How to Meditate: Guided Walkthrough for Complete Beginners [5 mins.] (No Music)

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Hi, and welcome to How to Meditate by Declutter The Mind This 5-minute beginner mindfulness practice is to introduce you to mindfulness meditation. If you’ve never meditated before, mindfulness meditation is about paying attention to the present moment, non judgementally, in a purposeful way. Usually this is practiced by focusing on the breath for a period of time, which is the way we will practice mindful meditation today, and the way you will learn to meditate While we try to do this, thoughts and feelings will enter our mind. Our mind will wander. Instead of trying to control our thoughts, or following our thoughts, we will practice gently noticing the thought and letting it go.

This is the most important part of the practice. This helps train our minds, to not become our thoughts, and to allow us to live in the present moment. This can help with daily focus, and reducing stress and anxiety. However, I think the most important thing mindfulness meditation does, is give us self-insight and it allows for regular introspection. We get to see just how busy our minds can be. In a world where many of us are living in momentum and caught up in the routine of daily life, meditation can be our daily, non-judgemental state of open attention to the contents of our consciousness. So to meditate, you only need one thing. A comfortable, quiet spot where you can be free of distractions. Maybe you want some privacy Maybe you need a comfortable chair Just find somewhere where you can sit for 5 minutes, which is the length of this beginner introduction practice. So first, let’s start getting comfortable.

Make sure you’re seated comfortably, maybe it’s a chair, maybe it’s a cushion on the floor Just ensure you’re sitting upright, comfortably, you’re not forcing the posture You can do this meditation laying on your back but generally it’s best to do this meditation sitting. Now, with your eyes open, maintain a soft focus and gaze, take a few deep breaths In through the nose and out through the mouth. Now, in the next out breath, we’re going to gently close our eyes. So now with our eyes closed Let’s begin to notice the physical points of contact, the physical sensations Maybe it’s your feet touching the floor.

Your arms resting in your lap. Maybe it’s our back against the chair. Maybe there’s some warmth or pressure. Maybe there’s some tingling sensation on our body Just notice these physical points of contact. Now, you might notice, as we begin to do this thoughts will begin to enter our mind and The key to meditation or the main goal is to become aware of these thoughts notice them and then allow them to pass We don’t wanna follow the thought We want to maintain our focus on the physical points of contact at this point. So whenever a thought or feeling enters the mind just gently notice it and gently return your attention to the body and now Let’s begin to shift our focus to the breath.

So notice the rising and falling sensation. Maybe it’s more noticeable on your chest. Maybe it’s the tip of your nose or stomach. Remember, we’re not forcing the breath here, we’re just observing its natural state, and the rise and fall In and out… Again, as we pay attention to our breath Our mind will begin to wander and that’s completely normal We don’t wanna judge it We don’t wanna think about our thinking We just want to gently bring our attention back to the breath and notice the rising and falling sensations of breathing And now to make the focus of the breath a little easier We can begin to count the breaths as they pass So…

The breath in 1 The breath out 2 The breath in 3 The breath out 4 and so on Until we reach a count of 10 And whenever you reach a count of 10, start over and begin again to count the breaths again. You will get distracted, and that’s fine. Whenever a thought or feeling enters the mind, or you find yourself wandering or you notice you’ve been distracted, just start the count over from 1 and count your breaths in and out, until you reach 10 And now slowly return your focus to the physical points of contact Your legs on the chair, your feet on the floor, maybe it’s your arms in the lap your back against the chair And slowly open your eyes and notice how you feel.

And you’ve now just completed your very first meditation session So you’ll notice What we’ve been trying to do throughout this practice today is maintain our focus on things that ground us to the present whether it’s the breath weather it’s physical sensations And you’ll notice that the mind wanders very often and this practice helps us be mindful of that For meditation to be effective it takes practice Try to create a daily habit but start small if you have to. Start with 5 minutes a day, and slowly work yourself up to 10, 15, 20 and so on minutes to exercise that focus muscle If you’ve enjoyed this guided meditation, go to DeclutterTheMind.com for more and consider leaving a Like and Comment on this video.

It supports the channel. Thanks for listening, and I’ll see you in the next session..

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