I Challenged a JUGGERNAUT to Camo HIDE AND SEEK!

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Hello hi, how you doing sorry to gather up the video guys have a quick little announcement guys you guys know, there’s some crazy stuff going on right now in the world, and I want to make sure you guys are staying safe, make sure you’re washing your hands. Make sure you’re staying inside because there’s some serious stuff going on and hopefully you guys are staying busy as well, watching a lot of YouTube videos and then playing some video games or maybe getting some exercise as well or learning it’s important to keep that noggin fresh. I want to try to help everyone out during this time, so what I’m gon na be doing is, if you guys order any merchandise. If you spend more than five dollars only for the next 48 hours, I will give you guys a free autographed photo I’m hand signing a photo for every single order. That is more than five dollars for the next 48 hours, so be sure to go check out. The merchandise there’s a link in the description or you can head over to WWE and speakable calm, but seriously guys, please stay safe out. There stay inside, wash your hands and just relax, everything’s gon na be okay. How am I gon na get out of here in today’s vlog we’re playing extreme airsoft hide-and-seek with James Gabe and Preston? The hiders have one balloon above their head and if I pop it with my minigun, they lose. They have five minutes to hide and I have 15 minutes to find them. Alright, boys five minutes to hide, and then I got 15 minutes to find you guys. I find you guys in 15 minutes I win. I got a pop your balloons this with what is the timer start anything right about now. That’S not a watch, I’m not losing anything. I don’t care what no. I did it. How dare you do something like that to me all right, throw them down the mask out into five minutes. All I got to do is pop their balloons. I mean, let’s be honest here. Most of their balloons are probably gon na pop by the trees. I hope James gets caught first now, all right the cameras not looking too good, I’m kind of watching where I’m stepping. No, I don’t even know what this place looks like. I guys don’t forget when you are playing airsoft or paintball, always keep your goggles on safety. First, all right here we go, you know just ran all the way from over there skin crazy. Let’S go boys, oh you’re, going down there where’s the out of balance. I don’t know, look if we don’t know what the out of bounds is then everything’s in bands. Exactly I like it, my original idea was to hide in a barrel. I totally forgot that we have balloons, so it’s our hide in a barrel anymore, because my balloon will be sticking up from the barrel. Why don’t you go hide in there? I don’t like snakes or spiders. I dated you yeah, but then, if I get found, what am I supposed to? Do you just lay there and take the bullets for your fellow brethren? No, no, no, no, no gays is not being a team player, guys it’s getting foggy in my mask in real foggy 50:51 wow. That’S a different feel. I ain’t going in there chief see, there’s no good, hiding spots, we’re looking around as much as we can right now and I feel like we can’t find anything good to hide it dude, I feel, like our best option, is to hide in the woods and the Woods is so terrible. It’S not even like super thick there’s, no way you can even climb a tree right now, guys. 72. 73. 74. There’S bushes. That way. This way, I don’t know where to hide: hey Gabe. You can hide in this pipeline right here. You’Re, not the first person to mention that I feel like if I hide here, I’m gon na get found right away, but, like Laura my other options, oh my gosh is a disease in there. Do you see that rainbow there a rainbow of gunk? I can’t hi there guys like danger, but I pick a green balloon. I’M gon na be found so quickly and I think i’ma hide behind this fence. Oh look at this leaf. It’S beautiful! This is probably my best spot and it’s really hot. Under this master. There’S! No like airflow at all, I don’t know if James who gave it found their hiding spots yeah. This is bad. There we go yeah. You know, I think, I’m really confident about finding these dudes. I mean I just got ta look for a big balloon and it’s gon na be pretty simple. Okay, we’re got to be closing in on that five minutes by now see tires that are kind of really in the forest like it might be difficult for me to get to this mini gun shoots about 2,000 rounds per minute. I have the spinning barrel at about 350 feet per second. That means one of these bb’s travel across the entire football field and one second, these boys are coming at them fast. We are going to try to trick Nathan I’m going to try to hide close to the front entrance of the fields, hoping he just walks. Past me, I’m definitely not gon na find Preston. Preston has played a lot of hide-and-seek’s, probably gon na find gabe. First, i don’t like spiders, there’s a spider form yeah, i’m just gon na hide in the back. I feel like. I should get in a better spot, but wearing a really bright, green balloon. All black on my strategy is holding my balloon. So does it fly? I don’t think this is cheating, but I’m gon na hold on to my balloon, so it doesn’t fly away cuz, I’m hiding behind this tree right. So my balloon flies like this Nathan’s gon na see it play in sight right. I give it about nine and a half minutes. I don’t know where to go. I’M scared good. I also don’t want to get shot. Oh