8-ounce Containers! (on a Full-Size Vitamix)

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Okay, so today we are making baby food in a Vitamix. Now this something you can make in any Vitamix, but today we are showcasing the Ascent 3500 which is the newest Vitamix line and the add-on of these 8-ounce cups, which are pretty magical if you think about it because now we can make really small size of something that we’re blending which kind of been a problem before. So tell me more about this Chef Adam. So what we’re going to do is showcase our little 8-ounce container and we have our traditional 64-ounce container on top of here. What we’re going to do is with this Smart technology we’re going to take this off. It knows that I cannot blend now and it’s got my little do not blend there. Okay, so it’s telling me there’s nothing on there you can’t blend. Right. And so now I have this 8-ounce container base. And this allows me to put this container on and it’s smart so it knows I have the smaller container on it. And this 8-ounce base, or the blade is really sturdy, it’s heavy.

It’s heavy, it’s durable. Well, it’s not too heavy to hold, but. But it’s going to allow you to use our full-size machine and blend in smaller batches. Exactly. And so when a lot of people would say, oh, I just can’t get that small batch in the container, now you have this personal blend. We’re going to do a single batch of baby food, spice grinding, smoothie bowls, things like that. Things that you can take to go. Or, you can put the lid on and store it in your fridge. Store it in a cabinet or anything like that. So that you continually have the ability to mix and match and do what you want to do with the Vitamix.

So what is so cool about this I think is that we get so much feedback about, “oh, I have to blend a certain amount and then store it somehow.” And with something like baby food, you want it to be as fresh as possible, obviously, you’re feeding it to your precious baby and a lot of people freeze their baby food into those ice trays, put it into their freezer, pop it out, microwave it. So now you’ve dirtied the blender, you’ve dirtied the ice cube tray, and whatever you’re now heating that up in, that’s a lot of steps. Right now, we’re just going to pour two ingredients in, blend, and I can serve it to the baby right here, and because no babies finish their food, you put the lid on and use it for later. Such a different story than blending.. It’s a game changer right now for us. With this, in the kitchen, we’ve been using it quite a bit now, and all the applications that I talked about, it’s dumbfounding because I’m like, oh, wait, I’ll just use my small container and I’ll do that small batch and then add that to other dishes.

So right now, we’ll be doing a spice blend and I’m like, oh, it’s a Chinese five spice blend and then I’m like oh, let’s put it in our ice cream. So I’m utilizing this to then… That sounds delicious. I’m utilizing this to then go into the bigger container as well. So I’m saving time, I’m saving energy, I’m using my Vitamix to its fullest potential.

And people get so much more out of it. So you’re sitting there and you’re like, wait a second, I could just keep doing this. So that’s one of the limitations of having a bigger one is that you can really only blend one thing and then you have to switch out. Right. And either change or wash it out. So now it just gives you a bit more versatility to do personal chopping. Chopping onions. People hate chopping. You can do that in here? Oh yeah! That’s awesome. Yeah, so those things. Oh, I’m saving time. I don’t like a knife. I cut myself all the time. Now I just put a half onion in and pulse it up.

So if you’re making a whole meal, I mean, right now we’re making baby food, but if you’re making a whole meal, chopping onions, I can make a small dressing, I can make a spice rub, and I’ve got a pack of a few of these. Two, three, four of these, and suddenly I’ve got my entire dinner made and I use my Vitamix like four times. So it’s earning its keep that’s for sure. So just the two ingredients. We’re back on. So what are these two ingredients? Obviously peas. Peas and almond milk. So whatever milk or whatever liquid you want you can utilize this for it. So, I’m just going to go with my button there. It’s hard to do it backwards. Just a little bit. This is the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen.

Cutest little thing ever. It’s so tiny. So this is 8 ounces. This is an 8-ounce container blending on the most powerful blender in the business here in a tiny, tiny container. I love it. Yeah, so every time that we use this it’s sort of that new application for us. We’re like, oh, wow, this is spectacular, I’m getting this. I’m going to pull this off. You know, for my daughter, it’s really simple because you can utilize whatever. You can take what you eat at home and then just puree up a small batch of it. So you’re not worried about oh what am I going to do for dinner. You can just puree up right then. And just be done. Yeah, whatever you have throw it in. The other thing I think a lot of times people complain they don’t have enough ingredients in their fridge to make something.

In this case, if I have a few ounces of something, I can figure it out. And then so the programs are still all there, so it’s smart technology, so that it knows that it’s the small container and that it will have the proper programs to go on it. So one of the things I noticed while he was blending this up is that the base doesn’t move at all. It’s super sturdy. Sometimes you’ll see a blender that will shake a little bit, especially a really high powered blender. This one is seriously stuck to the counter here. And even the 8-ounce container was grounded into that base there. So you would think that if you put something really tiny on something really powerful that it would be shaking around, yeah, there was no wobble there. Fully designed to allow you to do these multiple containers and feel safe. That is one of those great features about Vitamixes is that every time you use it, you feel the power, but you feel safety throughout.

