Personality Development Training: How to Develop Your Personality | VED [NLP in Hindi]

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Hello my name is Ved and I welcome you to Program Your Mind Today I am gonna speak to you on a very important topic that How you can enhance and develop your personality? because whatever the technical knowledge you have learned through education, it has an important role to shape your career. but the other important thing , how is your personality? how much powerful and confident you look? what is your image in sight of different people? so it is important that as a person you develop yourself in a very good manner. your personality must be powerful and strong so I am gonna share with you the six topics related to that if you try to follow and integrate so there can be a great change in your life so let's start First thing is your Dressing Sense let me tell you, if you have many people in front of you so you may observed that make an imagination of them by just looking at them that what person would be like what suppose if some person is coming to meet you, so what do you look at first firstly you see their appearance that how he or she is looking? if he didn't give much attention on his dressing sense or not looking properly dressed up or not looking neat and tidy so there becomes a weak representation of that person in your mind that may be this person is not so much successful or confident or doesn't do care of himself much so the image of that person is created on lower side of your mind the same happens with you also so whenever you are gonna present yourself so be careful that how exactly you are dressed up? that will enhance your personality very much let me tell you some basics if you are in field of speaking or sales so three colors are very important for you Black, grey and White we call Black and Grey the colors of Power as I have worn a Grey color suit and white shirt so these are the power colors in the same way Red also is a power color it is not like that you wear Red color dress if you are male bit if you are female then it can work like a Red color Tie it will suit you better because it shows you as powerful so there is a one more color, Blue which give you the Trustworthy experience that means when people see you wearing a Blue Tie or Blue suit so the image is reflected of yours in other people's mind, that is of a Trustworthy person so these are some some things you can be careful for and it is not like that you may have the expensive and costly dresses but how you dressed up and keep yourself Neat and Tidy how the other person can feel that this person keep himself manage and organized so you need to be careful for your dressing sense this plays a very important and main factor role in your personality Now second is your Language I would like to tell you about with more forcefully that never use loose language cheap or loose talk language should never be used because if your language is filled these kind of words so your personality is going to be projected as it is in mind of the person in front of you that may be your character is not so good would you like that? I know you wold not like so, let me tell you one more thing whatever you are speaking as your language it is coming out of your mouth later but is being created in your Mind before so if you use cheap language so it means that your mind is filled with so many cheap words do you like so? start reversing it try to speaking good words and good communication where will you get good language? when you will listen good people as you are watching this YouTube video, you might have listening other good speakers you can read good books your language will be started upgrading from there so start using that kind of language whatever it is, in friend circle there is a little different communication and that is okay but you have to be careful that what kind of language of yours is, it is projecting your personality so you are needed to be careful on your language you should use better language pattern, Right? so this is the second important point you have to be careful and integrate in your life Now third is What you read? understand this, all those who have achieved success in their life They are the ones who have read good things They do not put any useless information in their Mind They read good things, They read good books as I have a book in front of me, let me show you.

The book's name is 'Magic of Thinking Big' I read it long ago still this book is with me because I have read this and many other books and I know those have become so much successful in their life They are always Good readers You may have heard a saying "Good Readers are Good Leaders". that means those who are good readers they become good leaders in life if you want to lead your life or want to be on top level in your profession so read good books there are many good Books available start reading them Now a days I am coaching a person who is the owner of a Huge company when I interacted with him he said the the books he read in initial day they impacted on him a lot and now I feel that I shouldn't read some sort of books because I also got the effects of those book on my personality you should be so much selective and choosy of what kind of book you read there are lots of books which you can read in the description of this video I will mention some books name which I read and you also can read if you're not yet started reading books, so start reading good books I would like to tell you one more statement here of Napoleon Hill whose famous books are Think and Grow rich and law of Success He said "Your life is the average of those 5 people in whom association you are living that means the people with whom you are having a thought exchange and interaction on mental level your life gonna be like them 10 to 20 percent more or less your finances gonna be like their finances I know many of us don't have the opportunity to be in touch and interaction of highly successful people but at least we can read their books so there are many readers who have been successful in their life by reading such books
so start reading good books and you also can be so start reading good books Now Next, Discussion so understand when you discuss something with someone so it is important to know in which direction your discussion is going if you are kind of Discussion of criticizing you are going to waste the tremendous energy you have which you shouldn't waste when there is a Debate so I would recommend you to not to be a part in that because the one who is fighting he only wants fight he doesn't have concern with what will be the end result of it or I just reach to what is True and right He is just enjoying in fighting and you might have heard a saying "if you fight with pig you both get dirty but the pig loves it that means if you fight with pig so the Pig enjoys in it, do You also enjoy in it? No.

