Caffeine-Free Coffee Alternative?

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– About six out of 10 Americans rely on their daily cup of coffee. It can be loaded with great health benefits but for some, side effects maybe the jitters, caffeine headaches, have them reconsidering maybe taking a coffee break. A product called Dandy Blend claims, it’s an herbal caffeine-free alternative that promises no withdrawal symptoms, so we had to put it to the test. Took three coffee lovers, gave them the chance to try it out. Our first tester was, Emily, who says she drinks between 16 to 24 ounces of coffee everyday.

Without coffee she says, she has irritability, headaches, and low energy. And what do you think of this? – The caffeine withdrawal was not great. I definitely felt I was missing that extra boost of energy. – Okay. so are you, are you now going to be, hey maybe substitute one cup a day with this or… – I wouldn’t go out of my way to get it. – There we go, sometimes, people feel a little pressure, yeah, but you didn’t hate it. Didn’t hate it? – No, I didn’t hate it. But seriously the flavor was pretty good.

It’s just, I love real coffee and I want– – You know what, I do too. – I get it. I get it. – I think we all do. – But for some, we depend too much. I want to move on to Amanda really quickly. – Because Amanda, drinks between 16 and 40 ounces of coffee a day. – Wow. – Okay, Amanda. – She can’t remember the last time she didn’t have it. So Amanda, how did you do with this? – Actually, I was a little skeptical about it at first.

The smell was a little different. But it really wasn’t that bad. I drank it black first, it was definitely a little bitter. But I added my creamer to it that I usually add to my coffee. And it really wasn’t that much different. – All right, well, Daniel says he drinks up to 48 ounces a day. – [Dr. Andrew] Thattaboy. – [Dr. Nita] Wow. (laughing) – He says he feels sluggish and gets headaches without the coffee. So Daniel, what did you think of it? – I think it’s not bad, it’s actually pretty good. I didn’t notice a difference, flavor-wise except for, like, a little bit of a bitter aftertaste. But it’s like a flash in the pan, then it’s just fine. – Let’s try it, Docs.

– We have, we can put ourselves to the test. We’ll see if we agree with these three. – Cheers! (audience laughing) – Cheers, Drew. – It has a different aroma that’s for sure. – [Amanda] Yeah. – Good ol’ dandelion. (audience laughing) – It doesn’t taste that different from coffee. – Tastes like coffee. – But if add something normal like cream or anything in it. – So, and the ingredients in this are extracts of roasted barley, rye, chicory root, dandelion root and sugar beet. So good ingredients. Hey, it’s interesting. – Tastes like coffee. – But here is the one thing I will always tell people. People feel a lot of guilt about enjoying coffee.

Coffee’s the number one source of anti-oxidants in the American diet. I mean, the coffee, think about what coffee is. It’s water filtered through these coffee beans, and unless you add a ton of sugar and everything else to it, and of course if you have– – That’s what I was thinking. – side effects, and it doesn’t work for your system, but I see too many people feeling guilty about enjoying a cup of coffee. – I think it’s because most people do put a lot of sugar and a lot of, other stu– a lot of head nods, a lot of other stuff in it.

– I’ll tell you what I would do with this. because I love my morning coffee. I just love coffee. I wouldn’t hate drinking this in the evening. – [Amanda] Yup. – It actually has a nice soothing aroma. It’s, herbal. – Like a decaf I mean this is what, it the taste is like decaf. – It is Dandy, lion. (audience laughing) Thank you all for trying it out..

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