HOW TO MEDITATE WITH CRYSTALS For Beginners | How To Use Crystals & Crystal Energy!

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I’M beautiful welcome to, or back to my channel today’s video we’re talking about how to meditate with crystals, which is a very simple but very effective way to enhance your healing your well-being and your life. In general, I’ve been using crystal healing meditation for years now, and I’ve definitely seen the benefit in my emotional healing, even my physical healing, and also an enhancement in my intuition, so stay tuned to make sure you hit the subscribe button and pick for about next to It so you never miss a video, and, as always, if you like this video, please give it a thumbs up using crystals in your meditation is basically a way to add extra energy into your practice.

It allows the energy of your crystals to flow into your energy, whilst you’re in your most receptive state, which is during a meditation if the crystals all have different energies that they MA and therefore they’re all good for different things. So you need to make sure that you choose the right crystals to begin with, and I have a whole video explaining everything about that. I will link up in the cards view, so go and check that out once you have the right crystals using them in your meditation is very, very simple, actually but so effective. So all you want to do is your normal meditation practice, whatever that looks like for you and you will hold your crystal in the opposite hand, to the hand that you bite with so I’m right-handed, so I hold it in my left hand, because that tends to Be our most receptive hand and once you’ve been meditating for a couple of minutes and you feel like you’re in you know your zone, you’re, grounded, you’re centered your mind, stopped racing and you’re ready to receive the energy of your crystals.

All you want to do is start to bring your awareness to the crystal in your hands so think about what it looks like the color of it the shape of it and then what it feels like in your hand, so the size and the texture of it. Just bring your awareness to it for a couple of minutes and then what you want to do is start to imagine the energy on that crystal flowing into your hand and up through your arm and then all throughout your entire body from head to toe and take You time with this, do that for few minutes and really try to visualize the energy moving all throughout your body, visualize like an awl laughs, just outside of your body of that energy. So you are now emanating about same energy that your crystal emanates. If that makes sense, holding crystals, in your hand, is not the only way you can meditate with them. You can also place them on certain parts of your body, for example, if you’re trying to heal a specific body part – or you can place them in a circle around you to create a sort of barrier or energy.

If you will, whilst you meditate in the middle or another great way that I like to use crystals in my meditation, is to simply wear them like this in the form of jewelry, you can get them in necklaces like this, you can get bracelets, you can get Rings, you can get earrings, you can get anything really and wearing it on your body, while humanitarian would be effective. Also, I just feel like holding it in your hand, is a great way to really tune in to the energy, especially when you’re just starting out some days. When you do this practice, you might feel nothing at all other days. You might feel a really strong emotion. Come up or a really strong energy, or you just feel really good, don’t be discouraged when you don’t feel anything, energy is always moving, so you can be sure that it is working, even if you don’t immediately feel the effects, but the more that you do this Practice the more you’ll tune in to your crystals and the more you will feel their energy each time you do it. I hope this helpful until the next one. I wish you health wealth and higher vibrations.

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