Coffee Addicts Try Different Types Of Caffeine For A Week

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– There’s no way I’m gonna like anything more than coffee. (playful music) – There’s life before coffee, and there’s life right after coffee, and one is definitely better than the other. – I love coffee, it’s my morning ritual. – I’m worried that I’m gonna need more tea or whatever kind of supplements that I need to take in order to get that same amount of caffeine that I usually get from my six cups of coffee a day.

– I think I’ll always be running back to coffee, but I’m always open to trying different beverages when I’m in a different mood. (gentle music) – So this is 5-hour ENERGY pomegranate. – Contains caffeine comparable to a cup of the leading premium coffee. Mmm. (upbeat music) – I taste a little bit of blueberry, a little bit of raspberry. – If Flintstones vitamins were to create a drink, it would taste like this. – It’s very sweet, it has kind of a very water-y texture, so it’s not too viscous. – I don’t feel like the high yet, but it’s good. – Now been about seven hours since I had the 5-hour ENERGY drink, and I’m actually feeling really good still. (upbeat music) – It’s hot.

(laughs) – This says awake, that’s a good sign. I’m gonna make this just like I make my coffee, with lots of cream and sugar. Looks like dirty swamp water, no offense to tea drinkers. This tea’s actually not too bad, kind of tastes like graham crackers. – I went out last night for a friend’s birthday, and ooh, making Wednesday the new Saturday, but it didn’t work because Thursday’s not the new Sunday and tea is not the new coffee, I’m exhausted and I feel like I cannot wake up today. – It’s been a little bit over an hour since I had the tea, and I’m feeling pretty sleepy. (upbeat music) – (slurps) Oh my god, it’s so bubbly. – Coke I had was surprisingly good and refreshing, and it gave me some energy, but it only lasts about an hour. – I feel like I just drank water all day. (laughs) I’m waiting for the pick me up. (laughs) Like, come on, ready to feel jazzed.

– We’re gonna get Frappuccinos. – Yay! – And that’s not cheating, right? (suspenseful music) – I have a bad taste in my mouth, my stomach kinda hurts, overall unpleasant experience, thank you, soda. – Feel so much better after that Frappuccino, like 110% happier. Got my favorite mug just like coffee, (drink fizzing) except it fizzes. – Today I am drinking a sugar free Rockstar, it’s really sweet and I miss my coffee. I associate Saturday mornings with coffee but oh well, (mumbles) I feel perky. (laughs) – Mmm. (groans) – Now it’s about 7 p.m. and I’m really wishing I had more caffeine. (upbeat music) – Tastes kinda fruity. – It is kinda like eating coffee. – They taste actually quite good, they have a bit of a coffee aroma to them and they smell a bit, kind of coffee, mocha-esque. Really sweet, really chewy, I’m kinda missing my Sunday morning warm cup of Joe, but I do feel a little bit of a caffeine kick. – [Brunette Woman] I’ve got my breakfast and my energy water.

Mmm. Think I put two squirts in that, that might be too many. – It’s nice in the sense that it has a bit of a flavor, and it’s good with carbonated drinks, but again, it’s no coffee, and especially if you don’t like such sweet things in the morning or throughout the day, you kind of have to settle with this one. – I did like how refreshing it was to just have some water and know it gave me a little extra energy. I don’t think I would replace coffee with it very often, but I do think it would be a good thing to have throughout the day for just a little extra energy and hydration. This is what it looks like, just like a piece of chocolate. – I had all three tablets of chocolate and I still felt so tired. – I’ve had three coffee chocolates, and they were pretty good, they were the perfect amount of crunch, but they were food and not a drink.

So I do really miss having that hot beverage today. (upbeat music) – This week was hard, but I’m really glad I did this challenge. – Not having coffee this week made my energy levels a lot lower overall. – I’m ready to return to coffee. I miss it very much, very dear to me. Gotta get back and apologize and say I’m sorry for leaving.

– I’m so excited to have caffeine tomorrow, excuse me, I’m so excited to have coffee tomorrow, as you can tell I’m a little tired..

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