2000 Playoffs Lakers vs Trail Blazers – Game 1

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Shaquille O'Neal averaged just under 30 points for the season averaging just under 30 in the playoffs for the averaged only 20 and a half and never topped 23 in any of the four games against the Trailblazers Donna Meyer may very well start out covering Kobe Bryant that may almost be to lure the Lakers into getting the ball into Bryan's hands more often than into Shaq's we'll talk more about that in the bit now we check with him on all right thanks Bob everybody was talking about all these matchups between these two teams but the matchup everybody wants to see is the one between Kobe Bryant and Scottie Pippen oh I thought that scoop Kobe about that before the game and he said yes these are the kind of situation that he lives for these kind of challenges he realized he's gonna push Gotti to another level and show study that he can also rise that level himself now when I asked Scotty about that this guy said well someone needs to tell told me that those six championship rings I have I did not find them Hammad thanks a lot talking about the depth of the Blazers no blazer was in the league top 40 in scoring all five starters average double figures no blazer had a single game this year in which he scored as many as 35 points but 10 different members of this squad led them in scoring in at least one game Bob just to follow up a little bit about the matchup you talked about Kobe Bryant will guard stottlemyre stottlemyre the Guardian which he said will maybe learn a little bit that's fine if they can keep the ball away from Josh now why is Kobe not matched up against get some rising they were given to run place and be a part of a group that helps law Shaquille O'Neal so here is Bryant on stottlemyre out to the Blazers win the opening tip follows Sabonis out hi [Applause] here comes rights Jackson sent to Glen Rice before the series we need you big numbers we need you to hit the shot well that's what gets shooters off easy layup [Applause] Wallace may have green overmatched in this series has scores on him here that's there for him all day if he will just take his time he has the size the speed the quickness all he has to do is be patient at 36 AC green couldn't really contend with Chris Webber and round one or with Cliff Robinson in round 2 now he's got to try to deal with Rasheed Wallace Shaq cross-court to Harper left alone for three [Applause] shooting three-point shot live because of that right there because he knows Scottie Pippen is going to be in the double teams he's going to be open he has to hit those shots [Applause] Schaech respecting sabonis outside range and there's a whistle the officials are on Garretson Mike Mathis and Bob Delaney Fallon Coby it's a tough matchup for Kobe Bryant he's a tremendous defensive player but at six seven and the Astana Meyer about 510 or 511 and so herky-jerky off that dribble he has tough to defend on that outside look for Wallace against Greene he spins on him and scores now a Cibrian starts the game but you're going to see Robert Horry for the majority of the minute so right now AC does buying some time so they come off the bench with orange shot switcheroo [Applause] he has a wide repertoire we haven't seen that one until now once again off the dribble against green a whistle and [Applause] it's wallace's first Mike Dunleavy sure does not like that ball he's talking to Mike Mathis felt that AC green should have been charged with a foul so the lucky dip that left shoulder created the contact [Applause] [Music] [Applause] green with a long one [Applause] three rice in the lay-up AC green with a jumper great news for the Lakers and Phil Jackson the way they have gotten started with their balance Stottlemeyer jumper over Kobe that's this is some difficult to guard Bob because he may be able to stop quicker and go up for shot than anybody in the NBA that is a tough shot to make the Lakers have had all four field goal attempts they've tried and now there's a Portland foul it's Pippins first murky jerkiness that we talked about Bob and watch out Whitney stops plants himself and gets that shot off before Coby to get that six seven frame and that long arm out to bother his shot that's why he was able to lead them in scoring in the regular series against the Lakers [Applause] can't hit this three-pointer no Neil over the back for the foul which one of the big guys can stay out of foul trouble they love it's the fact that if they can block out on the old speaking the Portland that maybe he will come off over the back and get a foul that's exactly what happened there well with sabonis and with Jermaine O'Neal off the bench and with Rasheed Wallace and Brian Brandt in short stretches again shaft they have lots of mouths to use Pippen emphatically to the hoop you know normally a game like this Bob you see tension and where you normally see it is in the offense the offense is very sputtering that's not the case very fluid offense by both teams and they feel each other out here to start this series interception by Pippen [Applause] is going to be important for Scotty to score I know he likes to facilitate and distribute the ball and gamble defensively I think you're going to need 16 points a game for this series out of hippin [Applause] the Blazers lead at 10/9 Bryant with the height advantage on Stoudemire can't hit it green on the offensive glass Coby gives it back to green who's open what did phil jackson tell us before the game he said not so much rebounding but extra possessions who gets the loose balls that time it goes to the Lakers they get two points [Applause] here's Wallace and then back outside the sabonis [Applause] this first touch that comes up limping fires and he's got a three octave great certain remember Scottie hits the three to eliminate Utada tonight down to he hits a big three and when he was with Chicago he was not called on to make those shots that was number 23 Michael Jordan's job rice for three and a whistle with lumps down on him fouled him and rice is going to shoot three free throws number one on Smith we took the Phil Jackson before the game he said they have got to be able to get something from this matchup you see the foul here as Steve Smith goes under him and just hits him with the with the hand on the leg it's a touch foul but Steve Smith Smith knows better than the commit that kind of little touch foul Smith and rice certainly familiar with each other they played against each other in high school in Michigan then in the big 10 rice at Michigan and Smith at Michigan State they were teammates with the Miami Heat for a while so had to go against each other in practice and now in this series well they know each other very well and they know what they love to do on the floor they're gonna try to take away those strengths about the long lines that Phil Jackson once again he talked about maybe running someplace for Glen Rice to get him going rather than have him drift out there and get lost in the offense and I think you're seeing him be very aggressive to start this game tied at 13 hitman has seven of those 13 Trailblazer points [Applause] he check involving screen roll that's what Sabonis does now why doesn't shaft help because he's worried about Sabonis rolling out and shooting that jump shot Kobe trying to dribble out of the double-team now finds Harper off the fake the jungle spins out and little Stoudemire has the rebound hip pulls up for three rebound green confronted by Sabonis she can't finish it sabonis have got to stay away from any touch valve now there's no reason the scottie pippen should get broken down on the perimeter from Harper let him get inside like that boss yeah that was surprising his Stottlemeyer trying to use that quickness but his pass splits through the hands of Rasheed Wallace [Applause] 5:58 to play-doh Jackson had this to say about Pippins importance to his team in this series and I don't think many people would dispute this but you know Phil always loved to play the little games and I think what he's trying to do is put a little pressure on Scottie well Scott he's responded you see the powerful drive there and the strong finish this is what he does best get in the passing lane those long arms get the steal and get the easy score in the open court comes down later on squares up and shoots the three-point shot ball comes out to him no hesitation at all these shoots two three so off to a great start and I think you would expect this in him with this team gets him on the road off to a great start and I know I'm not had a chance to talk to him before the game about what he ever said yeah you know I've been around Scottie for quite some time I've seen him in a supporting role I've seen him in a leadership role but I have never seen him as comfortable as he is now with this team is Portland Trail Blazer to me he felt like they really could come out here and win and as you watch the way he's playing he's showing that he's the guy with all the championship rings and he can lead these guys to the promised land Ahmad thanks Doug how important is it that Pippin knows the triangle offense in terms of what he does defensively as Bryant well I think it's very important because he knows where the trigger points are and where when the ball gets in certain situations where it puts most pressure on the defense and