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3 Best Foods to Gain Weight Fast: Healthy Diet by Dr.Berg

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hey guys you know in a lot of the videos
that I do I always talk about how to lose weight in this video we're gonna
talk about how to gain weight I've had several questions recently that people
are just too skinny and want to gain weight and how you need to do it in a
healthy way I would use potatoes red potatoes like I
would eat quite a few of these in a day and do that consistently and then sit
back and do an exercise and watch a lot of TV now I'm just kidding but as far as
eating goes you want something more starchy if you want to gain weight so
red potatoes purple potatoes you can do them in hashbrowns cook them bake them
put things on them but this would be an acceptable way because this has
potassium it does have vitamins it has some good amount of minerals but also
wild rice you can use some of that steel cut oatmeal see when I tried to I was
very very thin when I was in my early 20s and I wanted to gain weight I went
for all the fat and that just caused me to lose more weight so fat is not the
best way to gain weight you want to do more of a starch but you don't want to
do the sugars and all the junk food you want to do kind of a healthier starchy
type food and you can do sweet potatoes and yams and things like that but those
are the foods that you want to consume if you want to gain some more weight
alright thanks for watching hey guys thank you so much for watching
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