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Treating Gout with Cherry Juice

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"Cure Gout with Cherry Juice" Gout is a painful inflammatory arthritis Its burden has increased significantly over the past 40 years, affecting millions of Americans Gout is now the most common inflammatory arthritis in older men and women In my video "Cure Gout with Cherry" I describe new research showing that even eating only half a cup of cherries per day Significantly reduces the risk of gout attacks Fresh cherries are not always available So I have listed some alternatives, of which frozen cherry is the second best choice And cherry juice concentrate is close behind But does concentrated cherry juice really help prevent gout? We finally know now! The first pilot study was a randomized controlled trial: concentrated cherry juice As a control with concentrated pomegranate juice For the prevention of patients with gout up to four times a month Cherry group drink one tablespoon of concentrated cherry juice twice a day for four months The control group drank one tablespoon of pomegranate juice concentrate twice a day for four months The number of gout attacks in the cherry group dropped from an average of five to two Better than the pomegranate group — because this group only dropped from five to four About half of the cherry group were people taking prescription anti-inflammatory drugs These patients were able to stop taking the drug within two months of drinking cherry juice None of the patients in the pomegranate juice group achieved this effect The second study was a long-term retrospective survey: 24 gout patients reduced from about seven episodes per year to two Researchers conclude that cherry juice concentrate is effective in preventing gout attacks Although large, long-term randomized controlled trials are still needed for further evaluation Effectiveness of cherries and cherry juice concentrate to prevent gout But at the same time, is cherry suitable for gout treatment now? The commentator considers the current evidence Still not enough to officially recommend cherry fruits or cherry products Used to aid gout treatment But why not? Can you guess who this commentator is? The commentator is also a paid consultant for nine different pharmaceutical companies All the companies he represents make gout medicines I understand when the pharmaceutical industry sees half of the gout patients Studies that can stop taking drugs can be very stressful Because it involves billions of dollars of interest But for patients, eating half a cup of cherries or What are the risks of a few spoonfuls of cherry juice?

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