The YouTube Rewind you secretly wanted

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so this year’s YouTube rewind just came out and they decided to play it very safe which means it was super boring it’s basically Statistics the movie it’s just a bunch of top ten lists like here in the top five dance videos here are the top five video games it was like watched mojo without the narration that was the whole video and it’s fine I guess but it’s so boring there are zero giftable moments and we all know that last year’s rewind was a total cringe fest but at least it was memorable and if I’m being honest I think deep down all of us secretly wanted to see a little bit of cringe in this year’s rewind which is why I felt compelled to make the video you deserve Merry Christmas whoa is that baby Oda you’re breathtaking I’m bad I’m gonna plant 1 billion my guys this year we control rewind meow that’s impossible cats comes out in theaters this Christmas if I controlled rewind I’d have ksi and Jay Logan Paul in in like a gun duel in the Wild West like the little Cowboys I think that’d be epic you already forgot about this movie

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