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19 Soluble Fiber Foods To Fix Cholesterol (Statins Alternatives)

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Hello, is it possible to reduce your bad cholesterol levels with yummy alternatives? Of course, it is Are there effective statins alternatives? Of course, there are And I've got a great selection for you That's what's coming up next. You stay tuned. I''ll see you in a couple of seconds Welcome back. I'm Dr Joe of If this is your 1st time on this channel, can I extend a warm welcome to you This is your home of 20/20 ideas to better health So, the train to help us reduce our cholesterol level rumbles on It was never going to stop anyway And in this video I've got a great selection of yummy foods that you can eat and will help you reduce your bad cholesterol levels The selection is so broad that I've got my African friends covered Because one of the complaints I get from my African subscribers is that my take on food is so Western And they feel excluded But in this video, I've got you covered Indeed everyone is covered in this video So, what foods am I talking about? Let's get on with it So, let's recap from the last video My apologies to my regular subscribers who have seen this animation before But you have to realize that, there are people who are coming to this channel for the very 1st time and this might be the very 1st video they're watching, so it's nice for them to have the same foundation that you already have So, the principle is that we want to eat foods that have soluble fiber because it the soluble fiber that's going to make us regular It is the soluble fiber that's going to attract and bind the dumped cholesterol into it's substance And escort it out of our bodies That way the cholesterol that's been dumped from the liver does not get reabsorbed into our circulation That's what soluble fiber does And here's the soluble fiber in action You can see it mopping up the cholesterol from the small bowel to the large bowel It just basically sweeps it along and and escorts it out of our body.

But there's one very important point that you need to take note of. And that is for the soluble fiber to do its job, it needs to form a Gel Nad that means you have to drimk plenty of water to to facilitate the transformation of the soluble fiber into the gel form That's very important So, with that in mind Here are the soluble fiber foods that you can choose from to achieve our goal of reducing our bad cholesterol Remember, we're trying to find Statins ALternatives So, here we go The first group of food is actually beans Beans are generally rich in fiber and soluble fiber But Black beans and Lima beans actually have a higher soluble fiber content In fact, 130 gm of Black beans or Lima beans will give you 5.4 gm of soluble fiber That's really really rich Next, is Guava Guava is a tropical fruit that's rich in Vitamins A, C & B6 3.5 Oz (100 gm) will give you 1.7 gm of soluble fiber Next food is; Avocados You're very familiar with this Avocados are rich in Monounsaturated fat as well as potassium Also they're a good source of both soluble and insoluble fiber.

In fact, half an avocado fruit will give you 2.2 gm of soluble fiber And that's really fantastic The next food is; Citrus fruits Now we've got a huge selection here We've got oranges, Clementines, Tangerines, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit They are all rich in soluble fibre The fleshy pulp is where most of the soluble fiber lie Unfortunately we tend to throw this away So if you can actually gorge on this, you'll be doing yourself a huge favor Even a small peeled orange will give you 1.8 gm of soluble fiber Next is.; Sweet Potatoes. Sweet potatoes area nutritious food with diverse application Sweet potatatoes are really very rich in fiber and you get even more fiber if you leave the skin on A medium-size sweet potato flesh will give you about 1.8 gm of soluble fiber That's pretty good Next is; Okra This is one food that's not very popular but I can tell you, this is a really nourishing food And it's also low-calorie It's rich in potassium It's rich in Vitamins A & C 1 cup of cooked Okra will give you 2 gm of soluble fiber Not bad! There's something I'm doing with Okra at the moment I'm going to do a special video on it sometime in future This is one food that you should look out for It's not very popular in the Big Supermarkets You may have to go to Ethnic Minority shops to lay your hands on it Next food is; Oats & Oat Bran Oats have a wide range of applications.

