100+ LAYERS CHALLENGE || Funny DIY Challenges And Super Awkward Moments by 123 GO! GOLD

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Ah feels so good to unwind and give myself some TLC TLC later Bella. Kids 100 layers time. Amy, keep cool Bella, keep cool, I’m gon na get you back eeny you ruined my knee time. So long peace and quiet Oh face is so heavy. We can’t see anything, that’s it they’re coming off gross! Oh look at my skin. It’S glowing that was worth it. I’M not sure what to wear right! No Amy! Please help me yeah sure that one’s fine you asked for it 100 layers of clothes. There you go Bella now, you don’t even need a decides. You can wear everything at once. So heavy, oh, my god. This is so annoying and should’ve just picked that one too it’s getting so hot in here and so stuffy. Oh okay, come on! Let’S do this! One more God knows how many more to go.

You can fit, I’m stuck, then your door Bella how you feelin out of there cuz it sure look plump all around must ya. Aaron yeah Aimee dig my hair out. It’S getting pulled, nope put it on, I’m nope fella, fine! This is hard, I’m sweating myself really enough. I can’t fit anymore. Yes, you can stretch out that arm. Come on Bella push through jump, stop pushing my pennies okay pants, don’t fit anymore. We can do hats. Yes and one more wait, wait, wait! Don’T move almost done there great we’re done! No, no few more jackets! No! No! No! No Amy! Stop! No! No Amy! Stop I’m actually going to tip over. I can’t keep my balance anymore. Tie your bow here. Take your back. Looks like it’s spa day at Amy’s house and today we’re doing paraffin, wax hand, treatments, hey, hey me what you up to what are those things under your eyes in your hands? What the heck is that stuff, weird my finger, looks like a candle you’ve totally interrupted. My Zen well, if you’re, just gon na stand there, you may as well do the higher-layer challenge haha gotcha, but my finger I’ll never be the same after this you’d better get started. While the wax is still warm man. I was gon na go play basketball, but I guess spa day will have to do. We have star doctor. There’S the lotion. Camera well may as well. Get this thing over with yikes that feels warm in the weirdest way and into the ice. I go.

This change of temperature is making my head a little dizzy, only a few layers in at my hands. Looking pretty crazy, don’t you think, and you’re far from over dude wow. This is pretty weird, it is somewhat relaxing. I guess, if you like this sort of thing man, how much longer do I have to do this? I’M losing count. Okay, you’ve got ta, be getting close to 100 layers right whoa. Is that eating your hand? I don’t even recognize it anymore. Okay, we’re getting to the final layers. I can’t even fit it in a bowl anymore and it feels like it weighs a thousand pounds. Okay, can I have my spy back now? Hey take this thing off. Those are my jewels. No it’s a part of me now. Please let me keep it gim me she that was intense, so for my birthday party next month, I’m thinking of filling the room full of balloons and going with a pink bubble. Gum theme whoa check out that guy over there hate to break it to you Jess, but your friend isn’t listening to a thing, you’re saying: that’s: what’s distracting Olivia you’re, obviously more interested in him.

So why not go over there? Oh he’s smiling at you Olivia. Okay, it’s official you’re, totally smitten. If you’re too shy to go over there, I’m gon na give you a little help all right, Olivia, I’m serving you with a 5-step card saloon over here. Just go trust me! I’M doing you a massive favor right now wish me luck a whole look. Something tells me this is the beginning of a beautiful love story. This just proves that taking chances is always worth it in the end, especially for a cute guy. Even if that means you needed a little push to do it, parties may seem like a relaxing pastime, but we all know it’s about scoping. The hotties yep cutie at 12 o’clock he’s totally waving at you Jess, or is he baby at Alinea? Hmm, it’s kind of hard to tell isn’t it hey get your hand out of my face Jess well stop getting in my way, then yeah, you’re gon na, have to take a few steps away from here. Girl yep. That way. No well that’ll leave me right into the pool. Okay, I have to do what you say. I that just is really wishing she hadn’t gotten her hair done this afternoon, just two more steps, just get it over with don’t man. I sure hope that pool was heated.

The kid believes he actually did it well promise all Vegas now on to more exciting things, hi handsome wait. What who the heck is that rod? Is it just me or did she swoop in from out of nowhere? Well, that was expected. Well, all of that was for nothing and you’re. Taking this dress to the dry cleaners tomorrow, all right, it’s time to pump some iron, we totally got this right. Oh, I can sit down on this machine. I got this selphie or didn’t happen. Hs! Oh, no! One take any pictures of Olivia why work out when you can just drink a healthy smoothie it this stuff tastes like straight up, blended grass. Oh man is this workout almost over. I need to take a water break, ASAP, hey Jess. Did you even work out yet Olli has been sweating, her poor little butt off this whole time? Okay, mr

Muscles need a hand with those weights. Oh excuse me, I’m taking five steps that away, so I can actually get some exercise here. Whatever it smells in here anyway, is this far enough for you, oh yeah, let me help you wait. You didn’t say I had to exercise Olivia, don’t you think, you’re being a little harsh here, well, Jess looks like you’re going to break a sweat. After all, oh look at those legs go looks like jess has a bad case of jelly legs. That’S definitely gon na hurt tomorrow.

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