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Oh, my sexes are burned off. I know it does. It feels like a shitty sign, hi, guys it’s Audrey and I’m here with Jordan from justjordan33 and today we’re going to be doing the 100 layers of wax challenge. Oh, so we’re gon na be putting our hand in like a spa wax and putting a hundred layers on our hands. Yeah, it’s supposed to make your hands SuperDuper, soft and moisturized, which, right now the air is so dry and our hands are like ow, and so this is gon na be fun, except for I’m nervous because it’s hot, so I’m excited to see how thick our hands Become oh yeah cause it’s gon na, be like blah your hands. Alright, are you a slayer?

Oh wow, Wow my hand is like a mannequin one. I like a wax museum like one of those wax characters. Look at the difference guys. I feel. Oh, it’s nice and moisturized. Even oh, we’re not gon na be able to move our hands for long aisle. We won’t it’s gon na, be stuck in this position. I’M gon na go number two number: two, our hands are gon na, be so big so fast. You know three three four, oh, my gosh smells like peaches by the way, so it smells pretty good peaches, five. Oh, we have a long ways to go. Audrey 95, Mars. We’Ve never done this be like. I do not. I didn’t even know about it in my today. Arm is hurting from with me. Oh, I dropped it right. Oh yeah! Oh you just touched my layers, we’re at nine nine. Its rise like really fast. My arm is getting heavy ten. Don’T you feel like getting heavy? Yes, lucky number 13. Fifteen comparison.

So far, 15 drop, Wow honey layers, only 80 more what Wow. So my fingers are like hot dogs. Sausages. 25, like I just dries instantly 26. Oh, it’s so puffy like. I feel like something happened to my feel like I got a bee sting 30 33 for just started: 33. 40. Here’S what it looks like at 40, not even halfway. Oh I have a little hole. This is so heavy nice. My hand is like five-pound like every time I moved it, I’m getting a workout. 3 4. You can see my little wrinkles. Oh, I feel so heavy everything you’re sloppy, I felt my hand is so heavy. I didn’t know. I expect it to be. This heavy was either oh, this needs to be a nice peaceful spa moment. No, it’s like simply. I work out like yeah yeah halfway. Oh, I can’t even imagine all the way took this dude. This is such an awkward position like a hand model. I wan na. Do this it’s so heavy hello, I feel like a character from to town. I like Mickey Mouse who always wears gloves. It’S like okay. This is how they feel 51 Wow. We have a long ways to go three: it’s not even hot anymore, because you don’t feel it if it’s just my legs are burned off. That’S a good! Six days later, oh it just touched. My real skin look Wow. I forgot how hot it was not underneath the glow.

That’S going everywhere. You know 60, you know my sky, I would just go on and on my book look, Oh is yours. I feel like I’m being burned alive under here Wow, it’s not even that hot! But Samuel, fuller! Oh no! It’S coming down dirt, my starting to come off like yours at 70. It’S so happy! My are new. Oh I’ve got a big bubble underneath send it. Oh, it’s spilling everywhere. Look, look, look! Look inside! Oh, it’s come on! Look inside! Okay, look! Look! It’S going! No! No how’s it its own! Save it! It’S just going! Can’T get full anywhere! It’S like drifting! It dried on me that was easy. [ Music ] chunky off 75 Wow. It came off we’re 3/4 of the way done. It’S like I’m just dipping my hand in water right now. Oh it’s old, oh yeah, you’re dripping out on my armor chilling. Now. Oh it’s drying on my arm. Hairs dry! That’S gon na be so hard to peel off [ Music ], like I’m growing extra layers of skin. Oh my gosh you’re, not so big, it’s done it baby! It’S like! Oh, did you just drop the layer. You don’t know I felt like I did. 80. Oh no, no stay 81. This is a big mask. Is a struggle 82, I’m not even in the top anymore. Just like fingertips sure I can’t do anything. With this hand, are you kidding 53 you’re gon na do 82? I think [ Music, ] [, Music, ], [, Laughter, ], [, Music, ], [, Music ]. I can’t feel anything on those handy, dirty girl all right guys. This is what it looks like to have a hundred layers of wax on one hand, look at the different. My hand is so thick, oh, my god should feel your other hand.

Do it. It feels so weird you can even feel. Oh, I’m like melting it with just the touch of my phalanges, but you feel like. Oh no, it feels like a doll like a wax doll is like petting you Audrey da droid. I have like every bead rubies like da you what click right here. It’S like breaking, aah, no one’s. I like a little wax bracelet on my arm right now. Wow! Okay, high five: oh it’s so slippery a Barbie doll yeah! I like Barbie, alright we’re going to take it off. I’M gon na turn to be unknown. The FIDE I’m gon na try and slide it off like a glove. So I could see what maybe, but I don’t know, what’s gon na turn out. Okay, well, that just came off it’s just flying off! Look Jordy! Oh my dirty dirty, dirty, dirty dirty! I just dumped it back in yeah my hand is so much red. Oh my darling no way dude together, ready hello though I know I didn’t, swap you like wax it’s like yeah. This is nasty. This is my wax hands, that’s gross. You could tell this is a thumb, oh and I just ripped it off and there’s the fingers, and I feel like it’s a new light. I feel like it’s a baby like. I need to feel like it, but I do you feel, like my hands are gon na be soft. Like this hand, always yeah gon na be a little rough, but feel this hand, I um you got you as my right hand, you’re gon na handshake with laughing. I don’t mind: go for the right. Do you ever check with you us hands? I don’t think you do no, but imma try to warn it fails. You tried there right right and I go from. I love it. Like yeah see, I know [ Laughter, ] basic life, skill, you need it now. You never had chicken legs. Okay, what’s more them, I’m gon na make a milk in my bag. Oh it actually doesn’t like juice. It does have juice. Doesn’T it yeah? What good? At my skin Plan B’s to this new weight, skin flanges skin fingers, I’m making a big ball Isabelle. No, it just falls apart. I’M gon na make a star because skills I came and make a ball. It’S just a lumpy piece of wax star for days. Have you got this in your hair like opal hairs, full of wax you’re gon na fall out uh or it would be moisturized, so that was it for today’s video. We hope you guys enjoyed it. If you did give it a big waxy thumbs up, ooh and comment down below, if you ever have this done to your hand, but I know like not a hundred wires but like have you ever stuck your hand in like a professional spa, wax machine also subscribe. If you haven’t already tried from red to grey and hit the bell icon to be notified, whenever we post a video on one of the hashtag picks beat squad, we will see you guys inside. That’S like this should be slowed. I’M like try to poke it. I know it does it feels like it should be slide. [, Music, ]. You

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