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Hi. I’m Bex and welcome to part two in my series of You Have Four Minutes for Meditation. Today we’re talking about meditation for weight loss. [Music] When it comes to junk we put in our bodies, we often think of junk food. But I would like to offer that we also have junk thoughts and junk speech that get in the way of us reaching our weight loss goals or our healthy living goals in general. So I’m going to give you a simple meditation, a little bit of a mantra type meditation that’s going to help you focus for your entire day and hopefully keep you away from foods that aren’t so good for you. Let’s get started. Go ahead and sit with your legs crossed or one foot in front of the other, whatever is comfortable for you.

Today I want your hands upturned on your knees because we’re going to be doing a simple exercise where we meet our first finger, then our middle, our ring and our pinky together. Sit up nice and tall by bringing your shoulders up over your hips and your chin parallel to the floor and close your eyes. The concept of being healthy from the inside out is so important to me and I think that starting with our thoughts is a really good idea. Just like junk food, I call these junk thoughts. There are negative things that we tell ourselves that aren’t necessarily true, that something is going to take too long or it’s going to be too hard or it’s going to be too difficult for us to overcome.

You may feel overwhelmed. So for our first action today, I would like us to practice telling ourselves to think positively. Bringing your first finger to your thumb, my, middle finger, thoughts, ring finger, are, pinky, positive. My thoughts are positive. Inhale, my thoughts are positive. My thoughts are positive. Before thoughts become actions, they become words and we must be careful to not only speak kindly to others but just speak kindly about and to ourselves.

Saying good things about our body, not saying we’re fat, not saying we’re lazy or that we’re not strong enough. So bringing your pointer finger to your thumb and then going through all of your fingers. My words are kind. My words are kind. My words are kind. Now our bodies truly are our temples. We must honor and respect them and when we have regard for our body, when we understand that it’s something that takes us through our day, that provides us with children, with movement, with so many wonderful things, then we will honor it. So when you start your day with a good exercise then maybe you will eat better throughout the day and today we’re starting out with a healthy meditation and the four words are, “Eat with self-respect.” Eat with self-respect. Eat with self-respect. One last inhale to open your eyes and that’s it. Just four minutes that we’ve spent telling ourselves good things, convincing ourselves that it’s better to think positively, to speak kindly, and to always eat with self-respect. Remember that every bite that you take is a way that you honor yourself.

So honor yourself with good and healthy foods. Love you guys. Let me know how it went and come back in a couple of days because I will have another meditation for you. Take care..

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