Right. And you can tell, this machine is definitely built to make sure it’s not overpowering. Right. It knows it’s an 8-ounce container. It’s not going to put as much effort into blending something in the 64. And so we have that nice little.. So cute. Pea puree. That super simple. Pea puree! As we go with it, you can clean this easily again you can take the baby spoon and scoop it out with it in there. You have the containers to go. So that’s a cool thing. Sorry to go backwards here, but people complain about a big blender, about getting that last stuff out, yeah, and with this, it’s obviously a lot easier.

Like, I can touch it. And again, our blades are dull. I was just going to ask you to talk about that. And so they’re laser-cut, and so as you touch them, they’re not super sharp where you can slice your fingers open. So it’s one of those safety features. And we pulverize things with those. And so you get that texture that you’re used to because of that pulverization… but without that sharpness. Without the super sharp and danger. So that doesn’t make that big of a different when you’re using the big container because I’m not going to reach my hand in there that often but this is, it’s there. I mean, it’s… Yeah, you’re going to sit there and use your finger and you’re going to taste it. Right, I mean, if I’m washing this by hand and, like, the blade is right there, it’s really important to me that the blade isn’t going to slice my finger off when I’m washing it. And if I’m making baby food, it probably means I have kids at home.

I don’t. But if I’m making it it means there’s kids around and I don’t want this to be a sharp thing that’s sitting out on the counter. Exactly. So that’s awesome. That’s a really cool feature. And then they’ve got these lids. The lids. They’re stackable, so you can put one on top of each other. That’s cool! So as the storage, you put them in the fridge. That’s a big complaint, I think, of people that have a really cool appliance in their kitchen, like a Vitamix, and then they have stuff that goes with it and they don’t know where to store that stuff. And the fact that it…

Want to try stacking them? Yeah.. Where did you come from honey? So they stack. That’s really really cool. I like to keep organized in the kitchen and to me that makes a big difference. I just returned a Tupperware because it didn’t stack. I was like, no, I don’t need that. How is that supposed to go in my cabinet. Yeah, I don’t want, like, Tupperware mountains. So that’s a really cool feature.

So we just finished making baby food at Vitamix headquarters here in the new 8-ounce containers which is pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever seen and I am so excited to use these. And we are showcasing the new Ascent Series that come with the addition of the 20-ounce cups and the 8-ounce cups. So we’re going to keep making some awesome things here in the 8-ounce cups. Aright, I’m Shalva with Life is NOYOKE, we are here at Vitamix headquarters and we are making a spice blend which is something I never would have thought to make in a Vitamix, so Chef Adam’s going to show me how. Again, we’re going to be using our 8-ounce cup, so this is the sort of, personal attachment.

Again, it’s the Smart connect to this and you’re sitting there and it knows you have the 8-ounce container on here. This allows us to do small batches so that you can get that spice grind for whatever meat you might be marinating that night, we could use this Chinese five spice in a frozen dessert to add some kick to it. Or, you can blend it, save it, and use it throughout the week. So as we’re working with this, we’re going to put in our two cinnamon sticks.

So while he’s making this, I’ve got the power of a Vitamix here with a small enough batch to make a spice blend which is awesome because spices are not cheap. I don’t want to make a gigantic batch of them because they won’t stay fresh. I might as well buy them at the grocery store pre-ground. We are grinding these fresh and using them now in a small-enough batch that… You can utilize them within a week or two. Exactly. That’s awesome. So we’re going to use our variable speed on this one. So again our nice little dial. Have you worked with that yet? Yeah, it’s very, like, it has a grip, it clicks a little bit when you move it from side to side. That is really really… it feels high-end. It feels luxury to me. So on this one, we’re going to do about fifteen seconds. We’re going to start it, bring it up. And you see that, sort of, whirlwind in there going. I call it sort of that hurricane symbol where it’s that S in there.

So as it blends, very sturdy, no movement on the machine. So it’s not jumping all over the place, things like that. It counts up, so I know how fast I blended, or how long I blended. So again, you can adjust your time on this. So as you keep blending, you might need to go a little bit longer or less. This allows you to understand where you’re at on your timeframes on everything. Really cool. But the best part of this is after you blend it is that smell. Oh wow, that smells so good. Yeah. I’ve never blended fresh spices before. This, first of all, smells amazing. It smells like a outdoor market in a foreign country. That’s what it smells like. But what a cool application that’s only really possible because you have a small enough… small enough container so that you can blend it. Right. And then the cleaning aspect of it, like we’ve talked about before, you can just take your finger in here and get all the spices out. Scoop it all out. And the blade is not sharp so he’s able to do that with his fingers safely which is a pretty big deal.