where he can help with that so he'll know where to pick and choose to do that misses the layup ders he breaks down to Brian off the dribble which he's done a couple of times already rice catch and shoot [Applause] 10:7 Glen Rice told his wife yesterday said you know what as a basketball player right now I've been unchartered waters I've never been here at this point in my career but when I'm in unchartered waters I like to leave my mark [Applause] Smith backing in then outside the Wallace 4/3 overshot it badly but it goes off harper's hands [Applause] a good number of the others but apparently it was touched last but Portland I then looked to me like it was definitely off the Lakers Lakers are on a 7o run [Applause] Jack against Sabonis [Applause] Harper with five now on the 24 O'Neal the jumper riot [Applause] kind of easy scores you want them to have to work hard for everything Shaq took the tough shot Stoudemire couldn't get the rebound Kobe picked it up and laid it in of course that was easy for player because he's capable of those midair gyrations Steve Smith's left unattended does what he does so well he hits the jumper for three in this case normally Steve Smith likes to come out and have a big first quarter the Lakers know that they're really identifying him very early on the defense Lakers by 4 [Applause] Harper's pass deflected by Pippen now the jumper by Harper off the back iron and it's got a you goes to the floor to scoop it up [Applause] [Music] [Applause] move out top two wallets and Rasheed swishes it from the head of the King how about this for talent couple post up he goes in just jumps over the top of the power cord this time screen roll he rolls out and hits the jump shot you talk about a young man with some talent AC green now Toby's spinning baseline give it back the green ball loose in the lane Shaq comes up with it and now it's stottlemyre [Applause] Steve Smith with rice on him it's a baseline move here you got to keep him off that baseline and a foul is called it'll be on rice it'll be his first 2:49 to play in the first the Laker lead is too [Music] Kobe Bryant is 6-7 Damon Stoudamire is 510 we asked Phil Jackson about that matchup we have to have Kobe being very loose very free very active and take advantage of what he has now if they start like they did all year with you know stottlemyre on Kobe you know that's a carrot for horse I mean they're they're gonna have to pay at some level for that so we think that and when you have an advantage like that you had to take advantage of it doesn't mean that Kobe's throwing off our balance it's the best advantage on the court I think when you saw that last possession you saw that as he was posted Scottie Pippen was coming down hard to double-team Kobe Bryant recognized that spun away from the double-team it got the score the one thing you're gonna do if you're gonna post Kobe like that the Blazers must make sure they keep Shaquille O'Neal off the offensive boards they do not want him to touch that ball when he comes down on that offensive him because he just punishes your deep sense so I still think it's gonna be a fine line with the Lakers about how much they go to that and how much they leave Shaq away from those primary post-ops here Steve Smith guarded by Harper now find Stoudemire for free just before the shot clock he's off with it it rolls right to Mike Dunleavy on the Portland bench and the ball will belong to the Lakers meanwhile arvydas Sabonis has played this entire games let's 9 and a half minutes to this point zeroes across the stat line you would think given his age 35 in his various aches and pains he'd have a better chance to perform well in Game one with three days rest and in Game two which is a quick turnaround to Monday night well I agree that I think his presence out there though has kept Shaq so occupied defensively that other guys have floors for that Kobe mrs.

Wallace rebounds [Applause] Meyer had to art get high and did it off the glass there's another thing you just talked about Bob now Sabonis did not take that shot but it's so difficult for Shaq to lay back in that paint and get down there and help because he is concerned about sabonis shoots the jumper so the presents there help the Blazers get that score and now they are on a 700 [Applause] a shot that he came across the middle that was a difficult shot and he has two dunks in the game you want to limit his dumps this layout [Applause] now Kobe's got Smith on a switch and Steve hits over it very good low post player now when he was in Atlanta they used to go down on that block all the time and at 6/8 he could elevate and also he's a tremendous free-throw shooter if you foul him down there [Applause] kobe-wan us over to help and a foul begin to talk to the fish how close he is to a tea the great throw down my shaft the pressure from sabonis on the backside he rolled away from the pressure the great from Kobe Bryant Rasheed Wallace is off to a great start and now he has to sit down with his fouls now Brian grant is in the game calm be more active and healthy than he's been all season long a tremendous offensive rebounder Brett is the first substitute of either back the man he replaced sat down with mm it took grant only a few seconds to pick up his first Oh be average 22 and a half of the season 24 and a half so far in the playoffs and follow today's game with sync TV a live online companion to each playoff broadcast this unique component provides fans with real-time stats polls news and the ability to interact with other fans online SiC TV or cutting its way to follow every NBA playoff game Toby makes – that's the Lakers by 2 [Applause] Steve Smith backing in on Bryant for the jumper Shaku balance to the play that worked before make them try to stop at that time he did not hit the shot the shat deep against Sabonis misses the jumper the rebound the ground shot clock off last 20 seconds of the quarter [Applause] [Music] see if Shaq now helps on this screen row but be so worried about Sabonis and Steve Smith to get the shot Harper reaching into the foul they had a foul to give and so it's Portland ball from the side [Applause] that is hit 61% of its field goal attempts in this first the team important was going to win this series they had to win the free-throw line not necessarily in temps but they had to make work for game and they had to win that three-point line that's what was good in both series that won the free-throw line in the three-point line in the two previous series and watched Pippen getting this ball back he tries to get back and bounce the shot just five seconds it's Smith he ends it to grass less than two seconds to get off a shot Harper from beyond well these teams played four games head-to-head this year dead even two and two each one once on the others home floor after 12 minutes of Game one of this best of seven the front page of the Orange County Register today I thought a creative headliner Bob – deep Lakers versus – deep Portland what were they talking about with that when we take a look at the scoring look game says high score this year look at Portland and how it was divided out over the course of the season then when you rolled to the Lakers as ten different players actually they were the high scores now you go to the Lakers look at this O'Neal 60 Kobe 18 rice six so that's what they were talking about that Glen Rice has gotten off to a great start he's the guy that bill Jackson said had to score for him seven points gotten him out quickly the big three 19 of the 26 points but AC green a couple shots Harper a big three good balance off to a good start and remember as we look at the Blazers balance some of those six games were Riesling and scoring were because Kobe was out with an injury or somebody was suspended or missed a game for whatever reason well and let's make no you no bones about it the Lakers are built as Shaq being the number one option Kobe being number two and rice number three and when those guys do their jobs and they get the role players playing the way they're supposed to play there's 67 and 15 on the season that's why they are where they are with the home court advantage bill Jackson to his bench at the start of the second quarter re came in right at the end of the first he's joined now by Rick Fox and Brian Shaw Bryant and Shaq still on the floor for the Lakers understood but it was futile to try to contestant they said he flopped they said Sabonis we're not going to give you that call you're going to have to hold your ground now Eddie guns that call that would have been Jack's second phone that would have been very important [Applause] pass deflected out by O'Neal [Applause] no one is as big as Shaq but Sabonis is the opponent who comes closest he's actually taller at seven 380 weighs nearly 300 pounds himself Pippins baseline jumper isn't there Lakers up soon with the ball excellent block out that time but Robert award playing great basketball for the Lakers off the edge [Applause] to protect that baseline [Applause] coming from the top that double team cannot get there if Stoudemire lets him spin baseline and heat him there he's gotta force him to the double teams near the games my scores Stottlemeyer this is an outer grad adaptivity who misses the three therefore the tip now that's Brian grand advance not a primary option but a guy who's going to be relentless on the offensive backboard