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What is up SkyesSquad and welcome back to my channel if you are brand new be sure to hit that subscribe button down Below and become a member of the SkyesSquad so in today’s video I’m going to be doing another episode of how many when we look at various Beauty products And we see how many applications are actually in them, and if they’re actually worth the prize and today, we’re going to see how many Applications are in glam Glow Now I am fairly new to glam Glow I actually bought this maybe about a week ago and me and J tried it out And we put it on our faces peel it off so two applications have already been used from this particular container So keep that in mind also.

I would just like to know when I first apply this to my face on my snapchat It started to burn my cheeks, so I hope I don’t have like a bad reaction to like a bunch of layers of this But I guess we’re going to find out in C. I’m not wearing any face makeup I am wearing eyebrow makeup, and I’m wearing eye makeup Clarifying that because you know like I always say girls are like, but you are wearing makeup Nicole. I was like I don’t need face makeup I’m not wearing face makeup. I’m wearing these all in this way that looks creepy Okay, anyways, so I just like to note that Glam glow has like a really weird kind of like a coconutty smell to it It’s like a fruity coconut smell okay Glam Glow is also is a peel-off mask for those of you guys who don’t know what Glam Glow is and it’s pretty expensive you guys I’m not gonna Lie.

I didn’t know much about it and when I decided to make this video and go to Sephora I was absolutely surprised I How expensive this was this hold this little container in here was 74 dollars? so 74 dollars I would hope that you would get a lot in there right a Lot of masks okay. You can feel it burning you guys at least the first layer will burn But I don’t think the second we’ll burn Oh it’s already burning So you want to put like a pretty thick layer on and you also want to avoid any like hair? So you guys go out out appliance now I want you to guess in the comments down below guess how many applications you think are in? One container of glam glow.

I always feel like I’m a robot when I put this on because I’m like silver. Oh, it’s burning ok you guys so now that I look like the tin man. I’m going to wait and let this dry and then reapply All of the other layers because I don’t wanna show you guys have no idea how [much]? Applications like if you were to have me guess right now may I would say like 10 or 15 applications [I] have no idea how many are going to be in here, but it is burning really bad, so I’m gonna go sit in front of the fan and play Call Of Duty, and I’ll be right back when this is dry.

Whoo now that this is all dry. We are going to Feel sweet we’re [going] [to] put on our another layer. I got distracted by how shiny my face looks and my face is still kind of Feeling tingly and Burny, so I hope my face is not bright red when I take this mask off see that It’s starting [to] come off a little bit We got to add another layer, so it’s beyond the point of my face feeling tingly it just feels cold. It feels like it’s on like ice it feels like someone has [just] put so much ice on my skin that it’s numb and it still looks like we have quite a Few more layers to go so I’m just hoping like when I take this mask off of my face I’m not gonna. Look like [a] skeleton like all my skin’s gonna peel off with it also I just want to save the face mask took Extremely long to dry in [between] sessions like I would literally play one more game of call of Duty’s game as a multiplayer online Team Deathmatch, and it would take like one Whole game is not [two] old games to dry each layer, so I’ve been doing this for about three [hours] now So before he’s been putting all these layers on my face.

I thought that the mask the first leg of The first layer that I was going to apply to my face was gonna like she was my face And I wasn’t gonna have to feel like the pain anymore, but every layer I literally put on it’s painful like it feels like I have like ice on my face. I have no idea How else to explain it it’s cold Okay guys, so this was the last kelp there is a tiny bit left but not enough to like a pliable facemask So it’s like just a little bit on the edges and So we are going to go let this dry And I want all you guys to If you have not already that is guess down below how many applications you think I put on my face? It feels very weird, and I almost feel like a clown [eyes] no idea Why like I feel like all the light reflects off [of] my face [and] my camera is like What is going on here the legs definitely messed up a little bit because my face is so glowing okay guys now I just waited about three hours for all this to dry.

[just] kidding and probably like an hour. Maybe like 30 minutes it’s all dry and ready [to] come off and I Was so excited to get this off my [face] because it feels Freakin horrible having this stuff on your face for a long amount of time just goes so bad So I’m so excited to peel it all off, but oh I have this little face hairs, and oh my gosh. This is painful Hopefully we can get this all off in one piece.

I do believe we can because I think this layer [liquors] I should say is so thick that it should just all come off in one piece So I do feel [like] it’s a little bit not dry underneath in some sections Oh, it feels so good coming off I Am so curious to see all that hurts. Oh my God. I’m like waxing my freaking forehead [oh] It’s like stuck to my hair okay, so it looks like my skin’s not that red oh Okay, well we got a little bit a Little bit that has not dried completely on my face, okay guys so I am actually extremely surprised that my face is not bright red because it feels like It feels [so] cold So now you guys it’s time to find out if you guessed correctly I applied nine Masks or layers to my face couple days before that I did apply one layer to my face in one layer to Jay’s face So that would be a total of Eleven Eleven Masks are in this container for about $70 is it worth it to you? I don’t know if it’s worth it to me besides the fact that it looks super cool And this is not dried up yet at all.

I don’t know if it’s worth it to me Let me [know] in the comments down below if it’s worth it to you Anyways guys thanks so much for watching this video All my social networks are at [Nicole] [Skye’s] not [at] just Nicole Skye’s right here. Anyways guys – love you guys so much Thank you so much for watching and stay tuned for my next video Bye.

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