Yeah. Big deal. So in our Chinese five spice blend here, we have allspice, cloves, cinnamon, juniper berries, and Sichuan peppercorn. So give it a little kick on that one. So, um… There was a little, a good spice to it. Yeah, it’s got a nice, robust flavor to it. So you know, you could use it as a rub for chicken, or pork, or things like that. You could also utilize this in some dessert applications. You know, add a little bit of savory to some of the sweetness. So put it into a strawberry yogurt freeze. You know, you have that little Asian kick to it. You could put this in broth to make a really nice pho or ramen noodles.

You know, you own ramen noodles at home. So this really amps up your culinary game. Obviously you’re a chef, Chef Adam. But I am not a chef, but I am now able to make my own spice grind, rubs, whatever. That’s pretty impressive. You can have a ramen throw-down at your house now. Yeah, I’ll have my girlfriends over for dinner and be like I ground those spices myself and that’s impressive. And I will be out. What? I will not be there. And Lenny will not be in our house because he leaves when I have girls night. And then, as we go with it, we have our lids, so we can put our lids on, store it in our upper container, stack them, do whatever we want with them. And you have that flexibility to do different things now and store and go and pull things out. Reuse things. And they’re nice sturdy containers so they’ll last a very long time.

So these 8-ounce cups have totally changed the game for having a Vitamix live on your counter because I can make really small things now like a spice rub or grinding my coffee even in the morning where I couldn’t do that before with a big container unless I made a big batch. It obviously can handle it, but these are a total game-changer.

The 8-ounce container in the new Ascent Series. Love them. Gonna get me a set of these for sure. Aright, I am Shalva with Life is NOYOKE and we are here at Vitamix headquarters and we are about to make a smoothie bowl. So Chef Adam, tell me about it. We’re going to do it in our little 8-ounce container and if you notice they’re stackable. Easy to put in the containers. We’re going to start with the frozen grapes… I eat these plain all the time. Frozen grapes. Small batch of spinach. We have our avocado. A little avo! Green tea. That’s an awesome smoothie base. That’s an under utilized smoothie base for sure. And we’re gonna utilize a little bit of honey to make it a little bit sweet. A little dash. Dash ‘o honey. Dash ‘o honey. You can always use avage. Whatever. And if you notice, there’s a particular way you want to load it so that the frozen is on top so that it pushes everything on down.

But we’re going to use the 8-ounce container. Smart technology notices that its on that it’s locked and we’re ready to go. So I’m just going to to do my small little dessert button there so 30 seconds. Press start. Brings it in. Blends it down. So this is great utilization of this. We’re going to take this and put the lid on. I’m going to put it in my backpack or in my lunch bag, take it to go, so that I have that mid-morning snack or I have it as a dessert at lunch time. So it’s just one of those dynamite things. So as you can see it’s starting to form up, nice and thick. Avocado has got that nice silkiness to it. So creamy yeah. And then the frozen grapes are going to kind of give you that frozen treat feel.

Right. And you can put little toppings on top of this and then you can go with that. So again, one touch programming which is spectacular so that you know it. So then I take it out. Nice and thick. It’s perfect. And then I can just scoop this out really nice and easily whether or not I want to use my finger and eat it right then. Or if you have these mini sample spoons in your kitchen… Everybody has mini sample spoons. You don’t have these next to your stove so that everybody can taste while your’e you’re cooking for them? Yes, that’s my new diet program. Is you have to eat all your food from the sample spoon. So as you go with this, you can put whatever toppings on and then you have your little lid.

And then you can keep this in here. Great container for baby food, just for small batching, smoothie bowls are just one of those in things right now so you can get that same power and same versatility that you’ve always had but now you have little small containers. Really the cool application of this is make it small, pack it. I know all of you trendy people take your bicycles everywhere, so this goes in your backpack and you’re ready to go for the day.

You have a snack when you’re at work. And it’s a thick container, it’s not going to break in your backpack or your briefcase or whatever. And it feels like it’s pretty insulated, also. Yeah, it’s nice and insulated. So it will hold the temperature for a while for it, too, as well. And that lid is really on there. Like, I would jump up and down and not be scared that this was gonna come out. So this is a smoothie bowl in the 8-ounce container. A mini smoothie bowl, if you will, in the 8-ounce container. Awesome application for the new smaller cups. Aright, we had so much fun in the Vitamix headquarters kitchen today in Cleveland, Ohio.

This place is awesome. They make tons of recipes and test them out here to make sure whatever recipes they share with you are perfect. And they are currently making all of these perfect recipes in baby batches. So cool. This is a really useful addition to the machine. Yeah. We are making it useful in the household so that you can do whatever you want. So as you go to make small batches or large batches, you have the ability to do it now with your large machine. And you can make a bunch at the same time. And to me, this addition here is making my Vitamix really earn its keep in my household. Oh yeah. Every day. So you put your money into this, it’s going to last long. 10-year warranty on it. That’ll do. And therefore you’re just gonna keep using it and using it and using it more I think. [music] V. Yeah. V for Vitamix. That’s, I think that’s a gang symbol..

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