Was ist NLP? | (N)euro-(L)inguitisches (P)rogrammieren einfach erklärt

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Hi good afternoon my name is Chris Mulzer People say I'm an NLP trainer … and tie to this three letters a whole lot of expectations. I have to say quite honestly then almost mid-25 years ago, when I started to deal with this model of NLP, I also had a lot of expectations and in most cases, I have to say These expectations have been met with me too. In the next few minutes that we will have together, I want you the basic things of the model of NLP so and soon to imagine that you can make an impression of it, whether the model of NLP, dealing with the model of NLP, whether a job, a visit to a workshop with me, for you. And of course, in this way the model of NLP in the best possible light to me and pose for you.

But back. 25 years are a lot of time and I have to tell you quite honestly Sometimes I really feel like NLP veteran NLP veteran the actual The actual origins and the time the emergence of the model of NLP lies further back in the 70s. This may not be the time to now to elaborate on Indeed and I would like to say that I have myself and that is a principle of mine, addressed to Hans, as the German saying goes, I do not go to Hansel, but to Hans. And I have, over 15 years, I think, it was, Assistant to Doctor Richard Bandler, one of the Co-founder, developer, Inventor, if you like, the model of NLP and that was not always pleasant, that was sometimes a hard time, because Richard here uncompromisingly, as far as the training of assistants is concerned. but it seems to have fallen on no bad reason at least I'm sitting here today and make NLP training. So what is that, the model of NLP? Back then, I just hinted at it when I started using the model to deal with NLP ahhh, the first seminar; I remember it like today, has sent me home at low altitude.

The, that was 16, 17 days, it was an NLP practitioner, These days had me in a kind of way Basic mood left behind, which I did not know that way in life and I was firmly convinced: now my entire life changes. And I have to say it has since then, in the 3, 4, 6, 10 months after, a whole lot changed. I tackled things that I had never tackled before, things come to me, I have cleaned up relationships, I have old corpses out brought to the basement and burned in style, in the crematorium, if I may say so figuratively. And I soon noticed that for my personality dealing with the model of NLP is something which does not just happen once in a 10, 15, 20 day workshop, but will be something what is profitable and important to me and is permanent.

That's when I started it and said: ok, that's it like the daily sport, like the daily food, something I do make for myself want to do for myself. would like to. Today, retrospectively, when I ask myself: "Yes what Because of this, I have a lot of time in the employment with the Model of NLP invested, what did that time bring to me? " Then am the best living example myself, in the way I sit in front of you and with you speak.

If I from inside me To give information, then I would as the most important feature a certain kind of Wanting to designate flexibility that allows me to live life in a way and way to see which is like a big adventure playground. Sometimes I have to grin when I am Through the city, here in Berlin, run and the people so completely self-employed and obviously not necessarily good See busy thoughts, then I think to myself: "Man You could cut off a slice of it, You could also be your reality in a way bend it that you would do something better ". A … one of the most important findings in all those years, for me, the that the brain no differences between the what you invent, at least neurophysiologically and the, what you actually experienced. This is something we see every day proved anew when we are with Friends, for example, to experience something outdoors, Put us together a few days later to chat about it and realize that each one of us must be happy and realize that each one of us is a friend had another experience.

And when I remember how I learned it, for myself in a way to invent the world, that she is good for me, because that's it what most people do not mastered, to do something in your head that has positive life results, If I remember it, I have to say, "Yes, I had a lot of it leave behind." However, I think that's for me really worth it. The second, when I think for myself, important decision for me was, that in the way that I am using the language model of NLP have employed me myself too had to deal with my way of speaking and luckily the nature and structure of my thoughts are very sharp and precession has changed.

That allows with today, much to the displeasure of many of my interlocutors, a much more precise language; the the Result is much more precise thought. That uses me in the job, that uses me in private life, that's what I use wherever I want to express myself. Another positive factor for me, and these are all the end results, is that I have a lot of, yes, I'm just saying Techniques, tools that I've learned in a variety of situations with significantly more options too react, To change things because how does the model of NLP, if it could talk, so beautiful: "If what you are doing does not work, then do something different. " And this learning to do this a little differently, as part of my normal To make life that has also been a big change. In so far it's for me the employment with the model of NLP always been rewarding. Naturally has also made dealing with the model of NLP that I have taken a job, a vocation and today as NLP-Trainer on stage and this model also other people teach and I have to say it's mine on very important need, all that, What I like about the positive, the immediate and the indirect with the employment of the model of NLP for me, also to pass on.

