How to Meditate – Part 1 – (Tamil Video) Raja Yoga Q&A Series #33

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Welcome All Today, in the Rajyoga Meditation section We are going to learn “ How to do Meditation, ?” “ Part 1”. We have already seen many series about the theory. … .we have only one video about Practicals. Many people are asking about Practical Meditation in detail, So we are going to see about Meditation in two parts. First of all, we will see the difference between prayer and this Rajyoga meditation First point is Prayer is one way communication.

I will tell God what all in my mind I won’t know what reply I am getting from God in prayer. Meditation is two way communication. I am saying something to Paramathma. I get “ touch” from Him and I get answers through Paramatma’s Vaani or through some people. I get answers for my questions. Seond point is in the prayer, He is God, and I am His devotee. This is the relationship between us In the meditation. The relationship is Father and a Child. Thirdly, while doing prayer I am doing with body consciousness. That is, I feel myself as a body. This is body consciousness While doing meditation. I am Soul conscious Now the question is when to do meditation. Paramatma says in one vaani “ A new day starts from 12:00 midnight”. It does not mean that you should do meditation at 12 midnight. He says in another Vaani that from 10 PM to 2 AM is not the proper time for meditation. Why? Because it is the peak time for the vikaars of the whole world. He says that it will be difficult for us to get connected to Him.

Even we use more of mobile phones during business hours … right. Sometimes, when you call your friends, you will be hearing that “ the network is busy”. What happens? Is people are making calls more than the capacity of the network, So we are not getting that line connected. Similarly, 10 PM to 2 AM, is the not the proper time to get connected to Paramatma, So Amrit Vela is from 4 AM to 4:45. Am Why Paramathma is asking us to come at this time, because after this time, all the worship places in the world that is temples, Churches, Gurudwaras, etc get opened? Millions of people start their prayers with their various demands. Paramathma says: since we are special atmas, we need not come among the crowd. Those who study Rajyoga practice, Rajyoga meditation too, Hence in the entire world. This 4 to 4:45 AM is the time for meditation Wherever you are according to your country’s time, 4 to 4:45 AM, is the Amrit Vela meditation time When I did my 7 days course, the sister told me that 4 to 4:45 is the Amrit Vela, As I Was over smart, I asked her “.

Why can’t I do in the evening 4′ o clock, because at that time, somewhere in the world will be Amrit, Vela … right She said “, it is your wish” One can ask anything distorting the meaning to suit one’s interest. So it is according to their country’s time zone. Suppose you, wake up at 7, AM everyday try to get up at 6:30 and do meditation. Don’T try to get up at 4 AM …. You will do for few days and leave it …. So do it in the reverse. Gradually Next is Dress code. There are no strict rules and regulations regarding dress code for doing meditation. Since you are doing at your house, there is no specific dress code, But it is better to avoid the same dress in which you went for sleep in the previous day, because that dress has vibrations of sleep which may give you sleepiness. When you sit for meditation. If you wash your face and change your dress, you can feel fresh and have good experiences in meditation. This is tips for dress.

Next question is: should we take bath before meditation? It is not compulsory, but when you do meditation after bath, you can feel very fresh and do meditation effectively. I always do Amrit vela after taking bath only According to me. The next day has begun …. So I never go to sleep after doing meditation. … .there are some people who has to go for job or studies go to sleep after doing meditation. How should be the sitting posture? There are no strict rules for sitting posture, No conditions like crossed legs, Padmasan or any other yog muthras, No restrictions at all for how to sit for meditation. You can sit on the chair or on the floor any position. Whichever way you are comfortable. Whatever position, you can sit comfortably without strain for half an hour. You can choose that position. There is nothing wrong in any sitting posture, But you should not do yoga lying on the bed. That is sleeping as well as doing yoga. You should not think that it is simply remembering Paramatma only so we cannot combine sleeping and remembering God, I just share my experience When I had been to Madhuban for the first time in all the compartments of the train. Mostly we BKs were there. I was sitting on the upper berth as many people were travelling, even though it is a reserved one.

We got up before 4 AM We had to do yoga facing the person who is sitting in front of us who were non BKs? Suppose any lady sits in the front side. She may think I am staring at her, Then we can’t do for more than few minutes In the upper berth. Even sitting will not be comfortable for a long time. So I sat for 2 or 3 minutes and lied down and told Baba that I could do only like this, And around 7 AM while reading Murli Baba says that lying and meditating will not be counted. As yoga..This is my experience. So it is clear that we can’t do yoga in lying position. Then next question is whether to keep the eyes open or closed. We should keep our eyes open only Why, because in bhakti and other types, we always think that by closing our eyes, we get good concentration, But actually what happens is when we close our eyes.