Probably one of the best foods on the planet The thing about Oats is that The soluble fiber here is different It's not Pectin. It's called Beta-Glucan It does a very good job of lowering bad cholesterol Just as good as Pectin does 1 cup of regular oats will give you 1.9 gm of soluble fiber Next is; Barley You probably know barley for making beer but it's got richer applications than just making eer Barley has 4 types of soluble fiber It's got beta-glucan, guar gum, pectin and psyllium 1 cup of cooked barley will give you 1.8 gm of soluble fiber Next is; Apples. Of course everyone loves apples They're popular. They're everyone's favorite Apples are very rich in phytonutrients They may be sweet or may be tarty in taste depending on the type But thye're a good source of Pectin and of course, you have to eat it with the skin to have all of the benefits 1 medium-size apple with skin will give you 1 gm of soluble fiber next is; Broccoli Broccoli is a rich source of Vitamin C & K It's got Folic acid, Iron, Potassium It's one of the best cruciferous vegetables around 1 cup of cooked Broccoli would give you a whopping 2.3 gm of soluble fiber Next is; Brussel Sprouts You may love or hate Brussel Sprouts It's another cruciferous vegetable that's rich in phytonutrients You should start loving this 'bad boy' because it could save your life It's got lots of application.

Lots of health benefits From the soluble fiber point of view, 1 cup of cooked Brussel sprouts will give you 3.9 gm of soluble fiber The next soluble fiber food is; Plums Plums are one of the juiciest fruits in family of Stone fruits They're a rich source of Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants 1 medium-size Plum would yield 1.3 gm of soluble fiber Next is; Flaxseeds Flaxseeds are a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids You can use them in your breakfast recipes, your cakes, smoothies, and pudding 1 cup of flaxseeds will give you a whopping 13 gm of soluble fiber Next is; Sunflower seeds Sunflower seeds are a good source of Magnesium, Fe, Selenium nad have both monounsaturated and polyunsatyrated fatty acids 1 cup of sunflower seeds will yield 2.7 gm of soluble fiber Our next soluble fiber food that will help us reduce our bad cholesterol level (which will represent a statin alternative) is: Hazelnuts Hazelnuts are derived from the Corylus tree They can be used as a delicious snack.

They are very popular ingredients in processed foods like Spreads and Chocolate products 1 cup of hazelnuts will yield 4.4 gm of soluble fiber. That's also pretty good The next soluble fiber foods that's going to help us reduce our bad cholesterol is: Millet Strictly speaking, Millet is actually a seed but it does cook like a Grain One point to ote here is that; Millet is actually Gluten-free and it's a nice alternative to wheat 1 cup of dry millet will yield 3.2 gm of soluble fiber That's also not bad at all The next soluble fiber food that we should be consuming is; Dates Dates are very popular in the Middle East and North Africa They have a deep flavor and they're very sweet One has to be careful here.You don't want to consume too many dates because 100 gm of dates will yield 60 gm of sugar So even though they have fiber, you don't want to consume too many dates 1 cup of dates will produce 2.2 gm of soluble fiber The next soluble fiber food that will help us reduce our bad cholesterol and would represent a Statin alternative is; Asparagus Aspragus are actually a shoot of a lily plant They are rich in Ca, K, Fe, Vitamins C & A 1 cup of cooked Asparagus will yield 3.4 gm of soluble fiber that's also pretty high The next soluble fiber food is; Parsnips Parsnips are closely related to Carrots and Parsley You can bake parsnips, use it soups, use in stews 1 cup of cooked Parsnips will produce 3.6 gm of soluble fiber.

That's also pretty high So here we have a very nice selection of foods that we can use as Statin Alternative Yes, I am probably biased but I'll say that, that was a great selection of soluble fiber foods that could represent Statins alternatives The rule is that you have to eat these foods Consistently and Regularly If you do that, you'll begin to see a decline in your bad cholesterol levels So, if you enjoyed this video as usual, give it a 'Thumbs-Up' Share this video with your family members, your colleagues, your friends If you haven't subscribed yet, please do subscribe Got any comments to make, make your comments down below I think, that's about it.

Until next time, Well, this is Dr Joe signing out.

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