the Lakers know that they've got to block him out perhaps still bothered by a bulky left knee grant had an off season but two strong games is Rochard [Applause] Utah series now you talk about Robert away he's now 10 of 21 from the three-point line in the playoffs Brian grant has to know that and get up and make him dribble the basketball whistle before this shot by Stoudemire which will not count Salazar's Shaw is first pop during that little reset here due to foul mike dunleavy pulled brian ran over to say something to him and I guarantee you says you've got to make Robert or I put the ball on the floor to disrupt his rhythm he's their best three-point shooter in the playoffs this year now Dunleavy takes out both sabonis and Stottlemeyer Greg Anthony in for the first time Detlef Schrempf also in now they've got a small front line you're talking about Detlef Schrempf and brian grant to go to Shaq and check punish this front line [Applause] here's grit from 20 see if they go to Shack here Bob we've got a smaller player on him [Applause] only to complain this Rasheed Wallace has got two fouls suppo has played a lot of minutes he might have to go into Jermaine O'Neal shrimp the Brian grant can not play Shaq inside Ranas 6-9 at about 250 giving away of all kinds of height and bulk to Shaq Smith tried to get the shrimp to Lofton Fox may have been guilty of a travel that one overlooked and grab thousand it might goodly be wait to get Rasheed Wallace back into the game while we talk the NBA is a game of matchups Mike then may be very unhappy folk that Rick Fox had walked on this end now one of the fischels are they called a foul another one called a jump ball we'll see what happens here so I think they're gonna call the jump ball but immediately when this small line of win in Shaq's it gives me the basketball he scores the first possession this time a great block by Brian grant will have a jump ball after the timeout lead by seven and you can see exactly the power of Shaquille O'Neal now some bonus a big strong man little left arm he puts up there Sabonis rock back on his heel no call and then look what happens when Brian grant gets in the game Shaq immediately goes to him two quick spin the great footwork and look what he bangs him he does rocks of Shaquille O'Neal you know what was something work to go right back to it once again this time Brian great get feet on the play but he does not quit he goes up and he forces to jump off [Applause] wins the tap [Applause] or driving on [Applause] so explosion here has gotten the blazes in trouble the bump by Wallace missus open the shoulders off the glass shot by Robert Horry this guy has two championship rings when he was in Houston shooting the three indefensible that brings sabonis back Wallace out he sent a dubious NBA record with 38 technicals five more in the playoffs he was ejected six times and he said something to live garrison as he was leaving but not enough to get teed off let's think about now the power cord position for the Lakers we said that the Blazers had to win that convincingly AC green Lauren already had ten points combined for the blaze [Applause] john wallis from the bench this time he said I'm gonna stop you I'm not going to say anything else so receipt bolus now knows the next one and I'm out of here and do you really think that'll stop him no I don't because I think when he gets into those moments I think he just sort of short-circuits I think his teammates try to hold him back I think Mike Dunleavy I think the assistant coaches but I think he so gets into what he's doing with the referees he doesn't hear anything else that's going on around him and it's a shame Bob because he's a tremendous talent and this is less preventing him from being one of the premier power cords in this game he's holding himself back there's Greg Anthony sliding along the baseline and finding Smith but Smith was out of bounds as he received the pass by all accounts back to a sheet Wallace he's a very cordial young man off the court but this has been going on for over several scenes this is ridiculous I love his talent I just wish he could find a way delete that other stuff alone staying away from the officials because he is a great great player 26 now a steel Bryant looking for the opening he finds it in Fox [Applause] and lead by 16 [Applause] you know what – shouts of beam – teeth for the blazer [Applause] [Music] the Lakers now by 16 810 to go in the second period three-point shot he has to three points three points played for nine point Brent Anthony was going to get a timeout he kicked the ball turned it over and it resulted in this three pointer for Rick Fox you but I think the Lakers made have been taking this bench and two deep thing to personal right now because 12 the four bench scoring for the Lakers over Portland and you know what Portland has come unraveled as Scottie Pippen has sat down I need some leadership right now [Applause] Detlef Schrempf into Sabonis he wraps it around to grab for the Donnell so Barmes is a tremendous pastor so if you're going to double-team him you've got to close down passing lanes as you see Kobe Bryant getting the well-deserved rest he sits for the moment with eight points [Applause] playing a game of patch with shadow who takes it [Applause] if you've noticed out the double-teams jack is either giving it up quickly or going quickly into his move he's not holding the basketball [Applause] Derek Fisher on the floor for the first time dribble to the front court three defenders rebound breath [Applause] Fozzy wells making his first appearance on the trip up against Shaw here come the Lakers [Applause] a two-pointer [Applause] or he got feigned in the knee he was actually limping on that play it was very difficult for me to get it covered you see they grimace on his face but he steps over and takes the charge the Lakers are flames tremendous defense right now and they have really frustrated the flames you see right there that's Ori he's gifting on that [Applause] he's still hobbling a bit but he doesn't want to come out he's hot with nine points a great point Bob a new shoots at thank you in this case he misses here's Pippen just back in he claims the rebound [Applause] that's Ori second foul and again he shows himself willing to sacrifice his body Wow very close that time his deadlift shrimp drives in there Robert Horry another good position play that time Mike Mantha sculpted he was slightly moving and he got caught for the blocking foul Portland is shooting 56% yet they're trailing by 16 partly because they're guilty of 7 turnovers to LA he's one sabonis was open but before his shot Mike Mathis stops play defense that's one of the things that might suddenly be sort of planted a seed as we started this series said Shaq is illegal he does not come out of the paint but the Blazers will be patient and gets the bonus out there with his facing maybe they could expose that and get Shaq out of the lane when they can operate done leave his quote was the Lakers have a lot of nerve talking about a legal defense whose the way shock just stands in the middle Oh [Applause] Brian saw his second they see Shaquille O'Neal is going to drop down underneath the basket look where sabonis is nobody's guarding him if Shaq is going to get down there they're gonna have to get a quick defensive switch and get Horry out to cover the bonus on the Primmer he was slow getting out there [Applause] Boxey whalers his first shot is [Music] we move inside six minutes [Applause] Wells knocked it away fleeting with Baabda lady that Shah touched at last but the landing was right on the play didn't see it that way you know but one of the things that the Lakers have done so well in the playoffs is take care of the ball they are averaging less than 12 turnovers a game in their 10 playoff games tonight you talked about it before a real key they only have one touch last by Portland Laker ball ten on the shot clock [Applause] and the Lakers asked for time [Applause] until halftime LAF ice and his power the Lakers have outscored the Trailblazers 22 for in the second quarter five on the shot clock plays stop [Applause] this first I always like to watch body language early in series early in games or whatever right now there's a lot of time left for Portland their whole thoughts should be let's get this under 10 going at a half we've had a big surge from the Laker bench let's just hang in there cut into this lead [Applause] came into this series shooting less than 39% in the playoffs he turns 33 in about a week he is played for next year's contract as well as for a title stottlemyre business one thing that Jack has really improved on Bob is his passing out of the post he creates so many shots he got that last three for rice and the paint thought about it gives it up to Orie now he has it back so Bubba's forces in a bit little jump and the jumper doesn't get the bags found a Pippin [Applause] at the shot disrupted now it's Bugsy wounds which sure can you see what they're doing keeping shotgun to feed and running Orient Sabonis to take he is sizzling off the bench whoops well present some industry [Applause] three three-pointers 20-second timeout this was 26 all he sees what Robert Horry is in the game plus 20 in the game but the Bob in this quarter in his 26262 for right now in favor of the Blazers and we played less than eight minutes in this