How to

Draw a Rhino from memory in ballpoint biro pen!

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it's the shoe Reina drawing Channel today I'm gonna show you how to draw a rhinoceros from your memory and I'm gonna use a big biro because I want an empty biro for another video I'm gonna do a bit later but let's not talk about it let's do it okay well this is a standard big pan medium and I've never drawn like this with one before so this is something completely new I started drawing this Rhino very hesitantly join with a big pyro is a completely new thing for me because I think of big Pyro's as something that you fill in tax forms with but I've seen other people do amazing things with a pyro and I thought I'd have a go myself as there's nothing quite like trying something new I'm drawing this Rhino from memory it's meant to be Albrecht Durer's famous rhinoceros printer which I chose to demonstrate something in the Wednesday drawing show a couple of weeks ago then I became fascinated by the story behind the drawing an Indian Rhino was sent to the king of Portugal as a gift in 1515 has nearly 500 years ago Durer never saw the rhinoceros but he was sent a description and a quick sketch which was made by an unknown artist the woodcut that Jerome made stood as the definitive image of a rhinoceros for over 250 years then I came across the work of Pittsburgh artist Don Moya he had traced the Jura image onto a trade show booth more than 40 years before but the image was left ingrained in his memory he drawn quite a few versions of the rhinoceros from memory that quite captivated me and inspired me to have a go at drawing it from memory – do you see the link below for Don's amazing sketchbook blog as I drew this image became more more confident with the pen and tried different ways of making marks juror makes circular patterns as simple fish marks but that looks just scribbling when it's done with a biro but scribbling in circles made it look much better I found drawing the scaly pattern worked well as the ink feels almost soft as you draw over it and almost like you can push it into shape now this is a larger drawing than I'd normally do it's a three and it took me about three and a half hours to complete but I think it's worth upping the scale to benefit from the texture of the ink well I'm really quite pleased with the finished result and how much ink did I use hmm about half a barrel and what am I going to draw next with a biro has suggestions in the comments box below please well if you enjoyed that have a look at my Indian Rhino pattern on the shooby doodling channel or try the mystery rhino drawing either way you make sure you're subscribed to this channel for more drawing lessons and advice and in the meantime keep drawing drawing drawing practice practice practice and I'll see you next time you take care now bye bye