that’s a thorn bush. None of the hiders have any guns. This is a little bit unfair and I love it. Maybe I can just outrun Nathan, the whole time might not be able to outrun the babies. I’M pretty sure I could outrun this. So here’s my plan. If I get spotted, I just throw the balloon up cuz. I really don’t feel like getting hit with that minigun. There are mosquitoes everywhere, there’s ants, there’s thorn bushes, I’m worried that my balloon is gon na pop. I don’t want that to happen. Guys, please put some fire mo G’s in the comments for me. Oh there’s, the longest five minutes of my life. I don’t think he’ll find me til, he’s kind of close. I might like legit fully lay on the ground. Why didn’t? We have camo balloons? We have red and green, I think, is a good spot right behind this. Like small little fence, I lost Kristen. I know Gabe is somewhere over there, I’m going to try to move around as much as possible. I think if we stay in one position, nathan is going to find all of us. We’Ve got to go to where he used to be so as soon as Nathan goes deep in the woods, I’m gon na try to make my way towards the front of the field where he enters four minutes in 30 seconds. Four minutes and thirty one sit here and take a nice nap. This is kind of good, but also really kind of bad, because I can’t see four minutes and 37 4 minutes and 38 think Ethan’s just about to come find us. I am terrified of that. Minigun 20. 19. 18. 22 thousand likes on this video. You better leave a like on this video. Ladies and gentlemen, oh my gosh Nate, that’s coming Nathan’s coming time’s up for these boys. It’S been five minutes time to see where they’re hiding at I do not see a single balloon in sight. These guys are hiding pretty well alright, so I think we’re just gon na make a swift pass through the middle of the field, see if we see anything obvious and then we’ll see what happens from there. You know you guys, probably can’t see Nathan Nathan is right through this brush right in front of us. I think I can hear him. Definitely why I want to start checking some of these tires: hey, no one in there all right game has started. The Seeker has to find us now and I really don’t want just shot by minigun right there, sir nope, no one in there nathan is in the middle of the field. Right now he’s near the ravine we jumped over earlier yeah he’s out and about looking for us see those tires. I’M gon na make a break. Wait. I think I’m I see something over here, he’s so scary with that man, it’s so creepy looking. I don’t really have a plan if I get found, I just keep moved, there’s some deep forest over here. I might want to go. Take a look, my name isn’t speakable and I got a minigun. I’M gon na find you all. I’M gon na find you all. This is getting scary. It’S getting closer and closer. There’S a big place. There’S a lot of places to hide the only problem is these boys got to remember: they got a balloon when hanging off the top of them. There’S only so many places a red balloon can be hidden. Oh, he said red. You see, use me balloons going crazy. I lost sight of them, so nathan is somewhere really deep in the woods that way. Oh no where’d it go where’d. It go all right. No one over here coast is clear. I will say wherever these boys are hiding, they have chosen some pretty good spots. All right, I’m gon na walk this way, so I don’t want to stay in the same spot check this tire. This is a big bar. Oh, it’s close he’s really close. That would been a good hiding spot. I have these boys there. Some of these boys must have popped their balloons. Cuz. I don’t see anything. The custard is failure. I don’t think you saw me so far so good. I have yet to hear Nathan shoot the gun, which means, I don’t think he’s found James or Gabe. I might have been spotted nock of a lot boys. I’M kind of impressed. Anyone in here nope coast is clear. Just keep moving, I’m going this woods over here. Look for it. I have no idea where we are now. We are so deep in the woods I came over here. Cuz, I thought maybe would be able to see what Nathan looks like or like where he is, but I have no idea no flank around this backside here see what we can find shouldn’t be back here for a little bit until you just checked everything else. Getting into some deep deep woods over here nice, I think we just found the god spot. You guys see that black net this net is the out-of-bounds. I think I’m on the Southwest corridor of the map, so less Nathan checks this one specific corner he’s not going to find us and we’ve got this giant tree obstructing his view of us. I feel like if I was to find someone I’d, see him ain’t. Nothing out here Wow. Would you look at that? It’S a big stack tires. No one is in there trying to breathe, trying to breathe. It is so hard to breathing his mask. Might I pick this mask? Oh yeah, because it looks awesome he’s right. I don’t know if you could see him, but he’s pretty far away, got a fun night escape route when you’re always playing games to always known xscape feel like. I can’t talk to you guys very loudly, and I can’t laugh because if I laugh he’s gon na hear me come on man, there’s only so many places, you’re gon na hide in a forest, especially with the red balloon found. Someone started quiet, God’s capered with wait. I see James James he’s running he’s in the forest. I lost eyes on him. He probably dropped below. I see him. I just saw jeans run through the forest. Do you do yes, he’s out by the tires where the spawn