So the next if you see a discussion is going in negative direction only irrelevant discussion is going to be happening there so keep away yourself from these kind of discussion make an excuse of call and go somewhere else you can talk about your time schedule, that I have to go somewhere else don't get engaged in this kind of discussion you need to discuss about Ideas,good thought and your growth choose friends in your circle those who discuss relevant discussion those who only find faults in politics and in world.what changes you will get by discussing with them? Nothing at all so start discussing with people who moving towards growth in their life whose focus is to achieve something when you will go in that kind of discussion so your Personality will be developed automatically suppose you have some challenges in your life let's take an example, suppose you can't speak English well and you are surrounded with people those who also can't speak English well so you are so much comfortable but if you go in association of those people whose communication skill is so powerful who use the power of English language very well so you will feel very disturbed because you will feel so uneasy that I can't speak English like them you know what will happen now? if you will keep yourself in this association so you will make effort, hard work and upgrade yourself and there will be change in your life and your personality will be developed so these are the some points which you need to integrate in your life Let's come on to next point, Jokes We all share Jokes on Whats App,Facebook and through messages to enjoy and entertain our self when we talk to each other But I would like to recommend you one thing that stop sharing,telling and discussing the cheap Jokes from this day onward because the kind of Jokes you crack tells about your personality that which kind of person you are if you tell this kind of Jokes so the same kind of image is projected in the mind of other people that you are a cheap kind of person and you wouldn't like this so Be careful about your communication that how should I communicate and what kind of personality should I have the kind of discussion you make with people so the same gets projected in their mind if You use whats app and send motivational messages to other not the long stories which people do copy, past and forward but if you send some motivational quote and inspiring messages specifically or share the link of a good video so people percieve your personality in this way that you are so sincere and mature but if you share cheap jokes so your personality in people's mind gets created that you are nothing for good and you will not like this at all so you need to be careful so much for this thing Now last, that is your Profession if you are in any profession , you may have your business,job or you may be self-employed whatever you are doing You must learn understand one thing "Work more than paid for'" that mean any amount you get in exchange of any service always give your service at higher end make more effort than the amount you re getting through salary or in another way This is the formula of growth, this is the secret of growth those who only match their salary they never grow they remains average those who get less they go to downfall but those who make more effort than that that means you got some amount but effort-wise you paid more so you are going on the track of Growth and it is going to enhance and develop your personality very much so you have to integrate these six points in your life Only you can make yourself great you have the unlimited possibility to grow and make yourself successful at this time but this will only happen when you will take responsibility that Yes it is my responsibility develop myself then only you will develop yourself if you think it is my company,school or college's job and they will develop me and will bring change in my life.

So, nothing is gonna happen let's take an example, if Government decide to feed everyone that means they will just feed you that means they can only give you food. nothing more than this but if someone wants to eat the food of their choice,taste and desired dish which he wants to have so he need to make effort and earn only then he can purchase his desired food in the same way if you give responsibility to your school,college, institution or something to develop you so they will develop you to the extent of some level but you will have to take responsibility to become extra ordinary You can make yourself extra-ordinary for that you need to follow and integrate these all points in your life then just check and you will not find taste in bad things you will feel to spend time with people who make relevant discussion and growing let me do something in my life because you don't want to waste your life.

I also know that so I was giving you some tips through this video which have reached to you. so, start applying these things if you didn't understand something so write it in comment section below I will try that I myself respond you at least the day this video will be launched I will give you reply and rest of days may be my team will reply so start doing these things if you are liking this video so, start sharing this video because there are many people in life of whom these things can play a role many times I get some calls they say that sir I watched this video and I shared it with my friends,family and kids and I got good response because they also felt that Yes someone is concerned about me as you forward some message to some people.

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