How to Meditate: The 3-Step Meditation

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In this video I’m going to share with you three simple steps to meditation: [, Music, ] hi, I’m Vanessa, I’m the well-being, blogger or at least the founder of the well-being, blogger comm and today I want to share with you three simple steps to help you out In your meditation practice, so the first step is to become aware of your posture, so you don’t want to feel uncomfortable or on ease when you go and do your meditation. I also recommend to be sitting to do this instead of lying down, and you can know why, on my youtube, video on how to meditate for beginners.

But the important aspect is that you become where your posture and how he can influence your whole meditation practice. So do check in with your body, if you’re sitting make sure that your back feels comfortable, that your legs can and your feet can reach the ground, and you totally support it, because your posture will definitely impact how still you can get and how far. Sometimes you can go on your meditation practice, so the step 2 is to become aware of your breath. So it’s all about breathing and being aware of your in-breath and out-breath, and what is the impact you know what what changes and being aware of your breath gives you a lot of information. You don’t want to immediately change your breath. You just want to bring your attention to it and notice how you’re breathing, so you want to see if your maybe you’re, just breathing from up here to the top, or rather than just you know, having a full breath from your pally.

So the challenge here is not to you know, make yourself or try to force the perfect breath. It’S not not that so it’s just to let you know how you are breathing right now and from that point on, you can start to make links between how you’re breathing and how your body is filling. So if your breath is shallow, you’re breathing from you know from the top of your your torso, you will probably feel that you find yourself like very tense and maybe tired. You want to start breathing from your belly with full-price. What this will do is that you’ll have more oxygen and your muscles will start to release tension and, as you release tension, you become more and more relaxed, of course. So a quick recap: one check your posture to check your breath and the third step is all about becoming the observer of yourself.

So once you already know how your posture affects your breath and how your breath affects your posture as you breathe in you know your belly rises and, as you breathe out your belly kind of shrinks and you become more and more relaxed on the third step. You want to do keep doing this, but you also want to become aware of your thoughts and your feelings. So it’s like you, you adopting assert observer perspective, and this gives you enough distance to kind of not get involved into anything that you’re thinking or feeling, but instead you just observe it being quite curious about it and not making a whole trauma about it too. So, as I said on my other YouTube video on how to start meditation for beginners there’s a lot of different types of meditation and on that video I didn’t specifically mentioned the mindfulness meditation, but I’ll do a quick, quick overview here.

So mindfulness meditation is all about. Being in the present moment, but the good thing about this is that the mindfulness gives us a perspective of being non-judgmental of not being attached to whatever thoughts or feelings do come up in our meditation. So whenever they do come up, what we want to do is just to let them go. So it’s like we were watching a TV show and there is, you know something that really bothers you, but you kind of detach yourself from it. So you don’t get hit by it in the moment and maybe sometime later, if you find that it’s useful for you, you can go back to the memory or to the vision that you had on that metal, datian and then you know start to try to make Sense of whatever you saw on validation, so this was at three simple steps that I learned from a Buddhist monk and now on pass it around to you. I also created a free ebook just for you, with this three steps and a little description about each one of it, so you can have something to hold on to. Besides this video, you can find a link to download it for free in the description box and, if you do give it a try or if you already heard about this technique, do share your thoughts. Your you know your insights with us, because I’m sure that we can all learn from you.

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