quarter the minute hip and went to the bench they really keep my food Meyer giving it up to Pippen now shrimp against Brian Stann a buyer splits two defenders leaves it off – shrimp – connects but how do you hold a team like Portland I understand the Lakers being red-hot – six points in eight minutes well they've done a nice job forcing turnovers they've been able to defend in the low post they've gone to bonzi wells a lot he really hasn't been able to deliver and there's the Portland office really got the sake when Mike Dunleavy went to his bench you see sue Bowman stepping in and taking that charge against Robert Horry only the second Laker turnover has the charge returns the favor immediately it's a totally unforced here that time that's a very careless play by David Stein umpires and again I go back to what Phil Jackson told me for Doug the team that has the most possession are going to win and look what happened the Laker assist what they've done to immobilize 13-2 to assist to turnover a tremendous ratio Robert Horry off the bench twelve points we talked about that Matt to pull so to the power forward Rasheed Wallace and child trouble and the power cord from the Lakers are convincing or winning the match up [Applause] they've been guarded by rice [Applause] Scottie Smith surrounded nice moon the Scotties don't have to take that ball and right now be the leader he's going to have to settle his team down and gonna have to get him a little bit of a run here in the last three minutes beds have stopped him defense right now Portland's expectation was not just that they would win that colorful the whole series it'll be this way but nobody would have expected Rasheed Wallace's numbers to be less than the combined power forward numbers of the Lakers in this first half and by a wide margin well he got himself in foul he got off to a good start he has six but worries got 12 but AC green has got 4 that's 16 to 6 in favor of the Lakers there's no way you can win the series if that continues now you could say Shaq's not involved offensively or whatever fight I mean offensively or maybe not Kobe but Bob I mean you you cannot allow these guys off the bench to put those kind of numbers up Bryant makes them both after found on the one on stottlemyre [Applause] by 22 [Applause] nice assist by arvydas Sabonis she is a wonderful pastor he's with my favorite guys to watch play just can pass the ball he sees the court he can shoot the ball can only imagine what he was like ten years ago when his legs was fresher healthier Kobe catch and shoot he has 12 Oh my gun lady's gonna have to think about that match up with I don't think that's gonna work Rice's right behind with ten scoring for the Lakers [Applause] for him Shakeel has not even been the sole support he's got 14 the rhythm of what they're doing [Applause] spent backing in onshore [Applause] to the Lakers seventy two seventy was last night's New York plan B final the Lakers have 60 60 but Jack couldn't finish [Applause] a minute to play in the first half Crippen left unattended hits it back to lose five points swing there connect important to the line for looking for any kind of silver line and they can find right now the Lakers not only did Shaq not get the dunk but they were disjointed coming back defensively because of it that left hip and open so there's a 5-point swing [Applause] when they go into cooking they're having the double team and in the double teams the Lakers are spacing the floor they're passing the basketball and everybody's making 3-point shots or e sha rice they all have launched on the street point chest it's going to make the Portland Trailblazers think about what are we going to do with our defensive matchups you know standing out there unguarded in practice with someone just tossing you the ball and you're making eight of 11 threes is pretty good that's what they've made in this game [Applause] into the corner for ice here comes Stoudemire 14 seconds [Applause] finding Stoudemire to the corner for Smith for three [Music] [Applause] after a second quarter for Phil Jackson was given the sign to Brian Shaw take the foul take the foul he didn't and when they got inside and they had to help they swung the ball and hit the three but even with that said a 21-point lead for the Lakers the magnificent first half she'd been saying that one of the keys to the series Doug Portland had to have an edge in three-pointers and an edge at the free-throw line this is the first free throw they have shot in the entire game and it's a technical called on Shaq at the conclusion of the first half Steve Smith nominated the shooting which makes it a 20-point game the Lakers did lead at one time by as many as 24 but if you look at the numbers the Lakers are plus six at the Freak Alliance they're plus 12 and the three-point line so plus 19 and a game right now that's a 20-point game so those are two areas another key area you got to take care of the ball eight turnovers who the blazes led to 15 points 15 to 2 points off turnovers [Music] Smith on rice now Shaq returns to face Sabonis O'Neal's jumper is often Portland looking to cut into this lead which is now spawn he brings it back with their first possession of the second half sabonis from pimpin to the left hand that it was field-goal attempt of the game got around Pippen gave it up to green they swing it to rice for three rebound tip to Wallops [Applause] rice switches on the stottlemyre who lets a long one go and hits it it counts for two was just inside the line [Applause] in the shack over Sevilla's there's nothing you can do because there's no way the defense can get back and help you with the double-team and he'll just go right over the top of Sabonis oh great low post position by Shaquille [Applause] chuckles and recovers and connects off the glass that's exactly the way started the game went down on the low block again Stacy Green has it height wise quickness wives jumping ability took these time and he scores [Applause] Coby with Wallace over on the double team Gillette Stoudemire and Mike Mathis says hold on [Applause] Samoas his first [Applause] Laker ball from the side [Applause] with the Lakers in front now by 18 what was a very raucous crowd in the first half is quite subdued as the third quarter begins Harper around so that is going to be a tough dilemma for Mike Dunleavy this seriously let's stop only at the but those small guards that's a matchup problem Bob [Applause] and heart comes out with a steel yes right [Music] [Applause] we season past of all better than we've seen today [Applause] offhand and think of any occasion where they've sustained it for this much of a game kicked and the whistle blows Ron Harper is always roaming in that Lane Sabonis excuse me but Wallace goes up and here comes Harper he strips the ball fast break great passing opportunities and we get Shaquille O'Neal with a dunk with a great pass from Kobe Bryant next possession down the floor Harper again strips a man who looks like he has it easy last ball after was kicked by the Lakers Stoudemire roams free and nobody switched onto him almost like Shaquille is saying I do not want the Bauman's to hit a shot I want to keep him to where he doesn't scratch and start shooting that jump shot to give him any concert will give stottlemyre Kobe misses the jumper over stottlemyre Shakeel has five assists Kobe has six to go at those 16 and 12 points respectively pipin for three [Applause] to top scorers on the level assist between them and Stottlemeyer keep that ball so the Lakers will keep it that's one indication of the kind of ball movement you've got well what they've done also to is they've predicated their offense on they know that Kobe's going to get double-teamed and so is Shaq so they're getting guides in the right areas to be able to get the ball to the right people more importantly you get those assists when you make shots and they've been red-hot I shortchanged O'Neal a basket he's got 18 rather than 16 [Applause] but it pretty good assist turnover ratio into 20 assists to two turnovers Jack jump over the legs [Applause] he never scored more than 23 in any of the four regular season meetings with Portland Mike Dunleavy fencing Portland is scratching their head because he goes what can we do in the post if we put Scott Eberhard Berg they go to him if we do it the Kobe they go to him what the Lakers have done now one of the things that we saw with Portland early in the year that when Lakers did that they did not react well to it they're going to have to now they're in a series [Applause] to Wallace [Applause] scores plus a foul now receipt lotuses have to be very careful Ron Garretson twice now it's gone over to Mike Dunleavy and said look you better tell him to stay off of us here is a little reverse flight and who's over there again Ron Harper now wallets with great hustle to get it back the basket and a foul but you see him look at the official with tremendous emotion he has got to leave that alone he already has one technical they could call them to lay up game here so they're giving him every leeway they can to prevent the pong that second technical foul Bob Devine [Applause] and Rasheed Wallace just he's the persecuted party every game amazing how he'd among all NBA players seems to be singled out for bad calls such a disproportionate about the time at least from his perspectives [Applause] mr.

