Meditation Techniques for Beginners to Learn How to Meditate in 12 Minutes

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Hello, everyone and welcome to this video about meditation for beginners and how to meditate in this video we’re going for talk about the different ways to start meditations like going post how to choose the attitude, how avoid falling asleep and so on. So, let’s dive into it, challenges that people face when they try meditation for the first time for someone who is recording this mental health and serious terms such as meditation and mindfulness is not unheard of simpler words. Meditation is the name of create deeper awareness and some understanding of our experiences. Minutes of a mindfulness exercise is associated with various benefits, including a clear decrease in the level of stress-enhanced ability to cope with anxiety, prevention against general mental disorders, including depression. Sharper focus improves memory, mood, recovery and activation of the body. Natural relaxation response, as evidenced The benefits of meditation, are many, the stressful environment of be taken into consideration. Today, where you are unconverted different pressures on your personal and working life on a daily basis, it is likely that you will be by nature drawn to meditation like any other.

However, it takes practice and patience to master the art of meditation, much like when you go. The gym for the first time and start lifting light weights there are countless times when you coach will tell you that you do. The exercise is wrong or your anger is not right or you don’t hit the right muscles, but then with exercise after a few months, you have been trained enough to work without yourself off without a coach or mentor. Similar is the case with meditation. If you start with meditation what they are going to do challenged for that, we will have to realize that it is absolute justified that you are frustrated and Think about giving up the habit. At times like this, it is important that you keep the focus on the benefits and convince to keep practicing until you get it right around the to make travel a little easier for you who we have delivered and highlighted a few. The common challenges that people face. They practice meditation as a habit. Keep you informed. We are sure that you could find and find a solution. The best out of meditation for you, mental and physical health is the first one get rid of the first thoughts challenge that people face when they try. The first time is meditation. They cannot clear their minds, remove all thoughts. The good news for you in this regard is cleaning you. Thoughts of all thoughts are not. The purpose of meditation is commonplace misconception that meditation is directed to remove all thoughts from the mind.

Think of it this way the primary must be. The function of the human brain can think if it does not think it is synonymous with not working well, do not expect your thoughts to have thoughts whatsoever during the episode of meditation. It’S like being open to your eyes, but see nothing at the point Being mindful is also not inevitable, meditation or any other practice. The ability to withhold your mind to have different thoughts unless they were then actually kill. The purpose of meditation is to keep the mind running by your mind, but by ability to have an objective perspective on your thoughts, mindfulness aims to enable you to pay attention to your thoughts and even focus on them without reacting to their emotion. This is actually why meditation is associated with the activation of the natural relaxation response of your body. It helps a lot to keep you safe calm as the negative thoughts, feelings and emotions appear. In your mind, it creates the opportunity for you to walk back and look at the situation with a different perspectives and keep the focus about finding a peaceful solution so that the the next time you try, meditation and cannot drive.

The thought out. Your mind should not be frustrated or upset. You do nothing about it wrong. The goal is to prevent the emotional reaction that this is next is that I cannot find a comfortable position. The second major challenge that is frequently faced, people who have just started trying meditation, is the failure of a comfortable position. Remember that you try to push your mind and body in something new. No one likes change, and your physical body and mind are no different. Either. Is going to retaliate against the change and try to make it more difficult for you comfortable and concentrate on? Sometimes you will experience meditation, unbearable pain. Maybe your feet feeling numb or you may find it difficult to touch, get rid of the itching sensation or whatever it can be. There are a few things you can do to handle this chair first, of course, naturally, if you are annoyed, it is important that you still remind yourself, you are not the only one facing this issue is common to everyone beginners. Secondly, more often than not, the discomfort is rooted, in fact that you are trying to imitate the exact one attitude as your mentor or the one you have read or heard about it. Remember that not all positions work all just because your friend is comfortable, while sitting with his legs crossed does not mean you are going to feel. The same would be a better idea to experiment around and see what works for you. The goal is to be comfortable. The position it brings to you completely your own choice, even if you are find it difficult to sit on the floor, even choose to sit in a chair. Lastly, you can watch these episodes, take up work on your mental illness and care control.

Your mood, especially in a frustrating time, Not to mention that controlling you, temper and the establishment of a peaceful state spirit is one of the main objectives of thus meditation in the first place. If you take this challenge as a see opportunity that will still meditate, directly or indirectly, everything you need to do is to be objective, to observe your pain, focuses on the nature of it is a troublesome pain or mild. Illness can be. You seek where the pain comes from and feel it move from one part to it to another. Well, with the time you would be able to to completely overcome this challenge. Third, is that I can’t be sleepy fighting pink. Sleep is finally a common challenge. You are likely to face a beginner in the field of meditation and mindfulness is an ability to fight if it is sleepy. It is true that the natural relaxation response of the body activated with proper meditation, but, however, there is a fine line between to be relaxed and sleepy can be a challenge for some people to see. The whole point of meditation is to focus about your thoughts on a noise on the ground, etc.

But it is understandable for the spirit to lose focus because it gets sleepy when you Think about it, sometimes being sleepy, be a defense mechanism of the mind to avoid confrontation with difficult thoughts. It is regular for us to try distract us from getting rid of troublesome thoughts, but during the times of meditation, as you press limits to face these thoughts and not distracted, is the only defense on the scoring disposing.

Your mind is to make you falling asleep. A few simple adjustments can help a lot to deal with this challenge. First of all, you should try the change time of day when you normally practice meditation, for example, if you is usually practicing it after to come back from work at night, then switch the time to early in the morning. Just after getting out of bed can work like a charm that the changing position can also be effective. (, try 6-9-8-6 ) and make your posture as upright as possibly avoid, launch or lay back sitting upright with a straight back, probably the alertness that will improve tackle the challenge of being sleepy. The most important thing is not to be inside your bed as you exercise meditation that your mind is likely to have have your bed associated with the feeling of. Lastly, sleepy there is a conclusion: The benefits of meditation are many. They are attractive and have a remarkable impact on improving you, personal and professional life, but you can’t assign yourself to something big unless you are willing to make the effort in it. Meditation sounds simple and easy to follow, but it still lasts practice mastering it. There are going to be challenges that you will have to overcome come before you can come to you destination. The key here is to have yourself compassion, relaxed spirit and patience to be too hard on yourself.

If you fail to do it right, the first time only leads to frustration and ultimately give up for the exercise. Give yourself a break and do not expect perfection without giving in the right time will eventually achieve everything. You need thanks for some time, Maya from my heart to spend the time with me and stick to the end and most important to say a happy life. Goodbye see you next time.

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