A Guided Meditation on the Body, Space, and Awareness with Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

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Body Meditation, Space, and Awareness Tips with Mengior Rinpoche, welcome! I am very glad to share with you With some guidance on meditation. It is very simple. Let’s keep the spine straight Let’s keep it straight, but without a lot of anxiety about doing it I have to stay that way, completely! He just kept his integrity. Close your eyes. Just close your eyes as if you were asleep. You do not have to close them badly or in a certain way. Relax your body muscles.

Relax the head muscles. Forehead, face, ears and cheeks And the throat and upper body, Arms and hands, The lower body, legs, and feet. Rest it completely. While maintaining the integrity of the spine. Slash your neck slightly forward. As if the weight of your head relaxed on your neck. You can relax without effort. Each part of the body relaxes on the lower part of it. this way. Feel relaxing. But there is some strength You find some balance. All parts of your body are relaxed. Each part above the other, However, at the same time, There is power inside you. Your spine is straight. Sometimes a bit of cuteness. Sometimes you feel some sensations. Just let it be. Whatever the feeling in your body. Just be aware and let him be. when I was young, My father used to tell me “Leave your body on a meditation pillow.

I feel your body on a meditation pillow, Put your mind in your body. ” In this way, the mind and body are combined. The mind is inside the body Just be aware of your body, Be aware of any sensations or feelings in your body. Pleasant feelings, Joy, joy, Or unpleasant feelings, Tighten, Or pain, Or neutral feelings, Maybe numbness, Or lack of feelings, So with any form of feelings, Be aware, And let it be, Well, for a few seconds, be aware and relaxed. Just be aware And relaxed. .Okay. Now it can expand your awareness Out of your body, To what surrounds you, Maybe there are some sounds, Or some smells, Or some sensations For example, if the room temperature is either hotter or colder, Or some hype. For example, people chatting, Or the sound of a car, train or plane, Moving soon, Or the noise of the neighbors. Or anything Just be aware. Just Now. Just realize there are noises. It becomes your awareness So your awareness becomes more open, And more spacious.

Stay there And be aware of any phenomena For several seconds. right Now, You can expand your awareness, More than the environment around you. Feel the space around you And above you, And be aware of that space, In larger areas, And deeper. All phenomena, Speaking in space, And change in space. And they return to fade in space. Like clouds. Come into space, And stay in space, And fade in space.

Now you can expand your awareness even further. Go beyond the clouds Towards space, which is endless. Space, open in all directions. Everywhere. Be there. Don’t worry, you won’t get lost. Stay there for a few seconds. well now. Slowly open your eyes And be present Here. Rest your mind, not just your body. How do you relax the mind? For example: Doing physical exercises, Like jogging in the park or park, Or walking over hills or mountains, Maybe for a few minutes or hours … To say one hour … After you finish jogging, You may need a good seat Or a rock or a rug of grass. Sit on the grass And, with a big sigh, “Uh,” Just relax. You do not need to meditate Just let your mind relax as it is And the body, too. Just relax … For several seconds. Maybe you feel as though, “Oh, there are a lot of ideas, There are a lot of emotions that happen in my mind.

What should I do with these emotions, Are these ideas? ” The same. Just like before, you just have to be aware. If there are thoughts and emotions, You are conscious, with thoughts and emotions, And it’s what I call “No Without No,” All you have to do is look at the “No without No,” Be aware and let everything be. Just as you are conscious of your body, Conscious with sounds and feelings, And now the same, just be aware of thoughts and emotions. Let her come, And let her go. However, if you cannot be aware of it It’s okay. You are in a state of mind free from concepts and perceptions, But not for long – just a few seconds. Again, when you see thoughts or emotions, Shapes, sounds, smells – or anything, Just be aware … for a few seconds … If anything comes to your mind, Or an event in your body Or in your perceptions, Just be aware, and let her talk.

Okay. Now, you can apply this awareness This openness, This awareness In any circumstance In your life, And in any activity in your daily life. Short period, for multiple periods. Everywhere, anytime. Seven days a week. 365 days a year. this way, You can fill your mind With joyful experiences and full of peace. It will cultivate inner love, compassion and wisdom. Thank you! .

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