Three and little Stoudemire 510 grabs the rebound [Applause] [Music] [Applause] he's done the laker just force him to burn clock eventually he turns it over Damon Stoudamire has a tendency to do that / drivel [Applause] well click again [Applause] sevens tend to play in the third Lakers by 19 [Applause] [Applause] Shack driving [Applause] this doesn't have the mobility to be able and contempt but you know what who does against Shaquille O'Neal that's why he's the most dominant player in the game today [Applause] Nibin before he could give it up to Wallace he was fouled on the play [Music] the quickness the footwork of Shaquille O'Neal's Sabonis is there the quick stop to bonus goes by the powerful finish and I think they might have to show it had been building up to this Rasheed Wallace has been tossed listen to Ron garrison and he'll explain the reason why [Music] I'm out out legs whack get out get away from me stay get away from me see he didn't say a word technical foul wallet he's gone [Applause] like twice before to have him stop staring to try to intimidate me well Doug can he get tossed for looking at a guy funny well I think what's that but we talked about it the last three minutes of the game that Rasheed Wallace is gonna have to stay away from the referees and I think you said when you have that kind of technicals against you this season and that occurs you have a reputation and and Rasheed has to understand that and they kept saying stop stop stop eventually they said that's he you get thrown out for staring no but when Rashid has gone through all this and he's trying to intimidate the officials they stops it and this is going to be critical to this series but we've talked about it Rasheed Wallace can he do it I don't know but that's the major question Portland cannot win without it he lost 16 minutes shot five evade eleven points three rebounds and now has been tossed and see what it does have dispirit your team they need 24-second violation if your the Blazers the tape of this game maybe the coaches do too you show it to your team all you have to because every game you have to make adjustments and the team that loses is the team that has to make the adjustments they're the team that says where do we where do we get beat what can we do to be better Kobe Bryant trying to explode to the hoop and the whistle is blown and then what he gets ugly but during the playoffs tape watching I think is even more important than than the regular season because you've got this team could be as many as seven times in two weeks no foul just ball out of bounds quickly into rice who misses and pulls up to the hands of AC green and tried to set up contact with rice book [Applause] took the ball behind his back now remember he started the game off with an Indian rush for a layup that started his day rice has 13 averaging 14 of the playoffs Brian grant pushed by AC Greene is Laker foul and see Bob another thing talking about the playoffs Portland is here get this game Saturday they play again Monday so you wake up tomorrow you got the papers and you got the papers on Monday you're gonna hear all the conversation Phil Jackson's going to give his little spin you can have mike dunleavy you're going to have all that stuff in the paper and from Portland standpoint they cannot let that get to them they have got to stay focused now when you say stay focused obviously they've lost that today and if they're going to win they are not going to beat a Laker team by playing on the edge and losing their cool because of his injured knee and because some of his minutes went to new comers Brian grant had his lowest averages in points and rebounds this season of his entire career but he has played better as the playoffs have progressed responds Ewell's in garden Harper Portland's gone to a big backcourt now with bonds Ewell's Tiffin and Steve Smith Shack jump up [Applause] these kind of padding and say that's why you're the MVP made you take a tough shot and you was just a little better that time more than a little bit not almost everybody plays against [Applause] [Music] knocked away as he cut through the lane good enough speaking of shacked – now in the opinion of most belongs somewhere in the discussion when the conversation turns to the greatest centers who have ever played well you know what he's continuing to grow up every single day and I think he's made the statement over and over there right now winning a championship is the most important thing in his life [Applause] loose-ball foul is called and it's against Portland [Applause] lyon france third [Applause] by a fool and that lead just jumped it went from 26 all to boom it was about a 20 to run and Portland has not been able to recover [Applause] we'll be working on Pippin and he traveled [Applause] to be very careful because on about this before everybody wants to see Kobe and Scottie the Kobe's got to be very careful not to make this too personal to show Scottie how good he is right now that's not what's needed Steve Smith for three a tough ones ooh little bit off-balance generally Kobe has had good games against Scottie Pippen well especially in Houston last year in the playoffs Scottie had one big game 37 the other three averaged only 12 Kobe clearly won that matchup last year emmy-winner as is John and Don has been nominated for a couple of Oscars as well during the course of his career they are just two of the notables in attendance you might as well call the roll of celebs on hands Dustin Hoffman Magic Johnson [Applause] Ray Liotta Denzel Washington he likes Dustin Hoffman frequently in attendance Will Smith and of course Jack Nicholson courtside has the best seat she relies on the binoculars a lot he told me that was to get a closer view of you Bob well understandable in that case here's Rice working in the lane and connecting off the glass rice opening this series in five well again there's that low post game that we saw so much of a blend rice in Charlotte it looks to me like Phil is making a conscious effort to get him involved in every possible way he can no place for the faint of heart inside Shaquille needful and sabonis now again some bonuses no little man and Shaq just Rock him on his heels Fonzie Wells misses [Applause] and Lithuania how many people do you think are Vitas Sabonis encountered who could shove him around [Applause] Koby guarded by wells and that draws a whistle [Applause] and it will be on Fonzie whose given name is Guan DeAngelo Wells he got the nickname bonzi because his mom ate bonbons all the time while she was pregnant with him [Applause] a three-point play Shaq's first free throw of the game I don't remember chicken please throw yep today about hack-a-shaq and they've done such a great job the Lakers moving the basketball this is going to be his first free throw attempt the Lakers up 80 57 and we played nice and it's basically into the third period now sabonis has played about 42 minutes in this game it's a lost cause for the Blazers the next game is a fairly quick tear on Monday night should Dunleavy be thinking about getting him out of here and saving him some minutes that's a very good point and I think that Mike Dunleavy he's got a couple things he's got to think about goodness important to try to get our Vitas in the swing of things here or is it more important to have fresh legs going into that game on Monday I think you'd see in the last three 22 here Bob if they don't make a little bit of a run maybe sabonis might sit out the entire fourth quarter that's a very good point Jerez Sabonis a little leaning jumper that's little good and the follow is there for Ponzi well but what they're doing what the Lakers are going against sivanna's Shaq is not coming out of the paint to defend his against his shot what he's doing he's staying back Auri out of him Laurie misses on the ride and pushes it up the floor gives it to Wells and Wells was foul [Music] tomorrow more NBA on NBC playoff action in a start at 2:30 Eastern Time with a special one-hour edition of NBA Showtime then game 7 between him the heat and the Knicks and somebody's got to win and somebody's got to go home although you get the feeling if they play the best out of 25 it beats 22 22 going to the 25th game halftime NBA draft lottery this series is here at the Staples Center Monday it's on TNT 9:00 Eastern Time and that will be a must game for the Blazers I don't think there's any way that they think they can go to ou down to O in this series and then went for the next five five for anybody at MIT gets upset yeah I do the math my men it would be 12 12 going into game 25 it's all hypothetical it's a best-of-seven series I'm sorry I brought the whole subject up here's Pippen the O'Neill makes his first appearance that's Jermaine O'Neal and he was fouled by his namesake but this one I'm talking about now watch where Shaq is and what drive-ins as Shaq helps out the ball swings and the running either Kobe Oh Lori and him on the perimeter so they're allowing Shaq to stay back in there help on the screen roll then run a perimeter diet sabonis take him off any kind of catch and shoot make him dribble it and they think then his percentage will go down so you can see strategy of the Lakers of how they're keeping Shaq back in the paint and taking some bonus away from his outside jump shot that's what series preparation is all about when you have three days to get ready to play a team first two points for Jermaine O'Neal [Applause] [Applause] we'll be back to Shaq out of the double to shop for three [Applause] memory three [Applause] name [Applause] Steve Smith you [Applause] gives them a fresh 24 Scottie doesn't use much of it it's his second chance three well if the carnival least say three for $1 who's got he got it down on the second one there but you see Jermaine O'Neal in the game and he's quick off his feet and remember now the first game of the year between these two teams he first graded Shaq for the hard foul was with the steel on the jam although Shaw thought he was fouled now the Lakers don't want to let up here because right now Portland's extending their defense exactly what Phil Jackson said to a mod at halftime boats now a 16-point game a little more than a minute to play in the third [Applause] [Music] Bryant save Devon here comes Portland on an 11-3 run at this point [Applause] chapter shop or a toppling once again as he comes out of the back pool [Applause] how about the shot doesn't count but how about the shots that Kobe just making it's the end of that flame that was an incredible shot you know someone puts that on you in a backyard game of course you just concede the age and move on to oh now what's its pop he's going to get the foul and he just finishes help and look at this shot the wraparound that sort of shades up julius erving driving against the lakers in the playoffs the one here we took that underneath the basket and wrapped it around Koby misses the first and portland asks for time just under 33 seconds to play in the third Kobe Bryant who is just recognizing what he needs to do out on the floor see him go to the open area scientists teammate Shaquille O'Neal for the powerful finish takes his time here sees the double-team coming goes away from it lays it in the basket defensively you're going to see him here against Scottie Pippen's Jason the way and they go on a fast break and then here he is in transition with the shot block so Kobe Bryant doing everything that his team needs him to do on both ends of the floor and Bob we talked about it in the open he's gonna have to be able to guard Stoudemire Tiffin's bonzi well Steve Smith he's doing that for