For that I am very much thinking and have their own Seminar workshop format developed. Surely you have already dealt with it, surely you have things from me, seen in this regard. In the net there is enough, if not lead from this page, where you can see this video, many links to where you can deal with it more accurately. And me I thought that in the course of this workshop the NLP practitioner, me all the skills from the basics, to convey the people who come to me, who can afford that. And so that they can afford it I have designed this type of training also very cheap. But that brings us now very far from the actual content of the model v on NLP, from the basics, from the introduction way and I want a little bit more to the ….

To the … to the … say basic requirements with which the model of NLP deals. Because: The model has come out of a time, where it new, in science new linguistic approaches gave and where the model the functioning of the brain has experienced a very different kind of interpretation and how it usually like that, if new insights in science tire, be made, changes in the course of the next few years, of course, then the application of these findings. And one of those applications, in the findings the linguistic model, is the reason for the model of NLP. Perhaps You allow me a short trip, usually yes Alfred Korzybski, the mathematician in the 1930s, regarded as the actual founder of the model of NLP. At least he already has in the 30s a kind of linguistic training, namely neuro-linguistic Training recommended. However, if I agree with this Model, as such, it may perhaps be called, busy, then must I say, he was already very theoretical and it has many needs further steps, the model of NLP Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, to that finesse and to this Fineness in the manner of model theorem, of the To bring about the formulation of the model theorem that it has today.

The … The basis for the model of NLP are the so-called basic assumptions in the model of NLP. I have myself – I do not want to remember everything – our Exercise book for the practitioner hergenommen. There are on page twelve the basic assumptions, all recorded and, so that I do not make a mistake, not translated only but also in the English original. The model of NLP is in its original developed as English, as American language model. If I did what I just said about Alfred Korzybski again me recalling, then I come to one principle, one Basic belief, in the model of NLP who says: "The landscape is not the map or the map is not the landscape." What does that mean? This is so important to me that I have the brevity that is available Would like to use time to explain this to you. All that, what we perceive in our reality with our five senses, all that we form in our brain. So the landscape of reality is formed on a map of our brain. The only way we have to map this map to other people describe is our language.

With our language So let us describe our reality for others and of course also for ourselves. What kind of language we use and how we use that language certainly, how good that Model, the map, coincides with the actual reality of reality. For everyday life is it important, that the results, we by the way of employment and the expression, the linguistic expression, our map in the brain achieve, that these results are beneficial for us and when I look around in everyday life, then I notice that many people kind of Map in the brain have to seem to their reality, that does not do you any good. Where else should it come from? the amount bad feelings, sorrow, depression and all of the the misunderstanding in personal dealings come with us? And a second – and that's not in this book – but that's something what a whole for me important further basis is a second one is, what belongs to it: "You decide Your feelings yourself.

" And I already hear it how you groan and say: "Ah, but that can not be if my girlfriend not only would always make ladrararararrada "or," if my dad or if my mother would not constantly make dardaradarad … ". And there you see, how deeply branded it is in our self-image the responsibility for our feelings, the responsibility for our lives outside to other people leave. If you come to me, if you do an apprenticeship with me in the model of NLP, is this the first thing I teach you that, and how You can influence your feelings in a way that you Lord, or woman in this sense, about it.

And Some would like to think that that would be so difficult and is then surprised how easy it is to control your feelings yourself. And if you are think about that only alone with the ability to control your emotions and I just assume that when you come to me, You will not necessarily be someone who now wants to have bad feelings, there are already too many in the world. I think that you are the one who says: "Yes with it, with the good feelings and not just a few but as many as me can endure. " And then, of course, the question How many good feelings can you stand? And how you determined now, or what impression you now determined by me …

so … in your own way, that's it – You have to worry about that, if you want, because that's it the model of NLP will also offer you, if you deal with it. In the following episodes I will be more specific with the individual components of the NLP model deal with. I will show you, how certain linguistic models cause us to become our reality perceive differently. I will show you which techniques you can learn and which results you can achieve with it. I will go a little deeper into the submodels of NLP. Very important is me that I give you hypnosis as a subprocess of the model of NLP darlege. We will deal with different views and ways to deal with and if you have the total of seven parts viewed, you will become one get a relatively good impression of What's up with the model of NLP? For the moment I thank you very much for your attention and wish you that my thoughts accompany you the most positive and that you maybe even in the past few minutes one or the other have learned.

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