Comparing caffeine amounts and costs of popular coffee drinks

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Is National Coffee Day it’s also international coffee day. It is global world interplanetary cockiness. But if you need a cup of joe just get you going every day, the cost can really add up. Yeah, that’s not cheap, not consumer X. Bring me David. So did some research to tell you and get the biggest Java jolt for the least amount of those yeah, and this is all assuming that you’re, not just making your coffee at home and free. We have. My husband makes the best coffee in the city.

Oh yeah, I’ve got to come to your house so if you’re actually dashing through a drive through the amount of caffeine and that to-go cup can vary depending on where you’ve stopped take a look, mocha cappuccino, macchiato your choices for a pick-me-up are nearly endless. We pick the latte a medium and sized him up at Starbucks, McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts website. Caffeine. Informer has compiled caffeine content on more than 600 beverages, using information from the companies that make them and lab tests. It found a medium cup of Dunkin Donuts brewed coffee has 210 milligrams of caffeine and it’ll cost you a dollar ninety-nine.

A medium cup of McDonald’s coffee is just a buck, but you’ll only get a hundred and forty five milligrams of caffeine, a grande cup of Starbucks pike, place brew, packs the biggest punch with 330 milligrams of caffeine for two dollars, ten cents. You would have to drink. Two and a third cups of McDonald’s coffee to get that same boost and to do that you’d end up paying more at McDonald’s than Starbucks. The caffeine content is closer when we compared medium sized lattes. All three are right: around 150 milligrams, you’d get the most caffeine from a Dunkin Donuts latte, but you’ll pay the least amount for the jolt when factoring the cost of each milligram.

For a McDonald’s for cafe latte at $ 2.99 – and today is maybe the one day you don’t have to pay anything at some places. Coming up at 6 o’clock, we’re gon na tell you where you can get free coffee for national or international coffees, always even the best coffee yeah. Exactly I never worry about the caffeine amounts. I think it’s all in my head. Anyways. Do you yeah? I don’t think it’s really totally feel it decaf in your coffee one day and see if you experiment, I don’t understand decaf, I don’t even get it alright. Well, I’d like to vote. How do you like your coffee? We have the results in our neck.

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