Portland not forcing his offense playing a very solid game today [Music] [Applause] on the bench for the moment Kobe hits the second of two making the lead 17 [Applause] and Mike Mathis spots a foul the beyond Kobe it'll be his fourth Kobe Bryant announced his engagement this week to an eighteen-year-old senior at Marina high school Vanessa Lane much of the town abuzz over that development Memorial Day weekend all the action and excitement of the WNBA returns the NPC need a way to kick things off us Teresa Wetherspoon on the liberty face Cynthia Cooper the three-time defending champion comets in a rematch of last year's championship series the WNBA on NBC Monday May 29 [Applause] Phil Jackson would ask Kobe Bryant if he wasn't a bit too young to be getting married and Kobe's reply was man I do everything y'all he's just 21 and already one of the five or six best players in the league so in that sense he's correct [Applause] fifteen seconds to play in the quarter [Applause] as the defense converged on him near midcourt Detlef Schrempf five seconds off-balance shot as an airball O'Neil follows it and beats the buzzer by two tenths of a second the bitch Jermaine O'Neal this young guy 6 feet 11 he's got quickness off the floor Knight doesn't have the muscle to play against Shaq gotten on the offensive boards and quietly the blazes of crimps crimp back to within 13 and now the difference is a bit more respectable as we start the final 12 minutes of regulation they trail by 13 [Applause] Sara Fisher guarding Greg Anthony Fox is on Pittman [Applause] well Shawn up on him spins around him and he was five actually play their bonds Ewell's after he goes up and he gets fouled he goes over and gives a bump I think – Brian Shar whatever very fortunate that the referees did not call the tech most of the little things that you got to leave alone especially early in the series and you know Brian Shaw is talking to Fonzie was a terrific locos player remember we were in here in January the one thing that Phil Jackson had talked about is he was very concerned about bonzi Wells ability and that low-post felt like he was a wild card so he's very aware of what he can restraint is a virtual less and less seen in sports these days sometimes it helps 12-point differential Rick Fox to back up to 15 Wells claims it here come the Blazers Jermaine O'Neal hoodie finished pump just enough to be able to where he couldn't finish that shot [Applause] Shack got in deep and the other one'll had to foul him this is where the Blazers have to use their fouls especially in this fourth quarter we talked about the importance of Shaquille being able to make the fourth quarter free throws when you have this kind of lead at 12 points to tuck that vital when you get into a close game it's going to be very very important [Applause] Fox up top to Shaw 6 on the shot clock it'll be re way off it bounces – shrimp who gives it up the Pippen [Applause] remain O'Neill [Applause] that's not the best shot selection in this situation that the [Applause] has it clip off his feet and if he can get some distance where Shaq Kidpower into him he'll be able to do that he actually goes up and then comes back down and goes up and blocks the shot that's the quickness we talked about off the floor but he talked about the shot selection he's got a turning face Jack Jack too powerful to play this back [Applause] it might have been Fox [Applause] now remember and gave four in Phoenix came in the kids babies were very frustrated Robinson frustration was thrown out of the game so here's a quick technical now by Rick Fox [Applause] from the student [Applause] let's see what warranted the technical foul the strong powerful tongue [Applause] terminal Fonzie will die pets you know looked like that contact was mutual I agree with that that to me is one of those play on Fisher goes sprawling bonzi wells dice move seen more energy to this fruit now that Portland has on the floor and you've seen a little relaxation by the Lakers still too much time to go to do that this is an 11-point game [Applause] so down 24 [Applause] got it back down to 11 but now it's 13 it's Jack we'll have a chance to tack another one on top discouraging you try to reach up and grab him you can't he powers through two people three-point play opportunity when we come back so that's why Wallace is out of there Neal to the line can't complete a three-point play the Blazers trailed by 13 [Applause] and as you see Portland whether it's coincidence or not they did get some fresh people in off the bench that might have brought some energy to it not just because Wallace was out but because the deficit was so large Dunleavy figured I might as well might as well try something different and they've been a plus eight since I think that's what you talk about in a series you got to start figuring out what matchups will work who's playing well who can we go to and what they've done is they've gone to bonds equals in the post and you can see he's delivering that time Shaq comes over knocks the ball loose it was a good move his Brian saw a moment ago committed his fourth foul which is right now the Lakers with it and Shaw pumps up a three rebound out of bounds again still plenty of time you've got 9 minutes and 17 seconds you're down 13 points the big thing is your defense is starting to lock in a little bit and get some stops now your offensive efficiency has to continue to come up [Applause] wells jump away short but there was some contact that a foul and that would be five on Kobe Bryant wants back in the game bad they looked at Phil Jackson Phil saw him and here comes Cody so no he's going to come in probably the reason he's coming in even though he asked for fouls is to play against Kobe a first team all-league defender this year [Applause] second-year player out of Ball State lays the first Steve Smith in now Scottie Pippen out Scott he's done a good job today when he's been out there his team has played well and Mike Dunn may be substituted for him in that second quarter that's when they really lost a momentum he sort of came unraveled Fozzie Wells has played 12 minutes he now has 11 points and it's an 11-point Laker lead [Applause] go be with Wells on it six on the shot clock Zach looking for Ori boy locked away for seconds to shoot now for the Lakers [Applause] we're talking about shacked underneath the basket that they do not want it to live right to him but the property has if they love it to him Fox stepping right then out of bounds will be open so be aware of Rick Fox here stepping right back in bounce or or ease for a three out of the corner [Applause] they may be adjusting the clock last freefall the question is if some time came off the clock while boxy Wells was shooting free-throws in force that should never happen game clock here then shot doctor worried about same same thing they met a couple seconds ago off force on the 20 [Applause] they lost five seconds Bob on that on the game clock the shot clock can say the same so they put five seconds back on watch at the top above the 24 whether that moves yeah it's moving while bonzi Wells is shooting the free-throw went from 58 to 57 than 56 so they figure they lost five seconds which they now tacked back on 8 and 38 on the clock now [Applause] for the easy layin [Applause] because they double-team Shaq so what he did he caught the ball Harper stepped right in for the layup that's a set play when you try to prevent Shaq from catching and shooting you get that clock [Applause] around it's his fifth than it is [Music] with the five fouls cry it out Fisher back in Jermaine O'Neal goes out for Portland and Brian grant replaces him now they'll put Rick Fox over on bonds Ewell's now so River Rick Fox love to script that balls the night tries to take the law intended and the ball went out of bounds touched last by Portland [Applause] kid O'Neil has 27 points in this game eight assists rebounds six Harper [Applause] out to Fox shot clock at 8 here's Ori out of the corner for three the rebound is taken by Brian brand by 13 Detlef Schrempf cuts it to 11 Portland's had a lot of opportunities here they've been able to count in when they've been able to stop them the Lakers have eight of 11 on there one for their last the art in this half two critical baskets one bite [Applause] Greg Anthony out top to well but in this kids game you seen him in the post not on the perimeter you can see why the Brooklyn coaches really loved his game he's got 14 and they're within 10 [Applause] beyond the Lakers the charge on Ron Harper you're trying to get back with the loans perimeter shooting first of all Detlef shrimp off the broken play nobody covers him he knocks it down and then Greg Anthony great penetration and he finds Bondi whales on the opposite side of the court with a diagonal pass he buries the three it's a 10-point game a lot of time left to go and Portland is gaining some momentum of the conference finals tied after one nearly run out of the building in the second quarter riding themselves in the third small edge here in the fourth what was a twenty four point deficit is now down to ten plenty of time left almost seven minutes and what they found in Ponte whales right now is isn't we go right back to it once again or Steve Smith for three to seven good set play there Smith had a good look at it that would have been a big hoop [Music] [Applause] fight and fight to get back into something and Shack make it look so easy so dude so strong yes just about his average regular season and the playoffs [Applause] bouncy wells forced to the baseline his Detlef Schrempf through the lane to the left hand shot couldn't finish [Applause] grabs him by the seat of his pants to hold him up animals almost depantsed slapstick style great Anthony prevent a layup this is great hustle by daring sister the loose ball and he does beats Anthony to it by not a half-step he's got a clear path to the basket here so rather than give up the layup Anthony grabbed him then Wolves him up so it'll be a two-shot foul here for both a clear path to the basket foul Detlef Schrempf meanwhile very upset thought he was hammered trying to follow his own misery [Applause] the John Grisham classic the Rainmaker comes to NBC starring Matt Damon Danny DeVito Claire Danes and John Boy the network television premiere of the Rainmaker at 8 Eastern 7 central tonight on NBC for good values to save a point there by doing that you're still writing the game of 13th still only six minutes to go [Applause] Steve Smith out to bonzi Wells Smith big height advantage on Derek Fisher illegal defense call me Shaquille O'Neal right underneath the basket the first post up play he started to come over and double-team he started to go back across the lane they reposted him and then he just stood underneath the basket now watched Shaquille O'Neal he comes over to double-team then he starts to go back and he stays ready to meet the basket his man is lifted up all the way up to the three-point line so that is the second illegal defense technical foul Steve Smith will shoot then they'll get possession of the ball with a new clock [Music] and another chance with a basket here to get within ten or nine if it's a three [Applause] six over 24 as he backs in that one short rebound the shot [Applause] as the hack-a-shaq begun 5:27 to go [Applause] as a 15th out so they're over the limit so Shaq will be shooting two free-throws that remember when we were in here January 22nd 12 seconds to go in the game Bob Kobe Bryant fouled out Lakers down to Phil Jackson took Shaquille O'Neal out of the games of puzzlers poor free-throw shooting Derek Fisher mr.

