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Rebekah: Hi guys! It’s Bex here and welcome to our series of four videos of meditations that are going to change your entire life. They are themed to open you up to the universe, yourself, and make you more lovable to everybody around you. Heather: Amen. Rebekah: This is my partner Heather Waxman. If this if the first video in this series that you’re catching, be very excited because we are going to be alternating back and forth with special meditations made just for you.

I got the first one. It’s themed around surrender, something that you love to do. Heather: I do. I do. It’s a practice. Rebekah: I’m almost completely against it. I like being in control. But for the purposes of your healing and your progression into the life that you want, I am going to surrender myself for meditation for you and we’re going to get started right now.

Heather: Let’s do it. I’m excited. Rebekah: So for this meditation, I’m going to have you in a little bit of a different position. I want you on your knees. This is a traditional prayer stance that I enjoy. It’s perfect for surrendering to the universe and also reminds me of my days back in church which most people don’t love going to church when they were a kid but I quite enjoyed it. Heather: I loved it too. Rebekah: You liked it too? Heather: Yeah, I did. Rebekah: OK. So there we go. For those of you who have knee issues, I do not want you on your knees but you can sit cross-legged on the floor, one foot in front of the other, lotus, half lotus, whatever works for you.

I just want you to be completely comfortable during this meditation. Meditation is not meant to be hard and I want you to love this. So love your body first by taking care of those knees. For those of you who are on your knees and everybody else actually, we’re going to start by paying attention to our posture. So inhale first. Your shoulders up to your ears like this and then exhale, your shoulder blades down along your spine. This will have you sitting up nice and tall with the tippy top of your head pointing up towards the ceiling or the sky and your chin parallel to the floor, so none of this and none of this. Just straight ahead and focus with this meditation. One more breath for good measure. Inhale up. Exhale down your back. Awesome. At this point, go ahead and close your eyes. Be so grateful that we’re here together in this moment and celebrate this moment by paying attention to only what’s happening right now. Put your focus and attention on your breath and your heartbeat.

There’s no need to change it. When we’re celebrating the moment, we don’t worry about what happened before. We don’t worry about what’s happening next. We don’t think about what could be. We’re just so grateful for what’s happening right now. So if your breath is fast or labored, or slow and easy, it’s all good. Listen to your heartbeat. Feel it in your chest.

Connect with it. Connect with the physicality of this moment. We are here in our bodies. We’re so lucky. We are so fortunate. We are so blessed. Continue with those easy, natural breaths. I’m going to bring you into a little bit of a different position. Usually in meditation we’re very still. But I want to have you move just a little bit, to help you surrender to this moment. Surrender yourself to all the wonderful things that are about to happen. When I used to go to church, I would watch the people celebrate and sing. They would raise their hands up to the sky. I used to think that it was them offering themselves to God and that could be what it was. But it’s also a way to receive the love, the energy, the room, of the god, of the universe. So with palms upraised, I would have you raise your hands up to the sky.

It could be eye height or higher, whatever is comfortable. It may feel silly but nobody is watching. I can’t see you. Place yourself in this position of surrender, this position of offering, this position of receiving. Imagine that every gift that we give is one that we give someone else and also to ourselves. When we give love, we receive love. When we give peace, we receive peace. When we give praise, we receive praise. The circle can never be broken. So in this moment, give your peace, yourself, your energy to this moment and receive all the goodness that this moment has to offer back to you. Lower your hands slightly to waist level, palms still upraised, maybe like you’re carrying a Thanksgiving turkey out to the table. Imagine you have a beautiful treasure, a gift in your hands. Imagine that you’re offering it to someone you deeply love. You’re offering this in gratitude for all the gifts that you’ve received from them.

Maybe it’s a specific person. Maybe it’s just the general blessings that you’ve received in life. Maybe it’s from your God. Now you’re offering this gift back and saying thank you. I’ve received it. I’ve used it. I have gratitude for it. Now I’m giving it back to you to give to someone else, to share. Finally lower your hands down to your knees, palms still upturned. It’s time to rest in this moment. It’s time to be in this moment once again in gratitude, for being in this body, for being in this time, in this space, the absolute perfect place for you to be. So blessed, so healthy, so happy, so joyful, so ready to take on the world, so equipped with everything you need to be successful, to have love, to receive love, to give love, to be a radiant and remarkable person for yourself, for the people around you. You are so grateful. You are so ready to share your gifts. You are so ready to surrender all that you have and all that you are so that others may prosper, so that others may find joy.

You are so blessed and you are so ready to bless others. Your hands are being offered as instruments to do good. You’re saying, “Universe, take these hands and use them for good. Show me how to touch others, to reach others, to bless others, to heal others. I am ready to serve.” Now, placing attention back on your breath, three inhales and exhales. Do it with me, repeating the mantra.

Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Palms downturned. For those of you sitting cross-legged, just bow your head. For those of you on your knees, to seal your practice, go into child’s pose. You just continue to breathe. Stay in this meditation for as long as it feels comfortable for you. If you’re in child’s pose, you can stay there for 10 minutes if you feel like it, for an hour, and I will see you tomorrow in a meditation on Heather Waxman’s channel, her YouTube channel. You will find the link in the description below for a beautiful, self-love meditation that I know you will be excited for. Keep breathing..

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