How To Meditate For Beginners (Lucid Dreaming)

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Meditation is one of the best things you can do before you go to sleep It not only relaxes your mind and makes it easier for you to fall asleep Meditation also increases the overall probability of Experience a clear dream Sometimes without trying today in this video I’m going to show you tonight how to meditate to increase your chances of having an amazingly clear dream Even if you don’t want to lose a dream Meditation is still a cool thing and you can do it whenever you want So I recommend watching this video and following the technique I showed Before I go into this video, make sure you subscribe to the channel since I post weekly Tutorials to help you control your dreams every night or at least whenever you want and whether that sounds cool Click this subscribe button and turn on notifications so you know when new videos will be released really quickly I just want to thank everyone who supported my channel on patreon, for those who don’t know yet I started my own Patreon site where I post my lucid dream stories and some bonus content that you can’t find on my channel I also offer unlimited one-to-one lucid dream help to people who support me I checked the link in the description if you want to check it out OK.

Before I tell you how to meditate, let’s review some of the benefits Meditation reduces stress and many studies show that it improves your mental health Meditation also strengthens your self-confidence Get you to develop a stronger self-image. Awareness is also really important when trying to make a dream come true Meditation also extends your attention span, which means you are less bored Meditation is known to help fight addiction problems Lower your blood pressure and Improve your sleep and talk about sleep Meditation will promote your dream memory, which means that you can remember your dreams Easier and it will also strengthen your ability to control things within dreams Which is really important if you are serious about clearly dreaming of something that I find really cool when it comes to meditation Is it that you can do it anywhere and don’t need any equipment to get started? There are many different ways to meditate, you can lie down.

You can sit on the floor or on your bed You can even hang upside down Well, maybe not, but you understand that when you dream the best, it’s really only about what feels comfortable to you Time to meditate is right before falling asleep. So As soon as you feel comfortable and have eliminated any distractions Sit upright on your bed and close your eyes now You may notice that I am telling you to sit upright, and the reason is that you are lying down There is an increased risk of accidentally falling asleep If you think you can handle it, it is perfectly fine to do it lying down But I also recommend sitting upright for beginners, as the goal is to be both relaxed and alert Falling asleep is not always bad if you want to make your dream come true But it is better to stop meditating and then fall asleep, because the longer you meditate, the better you will ask yourself Can I listen to music during meditation? The truth is that music can distract and I recommend trying this meditation routine Without listening to anything, but if you want to hear something, make sure it’s very subtle For example, you can hear nature sounds or Waves on the beach can help visualize things later in meditation Although it is still a good practice to learn how to meditate without music as it may not always be available Okay, now it’s time to meditate to dream clearly.

There are two main types of meditation concentration and mindfulness Concentration is when you listen to a voice Imagine the dream you want to have, or just spend time concentrating your mind on one thing Mindfulness is when you clear all of your thoughts and just sit in there. peace Both types of meditation are great for clear dreaming, and we’ll use both of them below Make yourself as comfortable as possible and then do the following You close your eyes and concentrate on breathing Concentrate your entire awareness on the breath that flows in and out of your lungs Keep it up, of course, and only notice how it feels when your mind runs out and you only think of other things Concentrate on your breathing again.

It can take a while to get used to pushing thoughts away But you get better over time When you feel bored Then you are probably waiting for the meditation to end rather than actively engaging in it Put your focus back on breathing and the only goal is not to think about anything else Do this for five to ten minutes? Don’t keep an eye on the time, however, relax and move on to the next step when you feel ready to Now you want to focus on visualizing something good Visualization for clear dreams is a natural environment like a beech forest or a garden What creates a relaxed, stress-free environment? Concentrate on all of your senses, except vision, for a few minutes For example If the place you imagine is a beach, then Focus on the sound of the ocean waves and the feeling of a cool breeze on your face when you feel ready Open your imaginary eyes and look around. You can even imagine yourself getting up and walking through the environment you created Spend as much time as you want to explore your surroundings It should feel like you are teleported to a new place and you are not in your bed at all And when you’re done, finish your meditation by opening your eyes to real ones The cool thing about this second stage is that you try this in the middle of the night There is a possibility that your body will fall asleep physically and you will immediately enter a clear dream Simply by immersing yourself in your new environment.

This can be difficult and you shouldn’t force it But if you suddenly fall into a clear dream while meditating You will least understand why when you become clear It is important to know how to control things in the dream so that you can have as much fun as you can I made a video about controlling clear dreams and I recommend watching it if you are serious about clear dreams So that you know exactly what to do next time, but that’s it for today’s video I hope you learned something new about meditation This is a great way to achieve amazing clear dreams and if you haven’t tried it, I definitely will I recommend trying it If you would like weekly videos about clear dreaming and related things, click the “Subscribe” button and the corresponding participation Notifications to let you know when new videos are coming out.

Thank you for over 100,000 subscribers I didn’t expect to make it this fast and I’m so thankful to all the new people on this channel Thank you for watching my videos and it really means a lot to me If you have suggestions for videos, always leave a comment below I left a link in the description. If you visit my Patreon and want to read some of my dream diaries and Thanks as always for watching .

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