Juggler Portland won that game here's what we talked about the critical fourth quarter free throws [Applause] Koby coming back playing now with five fouls it was after that game where something really clicked with Shaq wait a second I'm not going to be on the floor when crucial games are decided if I don't improve my free-throw shooting and he did improve it dramatically from that point to the end of the regular season but he's dipped beneath 50% again so far in the playoffs 527 left and again a 13-point late early GL's could be an important piece you know in this series how in the first series against Minnesota he didn't play a whole lot actually to DMPs the last two games did not play that much against Utah this could be a series he could be one of the deciding factors so that's why as a coat to keep looking for things they're going to work that it's a for games that you have to win not just one one out of the two four Shack on that trip to the line he has 30 points eight rebounds 7 assists Portland's arvydas Sabonis Steve Smith gives it back up his jumper is good Sabonis has played 32 minutes hasn't scored has two assists and no rebounds zeroes in points and rebounds for Sabonis looks like Brian grant has felt Shaquille O'Neal off the basketball so to be interesting to see Phil Jackson's reaction to all this I remember Tom Nelson did this in Dallas to Shaquille O'Neal one time Shaq took umbrage to it but again when you're that big and that dominant and the rules state you can foul to get back in the game you have to make fruits and treat those well that's what you got to do it's not fairly he's bigger and stronger than everybody inside either [Applause] interesting approach by Dunleavy and shack-up lives is by missing the first keep your eye on Brian gray on the right corner of our screen the minute Shaq gets a card half sporty wrapped Auburn he grabs him so quarter free-throw shooting Shaq is 2 for 6 now two for seven but the rebound goes off shrimp's hands but as that happens Robert Horry pushed him for the Laker foul [Applause] why do you keep playing the game Bob if this is a 20-point games those free-throws wouldn't mean anything Naza the game starts to get close now you put the pressure on if Shaq struggles up the line this could affect him the whole series this is how you get guys in situations where they start losing confidence that's why you want to keep the game close and give yourself a chance remember how at one point in this career Wilt Chamberlain was literally seen running away from defenders who were trying to foul him off the ball don't used to go guys if you found me so don't touch me something near beg and Wendy manager found him to not hurt me and justice will could Jack could hurt you if he chose to do so well you can see what he's done season free-throw attempts first round what he's done percentage-wise second round a little bit but again that that will be something we have to keep around we've got five minutes to go it's now a nine point lead as close as they've been in quite a while this time it's Parker I think they'd call the foul on Steve Smith against Shaquille O'Neal off the bottom that's against Hartford you're right you're right as Harper was handling the ball they found shat the way Thurman here Steve Smith now they wait till we get the ball across half court there he is look at him that's the easiest foul Shaq has ever had committed against him yet it could cause the most pain he's looking at the official Smith is as he's committing the foul saying look at me look at me here you go right here Shaq is now 1 for 6 in the fourth quarter [Applause] sir Phil Jackson he's your most dominant player do you leave him in obviously running on the floor but if Portland continues to score this will be very interesting he doesn't get the role that he comes up that deep by only 9 [Applause] Wells backing in and a whistle as he releases it and this one will go against Portland second back down count that's the numeral you got in with backing down off to dribble the minute you start to count is on and that was the five-second count there's another foul Steve Smith against the Shaquille O'Neal [Applause] designed to eliminate or reduce than Charles Barkley thing just pounding the ball to the floor a mark Jackson announced against a smaller guard and most of the players have gotten the message so we have to see that that often this year it cost Ponzi Wells a who meanwhile though whether or not what one comes back to win this game they are playing with Shaquille O'Neal's head and maybe would Phil Jackson strategy in subsequent games should they be closer that this one has been most of the way he is right and that's what I'm talking about now the Laker fans are upset but Mike Donnelly these play within the rules right now it's not like he's made of some rule he's playing in the schema the rules it's written in the NBA movement he's missed six in a row it's a 10-point game try to give him some encouragement what's going to be talked about between games one there's always something Scottie [Applause] the truth it's on the column right now Steve Smith towards reps a foul that's three on nobody on the floor besides grant has as many as four brad has four strategy is only going to get you back in the game if you start making some jobs that has got to make some shots gamesmanship though is fascinating again the light fans are very upset and you know what this might not be pretty [Applause] cruise [Applause] the rest of the series [Applause] anymore we'll see [Applause] goes on wells and a Laker foul that'll be fun [Applause] so now bonds Ewell's who has scored 14 – with 410 on the clock both of us walks up and misses the free-throw after Shaq makes three in a row velvet could say what might Dudley be had in mind he makes one of two Bob this game might not end at this rate [Applause] to an extreme proceeded against you killed me games have we done this year we never ever saw their saw no not to this extent gardius of its ultimate outcome Wow the interesting thing about this [Applause] people get together they we talk about I don't think that they want to game to be playing this way so mike dunleavy is not breaking any rules and I think you're going to see this game talked about for a long you're right about that Steve Smith trafficking Shaq grabs the rebound and they immediately foul him when he missed his sixth grade I offered the thought that he appeared rattled apparently I was wrong well you know what I think what you're seeing in Shaquille O'Neal this guy has got a lot of pride and he's a winner and he was embarrassed and he got himself together and he's made five in a row a handful of the Shaquille O'Neal he's the MVP [Applause] made six rapes no he's negative what a foul name might as well foul Rick the best free-throw shooters get the free throw and then get the ball back so that's why Mike started this early hoping they could get him back into the game Shaq has foiled that by making this last sense 3:53 remaining now [Applause] once we move inside two minutes with that pre-pro he breaks the record who the the most free-throw attempts in a single period of a playoff game shaaka said 8 of 15 in this fourth quarter [Applause] offensive foul through the first three quarters of this game jacket shots two free-throws then made one now they're taking shot out of the game [Applause] inside two minutes but more importantly Shaquille O'Neal has lapped last very good point as we see Bondi wealth Bastille but I think what has done here the reason Shaq is out now is he wants him to finish on a high note making his last seven in a row that's a high for Shaq going into Game two very good move here by Phil Jackson although the game is not over yet I think he wants him to finish up on a very positive note it's a 13-point for in traffic and precent Pippins got just over three minutes left have been wanted to pull up for three White's got in his face Brian grant was fouled perhaps by Travis night [Music] and it was his first during a substitution now as we see stacker dingy talked about two of ten start since seven of seven but Damon Stoudamire is coming into the game for bonds Ewell's more importantly so bonuses coming back into the game now without shack in the game does that mean they're going to try to post a bonus against Travis Knight make oh here comes Shack back in the game so Phil said okay so bonuses back in on Bremen check I'm gonna let Sabonis get going in this game plus the bonus I don't think he has a field ball so you're always coaching for the next game in the playoffs always thinking ahead you're right about Sabonis doesn't have a field goal or a free-throw who's been white strip on the offensive glass [Applause] grunts across the floor and gets [Music] Shaquille O'Neal comes in and immediately makes his presence felt with the rejection of business trip and then he looks at him and nothing knows about it here comes Scottie Pippen running