🔵 We Made 1886 Coca Cola Recipe

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Welcome friends in the kitchen today we will do something We’ll make the 1880s Pemberton Coca-Cola formula and stuff special Pemberton is the man who invented the Coca-Cola recipe he invented Coca-Cola in the hope that he could break free from morphine with cocaine. In the end, it didn’t work for him, so he came up with it Formula and that’s from one of his notebooks and it’s by no means that Recipe or formula that Coca-Cola uses today and they are very adamant.

But by doing that, there should be some insight into where This product started and what it tasted like in the beginning and often what Things taste like back then Nothing like today, so I started Get out with a high percentage. Alcohol wants the highest proof that you can get possibly can, and so what I have is 76 % 152 proof alcohol. That is that Highest I can get. If I live, You can get higher, make sure it’s food Just make sure you can drink it, because you can get very into it fixed problems if you’re not sure it’s food grade that gets us going. The next thing these essential oils are now. I wanted to do that first in 2011. What eight years ago, I stopped broadcasting This American Life NPR, and it was about this formula and it really fascinated me and I wanted to to do it and at that time everyone said it doesn’t bother me that you don’t get all Ingredients and they were right.

I couldn’t get all the ingredients and you got it knows what I still can’t get ingredients, so these are food oils that you get there in. This form must be pretty toxic, that you don’t want to touch. They don’t want to get them on you, and there was one in particular. I couldn’t get it and that’s neroli oil and tiny, a small bottle of neroli oil like this. That’S five mil neroli oil was four A hundred and eighty dollars to get us. This little bottle and the company said to me: oh, we can get it cheaper for you at a break. If you buy four hundred, It’s 1.2 million pounds like I don’t so I think I need 400 pounds of neroli oil. First, we have to measure tiny amounts of these essential ones, Oils and mix them in this alcohol, and so I got these tiny syringes. They are one milliliter each and we won’t measure them out, be very careful Cross staminate, so as not to get it on your hands and get the right amounts. The oils we work with work with our Orange Lemon Nutmeg, Coriander, Neroli and So cinnamon oil. The first substitution is bitter orange oil instead of Naru Li or neroli. Everyone seems to be saying that it will be good. So that’s our 7x formula,

This is the 7x aroma formula and we will only use one tiny bit of it for a few gallons of Coca-Cola, very small bit. The next replacement you have to make is the coca part it is. It is illegal to have coca leaf in North America and you need coca leaf extract. There is no more cocaine in Coca-Cola. You pull it out in a factory, apparently in New Jersey and then only in the bitter connections from the Coca leaf, but we can’t have coca leaves. I worked around a bit and I found another extract that has kind of the same flavonoid, bitterness, Connections and I’ll. Try, I think you should probably just go, I’m a little worried. Obviously it wasn’t a real coca leaf. I’M a little worried that I’m not going to do it right Now. It goes on to the sugar syrup component. So we’ll start with it. Some water in a large saucepan and the next thing is to weigh the sugar out. So I know everyone has been freaking out for years. You know. Maybe there was cocaine and there Coca-Cola. I would really say that killer in this soft drink is the sugar like. This is a lot of sugar and goes into the water, and we just want it. We just want to dissolve that we are making a simple syrup, We’ll just gently warm it up and stir until the sugar has dissolved. While the sugar is dissolving, i go juice, some limes, so the sugar is pretty much resolved and now we just add in caramel. Okay, the sugar syrup is dissolved.

We didn’t bring it to a boil really hot enough. Just warm enough. The sugar crystals disappear in the Water next is vanilla, which I have notes open, because I just want to make it Sure. I understand that correctly. That’S how vanilla works and I don’t usually measure I pour vanilla, but somehow I think it’s important to Measure this to the point where, if you use Coca extract, you are using it wouldn’t put it in. We put anything – and I decided not to put everything in its place. So next up is the caffeine extract. Now I knows that it is called coca after the coca leaf and cola after the kola nut. 1880 1885 Pemberton was not used, Kola nut. He only used citrate Caffeine, so direct that he decided it wasn’t the taste he was looking for. It was the caffeine he was striving for at this point. He stopped using kola nut and there’s no reason to believe that Coca Cola is using the kola nut anymore. It’S just a straight caffeine blend of 3.75 mils, and apparently it is about five times as much caffeine, that is in cola drinks. Today, Shop or drink today in the shop are really high in caffeine. What’S in the lime, juice, freshly, squeezed lime, juice and lemon juice, Acid Citric acid is something that is not used in today’s coke. You can say that, because they use phosphoric acid, I think it is on the label that they list the acid that they use and that’s already the sugar syrup fine. So we got our 7x Aroma blend and our sugar, water caramel blend and there’s a little bit Mathematics involved because you only use one very little, like 1.5 milliliters per Liters of sugar syrup. So I need to measure how much sugar syrup we have and Then you determine how much 7x should be mixed. It looks like two points, two five Liters, so we need three milliliters 7x. Let’S see how dangerous we live. There mix that in let’s just give that straightforward taste, so this is, it really focused. Let’S see if it’s even edible, I can see where, let’s see what Julie thinks a bit enthusiastic poor little yes on the first pour well, I mean I want to do Sure. I know that the carbonic acid mixed with the syrup – and I also over-carbonated the barrel of water, which is kind of brown-brown clay, smells very. It is not interesting. It is over there Smith, yes, as if there is a smell

Yes, I get a lime, I get a lime, Taste overwhelming lime, taste. Okay, that’s it’s cute! It’S cute! It’S very sweet, but aren’t you sweet to me? It’S a refreshing drink that I like It’s, not cola. I think it’s too cute. Oh, oh! No! No! No! No! But you can be considered a it’s a brown drink. Yes, it would go well with people who, Like rum and cola Pepsi would be fine. Do you think it’s like Pepsi II? I don’t think I’ve ever had a Pepsi. I don’t think I’ve ever had a Pepsi. You probably don’t care about no no anyway, but I can see how This turned into coke that it doesn’t have The bite that cola has is bitter, that kind of yeah yeah. What i don’t know this is a nice drink, so i would just we could make it less sweet. Yes, I would, I would chop off some sugar. I definitely got a couple of those chopped sugar and maybe the amount 7x. So an interesting experiment. I think it’s a worthwhile drink. Yes, the funny fun right yeah i mean as much as we look a lot. You know it takes longer. It’S like we weren’t. Yes, it’s a worthwhile drink. It’S me, I would definitely drink it. I don’t know it would be next to it a coke, but to actually test that we will do the ultimate Pepsi challenge. We will test that against yourself. I said again. Well, i’m part of the pepsi generation. I will make this coke and Pepsi Canadian, Coke and Pepsi are fine Mexican Cola and Pepsi. Okay, Jessica, Yes, okay, that’s true Mexican cola versus Mexican cola. Yes, how that would hurry See if we can find the hurry toes Mexican Cola, Inca Cola, Inca Cola and wild card thumbs up thumbs up yeah yeah, another type of coke in the world, and so we’re all doing a blind tasting. The reality is all great beverage. Manufacturers have several Versions of their drinks, they sell in several nations because everyone has different palates depending on what Read and what you fit with right. So there are so many versions. So if you want to try the 1886 Pemberton Coca-Cola recipe, there’s a try, I mean There is a couple. No cocaine knows that could change that. In fact it has not been as exciting as this setting of I think cocaine is pretty good. I think it’s pretty good and the fact that we now have two and a half liters of syrup I feel like we have to are holding a children’s party among all the other drinks that we have recently made. Yes, Pop and chips for every two and a half liters. Yes, we will have one We’ll go over a lot of it. Next, you see, consume

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