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Organische Facebook-Reichweite 2019 | Folge 108 Facebook-Marketing leicht gemacht

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Hello and welcome to Facebook marketing made easy. We arrived at episode 108 today and it's about reach. That is organic reach 2019 – what still works well and what no longer works. Let's talk a little bit about it, because I know it changes there is always something going on and we take a look in which direction Facebook is developing and why it is so. Of course, I brought some information for you. We look to us on the side: how my range is, which one Posts work well and of course what you can implement from them. Which post ideas I would like to give you, and then of course what Facebook actually wants. Which direction is going with Facebook and why – let's take a look. What we do know is that things used to be Have worked on Facebook, no longer go like this. We have to adjust a little bit, because above all the algorithm changes constantly here. I already know how the algorithm works discussed once in one episode and in the third show, you can like to look at you because we have constant changes here you get that from time to time with facebook is not working or any the functions don't work so well that means what they are in the background at work and especially the algorithm the changes the we hardly get it with us until later what changes there did what was done for a thousandth small change again with facebook certain contents favored and others not this fast pace changes almost daily something on facebook is something which of course made me start my facebook marketing club a member area where you really are always up to date because you can imagine it makes it a little bit complicated and that let's compress a little today in this sequence and I'll take you a little bit and explain what the next ones are about minutes it is important that you have an overview of what I do on facebook clearly the platform itself can be used free of charge for our marketing but we have to keep in mind that we are not for that of course look and see how we get it anyway to build up in organic range is my hobbyhorse we watch first of all what can we do without spending ads around here in The range to come is very important because if you advertise too early Ads from my point of view then they are very very expensive if you so it didn’t understand how to build organic reach and the ads accordingly, steam makes them very easy to work on facebook not because of that the topic is very, very important and with that we start you know Facebook has long had the main theme of bringing the world to gather So bring the world together a little bit changed since last year you are more towards the building communities the community is online and started in 2017 now of course also in the direction of london so you already have it in europe Most of the events have taken place in the United States been in london 2018 in january i was actually there myself even very pregnant and now I have no look at the post here us again if I find it here because of course the communities do know it when I'm on facebook facebook groups are a private sphere So drawing from facebook it is easy that we are in one maintain a closed area and that works especially well in groups that's why they are pushed very much and that's why I was then very pregnant flown to london from facebook they have everything paid hotel & co and then took part in this huge event only administrators of large groups were invited to do something want to move and I find that very exciting because you just see it a little where the focus is even if you only have events for this one product from you develop there is no other product from facebook so public for every train english event if you look of course has applied for it so of course application is here crucial that you can definitely reach it so that's very important groups in the direction I come again what you pay attention to should there be changes, for example, that you can now use facebook groups can pay subscription groups means we can go in and pay for the group or if someone is part of the group then he has to pay and I find that very exciting we can monetize here directly on facebook and have the opportunity Not leaving facebook at all and of course that's very, very cool here as i'm on the summit, so to speak, you took a picture in london that you then used them for the main contribution on facebook which of course is very very cool with me and a big belly I found very very cool and I would now like to make it clear to you again why this is so important facebook wants us to feel comfortable on the platform if we are now in groups we have that means we are in one closed and area depending on how big the group is private in large groups of course not quite as private but it is a closed one the area can of course also the messenger we have either one-on-one exchanges or just small ones groups with whom we exchange, Facebook is pushing very, very much many many changes that come in the direction and both have to do with organic it is just as if we have a facebook group that we are with the groups with group posts usually get more range than we get that when we post on the site we get even more reach if we post in the profile yes we have to think about how we can do it so what content can we create with it Range increases and that is very important when we look at each other what doesn't work on facebook then it is very clear that it links are and you can see that with me quite well on the facebook page I have so good like no link posts that means I watch that I mostly video photo or Text contributors and you just have to have a look you have very, very much many link posts because facebook doesn't want you to platform clearly leaves a very cool youtube, for example video you find if you share it on facebook then it will probably be no interaction and no range and that's a problem what So you do either you have the video yourself it is your video and you can upload it directly to facebook or if it is a foreign video is just looking for the name of the youtube creator on facebook and see if you can find the original video the search is relatively easy can just go into the posts on one side and if you left there in the bar on the rider posts then you have the option here go into the search and it is then displayed on the right and accordingly A little bit hidden is now in a different place than it used to be but so you can search for a specific video name, for example or after a place or something similar, or even after a period of time, that's all very important that you share original content and when you found the video then don't share it on your site or download it somehow content steal my point is a video on facebook that's on facebook was uploaded that will definitely get more reach than any link post youtube link for example yes it works just no longer we know that the range in the usa, there has been an extremely low range of one to six percent on average this is extremely little if we imagine 100 fans sees 10 1 to 6 our contribution of 1000 lakes really only ten to 60 it's extremely little and that is of course, just an average smaller one page is the more reach it has the more you get, the shorter the range and with me it is also easy so that i average 50 to 70 percent range have now sunk quite a bit in my range I clearly have on average at 2,000 I would say there are always contributions that work particularly well organically yes they do a little knock out but on average i am with two thousand people reach 2000 people of over 15,000 fans now and that must be on our tongue let it go away are just ten percent of the people I am here now So very important to achieve what are the contents now that we have here shouldn't even use it, for example, they say yes we should meaningful