across the floor little tag direct shoot two free-throws several minutes of playing time John garrison – this strategy during the timeout [Applause] Mathis and Delaney to be alert for it and his first miss after making his last seven in a row prior to that so Dudley be alerted the officials [Applause] aware of it [Applause] so that they didn't really have to mug Shack but barely touch him to get a whistle well what's it what's going to happen now is Jack misses a second one is that the Foreman's gonna have to look to score quickly cuz in 50 seconds that away from the ball will go my gun is not gonna be able to do that anymore [Applause] Sabonis thought about a three gives it to Stottlemeyer and he's left with it Shack picks it up and Pippen grabs him again [Applause] I can only be about what Phil Jackson's remember against Phoenix when they got Spain [Applause] distraction to take away from how badly esteem God to where they talked about the timeouts imagine the spin that's going to go on this a little smile on Jackson's face as he leans over to talk with his longtime assistant text winner [Applause] another miss let's listen in on the officials from earlier I asked Mike because I said it would help but they're gonna start taking thousand to kill Vogel every time he touches it so let's be aware of [Applause] Nate 7ro mystery animal heaven for three is trying to save it and quit an interesting game I don't think anybody would have thought that the score would be a hundred and five by the Lakers a very whole low-scoring series all four games in the regular season but today the Lakers shooting their not turn the ball over has really been the difference in this game now it's a bonus he just walks over and grabs Shaq right in front of Mike Mathis Oh boom Dunleavy is sticking with his strategy to the bitter end which will come 20 seconds from now when the clock moves inside two minutes [Applause] [Music] [Applause] sabonis once again off the ball fouling Shaquille and Mike Mathis makes the call Shaquille once again steps to the free-throw line [Applause] thirty eight points [Applause] forget Game seven tomorrow Nixon heat from Miami preceded by a special one-hour edition of Showtime at 2:30 Eastern and be a draft lottery at halftime [Applause] and now Shaq for a second try a lot of questions let's say Portland in Game two even winning in the fourth quarter did they employ the same strategy starting early in the fourth quarter to try to do the same thing because we hadn't seen but I do this all year long this opens up the whole different kind of hacker Shack that I've never seen stottlemyre missed sabonis grab Shaq almost exactly as the clock went to two minutes but they may say it happened at 201 we'll see now he one said anybody can shoot it and they get it back so that strategy is now done Phil Jackson is just another player shooting through my mind [Applause] despite ee-vie again the rule is anybody on the floor for the Lakers can shoot the free throw Mike Mathis says hold on before rice attempts the shot now rice mr.

Jack said I can do that let me shoot it there's two on the clock the question is is it f2 or inside or inside – that's what you're discussing right now and to be truthful it looked to me like the whistle blew when it was 201 [Applause] [Applause] so they've reversed themselves and they do put jack on the line remember in 1991 Mike done that he took the Lakers to the NBA Finals against Phil Jackson but Phil won their first championship so these guys have met before Shaq needs this next one for an even 40 points [Applause] this package Shaq strategy has been employed with mixed results Dunleavy [Applause] the margin what it is now but that will let you know exactly where they able to cut into it at all [Applause] sabonis still without basket whistled on the rebound [Applause] Jean Robert Horry I'm a little surprised this mike dunleavy still has two votes on the floor even a Scottie Pippen right now the game is is over it's a 15 point game hen at 45 to go and you need you need Scottie on the floor obviously for Game two and you also need some bonus out there was some fresh legs and he didn't get a field goal today's you talked about I'm a little bit surprised those two guys [Applause] today on NBA inside stuff Ahmad Rashad visits with the Trail Blazers Scottie Pippen a six-time NBA champion with the Bulls Pippen talks about the challenges that lie ahead in order to win another ring inside stuff next Saturday on NBC check local listings for air times and sabonis indeed goes out with 1:45 remaining [Applause] and now it's Harper who's fouled by Stoudemire in the back order [Applause] [Music] it's gonna be interesting to me is to hear what not only Mike Dunleavy has to say but more recently what the Portland Trailblazers are players have to say close you know the media is going to go to them and ask him what do you think about the hackers jack and what went on and stuff like that's going to be interesting to see what the conversation is coming out of that locker room well the appropriate answer from the players is we have faith in our coach Mike Dunleavy he's gotten us to this point his job to decide the strategy our job to carry it out now that's the appropriate thing to say question is what will be said as you know as both former player and coach it doesn't always go according to plan correct and it's when somebody asks you the question and how you feel when that question is being asked a lot of things go into that equation don't we all know that [Applause] the stottlemyre out of the backcourt [Applause] [Music] [Applause] 5:14 the Lakers have done a really nice job against Damon Stoudamire today they anytime he's gotten in the lane just the presence of the shot blocker really has forced him to try to kick that ball out of there got off to a decent start but since then really has struggled Glen Rice had it poked away an out of bounds Laker ball [Applause] but just holding it out there looking to run some clock ten seconds on the shot clock O'Neil and Brett thousand so they're going to continue to make Shack to make free throws and again it's not so much what it's going to do for this game but if he misses a few free throws at the end of the game even though he made seven in the row you know they're trying to plant the seat that he's gonna have to make free throws now obviously the rule you were talking about doesn't apply here in the last two minutes because that's not an off the ball foul Shack had the ball and they found him as soon as you received it he's got [Applause] a better job anyone in the NBA of slowing down it's only 20 points a game in the regular season Kobe Bryant Ron Harper going out to not big numbers by clovie Biden stretch of imagination for a very good floor game Robert Gordon was terrific Rhonda Harper the intangible man as he always has been and its reach championship to Chicago and also for this team today Shaq has doubled his regular season average against Portland the average 20.5 he scored 41 [Applause] genteel chant starts here at the Staples Center directed at the Trailblazers O'Neill misses and the bigger on the ol rebounds Travis Knight is in the game to commit for Shaquille O'Neal get in the game you're not well maybe the Lakers will take an intentional foul eventually so Shaq gets the ovation that he deserves O'Neil with a jumper from the edge of his reins it's no good Jermaine O'Neal the rebound Fozzy wells in the frontcourt fires a three fox grabs the rebound [Applause] the gauntlet has been laid down [Applause] detective we've had hackers janeshia with these but five free throws in the fourth 27 for the game the Lakers go up 1o and jamesu portland must win [Applause] because if they don't the simple method they'd be faced with having to win four out of five against the Laker team that looked pretty good today [Applause] for Shaquille O'Neal 41 points 11 rebounds 7 assists here he is with Ahmad all right thanks Bob Shaq first of all we got to talk about this chef what was your initial reaction when that started having I think it's just a total amount of respect to my game doesn't shame when the other coach has to cry and the other big man was also a 7 foot sorry it's just a respect to my can but it hasn't worked all year and it's still in lower initially where you upset it I think is it upset you I'll get upset you know it's just study to take my time to make I mean I'm going throughout my career to hit what was going through your mind every time that you made one coming back down court you looked over it done later I wasn't wrong couple of the CEO ah Jack back to you Bob alright Ahmad Thanks this was a game that looked like a blowout and instead we got something to talk about in the less than 48 hours between now and the tip-off for Game two on Monday night here at the Staples Center very very interesting opener to this best-of-seven Western Conference

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