started Nathan’s about the fine? If I seen Ethan there’s so many places, this boy can go Nathan screwed for James, I haven’t heard the minigun, so I don’t think he’s found anyone where you go James. Have you run this way? We were no longer best friends, I will say boys. It’S kind of hard to run with a 50 pound minigun. I got him trapped in this corner. He’S cornered he’s cornered. Oh you ain’t going anywhere buddy. I think I could outrun your bullets. Think you can outrun me this boy, ain’t going anywhere, give it up brother! Oh, you hit it, but it it pop. I can hear him really far away from me. He really screaming or something so I guess you found someone I’m fairly certain. He found someone, here’s something I think it was. The minigun must have been really far away. If it was I’ll, even let the balloon go for you, Oh oh, my gosh, did you guys just hear that James just had his balloon pop? That was terrifying. That’S a lot of screaming! That’S what happens when you play games buddy. You did have a minigun against the balloon, your capture buddy, not to get water. That screaming sounds like found someone. Definitely that’s one down two more to go time to find Preston. We got some dense woods over here I haven’t checked. This field is huge. So far, no side of anyone, I think I’m gon na run back to the back of the field. If Preston and Gabe were at the front, they probably got spooked and ran to the back. While I was dealing with James way, Preston’s right over there. I just don’t press and run behind the fence, a hero. I can’t see anything for all this force presses on the move. I thought I saw something moving, but it was just an ant. I do not have eyes on Preston right now, but I do know he traveled this way at a pretty high rate of speed he’s coming this way we got ta go, we got ta, go, we got ta, go I’m going back to my original hiding spot. I’M still here, I didn’t think I’d survive this long. I might actually make it all 15 minutes. There got no eyes on Preston. I have no idea where he is. Oh boys, I’m getting sweaty. I will tell you that I’m gon na go check around this back side of the field. I hate fucking that direction. That’S my variable spike. He can see me easier, so I’m gon na crawl and OH, I see something red in the bushes here. Do you see what I’m seeing right now now your second-to-last Preston is the last one how’d you get James James II was running like a wild animal trying to play games with me thinking he’s slick, although he doesn’t realize that this is a minigun. That sounds like a James thing to do. Well, at least I can get out of this bush now I’ve been in here for a long time. My Bush plan worked, but I didn’t work well enough, so maybe next time we’ll find a thicker Bush and maybe get a green balloon instead of a red balloon. Alright last person to fine is Preston. He was chasing me, cuz James gave me away and we just ran in through an entire circle if they think he’s following where we were he’s gon na come out from over there Preston Preston, Preston, Preston. All I smell is TB and our I smell that fire logo frogs can always sense. The fire probably wasn’t the best idea to wear white. She used blue jeans and colorful merchandise, so knowing Preston Preston is very tactical. He likes to run around he’s all over the place. So when I went back there, he probably went back to the front. This is just gon na, be one big game of cat and mouse, and the problem is I’m carrying a 50 pound minigun and I’m the cat, I’m a really big fat cat. This is a full-time workout guys, I’m glad I skipped the gym this morning. I have absolutely no eyes on Preston. Preston could be anywhere, this field was massive Gabe and James have been found, which means we’re the only person left. This is intense. Boys probably got a couple minutes left, and I got one more hider problem is, as Preston is good Preston those this field, like the back of his hand, even though he’s never played on it, this man briefs and was born on the airsoft and paintball fields. This man knows how to conceal a red balloon. I’M just looking for any movement. Any movement I see Nathan just ran away from us. No, no! No! I just heard Preston. I just heard Preston boys, just oh, it’s all Nathan Nathan doesn’t have to know coo. I just saw Nate there he saw me there is he’s running he’s running where’s. He going this is woollen pot. Did he just pop this balloon smoke grenade he’s gon na feel really bad, but he realized that my balloons ready pop. Should we lie to Nathan and tell me popped our balloon? I don’t think yeah as a balloon. This man running let’s go baby. Let’S play some games. Hi Nathan, I’ve been hit boy sure this is the end. Where’S your balloon, buddy where’s, your balloon. You window stop funny David. What I popped it myself, you pop your balloon. Well, I was running. Does that mean yours whoa in my world you’re the last guy to remaining? You won the championship, yeah I’ll, give it to you buddy. You definitely were the last hider. You definitely put up a good fight Haven when you walk past that tires. I was hiding there you’re right here. I weigh video it cuz you’re. Just like this laser focus. I don’t know how you hid that red balloon red balloon in this green forest. I didn’t see it anywhere easily. You had to snuggle it loved it all right, wipe this sweat off. This subscribe for Preston, i’ii just go subscribe me against like and subscribe. Oh yeah, another one here you do how the one who goo