content produce what you say quotes for example for should no longer work there I see both sides so I see page quotes still work very well other pages just not absolutely i think that's where the strategy comes from on it and with us it is so that we are trying now not any posting quotes but actually that I create my own quotes and that's just from the videos and the contributions that I will produce parts taken out and used as my own quotes for quotes and in addition because meaningful content also really contains content are and are not just clapping the hedge that I get out of it too Do not deliver added value and what explains a story about it just clap the quote but actually tell something about it and give the whole context very important what can we do then So now postmas are the best contributions for reach and for interactions interactions, for example comments or video looked at or clicks at all always means that range is increased if facebook notices in the first 30 minutes Many reactions to the image will automatically increase the range for the next 24 hours for this contribution the first minutes that's why it's so important wanja posts and there were simply tests made in the usa symbol had made a test that videos are the best posts directly after that there are actually surveys and the third is photos graphics photos depending on how oz we know videos more moving content there we go a little bit more about it but what I do these surveys are exciting, so ask questions and there are yes different options we have this poll function on the where page you can give two different answers and that is just playful that works very well yes because they are good when they are good are formulated and easy to understand then it actually means that one must answer if it runs through the feed that is entirely up to you so look what you can just ask even with one very simple sentence, for example, a contribution that I have now planned Which rudi did you use last or which one do you like the most? dearest and then I give my example of this is my heart look with the So the smiley with the heart in the eyes that's how I use it Most of them come in all of my posts in my newsletters or news the mailer most before such a free life and that is one very simple question that can be answered in a playful way that means on the one hand it is hardly an effort for me to answer and on the other hand others it is also exciting to see what answers because the others just have a look and that's just a little fun factor entertainment on facebook we always want to have somewhere with us my topic has to do with facebook marketing therefore think about how you can simply do surveys the crucial point is the formulation of the question, which should simply not be so be complicated ideally more than five words in the answer require yes so with facebook it likes when we have more than five words here in the comments have and therefore look that they also write a little something about it yes ideally so videos are especially popular now because we already have said the content facebook simply wants to move people who used to be from sat on the facebook platform is quite Sure, because we just notice a lot more of this movement from the television way to youtube and pay-tv so on demand netflix and co I for example I don't have a TV anymore, I don't watch any public or legal ones Public or private channels no longer so really not at all completely on demand and there in the direction wants facebook because then of course in the second step they also do the advertising want to put on tv pull over to facebook they are here then of course feel good because you can reach the people there too we know that facebook is slowly running out of space for advertisements and within the videos you can now find new advertising space and place it on the advertisement as a mini video inside of the video after a few minutes it will be played 1 there is not yet but it will go that often we just have to know it is a free platform accordingly that we are a little bit more deeply decisive for me that we think about what we can build a video strategy for and if you times with me on the side it is just that I actually try to make a video at least once a week ideally you can also make the video really regularly not only once a week but also on the same day during the week same time so that your fans get used to it when the video will appear and watch it and watch it live are interacting with here i just see the videos fits works on best where I really really interact with the fans most of my videos are live but not as interactive as it is should actually be recommended by me first announce video beforehand so that you really have a lot of live viewers you could for example of an event on facebook you could do that via the announce the newsletter or in your profile or in the group on it indicate that you will go live the next day at that time and clock just announce in time or just plan the live video beforehand so that you can send the link straight out all of this works very well to increase the range here if you have it namely you can make the comments live while watching the video then the range will automatically increase after the recording and if you don't make a lot of videos yet or none at all then I would absolutely get you into this a little bit Direction moves and looks at how you can use videos in your content strategy install and as simple as I said most videos are with me live, what I do now very often is I record the video and produce two three videos at once and can then use it as a premiere Play on my site so that it looks live even though it is not also doesn't necessarily help the interaction during the video except man automatically poses a few questions in between but also that works very well to boost the reach at facebook also premieres very very pushing and accordingly the range here gets one would even get normal live video and of course it will increase again you then also proactively just open the whole thing up Facebook setting just doesn't work anymore today, we have to do it do a little advertising, for example, share it in our group and also on other platforms to indicate that we have certain content that are important to us, we can no longer push ourselves here leave facebook that if we have posted something, just go to range comes but of course there are a few tricks you might can do my five days reach challenge if you still can we didn't have a lot of participants who went through who once did that, now over 11,000 participants some of them have registered twice because you can do them again and again can and simply 5 posts that I am going over every day an e-mail with the proposal you could taste at the day and guaranteed range increase are easy a few tricks and tips to help you get a little bit more into the Visibility comes because that's exactly the topic we have to deal with consider how we can manage a strategy here in the long term build up to come within reach and which ones Types of contributions work very well there and that is just five of them which you can definitely do now I wish you a lot of fun the challenge can be found at kathrin hill dot com / range and then tell me what is going very well with you in the range are these also videos do you ask about how to see the endurance send gehrmann screenshot then i am really excited because i know how difficult with the range is of course also different pages a little bit different, but we'll have a look at the occasion and maybe a bit of inspiration from a bomber and I'm excited like you this problem solves the range on facebook simply by this large competition that we have and the many many contributions that go against each other competing to get visibility has become very, very difficult Thank you very much for watching and listening and see you on facebook again

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