Dragon Ball Taught Me How to “Meditate”

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Meditation when you think of what it means you probably think of something like this: Or this: Or, maybe something like this: But for me meditation means this: No the video didn’t glitch out nor did I forget to add something Meditation for me is just that clear emptiness of the mind Now I’m not an expert on the subject so I might be completely wrong here However, I’ve been doing this since I was a kid whenever I wanted to calm myself and i didnt even know this was meditation I’m still not sure it is, but whenever I explain to people what I do in order to relax They always tell me: “Oh, so you meditate” and since it’s an easier way to describe it. I just go with it I kind of learned this concept from one of the best sources of motivation and self-improvement the original Dragonball It was in the episode where Goku first meets Mr. Popo in the english dub the dialogue goes a little different than the one I watched years ago but it went something like this: Goku overwhelmed by how fast Mr.

Popo was asks him how can he move at such speed Mr. Popo responds by telling him his mind has to be empty Goku tries it and gets this blank expression on his face The same as Mr. Popo’s but Popo says that that just not thinking it isn’t emptiness An empty mind is not the same as not thinking Now the show doesn’t really expand on that very much But that stuck with me and since I was just a kid, of course I wanted to be as cool as an anime character *I still do… So maybe if i could master this technique, I too could move at superhuman speed spoiler alert: I couldn’t But still I did my best and with time I managed to get to a state which I understood was an empty mine Which might be completely different from what Mr. Popo meant and could be completely made up for all I know But It works for me if I had to explain it I would say it’s like that white room in The Matrix where they could be summon whatever they want It’s like an empty canvas where you have control over your thoughts and how they make you feel Now you might be asking: how do I do this? Well…

It’s kind of hard to explain since I think these varies a lot from person to person But I’ll try my best to describe what is it that I do first let’s divide the process into 2 The physical process and the mental one the physical process is not a hundred percent necessary to get an empty mind But it helps a lot It’s fairly straightforward: Just imagine like you’re melting Let go of any muscle you realize you’re using and try to relax your body as much as possible This is obviously easier to do while lying down But it can be done while standing or sitting you just have to be more selective for which muscle you can let go And That’s it! now the mental process This might be difficult to explain so bear with me The most relaxing and important part of an empty mind for me is the process of emptying it I’m a very visual type of person so what I do is try to give my thoughts a visual representation something like this: Every single one of these represents a thought, an idea or a feeling in normal circumstances I will say my mind is cluttered with all of these things so when I try to relax I try to eliminate them it could be by sweeping them, painting over them or just blowing them off I literally picture myself cleaning my mind and little by little end up with nothing but a white canvas Once I do I feel like in a state of trance where I’m in complete control of what I think and what I feel I can bring back thoughts one by one And concentrate on them while being able to manipulate how they affect me Do I feel anxious about a test? I could eliminate the anxiety part and look at it more calmly It’s like we are the complete ruler of your mind.

You’re the master. No, the king. No A GOD! Okay, I might be over selling it out a little bit But it is a useful technique to relax and concentrate it is not flawless though Sometimes anxiety, stress and bad feelings in general will get the best of you So if you seem to have a hard time doing it, don’t force it. Just take a break and try to relax another way Anyways, did anything of what I said make sense to you? I hope it did have you experienced anything like that? What do you do to relax? Let me know in the comments and see you next time

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