefs so that
you can feel empowered to manifest anything that you want. If you want to
add on this, then just keep on watching. So first of all, what
is a limiting belief? A limiting belief is a belief with a
limited perception that limits you in a certain way.

Now, all beliefs to a certain extent can be
considered limiting beliefs because in order for you to believe in one thing, you must believe in that limited
perception of that one thing. However, where limiting beliefs become problematic
is when they actually limit you in seeing what you are capable of. So
some common limiting beliefs include, I'm not good enough, I'm not ready enough,
I'm not worthy enough. You name it, and these beliefs directly block your
capacity to manifest and to receive the things that you desire. Because deep down you don't actually
believe that it is possible for you. Now give me a thumbs up if you can
relate to the limiting belief of I am not good enough to any extent of it.

not good enough. I'm not smart enough, I'm not ready enough,
I'm not worthy enough, and if you are feeling this way or have
felt this way in the past, first of all, I want you to know that you
are absolutely not alone. I am not good enough is the number one
limiting belief that exists in all human beings. Now, what you need to understand is that
your limiting beliefs are not true. They're just fabricated by your
subconscious mind through deleting, generalizing and distorting
information. So today, that's why I'm going to share with you
these three simple questions that you can ask yourself the next time you feel a
limiting belief popping up to stop it in its tracks and to turn it
into an empowering belief. The first question to ask yourself is, when did I decide that now this question
challenges your subconscious mind to recover the missing information as to
what was the source of this limiting belief. Because in order for you
to believe in a limiting belief, at a certain point in time, something must have happened in order
for you to decide and to learn that for example, you are not good enough
or whatever limiting belief it is.

Now normally two things happen here. The first thing is that you actually
find it pretty difficult to identify the source of this which when you cannot
find the source and you cannot find the evidence this weekends, that
overall limiting belief. The second thing that can happen is
that you find a specific incident. Now usually this incident can actually
be something super insignificant like you feel like you're not good enough because
a kid in kindergarten when you were five said that you're not good enough
and usually you can have a good laugh about it. Now there's also this
other perspective, for example, that it was a more significant event which
made you believe or feel like you are not good enough or whatever. That
limiting belief is. Now to tackle that, we will move on to question number two. Question number two is what
else could that have meant? So once you have identified
that particular moment, when you have decided that you
are not good enough, for example, or whatever that incident was, what else could that incident have
meant instead of meaning you're not good enough.

So to give you an example, I
know that for me, I'm not good enough, was very much ingrained in my childhood
when my parents were constantly pushing me to do better in school. And at a certain point when I got a
really bad grade once on my report card, I came to believe that
I'm not good enough. Now what is really powerful here is to
actually think about that incident and change your perspective
as to what's going on, what are all the other possible meanings
and interpretations and that event aside from you're not good
enough, perhaps you were young, you were still learning.

And it's normal for us to make
mistakes or perhaps in my case, I know that my parents just really cared
about me and one of the best for me, it wasn't their intention to make
me feel like I'm not good enough. So actually looking at all these
different perspectives in that event, ask yourself what else
could that have meant? This helps you reframe your interpretation
and therefore let loose of any emotions, any strong emotions
tied to this limiting belief. And once you can invite
in these new perspectives, what you're going to find is that your
limiting belief is going to loosen up. And in most cases it's actually
going to completely disappear. Question number three, what do
I want to believe in instead? So this is all about shifting your focus
away from what is currently limiting you to what do you want
instead? Because remember, your subconscious is going to give
you exactly what you focus on. So you want to focus on, okay, what is that next empowering belief that
I want to hold about myself instead? Now that I have loosened up this
limiting belief, so for example, I believe that I am worthy to
attract an everything that I desire.

I believe that I am good enough to do
whatever I set my mind to you name it. So listing out those
new empowering beliefs. And then what you want to do here is also
to gather some evidence to support it, some small examples, medium examples, big examples as to how you already know
you are worthy enough, good enough, whatever it is, and this is going to be very powerful
because this will help you build that certainty around your belief and
therefore really be able to feel it and experience it. And those are the three simple questions
that you can just ask yourself whenever any limiting beliefs pop up.

Remember, limiting beliefs are just interpretations
in your mind and very often their interpretations based off
of missing information, distorted information and general likes
information by your subconscious mind. So when you're asking the right
questions and probing deeper, you are able to call out your own BS in
the things that you have been saying to yourself and believing in
that are absolutely not true. Now if you want to go deeper in this
and you want to find out how to fully change the story that you're telling
yourself about your life so that you can actually manifest everything that you
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would be so much fun to have you join us. So that's all I have for you guys today. I hope you enjoy the short and sweet video
and that it helps you with letting go of your limiting beliefs. Thank you so much again for
tuning in and until my next video, stay light and shine bright.

My friends..

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