100 LAYERS OF JELLO – 100 Layer Challenge

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Hi, my name is Justin. This is Brandon. Hi, my name is Ashley. Hi, my name is Ethan, and it’s time for Kitchen Adventures! Today we’re going to make 100 layers of Jello! Let’s get started to it. To do this we have 7 pans, and lots of boxes of Jello. Look at the mess we made! Now we’re going to pour it into our containers. Our Jello is set and we’re going to do the next layer. I’ve got purple, Ashley’s got orange, and Ethan’s got strawberry. Let’s go! (let’s go!) Hot! Yeah it’s hot. Hot! Yeah it’s hot Brandon! Hot! It’s…. you’re right it’s hot. This is how much Jello we used. By the way, this is not a sponsored video. But Jello, if you want to sponsor us We’d be very happy to. (Brandon: my turn) So let’s get building.

Woohoo!! So here’s our one hundred layers of Jello. It wouldn’t stand up so we had to lay it down. Hm, what should we make with all this Jello? I have a great idea, we could eat it!! OK! (laughter) Spoons anybody? I want a spoon! (Brandon: I want spoon!) I want spoon! So, we’ve invited some people to help us eat it. Come on in guys! Come on in! Alright…. Let’s go on and eat it. Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Oh, they’ve gone and left me all alone. I guess I’ll have to eat this Jello all by myself.

Oh what fun! Don’t forget to subscribe, and tell your friends to like our video too. Thanks for watching our video, bye! I loved that! I loved that so much! I loved that so much!.

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