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Hey guys. It’s Bex here and welcome to another video in my series You Have Four Minutes for Meditation. You guys are getting so good at these short meditations, that I’ve been getting tons of requests for longer ones, so that’s exactly what I’m giving you today. This meditation could be done in the morning or the afternoon for just a little pick-me-up. It promises to give you lots of energy but also lots of peace and calm.

[Music] I say this all the time but you can do meditation absolutely anywhere. So if you find yourself in an office chair or in your car, that’s totally fine. Just make sure that the car is in park when you begin this meditation. I always want you to be sitting up nice and tall though. So if you are sitting in a chair, just make sure that your ankles are right underneath your knees and that your feet are placed firmly and flat on the floor.

If you’re sitting on the floor like me, go ahead and cross your legs one foot in front of the other in half lotus or full lotus, whatever works for you. Just make sure that you’re comfortable during this entire meditation. This one is going to be a long one. To make sure that you’re in the perfect meditation posture, go ahead and inhale your shoulders up to your ears like so and exhale your shoulder blades down your spine.

Your shoulders should be right above your hips, the crown of your head pointing toward the heavens and your chin parallel to the floor. You may have your hands downturned on your knees but for today’s meditation, I want them upturned to receive the energy around you. Next we’re going to close our eyes and begin to pay attention to our breath. Right now your only job is to see what your breath is doing in this very moment, to check in with your body and just to examine yourself in this space and time.

It’s no matter if it’s fast or slow, deep or shallow. We’re just checking in and examining with curiosity, no judgment. How do our inhales compare to our exhales? Eventually we would like them to match in length and intensity. So begin by tracking your inhale through your body. It may come in through your nose or your mouth, travel down through your throat, filling your chest, then your belly, and maybe you’re able to send that inhale all the way down into your seat. Allow it to rest just for a moment before you bring it back up through your exhale, collapsing the belly, passing through the lungs, the throat, and then out through your mouth or your nose. Continue to follow this divine loop of inhales and exhales, only pausing slightly at the top and the bottom, creating a circle of energy and life that your thoughts may rest upon, that your spirits may ride upon, bringing life, energy and peace into your physical body. As we quiet our bodies and our minds, we may be distracted by sounds that are around us.

Allow these sounds to instead bring peace and comfort to your meditation. These are the everyday sounds of our environment that sometimes annoy or disturb us. But instead from now on, it will remind us of this safe and sacred space. We are able to find peace anywhere. We are able to feel calm in any place. We are no longer affected by our environment. We are in control of our thoughts and our feelings and our physical selves. I use the words “we” and “us” and “our” a lot to remind you that we are in this together. Our meditation is done alone, but we must reenter the world and be part of our environment. We must be around other people and therefore we must learn to live in peace among others. We must learn to find peace even in chaotic situations. We may be worn down by our environment, agitated by our circumstances. But from now on, with the knowing that we have the power to choose happiness, to choose calm, we can be reenergized by that idea.

Going forward, know that you have the power to choose peace and happiness in every moment. Sometimes we may feel uncomfortable during meditation. We may need to shift or wiggle our way into a more comfortable seat. That’s OK. Just remember if you’re feeling pain or ache in any part of your body, when you move it, also send love and healing energy to that space. Your inhales will send a deep and loving energy all the way to whatever ache or feeling and as you exhale, you will release that pain. If the ache is emotional, the practice is the same. Send loving energy to that thought or that feeling. Cleanse it with your inner light. Exhale that pain, worry, frustration away.

Thoughts will arrive like waves into your consciousness. Make sure that you’re not carried away by those waves. Allow them to pass under you, through you, over you. But then recede again back into the ocean of consciousness. You have the power to anchor yourself to hold yourself steady. Allow the thoughts to come in and flow out. Do not resist them. Do not push them back. They are as powerful as the ocean which you are powerful in your seat. Imagine yourself sitting on the coast on a beach in the sand. The sun is shining on your body. You are warm. The sounds of the ocean bring you peace. The waves roll in under you, around you, but they do not carry you. They roll out and all is the same.

You are unaffected. You are calm. You are at peace. You are strong. Continue to follow your breath, now easier, longer, and deeper, flowing easily through your body, finding space to travel everywhere, into your toes, your fingertips, filling you with healing energy, being cleansed by your light, being held by your warmth. Feel your breath leave your body, relaxing you even deeper. Your muscles are even more relaxed. You feel an even greater sense of calm. All is perfect in this moment. You are being held so warmly by your own energy. You are loved so deeply by your own heart. Even with chaos going on around you, even with thoughts creeping in, and noise coming into your space, you are steadfast in your commitment to loving yourself and feeling peace in this moment.

You are a powerful force of love and healing light. As we ready ourselves to return to our day, remember the lessons of this meditation. Remember your power to choose happiness and peace in every moment. Remember that circumstances may occur without affecting you, that you hold all the power over your thoughts. Your breath carries life and energy into your body. You release all pain and worry with your exhales. Your breath is a force of life. It brings energy and a renewed sense of joy. All is well in every moment. Start to sway back and forth, to and fro, maybe in circles, bringing energy back into your body, feeling the life force flow within you, knowing that your body is strong and capable. Wiggle your fingers and your toes. Feel the breath move through you. Allow your breaths to become even deeper and stronger and audible. If it feels right, smile. With your next breath, go ahead and inhale your eyes open and that’s it. I hope that you feel more relaxed and ready to take on your day whether you’re starting your day brand new or this is the middle of the day and you just needed renewed energy.

I love when you guys send in your requests so keep them coming and I will see you soon in another Bex Life meditation. Love you. [I have a 21-day mantra challenge just for you. So I want you to stop what you’re doing and sign up right now. All you have to do is click on the screen or on the link in the video description. It’s the top one. Join me for 21 days of beautiful mantras that are going to change your outlook and possibly your whole life.].

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