Other organs like ears, nose, etc, become very active. For example, When I close my eyes, I am hearing the sound of the train of the far away station, But when your eyes are open even normally, we don’t hear the train sound from far away, But when we close our eyes, ours ears become very active. So we hear even far away noise or the good smell from the kitchen … we get more distraction. Our Father has come to see us after 5000 years. How can we afford to close our eyes? It is true that we can’t see Atma with physical eyes. Still. We should try to see Paramatma with our divine vision …. This is how we should do. We should do meditation with full awareness, Because the mind creates 32 thoughts per minute When we create same type of thoughts, mind goes to rest and we naturally get sleep. I have already put video as sleep vs Rajyoga, So to avoid going to sleep, we should keep our eyes open and be fully aware. Now we will come to the important point that is connection. We always show interest on getting atheendriya sukh from our connection to Paramatma … …, but that is not important. What most important is realizing self as a soul and reach soul conscious stage. First, we have to prepare ourselves for soul, conscious stage and then only we should go for connection

Now we will see about this preparation. What is the preparation we have to do So long while doing bhakti? We were thinking ourselves as body and remained in body consciousness. In these 63 births.

We have forgotten ourselves as souls completely, So whoever is learning Rajyoga first has to practice soul consciousness. What you can do is in Hatayoga, they practice Savasan In hatayoga. They practice many yogas and to relax the body they do. Savasan Shavasan is very simple. You have to lie down and spread the hands and legs broadly, like a dead body. The yoga teacher will give a commentary like each part of the body has been removed. These commentaries help in taking away the pain from each part of the body, While removing each part pain on that part vanishes, and you will feel very relaxed and lighter The beauty is commentaries will be given for 5 to 10 minutes? Many people go to sleep during this commentary When the sense ( feelings, ) of the organs go away. Mind comes to state of rest, so people go to sleep. This technique we can customize for our need. We should sit and remove the sense of organs by removing them mentally …. .

Only atma is left out By removing all the organs by giving commentary mentally. We can start feeling only Atma. This will take some time to experience only by continuous practice. It could take 30 minutes or one hour … just try to experience this. We can bother about connection later. Paramatma is Magnet..we, are piece of iron? Iron gets attracted to magnet …, but unfortunately, iron is covered with a plastic cover, So eventhough the magnet is nearby. It doesn’t get attracted First, we have to remove the plastic cover and take out the piece of iron … .iron is Atma and the plastic cover is body …, then only it will touch the magnet. You may ask why can’t Paramatma get connected to atmas by Himself. If it is so, He should connect to all the Atmas not to only few people, So we only have to make this effort, So we should keep on practicing to feel ourselves as souls. The Sun is always in the sky. It burns the paper only when the lens is used to focus all the heat of the Sun to burn the paper …. Similarly, Paramatma is always there, but erasing of our sins never happens at all. Here the lens is realizing ourselves as souls. Then the connection happens between Atma and Paramatma.then. Erasing of sins happens automatically like how the lens absorbs sunlight and burns the paper. So it is not that you sit for meditation and go to Shantidham directly …. It is not so The important thing is you should realise yourselves as Atma This Soul consciousness.

You can practice for 2 or 3 months too. Once you have learnt this, we can go to next level. I will explain this with an example North Indians, while making rotis they make the dough very nicely giving more time for kneading. The dough will become very soft, and after this, when they make rotis, it will be puffy and soft. What I mean to say is they give more time for kneading the dough, so they get soft rotis. You can eat more rotis than normal intake, But what we do is we do everything quickly and our rotis are very hard to eat. You won’t feel like eating more, even though you are hungry, Hence to get very nice experience from Rajyoga Meditation preparation is very important, Which preparation That is realizing ourselves as Atmas. Don’T worry about connection … that is next stage. First and foremost, is realization self. As atma, We teach our children addition, subtraction multiplication, division tables, etc. In Mathematics, … .they become strong in basics, Then they perform very well in Board exams. So foundation is very important. After this, only we can see about subtle body and all which we will see in the next video. Then the next question comes how long we should do. I will explain you with an example. Just think that we are learning car driving There. We find Accelerator Brake and Clutch. We have to press these as per the need with our legs. With the left hand, we have to change the gear 1st Gear, 2nd 3rd 4th and the maximum With the eyes. We have to see the left side right. Side centre mirrors and also the road at the front, The hands should control the steering. In the beginning, we turn our head to see which gear we are on … .and. Also. We are not sure about which one to press with our legs and we tend to press the wrong one. Then you may think when you will learn everything properly, It will come automatically by practice. Those who have been driving for a longer time do everything automatically. To start the car, the first gear is required, while driving with 10 km speed, 2nd gear is required. As the speed increased the gear has to be changed. How do we do all these correctly? There is no need to check the speedometer for those who are experienced..they know which mirror is to be checked. … .all is in practice. In the same way, you can do yoga perfectly by practice. Another example: …

When children ride bicycles In the beginning, they will do half pedal, that is, they won’t sit one seat and ride When they gain the confidence that they have got the balance, then they start sitting on the seat and ride. When you have realized that you are Atmas, you can easily get Paramatma’s connection. He will connect by Himself because you are the beginner. You need not worry about the connection. This is most important that you realise yourselves as atma In the next video. We will see about how the atma goes to Shantidham and to sooksham vathan with the subtle body. If you like this video subscribe comment and share with your friends …. Thank You.

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