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Hey, guys! It’s Bex here. Welcome to another video in my series, “You Have Four Minutes for Meditation.” Today we’re doing a meditation for your haters. Not so long ago, a really good friend of mine gave me a piece of advice that at the time I was really annoyed by but has since become one of my most valuable personal mantras. They told me that, no matter what, I was completely responsible for everything that I feel about myself, and that no one, no matter how important they were or how much I cared about them, could make me feel anything about myself that I didn’t want to. That was really interesting because I knew that so many people in my life had made me feel guilty, ashamed, or unworthy. It was their fault, not mine. But I was completely wrong. I’m going to give you a meditation that hopefully will make you feel more in control and powerful in your own life. Let’s get started. I set my timer for three minutes and then one minute. We’re going to spend three minutes really getting into the meditation, and then one minute coming out.

I want you to find your easy seat, a comfortable spot on the floor, or on a pillow — whatever works for you. Go ahead and start by placing your hands downturned on your thighs or upturned to receive the energy around you. Close your eyes and take a big inhale, lifting your shoulders towards your ears; and then exhale, dropping them down your spine. This will have you sitting nice and tall. Now, this meditation today might be a little bit difficult for you to grasp. I was certainly very annoyed when I first heard of this concept. No one can make you feel anything that you don’t give them permission to.

If you feel unworthy, that’s you. If you want to feel valuable, that’s completely up to you. Happiness, self-satisfaction, pride, feeling beautiful, feeling wanted, and feeling needed is all about how you feel about yourself. This is such a wonderful thing because that means that we’re completely in control. No matter how many times someone calls us ugly, it’s just an opinion. It doesn’t change the way we look on the outside. Saying someone is beautiful doesn’t make them beautiful. It just puts our opinion out into the universe. We are in control. And with that newfound sense of power and control in our lives, we can put out this message that no one has permission to make us feel bad.

No one has permission to make us feel less than. We are all worthy of love, and the greatest love is the love that we have for ourselves. That’s what meditation does. It connects us to that wonderful and pure light-filled part of our inner selves — the part of us that is perfect and loved by the universe, by our God, whatever is bigger than us.

We are so loved — infinitely loved — and special. No one has permission to make us feel less than that. So take that with you today as you have interactions with other people, family members, friends, lovers. Know that you are responsible, that you have control. You only give them permission to value you and to show love towards you, because you love yourself. Continue with your inhales and exhales, feeling in control of your breath and control of your feelings and your thoughts. One last inhale to open your eyes. That’s all it takes. It’s just the knowing. So often we get caught up in the ideas of other people — the rules of other people — and we don’t connect to the truth. Then truth is that we are truly in control of our lives. We just need to know that. Knowing is the tool. The knowledge is what gives us power, give us insight, and allows us to love so openly and freely. I hope that you liked this. I hope it worked for you. Keep the requests coming for more meditations.

I love making them for you. I will see you again soon with another four-minute meditation. Love you, guys! Be so glad that you have these moments together, just the two of you, in this magical space. One last inhale and exhale releases your hands back onto your knees. Inhale to open your eyes. Ahhhh… Now wasn’t that special?.

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